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Ahah, there's nothing more that I love than my love's sweet, sweet voice...
* The Music/BritneySpears song "Toxic" may be a good example
--> ''Baby, can't you see''
--> ''I'm calling''
--> ''A guy like you should wear a warning''
--> ''It's dangerous''
--> ''I'm falling''
--> ''There's no escape''
--> ''I can't wait''
--> ''I need a hit''
--> ''Baby, give me it''
--> ''You're dangerous''
--> ''I'm loving it''
--> ''Too high''
--> ''Can't come down''
--> ''Losin' my head''
--> ''Spinnin' 'round and 'round''
--> ''Do you feel me now?''

** "Perfume" may count as well, especially the chorus.
--> ''So I, wait for you to call''
--> ''And I try to act natural''
--> ''have you been thinking 'bout her or about me''
--> ''And while I wait I put on my perfume, yeah I want it all over you''
--> ''I gotta mark my territory''

* The song "Black Dahlia" by Music/HollywoodUndead shows shades of this, it's sung by a male yandere to his ex-lover and its implied that he kills her.
--> ''Seems like all we had is over now''
--> ''You left to rest''
--> ''And your tears are dried up now''
--> ''You just lay without a sound''

* Porcelain Black:
** "Pretty Little Psycho".
--> ''And once I've got you it's a fact''
--> ''Baby there's no turning back''
--> ''Make me, make me impressed''
--> ''Make me, make me OBSESSED''
** Also, her song "Swallow my bullet" is pretty yandere too
--> ''You know I’m gonna gonna get you''
--> ''The world's a tiny place, there's nowhere you can hide''
--> ''I know you're gonna gonna love me''
--> ''My guns are loaded and I got you in my sight''
* The story driven Album ''Two faced charade'' by ''Famous last words'', is in the POV of a yandere boy and his descent into madness.
* One of the songs in {{Music/Paramore}}'s latest album is called [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ZbKPERsjQs ''(One of those) Crazy Girls'']]
* Music/AlexanderRybak's "Leave Me Alone" revolves around a male victim of a StalkerWithACrush. He starts getting calls from a girl who got his number from his dancers and he notices her following him around. The girl has caused so much trouble for him that his parents are getting scared and his relationship with his girlfriend is suffering. Alexander also admits that he really was stalked by someone and this became his inspiration for the song.
* Charlotte Sometimes' [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5vyZeF_DLq4 ''How I Could Just Kill A Man'']]
* Ken Ashcorp's [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QIFn0wqZx7Y ''Crazy Chicks'']]
* Music/ThePaperChase's album ''Hide the Kitchen Knives'' was (arguably) a concept album about one of these finding about their partner was cheating and deciding to MurderTheHypotenuse.
* Say Anything's [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OmTKL6_iTZM ''I Love You More Than I Hate My Period'']]
--> ''His song is stuck in my head''
--> ''His song is stuck in my head''
--> ''And I'll chain him tight to my bed''
--> ''So I always will remember him''
* Japanese singer Music/JunTogawa has the song [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c45a1WTr-wY "Suki Suki Daisuki"]] which contains lyrics like, "I love you so much, I love you so much, I love you so much, say you love me or I'll kill you!"
* The narrator of [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rrmsJhf89MY "Du Riechst So Gut"]] (German for "you smell so good") by Music/{{Rammstein}}. He stalks his crush like a wolf stalks its' prey. Then, when she's all alone, he ambushes and rapes her (or at least wants to do so, it isn't quite clear, if he managed to do that).
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZsuUHbjXA7Q ''I Love You... I'll Kill You'']] by Enigma.
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o8bVj69l3kU ''In My Room'']] by Music/InsaneClownPosse is gangster male yandere: the song.
* The character codenamed "Soror," from Music/SoundHorizon's song "Ark," who kills the boy she loved (who was also [[BrotherSisterIncest her brother]]) for some "betrayal" unspecified in the song.
** The girl from "Baroque," another track on the same album, is a PsychoLesbian yandere nun (going by her costume in the live version, anyway) who also kills the girl she loves for rejecting her.
** And in "Stardust", Stella, an actress who's implied to be a WhiteDwarfStarlet, shoots her lover after catching him with another girl. "The bouquet in my left hand can't stop the impulse [read: gun] in my right..."
** There's also the song "Yield", which is more or less about a girl living at a farm who is in love with her father, and when he doesn't return these feelings, she murders both him and her mother.
* A common theme in Music/{{Vocaloid}} songs:
** Male example - [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k0uU2PZVfM8 "Kaito ga UNINSTALL"]] involves Kaito going yandere for his "Master" and killing all the other Vocaloids out of jealousy.
** Miku and Luka's [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yEMYzp0Qus4 "Scissoroid"]]. Miku was jealous of the attention Luka was getting from "Master", so she tries to kill her in her sleep. Then while Miku was hesitating, Luka wakes up, sweet-talks Miku, then stabs her with a pair of scissors.
** Kaito's [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wozCmwq0LZA Story About a Poor Rabbit]].
** The yandere-themed fan Vocaloids, such as Taito and Juon Kiku.
** Now we have [[http://utau.wikia.com/wiki/Tei_Sukone Sukone Tei]]. A [[http://utaugroups.wikia.com/wiki/Vipperloids Vipperloid]], devoted to Len, and wants to kill Miku. Yandere loid!
** Then there's also Gapuko in his song, [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cTAxg97gmuY Specimen Girl]]. In a fit of jealous rage, he starts dismembering the girl for "being with other men". After he effectively [[IfICantHaveYou kills her]], he talks about [[ILoveTheDead loving her corpse]] and being able to [[MummiesAtTheDinnerTable defile it]]. He also cuts out her heart and [[IAmAHumanitarian eats]] it, ensuring that she's truly his and can only love him. The last shot shows him in a bathtub full of blood, cradling the girl's corpse.
** Miku has the song [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xGThHuZ3lBQ "Rotten Girl, Grotesque Romance (Stalker)"]].
*** [[BigNameFan Rockleetist's]] English version is also quite disturbing:
-->You can use and abuse
-->Do ''anything!''
