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%%* CultClassic
%%* EarWorm: The theme song.
* FetishFuelStationAttendant: Lilli Bovine is an anthropomorphic cow who has a huge bust, a kind heart, and a skimpy dress. [[CatFight Not to mention her fight with Sadie.]]
%%* FoeYay: Moo Montana and Barbwire Babs.
%%** Also Moo Montana and Sheriff Terribull showed a few signs of this when they were tied together in Episode 6.
%%* LGBTFanbase: They're pretty manly bulls.
%%* MemeticSexGoddess: Lilli Bovine and Sadie Wowcow.
%%* NightmareFuel:
%%** The episode "Night Of The Cowgoyle".
%%** Any episode involving Skull Duggery.
%%* ToyShip: Cody and Tejua. Also Cody and Carly, or Carly and Jacob.
%%* TheWoobie: Lilli in the episode "Thoroughly Moo-dern Lilli" definitely qualifies.
%%** Cody most of the time falls under this.