!!VideoGame/WingsOfDawn (GameMod)
* BestLevelEver: Any mission where you get to fly the Prometheus Frame. Except the second-to-last one where it can have zeroing problems.
* CrowningMomentOfFunny:
** Misuzu's first contact speech with the Zy.
** Crystal discovering a certain doujin starring herself and...tentacles.
** The [[VideoGame/StarControl Orz-like]] speech that is partially-translated Cordi.
** Various members of Hard Light Productions cameoing as a squad of extremely weird, but skilled, fighters, set to very silly music.
* GoddamnedBats: Cordi Soldiers and Warriors. They can literally fly circles around even the Terran Ray Mk. III, and they can glide. Fura'ngle Sweepers and Astrays also fit: they can fire in any direction, regardless of which way they're facing. Get caught between three or four and watch how quickly you die.
* GoodBadBugs: In the final "outro" sequence, ships from the various factions all jump out on screen, and some do a strange tumble as they enter their warps. This was not intended, but it does look very funny, and many feel that it fits well with the feel of the scene.
* LesYay: Misuzu hugs Crystal during a debriefing... then goes on to comment on how the Cyrvan's breasts feel.
* {{Shipping}}:
** Misuzu x Crystal (among others), much to the dismay of the campaign's creator.
** CargoShip: Dawn x Infi.
* TheyChangedItNowItSucks: Missiles behave somewhat differently than in the original ''VideoGame/FreeSpace'', leading some players to label them as useless. Other players insist that they're simply not using them properly.

!! Literature/WingsOfDawn (Novel)