-->[[LoveMartyr I won't refuse]]
** Two unrelated songs that feature Megurine Luka as a {{Yandere}} StalkerWithACrush are [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cli6w_izx0o Love Disease]] and Music/{{Mothy}}'s [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m8L75guzMn4 The Tailor Shop on Enbizaka.]]
*** The latter song comes from a [[Franchise/EvilliousChronicles series]] with its fair share of Yandere characters.
** RIP=RELEASE, Luka's jealous response song to Len's SPICE!. However, it focuses more on her feelings of betrayal by Len himself, as opposed to determination to destroy others. Nonetheless, her sentiment is still pretty yandere, as expressed in the lyrics ''[[IfICantHaveYou Maybe I should just slice open your throat and make you all mine...]]''.
*** [[BigNameFan Rockleetist's]] English fan cover sort of tones down the yandere implications (i.e no mention of slicing throats) but the themes of obsession and madness are still very noticeable.
-->''So don't tell me promises that you and I know that you'll never keep''
-->''And don't tell me lies when we both know that over you I'm losing sleep''
-->''Am I crazy for believing that if I could turn back time''
-->''I'd be the only one and you'd be only mine?''
** Mayu is the only Vocaloid3 who has been confirmed to be a yandere. Her character item is an axe.
** The [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin aptly titled]] [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-t-wm2BobI "Yanderenka"]] (a {{portmanteau}} of "yandere," "Len/Ren," and "ka"), translating to "Yandere Len's Love Song."
* 'Two Sisters' by Clannad is about this.
-->Sister I'll not take your hand
-->And I'll have Johnny and all his land
-->And I'll be true, unto my love!
-->If he'll be true to me
* 'Two Sisters' is a version of the English traditional song "The Miller and the King's Daughter", aka "Twa Sisters", aka "The Bonny Swan" and probably a dozen other names. The elder drowns the younger "all for the sake of a man". In some versions, the younger gets her revenge from beyond the grave with the help of a musician. In others, the elder sister gets away scot free with the boyfriend and an innocent man is hanged for murder. In some versions, the boyfriend is not mentioned to have any particular wealth and the girls come from a royal family, so greed can be eliminated as a motive, leaving nothing but jealousy.
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gr4r-sqdJE Child's Play]] by Yura Hatsuki, has the one singing the apparently the victim of one, though the [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r2vSkyQjH1o official video]] didn't show exactly what happened and it isn't clear on Black Cap and Red Cap's relationship and it is very vague but a few stories go like this:
--->"There was Red Cap (Kairi) and Black Cap (Namine) and they were best friends. But Black Cap started to notice that Wolf (Sora) paid more attention to Red Cap than Black Cap. [....]Black Cap started to become jealous of Red Cap. Red Cap remembered all the times they laughed together, and was puzzled about why Black Cap would do this. Red Cap had died of losing too much blood. Black Cap had another idea. Wolf would come looking for Red Cap. Black Cap took out her own eyes, lips, and hair and replaced them with Red Cap's. So this way Wolf wouldn't notice that Red Cap had been killed. Black Cap appeared in Red Cap's and Wolf's special place. Black Cap saw all the drawings they made together, but it didn't matter because Black Cap is Red Cap now, and Wolf will never know the difference."
* "[=RoboCop=]" by Music/KanyeWest.
* "Angel's Fuck" by Jack Off Jill.
---> I'll bask in your forever, you just waste my time, I wanted to help, to help destroy the world, I wanted to be that, to be that special girl...
* "Every Breath You Take" by Music/ThePolice.
** The protagonist from "Can't Stand Losing You" is a passive-aggressive version, what with his threats to kill himself over a bad breakup so the ex feels guilty for the rest of her life.
** "Wrapped Around Your Finger" is hot yandere-on-yandere action -- pretty messed up for something that sounds like Sting was noodling around with a rhyming dictionary one day.
* Music/CarrieUnderwood's "Before He Cheats".
* To some extent, They're Coming To Take Me Away by Music/NapoleonXIV. Played straight until TheReveal that [[spoiler: he was (most likely) singing about his dog, not a woman]].
* Music/TaylorSwift’s music showcases this occasionally:
** “Blank Space.”
** Her ''Reputation'' album has shades of this in many of its songs, but most blatantly in “Don’t Blame Me”:
--->Don’t blame me
--->Love made me crazy
--->If it doesn’t
--->You ain’t doing it right
* Played with in Music/{{Pink}}'s [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddZPrJ8ROto Please Don't Leave Me]], which starts off with the singer portrayed as a standard issue TheWoobie trying to keep her boyfriend from dumping her. Until he slips on marbles at the top of the stairs. The robotic head tilt she does looking down on him seals it. Madness, violence, and cute little hats ensue.
** It's all very "Harajuku goth" with so much pink, and stuffed animals. And a kinky nurse outfit.
* Depending on its interpretation A Little Piece of Heaven by Music/AvengedSevenfold [[spoiler: in which the male singer either kills his girlfriend because he is afraid she'll reject his marriage proposal or because she does reject him (video and song have some disparity), then proceeds to preserve her corpse so she'll always be with him. Warning: Necrophilia!]]
* "Henry Lee" from ''Music/MurderBallads'' by Music/NickCave and Music/PJHarvey
** For that, so too is Loretta "Lottie" from The Curse of Millhaeven, (though arguably just AxeCrazy) and to a lesser extent, almost everything else in ''Music/MurderBallads'' ... and to an even lesser extent, half of all of Music/NickCave 's works. The line "I got a pretty little mouth under all this foamin'" is what brings the Yandere part though past just that. Another good contender from that album is the unnamed male of "Where the Wild Roses Grow."
* "Porcelain" by Music/BetterThanEzra
-->I wish I could kill you, savor the sight
-->Jump into my car, drive into the night
-->Then lie as I scream to the heavens above
-->That I was the last one you ever loved
* "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HDClpoo6B2k Won't U Please B Nice]]" by [[Music/NellieMcKay Nellie [=McKay=]]].
* "Paparazzi" by Music/LadyGaga. [[StalkerWithACrush Just think about]] [[{{Paparazzi}} what she's comparing her love to.]]
