* CriticalResearchFailure: Zeus and Hera claim not to know about human emotions. Y'know, the poster gods for AnythingThatMoves and ClingyJealousGirl.
* CultClassic: This had the bad fortune to be made while disco was dying, and flopped as a result. These days it's a cult film with women [[VindicatedByCable who watched it on cable as young girls]] and gay men who liked the massive amount of camp, music, and the hopeful message in the movie.
%%* EarWorm: Horrifyingly.
* ILikedItBetterWhenItSucked: The stage version. Non-fans of the movie embraced it, while fans felt that [[DontExplainTheJoke all it did was explain the (unintentional) joke]].
* JustHereForGodzilla: Many Creator/DonBluth fans enjoy the film just for the animated sequence he did.
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* SoBadItsGood: Despite the film's many flaws, it manages to be entertaining. As a double-bill alongside ''Film/CantStopTheMusic'' (another disco musical that toplined the Music/VillagePeople), it inspired John Wilson to create the Golden Raspberry Awards. Perhaps a telling sign of the film's quality is the fact that he admits to re-watching it once in a while. Of course, the fact that Wilson named "Suspended in Time" the Worst Song of the Year is laughable.
* SpecialEffectFailure
* TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodCharacter: ''WebVideo/MusicalHell'' posits that Danny (an OldMaster played by Creator/GeneKelly) would have been a more interesting protagonist than the {{wangst}}y Sonny.
* WhatDoYouMeanItWasntMadeOnDrugs: Though considering the era, cocaine probably ''was'' involved, just not necessarily in the creative process.