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[[WMG:Brown and Peach Pikmin were planned at one point, but got DummiedOut]]

See the third glitch mentioned [[http://pikmin.wikia.com/wiki/Glitches#Pellet_Posy here]]. Also, Purple Pikmin might have been planned in the story mode, and would have had Onions. That, or the purple coloring would be assigned to another planned new type.

[[folder:I Believe I Can Fly...]]


* Gender: Male.
* Age: Chronologically only a few hours, biologically Kamina's age (~16?)
* Species: Mutated (spiral) human clone
* Status: Active
* Fate: Presumably went off to start Kamina City, inhabited mostly by the other Kamina clones, and they will form a team ''completely'' seperate from Team Dai-Gurren
* Associated Fandom: ''Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann''

'''Rare Kamina''' is a clone of Kamina made in the special ''Too Many Kaminas'', created in an attempt to end the flood of Kamina clones that are bogging down Team Dai-Gurren (a metaphor for the fan fic author, who has admitted to going overboard on Kamina references, parallels, and appearances).

!! History


His last scene directing the other Kamina clones to "a new city to go to." He takes off flying, helping the clones fly after him, while R.Kelly's ''I Believe I Can Fly'' supposedly (this is text-only, and has no actual supporting sound, so this is going by the fan fic's word) plays in the background.

!! Appearance

Being based on Rare Akuma down to name, and as an effect of being cloned from the Cloning Portrait (which rarely if ever makes a clone with everything truly the same), Rare Kamina looks similar to Kamina, only with Rare Akuma's "first" palette applied to him. His skin is gray, his hair a bright yellow, and his pants and cape are both recolored a dark green. In addition, his tattoos are now a curiously bright green, and his eyes are silver. According to Leeron, he is [[FourIsDeath four]] cm taller than the original Kamina.

!! Abilities

He is likely the most powerful Kamina written by Great Pikmin Fan, if not one of the most powerful characters as a whole. Little has been known about him, but he can teleport, including into completely different multiverses with different laws of physics. And he can do this nearly-instantly. His punches hurt, but based on Simon, Kittan, and some of the seen reactions, they're not automatically fatal. (In fact, Rare Kamina never ''kills'' anyone.) As revealed in the ending, he can also fly and levitate objects. The full extent of his powers is unknown, since teleportation and punching were all he mainly did, in addition to flying (and helping the other clones fly) at the very end.

In addition to all of this, lightning frequently strikes the ground around him whenever he's standing under clouds, another nod to Rare Akuma. This has no impact on his debut story.

!! People He's Punched (at Least)

* Kittan
* All of the Kamina clones in this very story, including the original
* The Kaminas from the following:
** ''Hecksing Ulumate Crconikals''
** ''Ship But Not Romance''
* The following Striders:
* Eve Genesis (''A Slash of Mortality'')
* Crimson Facade (''360 Degree Duck'')
* Steven Universe (''I Thought Those Were the Ingredients'')
* Mabel and Dipper Pines (''No Longer Alone'')
* Nepeta Leijon (''496 Reasons'')
* Ezekiel Smithy (TDWTR and TZ)
* Simon the Digger
* [[NoCelebritiesWereHarmed Carl Stevens]], not for copying him, but for being a crappy self-insert Gary Stu that got away with being killed like most of the other Stus
* He is interestingly never seen punching any "Kamina accessories," and it's left unknown as to what the heck even properly defines a "Kamina accessory." This line was likely just a nod to a phrase Hank Hill often says, "I sell propane and propane accessories"

Note that none of these save for the ones in his own story are actually "canon" to the fics/fictionpress entry. He "appears" in exact spots that have all been at actual events (Eve first blasting into space, Mabel preparing the Super Tengen toppa Giga Drill Break, HUC-Kamina about to kill the Titan Mecha, etc), and going there in the original story reveals nay a mention of aformentioned character suddenly getting a sharp pain in their face. This was intentional, to rid the ambiguity and confirm that this story is not, in fact, canon, but just a silly little gag thing.




[[spoiler:This is a spoiler.]]



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Curator: [[{{Tropers/ShimaSpawn}} ShimaSpawn]]

* [[spoiler:BigEater]]

Hm. Did you know that the YMMV box ''only'' shows up at the top when this is classed as a work? Unlike the other namespaces, which appear once their respective pages are created.




** Mike went from a BaseBreaker to a Scrappy over the course of ''All-Stars'', thanks to being behind a [[ArcFatigue long]] arc about him going through his mind, him being part of the SpotlightStealingSquad for that season and overshadowing many other possible plotlines, and how his comedic portrayal of Multiple Personality Disorder ([[DudeNotFunny which is a problem by itself]]) as well as the BigBad of the season ends with one of the biggest anti-climaxes of the series.