* "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sEUjbBMOUBg Don't Say A Word]]" by Sonata Arctica deserves special mention its {{Deconstruction}} of this. The song is narrated from the perspective of a male Yandere who discovers his wife has been cheating on him and rapes her and kills her. It's an interesting look at what a Yandere could possibly be thinking. He sees his usual, calmer persona as an alter ego which he tells to step down using a variation on an old Latin exorcism ('Vade retro, alter ego') and ceases to recognise himself early in the song. Later he starts thinking some really weird stuff, claiming that what he's doing is to help her uphold her part of the deal (their marriage vows) and that he's helping her be a moral person ('I'll help you follow through / remember this? Pacta sunt servanda') he compares their love to a romance novel, making note that now there is no love between them they should die like the lovers in the novel ('You read the book now / The part: ashes to ashes, dust to dust') and eventually [[AGodAmI considering himself her god, being divine and able to pass judgement,]] as she blasphemed against him ('Unfortunate for you, this makes me your god') He truly believes that what he's doing is best for their love and the right thing for both of them. He thinks she doesn't know that he's right so tells her to sit back and take as he 'does the right thing' ('Cannot keep your part of the deal /[[TitleDrop so don't say a word...don't say a word']]) scary stuff.
** Played a little more straight with their "At the End of This Chapter", which opens with a terrified woman answering a call [[StalkerWithACrush from her stalker]].
* Music/BadCompany's "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3CfvXnawOo&NR=1 Burnin' Sky]]", sung from the point of view of a convict who keeps trying to escape to see the woman of his dreams, though it's implied his [[StalkerWithACrush obsession]] with her is the [[MurderTheHypotenuse reason]] he's in prison in the first place.
-->''The judge said, "this man's a danger to humanity,\\
We're gonna lock him up and throw away the key."\\
Now, baby, your love has sent me to jail\\
But I'd rather die than see you with another man!''
* Music/{{Ludo}}'s [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d25xlurNV0s The Horror of Our Love]] embodies this. "''I've been inside your bedroom / I've murdered half the town / Left you love notes on their headstones / I'll fill the graveyards / Until I have you''"
* Music/{{Garbage}}:
** No. 1 Crush.
-->".../I will lie for you, beg and steal for you/ I will crawl on hands and knees until you see /You're just like me ... /I would die for you /I would kill for you /I will steal for you /I'd do time for you /I will wait for you /I'd make room for you /I'd sail ships for you /To be close to you /To be part of you /'Cause you believe in me /I believe in you /I would die for you. "
** Admittedly, "Vow" from their first album is even worse -- pure, seething, raging, unhinged vengeance from a yandere spurned. It goes well beyond IfICantHaveYou territory into psychosis.
* "If You Love Me", by 80s band Scandal (with lead singer Patty Smyth): "'Cause you can't leave me / And you can't tell me that it's the end / You can walk away / But you can never look back again / So if you leave me / I will hurt you if I can / Yes, I will hurt you in the end." It's sung nice and sweet and softly, and essentially promises death if the guy tries to leave, even saying "You can't run and hide away".
* The narrator in Falco's "Jeanny" is a SerialKiller and rapist who sounds ''very'' much like a Yandere as he sings about his next victim.
--> "They're coming! They are coming to get you. // They won't find you. Nobody will find you! // You're with me!"
* "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4eYQTl1gPkg My Rival]]" by Music/SteelyDan seems to be about a plan to MurderTheHypotenuse.
-->''Sure he's a jolly roger''
-->''Until he answers for his crime''
-->''Yes I'll match him whim for whim now''
* Music/{{Morrissey}} in [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-poVc0wFAA "Jack The Ripper"]], if you consider the unsettling but romantic lyrics and the title.
-->''Crash into my arms / I want you\\
You don't agree / But you don't refuse\\
I know you''
-->''And I know a place / Where no one is likely to pass''
-->''Oh, you don't care if it's late / And you don't care if you're lost''
-->''And oh, you look so tired /(But tonight you presume too much)''
-->''Too much, too much / And if it's the last''
-->''Thing I ever do / I'm gonna get you''
* Music/TheBirthdayMassacre. The lyrics to "Blue" have very strong yandere connotations and the way the tone switches is very yandere as well.
** They're good at making fucked up love songs.
** "Lovers' End" as well.
** There's also "Violet," which seems at first glance to be an ordinary break up song, until Chibi starts singing about "violent visions" of "scaring faces once adored" and "staining red the wasted metaphor."
* "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O13LdNSrN7g Waterfall]]" by {{Sweetbox}} told from the point of view of a woman stalking the object of her obsession (whom she makes clear ''will'' belong to her), ending with the following lines spoken in a chillingly sweet tone:
-->''I told you I'd be watching you''
-->''In everything that you do''
-->''But don't worry, now...''
-->''Cause I'll take care of you''
* Music/FionaApple's cover of "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EiOmhOumh-w I Want You]]" (originally by Music/ElvisCostello, and accompanied by him in this performance) captures awesomely creepy love from the point of view of the Yandere. Costello's performance of it counts too, but one of the Website/YouTube commenters said it best: "Fiona wailed her tiny ass off, and scared me even more than EC did in the original. Didn't think that was possible."
* "My Mind's Eye" by Sirenia is a mix of this and MindGameShip.
* Pay close attention to the actual lyrics of [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFOCGFcqQqg "If This Is Love"]] by The Saturdays, and don't let the cheery tone fool you. ''[[FridgeLogic Guh...]]''
* Music/WeirdAlYankovic's "Melanie" is a parody of 80s stalker songs, and despite being PlayedForLaughs it's still one of the creepier things Al's ever done, and he's written humorous songs featuring ''serial killers''.
* Music/{{Avril Lavigne}}'s "Girlfriend"
--> Hey, hey, you, you, I don't like your girlfriend
--> No way, no way, I think you need a new one
--> Hey, hey, you, you, I could be your girlfriend
* Music/{{Aha}}
** ''I've been losing you'' depicts the thoughts of a man who has gone {{Yandere}} and killed his girlfriend during a fight. [[LyricalDissonance It's a song with a very moving, rock-ish, upbeat tune.]]
** In ''Maybe maybe'', the narrator is the ''target'' of a Yandere's obsession, and end up run over by her (in a Rover) for his trouble. Again, the tune is of a poppy and silly melody.
