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* CompleteMonster: [[DemBones Skull Duggery]], despite only appearing in the episodes "The Legend of Skull Duggery" and "Skull Duggery Rides Again", is one of the [[KnightOfCerebus vilest villains]] to appear in the show. Skull Duggery was originally a old miner, by the name of Tom Duggery, who staked a silver claim and was too [[{{Greed}} greedy]] to share it with anyone. He died in a cave in, but his [[OurGhostsAreDifferent ghost]] continued to haunt the mine. Marshall Moo's KidSidekick, Cody Calf, and 2 other kids go to the mine to look for the silver. Skull Duggery catches them, traps them in a mine shaft and fills it with water, [[WouldHurtAChild attempting to drown the children]]. Marshall Moo saves the kids and causes another cave in, sealing Skull Duggery in his mine. However Skull Duggery escapes a year later. [[RevengeBeforeReason Obsessed with revenge against Marshall Moo]], Skull Duggery recruits 2 other ghosts to help him. Skull Duggery plans to use a magic spell that [[RapidAging rapidly ages everything]], people and buildings alike, to destroy Cowtown.
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* EarWorm: The theme song, even if you're not a fan of Country Western, [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G_zbeX6yoRI the music sucks you in.]] Being written by country singer Billy Dean helps as well.
%%* FoeYay: Moo Montana and Barbwire Babs.
%%** Also Moo Montana and Sheriff Terribull showed a few signs of this when they were tied together in Episode 6.
%%* LGBTFanbase: They're pretty manly bulls.
%%* MemeticSexGoddess: Lilli Bovine and Sadie Wowcow.
* NightmareFuel: Any episode involving Skull Duggery. Being a [[DemBones living skeleton]] and [[KnightofCerebus being of the more dangerous enemies]] doesn't help.
** The Gila Hooligans' preferred method of killing people: leaving them to die in the desert.
%%** The episode "Night Of The Cowgoyle".
* NoProblemWithLicensedGames: There was an arcade game released in 1992 by Konami with run-and-gun gameplay similar to ''VideoGame/SunsetRiders''. Four players can play at once, and has plenty of stimulating action and good music.
* SoBadItsGood: The concept of the show is so ridiculous, people can't help but enjoy it.
* SoOkayItsAverage: People who remembers this show think of it as a knock-off of Franchise/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles, but still hold enough water to be a unique show on its own.
* TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodPlot: The cast is said to have been regular animals before the comet mutated them, yet humans are never seen or mentioned.
* ToyShip: The child characters in the show are often paired like Cody and the buffalo calf Tejua. Also between Cody's two friends, there's him and Carly, or Carly and Jacob.
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%% Lilli in the episode "Thoroughly Moo-dern Lilli" definitely qualifies.
%%** Cody most of the time falls under this.