!!The [[Film/{{Zodiac}} film:]]

* AlternateCharacterInterpretation: All over the place with the Zodiac. Does he believe everything he writes? Is he actually mentally ill and looking for help or is he just an amoral AttentionWhore? [[spoiler: Were Allen's reactions to seeing the cops and Robert a result of guilt or of being fed up with the harassment of accusations?]]
* AwardSnub: No Oscar nominations whatsoever.
* FanDislikedExplanation: Who ''was'' Rick Marshall? [[spoiler:Maybe he did kill people and film it, but you'll never know!]]
* HilariousInHindsight: Robert Downey Jr. and Mark Ruffalo are both in this film, they trade barbs, they bicker. We see them do it again in the Franchise/MarvelCinematicUniverse.
** The third lead is Jake Gyllenhaal, who almost replayed Tobey Maguire in Film/SpiderMan2. And now Spider-man is coming to the MCU (not played by Gyllenhaal though).
** In RealLife, Marshall was proven to ''not'' be the Zodiac via fingerprint analysis.
* OneSceneWonder: Creator/JohnCarrollLynch as Arthur Leigh Allen has a total of about five minutes screen time in a movie that's two and a half hours long, most of that time without dialogue. However, his interrogation scene is guaranteed to leave an impression on you and thanks to Lynch's mannerisms its easy to see why Allen was a prime suspect.
** Similarly, Charles Fleischer, voice of Roger Rabbit, presides over one of the film's tensest scenes as the ambiguously creepy Bob Vaughn.
* ParanoiaFuel: Be careful when someone pulls up next to you.
** [[LampshadeHanging Lampshaded]] when Robert briefly thinks that Bob Vaughn is the Zodiac.
* RetroactiveRecognition:
** [[Film/IronMan Tony]] [[Creator/RobertDowneyJr Stark]] is a journalist. [[Film/TheAvengers2012 Bruce]] [[Creator/MarkRuffalo Banner]] is a detective.
** Arthur Leigh Allen is [[Series/TheWalkingDead Eastman]].
* TheUntwist: Toschi's number-one suspect was [[spoiler:Leigh. And he was right... according to the film, anyway.]]
* VisualEffectsOfAwesome: Certain scenes featuring San Fran to be digitally created and you won't even know which ones.
** To save time Creator/DavidFincher decided to not use bloody makeup for the murder scenes, thus all blood is CGI.
* WhatAnIdiot: [[spoiler: Leigh, if the informant's story is true. He basically laid out his entire murder plot to him on New Years Day, as well as saying he would call himself the Zodiac.]]
** The woman with the baby. Sure, trust some random guy to fix your car tires, and then ''get in the car with said guy after the tire he said he fixed falls off.'' ''Especially'' when it's widely known there's a serial killer on the loose.

!!The [[{{Webcomic/Zodiac}} webcomic:]]

* CrazyAwesome: Libra, as might expected from an AscendedFanboy.
* EnsembleDarkhorse: Saurus is surprisingly popular despite being part of the Zodiac comic's RoguesGallery. He even gets a side story dedicated to him that is set after the main story of the Zodiac comic. It helps that he's by far the nicest member of the villain team.
* NightmareFuel:
** The whole [[http://eggplantm.deviantart.com/art/ZODIAC-197-200188714?q=gallery%3Aeggplantm%2F4025126&qo=23 Hellhound]] [[http://eggplantm.deviantart.com/art/ZODIAC-219-268134916?q=gallery%3Aeggplantm%2F4025126&qo=4 v. Virgo "fight"]].
** Pisces when he ''really'' gets into [[http://eggplantm.deviantart.com/art/ZODIAC-223-272813425 it]]...

!!The [[VideoGame/{{Zodiac}} Deus Ex mod:]]

* GoddamnBats: Large numbers of [[spoiler: Grays]] keep spawning in the final areas, despite your ammo being limited.