* Shakespears Sister's big hit "Stay" is as pure a demonstration of the concept as you'll find in pop music -- former Eric Clapton sidedwoman/songwriter Marcy Levy as an ethereal, clingy dere, and former Bananarama pop princess Siobhan Fahey as her violent, menacing AxCrazy subconscious. The video bends it into a battle between life and death for a dying man, and between the lanky, keening Levy and Fahey's corrupted, uber-creepy succubus/troll angel of death.
* Empires' song [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oyBY1JkHLOI "I Want Blood"]], in a male example.
-->''I want blood, I want blood from you''
-->''If it ain't your love, I want blood from you''
* The Legendary Pink Dots play with the "LoveMakesYouCrazy" trope fairly often, usually as BlackComedy, although on occasion one finds oneself laughing a bit more nervously. "Thursday Night Fever", in particular involves each verse detailing [[IfICantHaveYou something]] [[MurderTheHypotenuse utterly]] horrific and concluding with:
-->'''Cos you know how jealous I get''
-->''[[{{Understatement}} I'm just a jealous boy]]''
* "Last Rites/Loved To Death" from Music/{{Megadeth}}'s first album. It's about a guy who's so in love with his girlfriend that he ''kills her so that she would go to Heaven'' ("[[TitleDrop loved [her] to death]]" in his terms) and then commits suicide...only to discover that they both go to Hell because she had cheated on him.
* "Run For Your Life" by Music/TheBeatles:
-->''I'd rather see you dead, little girl\\
Than to be with another man\\
You better keep your head, little girl\\
Or you won't know where I am...''
** Or, to a lesser degree, "I Want You (She's So Heavy)", which features possibly the most minimal lyrics of the lot.
* The Music/NickelBack song "Follow You Home" is an inversion, as the lyrics detail how the songs narrator would still follow his object of obsessive affection to (presumably) her house even if she were to have him abused, beaten, tortured, and ''killed''.
* "Gimme Gimme" by Music/LordsOfAcid is possibly the only LoA song that's even remotely playable on US radio (not that it ever was...). It's also a song about a star (apparently a cheesecakey pop star a la Britney or Christina) who has fallen obsessively in love with her biggest stalker.
* Music/{{Melanie Martinez}} with "Pacify Her."
** And to a lesser extent, "Cake" since the narrator sounds a bit [[ClingyJealousGirl possessive]].
* Gothic metal band [[http://darklyrics.com/m/mortallove.html Mortal Love]] built a trilogy of three concept albums around this: ''All the Beauty,'' ''I Have Lost,'' ''Forever Will Be Gone.'' In the first one, the singer is completely worshipful ([[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCF6qeJpQeo "All the Beauty"]]) until her lover leaves her for someone else and she just falls to pieces ([[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M6JwtEfa5Xk "I Want to Die"]]). The second album follows her slow descent into madness, and by the third she's bordering on pure evil territory ([[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dl25aVlmcQI "Still it Has Only Just Begun"]], [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=efqNniO7Jqw "To Choke You Now"]]). The target of her love/hate is dead by the end, and it's strongly implied that she killed him.
--> With every look I crushed you whole
--> With every smile I grained your bones
--> The darkness makes me stronger
--> And I can swallow it no more
--> Evil in all shapes
--> In my case it's cold and hollow
--> Darkness, it wakes nor sleeps
--> And this pain you're forced to swallow
* The band August Burns Red was named after a run-in their original singer had with one of these. After he broke up with his girlfriend August, she set his dog Red on fire in his doghouse. The actual name was the title of the story that ran in the paper the next day.
* Interlude With Ludes, by Them Crooked Vultures, is this mixed with StalkerWithACrush:
--> If you want me I'm yours
--> And even if you don't want me
--> I'm trained and licensed and armed to the teeth
--> I think you'll agree
--> It's so hard to apologize
--> So I'm just gonna skip it
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZIG3fqf9-8 ''Candy Hearts'']] by Razakel. Music/SickTanicK spins a verse portraying the object of Razakel's unwanted affections, and it's clear that the shit is about to hit the fan.
* Music/{{Eminem}} and Music/{{Rihanna}}'s [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uelHwf8o7_U ''Love The Way You Lie'']] sounds like it's about a double Yandere love.
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_vp01k9Gak ' 'Me and the Minibar' ']] by the Dresden Dolls fits this trope very well.
* For ''Manga/AxisPowersHetalia'', [[Creator/UraraTakano Belarus]] and [[Creator/YukiMasuda Ukraine's]] character song ''Carrots and Sticks'' aims for this and plays it for laughs. While Belarus is a canon {{yandere}}, the shocking thing is that Ukraine has the same feelings for the person they are singing for. That person is their brother [[Creator/YasuhiroTakato Russia]]... who is ''also'' a Yandere. Their Yandere types, however, are very different: Belarus is about [[ClingyJealousGirl the possessive and scary side]], whereas Ukraine is more [[ManipulativeBitch about sweetness and subtle manipulation.]] Ukraine actually sends Belarus into a screaming fit [[spoiler: by sort-of getting Russia into promising to "marry her" or at least make enonomic/political deals with her]], and reacts via speaking softly and calmly about being "such a bewitching sister"[[note]]although the tone of her voice suggests that she's joking[[/note]].
* ThePuppiniSisters' cover of "Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree" paints a picture of a crazy girl who, if she sees him cheating, will [[IfICantHaveYou lock up her man for good.]]
* Music/{{Portishead}}'s [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vozNQX6Ye1A ''All Mine'']] begins as a typically sweet love song
-->"When you smile, Oh how I feel so good",
** but gradually becomes more obsessive and creepy, eventually working up to
-->"Tethered and tied. There's nowhere to hide from me. All Mine."
* Music/{{Bjork}}'s "An Echo, A Stain" lands somewhere inbetween StalkerWithACrush and this:
--> Feel my breath, [[ParanoiaFuel on your neck, and your heart will race]]
--> [[StalkerWithACrush don't say no to me,]] you can't say no to me...
--> I'm sorry you saw that...
** This also applies with ''Army of Me''
-->You're alone
-->we won't save you
-->Your rescue squad is to exausted
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ulZtySJcQI ''Goin' Down'']] by Music/ThePrettyReckless is written as a confession from a textbook possessive yandere who's just discovered the downside of not having a boyfriend any more.
