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* The Magog on ''Series/{{Andromeda}}'' favored this tactic, most of the time not even bothering with weapons other than their claws and paralytic spit. It was later revealed that these were unknowingly scouts for the real invasion, which had weapons and strategies on par with the other factions as well as numbers.
* ''Series/GameOfThrones'': Tywin's method for fighting Robb's forces is to continue to send wave after wave of enemies at him as opposed to actually use legitimate tactics or rely on skill. Although Robb wins every battle, Tywin has a greater number of forces. Naturally, this comes back to bite him in the ass when the losses finally pile up so that House Lannister is forced to band with House Tyrell for security.
* The Wraith in ''Series/StargateAtlantis'' prefer this kind of tactic. Their tech may have been inferior to the Ancients, but with wave after wave of meat shields at their disposal, it didn't really matter.
* The drones in ''Series/StargateUniverse'' are somewhat closer to the trope than the Wraith. They use nothing except fighter-sized attack ships controlled by an unarmed command ship, and their sole battle tactic is to attack from every direction until the enemy dies.
* This is one of the tactics the [[TheEmpire The Dominion]] employs in ''Series/StarTrekDeepSpaceNine''. They have small, 80-120 meter attack vessels that don't have really as much firepower as their larger Federation/Klingon/Romulan counterparts, however, a massive force could be created of them. Case in point, when the Tal Shiar/Obsidian Order attacked the Changeling homeworld with a 'large' fleet of 23 capital ships (''Keldon''-class Cruisers, ''Galor''-class Destroyers, ''D'Driniex''-class Battleships), the Dominion retaliated with 150 Attack Ships which completely swarmed and overwhelmed the Cardies and the Romulans. They had full-sized warships too, including some bigger than anything in the Alpha Quadrant races' arsenals, but even those could be deployed in massive numbers. The massed Dominion fleet they finally tried to commit when the war was in full swing had more than 2500 ships.
** This had TheFederation switching tactics as well. During the [[Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration TNG]] era, Starfleet was made up mostly of largish general-purpose exploration / diplomatic / science / carrier vessels (with "defensive" armaments equivalent to dedicated warships from other nations) like the ''Enterprise'', supplemented by a few smaller, specialized medical or science vessels. Between the [[BeePeople Borg]] threat and the Dominion war, using general-purpose starships for combat became CoolButInefficient, and by the last few seasons of [=DS9=] the Federation was fielding large fleets of dedicated warships and squadrons of starfighters, coming much closer to a ZergRush tactic than ever before.
* After an initial attack by a relatively small number of Foot Clan ninja in the first episodes of ''Series/NinjaTurtlesTheNextMutation'' , The Shredder angrily declared his intention to rally all of his followers in New York City and crush the Turtles with sheer numbers. It likely would have succeeded without the intervention of Venus De Milo, who proceeded to ''MindRape'' Shredder.
* ''Series/DoctorWho'': The Daleks did this in "Destiny of the Daleks," draping some of their own number with bombs and sending them off to blow up the Movellans [[spoiler: with predictable results: the Doctor blows them up before they arrive.]]
* Kamen Rider Imperer of ''Series/KamenRiderRyuki'' (a.k.a. Spear in ''Series/KamenRiderDragonKnight'') is contracted to an entire herd of gazelle Mirror Monsters instead of the one monster most Riders have a contract with. His FinishingMove involves the herd running at the foe and hitting him (using looped CG footage), building it up to Imperer himself kneeing the villain for the final blow.
* A ''heroic'' example in ''Series/GoGoSentaiBoukenger''. After their combined mecha fail to defeat [[BigBad Gaja]], they separate all their vehicles and swarm him with all of them at once (combined with a good dose of HeroicResolve), successfully overwhelming and destroying him.
* [[spoiler: Shao Khan]] did this [[spoiler: across the entire Earth]] in the finale of ''Series/MortalKombatConquest''.
* In ''Series/TheWalkingDead'', the Governor admits his people aren't as skilled as Rick's group, but that their numerical advantage makes up for it.
* In an episode of Series/DeadliestWarrior, the team ran a pseudo match of Vampires Vs Zombies. It was even admitted that in a single combat scenario, a super human vampire vs 1 zombie would end with the zombie being demolished. This resulted in the team running 3 vampires vs 297 zombies (99 per vampire). The idea of this was demonstrated in the fight, that two of the vampires fell to the attacking zombie forces simply and entirely because ''they were being overpowered by massive numbers''. The last one barely survived the entire battle, as being attacked from all sides for the 3 zombies with what seemed like endless waves of zombies was incredibly difficult.