-->"But I caught him with another woman in the bed I made him, So I put him in a grave"
* Music/{{Evanescence}}'s Taking Over Me seems like a nice song...until you realize it's really about obsession. Romantic huh? This masterpiece shimmers with precious jewels such as...
-->(chorus)"I have to be with you to LIVE, to BREATHE, you're TAKING OVER ME,"
-->(verse 2)"Have you forgotten all I've known, and all we had? You saw me mourning my love for you, and touched my hand... I KNEW YOU LOVED ME THEN."
-->(bridge) "I look in the mirror and see your face, if I look DEEP ENOUGH. So many things inside that are JUST LIKE YOU ARE TAKING OVER!!!"
** The Song Snow White Queen is an interesting take on this trope, as the choruses are sung by the Yandere, but the verses are sung by the yandere's object of affection.
** ''Surrender'' is also has lovely lyrics such as "You can't abandon me... You belong to me...", Darling, there's no sense in running[=/=]You know I will find you[=/=]Everything is perfect now[=/=]We can live forever" and "There's no escaping me, my love... [[TitleDrop surrender]]..."
* Music/{{Kesha}}'s "Stephen". Just read a few lyrics:
--> 'Cause you're my object of affection
--> My drug of choice
--> My sick obsession
--> I want to keep you as my pet to play with
--> And hide under my bed forever
* The Bravery's song "Hatefuck"
--> If I put my hands around your wrists, would you fight them
--> If I put my fingers in your mouth, would you bite them
--> There are so many things I'd do
--> If I had my way with you
* The Shadow's song Shooting Star. You heard me. It might sound innocent at first, but if you really listen to the lyrics,
--> A shooting star will shoot you, and mars will go to war
--> The man in the moon will jump on you if you don't love me no more
* Hugh Laurie is [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jBwbJWF8_-Q in love with Steffi Graf]]
* "Abracadabra" by Brown Eyed Girls has these...undertones:
-->Every night, I'll be with you
-->Do you love her? do you love her?
-->Do you love me? Do you love me?
** Lots of K-Pop seems to have these undertones. Another example: Super Junior's "Bonamana".
** Other, more obvious, examples in k-pop come from two of G-Dragon's songs [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2YtGMB55N4 "She's Gone"]], a song about a [[{{Yandere}} jealous ex-boyfriend who murders his ex-girlfriend]], with lyrics such as:
-->Let's go somewhere where there are no people,
-->It's just that I want to be alone with you,
-->Now you can't go anywhere.
** and [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Ey_i6JLlEY "Obsession"]], which has an almost identical theme to "She's Gone".
** In [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1TLaZp1i8E "Going Crazy"]], Bang Yong Guk sings the part of the stalker. Ironically, in the PV, the woman is the yandere instead that she burns the man... Still blindfolded and tied.
** [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8CpfNFUvPQ Blossom Tears]] doesn't have that much of yandere-sounding lyric, but the character played by Leo there... His eyes in 2:53 should tick you off and things just going worse from there.
** The {{Yandere}} [[LoonyFan sasaeng]] "[[StalkerWithACrush fan]]" from Epik High's "[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eINjPkO7w4M Fan]]" kidnaps her favorite idol and keeps him locked up to keep him all to herself, stubbornly ignoring his blatant despair. She ends up inadvertently killing him.
* "Poison" by Music/{{Alice Cooper}} -- "I wanna hurt you just to hear you screaming my name"
** "Millie and Billie" is about two insane lovers.
--> ''And I liked your late husband Donald''
--> ''But such torture his memory brings''
--> ''All sliced up and sealed tight in baggies''
--> ''Guess love makes you do funny things''
** ''Love's a Loaded Gun'' is a song about a man who is a little bit too attached to a prostitute and is ''heavily'' implied to have killed her and one of her clients.
* "Kim" by Music/{{Eminem}} is what happens to a male Yandere just after he snaps. It is not pleasant to listen to.
** It's about his relationship struggles with his wife. He played it for her before it was released; she was understandably freaked out.
** From the same album (The Marshall Mathers LP), Eminem gives us the song "Stan" about a yandere stalker's descent into madness.
** Have you heard [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJ2bjStuwyY&feature=share&list=FLwcQmBxs904560EgHgcUThQ "Starbound"]]? He snaps his girlfriend's neck and then kills himself.
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MMG8Ih8GrLs ''My Bloody Valentine'']] by Music/GoodCharlotte embodies the viewpoint of a male yandere who has the intense desire to MurderTheHypotenuse.
--> ''He dropped you off I followed him home.. Then I stood outside his bedroom window..''
--> ''Standing over him he begged me not to do what I knew I had to do,''
--> '''Cause I'm so in love with you!''
* Music/MarianasTrench 's [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khkcAlhb6vI Toy Soldiers]]. It at first sounds like a nice song about a guy meeting someone. But after the first verse, he slowly slips into madness. In the final verse, he literally says IfICantHaveYou, no one can. The second verse even contains some concerning lines:
--> ''Don't you want love?''
--> ''Don't you fight back!''
--> ''This will hurt less''
--> ''If you just submit''
* In the most popular versions of folk song ''The Female Highwayman'' the titular woman (Sovay/Silvy/Janie/Priscilla) disguises herself as a highwayman, robs her fiance blind on the road, and orders him to give her his gold engagement ring. When he says he'd rather die than give away the ring his beloved gave to him, she lets him go free and the next day reveals what she did by "accidentally" letting him see the watch she stole the day before, telling him that it was a FidelityTest and that he passed with flying colors. However, in one version of the song, she also adds that if he ''had'' given up the ring when she robbed him, she wouldn't have just refused to marry him — she would have ''shot him dead on the spot.''
* "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A69OpUrU46E Liar]]" by Music/EmilieAutumn:
-->I want to mix our blood
-->And put it in the ground
-->So you can never leave
-->I want to earn your trust
-->Your faith your heart
-->You'll never be deceived
** Becomes interesting when it was revealed that these are not just lyrics, but what Autumn's boyfriend spoke to her at one point. ''Verbatim.''
** Also, "I Know Where You Sleep".
* The Irish folk song, ''Bean Pháidín''. Just look at the [[http://academic.evergreen.edu/w/williams/songs/bean_phaidin.html lyrics]].
-->May your legs, your legs be broken
-->May your legs be broken, Páidín’s wife
-->May your legs, your legs be broken
-->May your legs and your bones be broken.
* "I Love U" by Tila Tequila which opens with "you know, I just want to let you know that I never felt this way about anyone else...I...I think I love you...so don't think I'm crazy when I tell you this...but if you ever hurt me...I'll fuckin' kill you," and gets progressively more possessive.
* No doubt's "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CB0sH2OpPzE In my head]]" is about a yandere who is well aware her obsessive jealousy is ''only in her head''.
-->''And all it takes is one word or idea to send me in the deep.''
-->''So if you think you're clever, use the right words when you're talking to me.''
* Wake Up Call by Maroon 5 is a prime example of a male yandere who found his lover in the bed with another man, so he [[MurderTheHypotenuse shot him dead]].
-->''I'm not kind if you betray me..''
* The singer in [[Music/ADayAtTheRaces "Tie Your Mother Down"]] by Music/{{Queen}} will do anything to be alone with his lover- Including [[TitleDrop tying her mother down]], locking out her father, and [[BreadMilkEggsSquick drowning her little brother]].
* ''R.E.M.'' love this trope. [[http://www.sing365.com/music/lyric.nsf/Be-Mine-lyrics-R-E-M/C803BFBD9787D4F54825689400200CAD Be Mine]], [[http://www.sing365.com/music/lyric.nsf/High-Speed-Train-lyrics-R-E-M/72F979F4B255DEF148256EFE000A6A1F High Speed Train]], [[http://www.sing365.com/music/lyric.nsf/Star-69-lyrics-R-E-M/6896965CB49312B148256894001FA6A9 Star 69]], [[http://www.sing365.com/music/lyric.nsf/You-lyrics-R-E-M/797032ECFBB56B1D48256894001FCE6A You]], and [[http://www.sing365.com/music/lyric.nsf/Strange-Currencies-lyrics-R-E-M/CC65033D51A7D98048256894001FACCF Strange Currencies]] all fit one type or another.
* Music/{{Space}} have a good few songs about yanderes, both male and female. Tommy Scott's defining yandere song is '[[StalkerWithACrush Drop Dead]]', while Jamie Murphy had 'Bastard Me Bastard You'. Possibly 'Piggies' as well, depending on how you interpret it. There's also 'Diary Of A Wimp', in which it's implied that the 'wimp' is stalking the girl and [[MurderTheHypotenuse is perfectly happy to off her boyfriend]].
* [=Smile.dk=]'s [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lpMqynSnj7g "Don't Believe You're Leaving"]] is a warning from a psycho girlfriend that her boy had ''better'' be true, because there's no way she's letting him go. And, like so many of the rest of their songs, it is [[LyricalDissonance unbelievably happy]].
* Music/MarilynManson uses this trope too frequently to list all the examples, because [[IAmTheBand frontman]] Marilyn Manson is a Yandere.
* Picture Me Broken's [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8gR5YdqHJSQ "Forevermore"]] is a not-so-subtle song from a yandere. Throughout it, she begs her love interest to stay with her. If he tried to leave, she'd [[IfICantHaveYou never let him]]. She won't [[StalkerWithACrush let him be alone as long as she's awake]]. Nice.
* The White Tie Affair's "Watching You" is an ObsessionSong from the POV of the guy being stalked by a {{Yandere}}:
-->Help me help me, somebody save me,
-->I keep running she keeps on chasing,
-->Reminds me all the time, "No matter where you go I'll always be watching you."
* ''The Dark Lady'' by the Bedlam Bards is about a yandere ''pirate ship''. When her captain falls in love with a captive girl, the titular ''Dark Lady'' steers herself into a storm, the girl falls overboard, and the everyone else on board is killed. This leaves them as ghosts, doomed to never leave.
* Killer by Dev
--> I'm gonna make you love me
* Bust Your Knee Caps - Music/{{Pomplamoose}}, Threatens johnny to not leave her or her family business will bust his knee caps. In an endearing way.
* ''Music/ViennaTeng'''s 'My Medea' is told from the POV of a possessive yandere.
-->''So, come to me, my love''
-->''I'll tap into your strength and drain it dry''
-->''And never have enough''
-->''For you I'd burn the length and breadth of sky''
-->''For it's my thoughts that bind me here''
-->''It's this moment I most fear''
-->''And this child I would destroy''
-->''For I hold her pain most dear''
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yh0AhrY9GjA This parody]] of Music/JustinBieber's "Boyfriend" [[http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/overly-attached-girlfriend and its accompanying image macros]]:
-->I'll always be checking up on you\\
Hey boy, ''who you talking to?''\\
If I was your girlfriend\\
I'd never let you leave\\
Without a small recording device\\
Taped under your sleeve\\
And you'll always look your best\\
Shave your face for me\\
Don't hide secrets in your house\\
'Cause, boy, I stole the key."
* ''Here We Go Again'' by Captain Tractor is about a girl who expresses her love for the singer by inflicting life-threatening injuries on him.
--> In the ambulance that day as they were taking me away
--> You looked into my eyes
--> You said you were in love, but then it struck you from above
--> As you learned of my demise
--> Is it me or is it you with a sense of Deja Vu
--> As I brush with death again?
--> And it's really no surprise as the tears filled up your eyes
--> You're in love with me in pain
--> Here we go again!
* Music/TheVeronicas in their song "Lolita"
--> ''Your my possession, I'm your obsession, don't tell me never, you'll love me forever''
--> ''Always stay close to me, don't tell me you're leaving now''
* The woman in the Music/KnifeParty song, "Internet Friends" is a Yandere through and through. When the unnamed protagonist blocks her on Website/{{Facebook}}, she resorts to tracking him down to his own home, ringing the doorbell, knocking on the door, and even calling him on his smartphone before ultimately smashing through his window and delivering this legendary line:
--> ''"You blocked me on Facebook, and now you're going to die!"'' (cue PsychoStrings and then [[ElectroHouse bass drop time.]])
* ''[[http://youtu.be/HROR74Au5Ek Text Me Back]]'' by [[WebVideo/EqualsThree Your Favorite Martian]] is as yandere as it gets. Just listen to the lyrics. It also doesn't help that one of the band members is in prison while the other three are in a mental institute, and the entire chorus is just the words "I wasn't crazy until I met you" over and over.
* "I Never Knew You" by Cage is a song from the perspective of a stalker.
--> Perish the thought, you should cherish the words that I got in my mouth
--> The only words that can truly explain how I got in your house.
* Tech N9ne's "Am I A Psycho" is sung from a male yandere's perspective.
* "My Mind's Eye" by the gothic metal band Sirenia is about this.
---> If you are down
---> I'll be there to chain you to the ground
---> And penetrate your mind
--->If you are lost
---> I'll be there to break your trust
---> And ravage all your lust for life, my love
* "Crazy Possessive" by Kaci Battaglia
* Chairlift's "Sidewalk Safari" could as well be interpreted from a perspective of one.
* The main trope page's quote is from Music/{{Slipknot}}'s "Prosthetics," which is loosely based on the novel ''Literature/TheCollector'' and its 1965 film adaptation.
* Dirty Little Rabbits' [[http://www.youtube.com/v/cjSu0NnTys4?autoplay=1 "Professional Hit"]], in which the singer has clearly been driven insane and angry from a one-time fling of what she believed to be was a starting relationship, ending with may be MurderTheHypotenuse. CarefulWithThatAxe and PrecisionFStrike abound.
* Music/CoheedAndCambria's concept album "Good Apollo I'm Burning Star IV, Volume One: From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness" is narrated by a Yandere:
** [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dMWVb3AefOE "Welcome Home"]]:
-->''You could've been all I wanted''
-->''But you weren't honest''
--> ''Now get in the ground!''
** [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6IsyxA9EZNM "Once Upon Your Dead Body"]]
-->''Do you remember why you did it?''
-->''Do you remember why she left?''
-->''No, I hope you die right now,''
-->''Will you drink my chemical?''
-->''And if you cry out loud,''
-->''It'll only make me feel too good''
** [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dMWVb3AefOE "Wake Up"]]:
-->''I'll do anything for you, / Kill anyone for you.''
** [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sf90wjabKi0 "The Final Cut"]]:
-->''Here wait, so I guess that you knew''
-->''That you're a selfish little whore''
-->''I'm the selfish little whore''
-->''If I had my way, I'd crush your face in the door.''
* Music/CreedenceClearwaterRevival: They did a [[CoveredUp cover]] of "Susie-Q". Given John Fogerty's vocals, (piping his voice through a guitar amp on these lyrics), coupled with the banjo and electric guitar [[FridgeHorror makes]] this a very creepy song.
-->''Well, say that you'll be mine''
-->''Well, say that you'll be mine,''
-->''Well, say that you'll be mine, baby all the time, Susie Q''
* Music/MarilynManson's "Mr. Superstar":
-->''hey mr. superstar,''
-->''I'll kill myself for you''
-->''hey mr. superstar,''
-->''I'll kill you if I can't have you.''
** Also "Deformography":
-->''I make myself sick just to poison you\\
If I can't have you then no one will''
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1crJmEdNaM "This Little Girl"]] by Cady Groves lives and breathes this trope:
-->''Every girl is capable of murder if you hurt her''
-->''Watch out you don't push me any further, any further''
-->''You're not the only one walking round with a loaded gun''
-->''This little girl is capable of murder cause you hurt her''
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ZyE2V-BQqc "The Phantom Opera Ghost"]] by Music/IcedEarth [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin which is about the]] ''ThePhantomOfTheOpera''.
-->''No this can't be I'd rather you die than spoil my dream.\\
Myself I'll kill if I can't have you no one will!''
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iyd8dY8rRtA "Die, Die My Darling"]] by Music/TheMisfits.
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ljVTobKrMrQ "I Never Told You What I Do For A Living"]] by Music/MyChemicalRomance-- a song about a SerialKiller that's rife with DoubleEntendre.
* Music/TomLehrer wrote a sweet and lovely ballad, named ''I Hold Your Hand In Mine'':
-->''I'm sorry now I killed you,''
-->''For our love was something fine,''
-->''And till they come to get me''
-->''I shall hold your hand in mine. ''
* ''[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MS_NvcpdSNo Super Psycho Love]]'' by Simon Curtis. The lyrics just scream of this trope (so much that it has become one of the [[Main/FanVid unofficial anthems for Yandere Characters.]])
-->''Say that you want me every day''
-->''That you want me every way''
-->''That you need me''
-->''Got me trippin' super psycho love''
-->''Aim, pull the trigger''
-->''Feel the pain getting bigger''
-->''Go insane from the bitter feeling''
-->''Trippin' super psycho love''
* The psycho-obsessive SerialKiller narrator of Music/{{Disturbed}}'s [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KvLDJIKjWyo "The Game"]] has shades of this:
-->''I kind of like / the misery you put me through.\\
Darling, you can trust me / '''completely.'''\\
If you even try / to look the other way,\\
I think that I could kill this time.''
* "Better Dig Two" is about a wife who threatens suicide if she outlives her husband and murder-suicide if he ever leaves her.
* The song "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uoFNLNnY1_I Gop-Stop]]" (Russian criminal slang for small-time street robbery. This song is often credited with popularizing the term "gop-stop" among the broader Russian-speaking public outside of the criminal scene) by the famous Jewish-Russian singer [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexander_Rosenbaum Alexander Rosenbaum]] is about a criminal, who's girlfriend left him for richer lovers from the higher echelons of the military. How he coped with the break-up? He ambushed her with some criminal friend of his and stabbed her to death, apparently not quick and clean, but slow and messy.
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_SUEAAfbzkc "The Nameless"]] by Music/{{Slipknot}} features a real controlling male yandere who thinks he's God:
-->''Obsession, take another look.\\
Remember, every chance you took.\\
Decide - either live with me\\
Or give up - any thought you have of being free\\
(Don't go) I never wanted anybody more than I wanted you\\
(I know) the only thing I ever really loved, was hate.''
* Music/FiveFingerDeathPunch's "Diary of a Deadman" which is written like a letter from the [[DoubleStandardAbuseFemaleOnMale male victim]] ''to'' the yandere.
-->''Looking back I still have so many questions\\
So many things unanswered\\
Like what did I do?\\
What could I do?\\
Was there ever a moment you cared?\\
Was I always ugly and abandoned\\
Remember all the times you wished me harm?\\
You wished me dead\\
How can I have changed to make it better?\\
And would I?''
** Also "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lVrqmpNvCAM Succubus]]" which seems to feature the DestructiveRomance of a pair of yanderes and contains such lines as "I never had the chance to thank you / (FOR RIPPING OUT MY HEART)" and "You've got a gun / I've got a gun / Let's write a tragic ending."
* [[WordSaladLyrics The lyrics make it a bit difficult to tell]] but the song Switchblade Serenade by heavy metal band Sister Sin is how the singer loves a man, and in order to make sure that he never leaves her she stabs him and watches him bleed to death. Or maybe she just stabs him and watches him bleed to death as an expression of her love; at one point, she describes her love as being a guillotine.
* According to [[http://forlackofabettercomic.com/?id=206 For Lack of a Better Comic]], "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen has Yandere undertones...
* The whole album "Two Faced Charade" by Famous Last Words, is about the story of a yandere boy and his decent into madness, it is also in the POV of the yandere.
* "Poisonous Love" from ''Rio 2'' (sung by Creator/KristinChenoweth) has some serious yandere vibes.
* Music/IggyAzalea's [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u3u22OYqFGo ''Black Widow'']], with lyrics such as: "I wanted all or nothing for us ain't no place in between" and "I'm gonna l-l-l-love you until it hurts"
* [[http://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZu69_ouc-U Alice Francis - Shoot Him Down]]
* Aneka's song, Japanese Boy, tell about the protagonist's love for a foreign man who hasn't called her since they met.
* Music/AmandaPalmer's song [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dyE2MLq24OE ''The Killing Type'']] -- in true Amanda Palmer style, the lyrics run in giant circles around Yandere ("But I would kill to make you feel / I don't mean kill someone for real" or "I wanna stick my fist into your mouth and twist your arctic heart"). The video, however, leaves little doubt...
* The narrator of "[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJ_w3bnaWT4 Our Wedding]]" by Music/{{Crass}} comes across as one.
--> ''"I am yours to have and hold, I'm giving you my love...''\\
''Never look at anyone, anyone but me''\\
''Never look at anyone, I must be all you see''\\
''Listen to those wedding bells, say goodbye to other girls''\\
''I'll never be untrue my love, don't be untrue to me''\\
''[[BrokenRecord Don't be untrue to me, don't be untrue to me...]]"''
* A non-romantic example is presented in the "My Adventure with Music/GreenDay" story in the sleeve notes of the eponymous band's album ''Kerplunk!''. The protagonist sees little wrong with [[SelfMadeOrphan murdering her parents]] if it means [[LoonyFan she gets to meet her favorite band]].
* "Nothing Without Me" by Music/MarkusSchulz is sung from the perspective of a very obsessive lover who states her love is [[TitleDrop nothing without her]]. RealLifeWritesThePlot in this case - the song was written as a "dedication" of sorts to the [[StalkerWithACrush stalkers]] Markus has dealt with in the past.
* Music/GloriaEstefan displayed a tearful version of this trope wit ''Not Giving You Up''.
* "[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D5KGbxNTDB8 Smoke and Mirrors]]" by Jayn is an original song written specifically with the yandere genre in mind. The lyrics are explicitly about a girl kidnapping her childhood friends wife and threatening to murder her if he refuses to be with her. [[spoiler:She kills her]].
-->I'm not asking much\\
Just give me your heart\\
and put no one else above me\\
Go on, say you love me!\\
Take my hand in yours and tell me that I'll always be the one\\
Without you my life means nothing\\
So just say you love me tonight!\\
And if you lie, this poor girl will have to die
* "Closer" by Burn Season contains the following lyrics which imply this:
--> Don't say that its over
--> I'd kill to be closer
--> A moment I'm passing to you
--> But to me
--> I will wait
--> And I'll take
--> Anything with your name
--> Don't say that its over
--> You can't live without me

--> You say there's something wrong in my head
--> So I like to bleed
--> You say I'm scaring you now but I'm tired
--> From watching you sleep

--> I'd erase what you say
--> Scramble words in the way
--> But you can't take away
--> Turn away
--> Run away
--> Fuck with me

* Filter's version of [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_MgnVlEJ2M Happy Together]] has this vibe. It's also played in the trailer for the 2013 Great Gatsby film to help illustrate Gatsby's unrequited passion for Daisy.

--> Imagine me and you, I do
--> I think about you day and night
--> It's only right
--> To think about the girl you love
--> And hold her tight
--> So happy together

--> If I should call you up, invest a dime
--> And you say you belong to me
--> And ease my mind
--> Imagine how the world could be
--> So very fine
--> So happy together

--> Me and you, and you and me
--> No matter how they toss the dice
--> It has to be
--> The only one for me is you
--> And you for me
--> So happy together

--> I can't see me lovin' nobody but you
--> For all my life
--> When you're with me baby the skies'll be blue
--> For all my life
--> You and me!
--> Me and you!
--> You and me!
--> Me and you!
--> You and me!
--> Me and you!
--> You and me!
--> Me and you!
* "My Clingy Girlfriend" by Music/{{Psychostick}}.
--> I made her a cupcake to soften the blow when \\
I told her "I'm not ready for this level of commitment" \\
She grabbed for a fork then stabbed me in the arm and \\
began to pull my hair out while \\
expressing her resentment\\
And then she told me she would murder my whole family, my coworkers, and the girl who took my order that day at Wendy's. And she set the house on fire and ran screaming right outside; and I felt guilty as the flames reflected off her teary eyes.

* "One Way Or Another" by Blondie is inspired by a real-life stalker of frontwoman Debbie Harry.
--->I'll walk down the mall
--->Stand over by the wall
--->Where I can see it all
--->Find out who ya call
''[[{{Yandere}} Or the sound of Alice's screaming...!!]]''