[[folder:Chapter 4 Tropes, maybe other tropes I missed]]

* AccidentallyAccurate:
** Great Pikmin Fan often remarks that he was surprised that ''Hecksing Ulumate Crconikals'' already had a few gags that he thought he'd start in ''Dawn''.
** Fan also said that he was surprised that Carl remarking that Kamina would not be the kind to give up in chapter 11 was accurate to his character in ''Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann'', considering how he hadn't seen a single episode of it at the time.
* NewPowersAsThePlotDemands:
** In chapter 11 of ''Ulumate'', Major shoots at Rip several times. [[spoiler:However, it turns out that her abilities seem to extend to ''enemy'' fire. She and Quimby survive the shots completely, thanks to her redirecting all of the bullets into Major, pushing him off and ending the fight]]. This was never hinted at.
** Chapter 4 of ''Dawn'' exaggerates this by having Alucard and Walter, Denise and Kaitana, and Kamina and Cortana all turn out to have some way of having some kind of giants in order to be evenly-matched with the kaiju-sized [[spoiler:AI and Mystique]]. Walter summons a giant wolf ''Naruto''-style and he and Alucard ride on that, Denise and Kaitana fuse into a giant, scaled thing, and Cortana appearantly remade Gurren and Lagann from memory and scratch, and she and Kamina board them and combine to take on the enemy. Of course, each pair lampshades this to another.
* TakeThat:
** The fourth chapter of ''Dawn'' gives one to a late plot point in ''Homestuck'' that the author doesn't seem to like. [[spoiler:Jane's mind control. Or rather, as Kamina heavily implies, the execution of it. Cortana is eventually hijacked by the villain of the week, and turns red with black eyes and starts shouting "OBEY!" She nearly kills Kamina. While he's under attack, again, he remarks that this was an interesting idea with subpar execution]].
* WhatHappenedToTheMouse: Boota. He shows up along with Kamina at the tail end of chapter 3, but when Kamina himself comes in in chapter 4, he's nowhere to be seen at all and never gets mentioned. Time will tell if he pops up again in chapters 5 or 6, but still, his absense doesn't make much sense.


[[folder:Dumb Stuff]]

* AcceptableTargets:
** Canadian animation, at least in-universe.
** WesternAnimation/{{Shrek}}.
* BizarroEpisode: To Great Pikmin Fan's entire continuity. Even by ''SBIG'' standards (and this isn't officially a ''SBIG'' story, nor is its writing badly done/spelt like the ''SBIG'' installments), the plot's out-there. He said the story was inspired by "The Sweaters" of ''WesternAnimation/TheAmazingWorldOfGumball'', another weird episode in an already weird show.
* HighStakesBet: Both sides are betting their entire university based on a two-on-two game.
* OldShame[=/=]SelfDeprecation: This story is used as an oppertunity to mock a few of Pikmin Fan's regrets:
** [[Webcomic/SweetJadeAndHellaJohn Elitaa]] reappears after he explicitely said not to expect her in any future works, as a complete idiot who stumbles into the tournament by accident and nearly gets knocked into a quicksand pit.
** Ezekiel shoving himself in at the end was confirmed to be a self-dig at how GPF would shill ''Total Zeksmit'' like there's no tomorrow, ignoring his other, arguably more interesting work concepts.
** The story constantly lampshades that the "crossovers that really don't get along that well" has lately been done to death by the author now. First he did ''Steven Universe'' and ''Hellsing''/''Hecksing Ulumate Crconikals'', then ''Darkstalkers'' and ''King of the Hill'', and now ''Big Bang Theory'' and ''Perfect Hair Forever''[[note]]''Technically'' this already happened with ''Big Bang Theory'' if you count the first comic in ''Sheldin and Lenard Tock About Fysicks'', with the nudist Homer Simpson[[/note]]. Two out of three of those conflicts are resolved over the course of a game series, and the last had that highly considered.
** "Background" gags in between the challenges include a drunk [[Manga/{{Hellsing}} Alucard]] (his abundance of ''SBIG'' despite the lack of reviews any particular installment gets) nearly getting himself killed, [[Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann Kamina's]] dead body getting burried in a funeral (his over-reliance of copying TTGL, effectively beating the horse dead), and an also-drunk [[WesternAnimation/KingOfTheHill Hank Hill]] breaking into the room and puking into the Shrek statue (him shoving KOTH everywhere).
* OnlySaneMan:
** Leonard is the only participant who constantly questions all the weird shit he's suddenly getting thrown at him. Even Penny acts like this is nothing wrong.
** Catman, taking this role from his original show.
* SpoofAesop: [This one is already on the Main/ sandbox]



* TrailersAlwaysSpoil: The first actual "footage" of it already gives away most of the first chapter's plot, including a heavy implication of the plot twist ([[spoiler:they're not stranded on Earth, which is given away by that whole "new world" line]]), in addition to showing Joey (doesn't appear until chapter 3), and confirming that Caliborn will be an antagonist. This alone would qualify under LateArrivalSpoiler since this is early-story content that defines the later stuff, but there are other scenes that are rather needless. Like showing [[spoiler:Anti, who may seem like a MonsterOfTheWeek at first glance, but is actually rather important]], and one that ''can't'' be as-easily hand waved as "the trailer makes them look less important and more episodic than they are:" [[spoiler:John encountering Jean, as well as the cloning tubes having the other DistaffCounterpart[=s=]/SpearCounterpart[=s=] opening up]].
** To be fair, while the latter does sort of shake up the series by [[spoiler:doubling the cast, Fan uses opposite sex clones in his ''Homestuck'' works all the time, so this seemed like a re-confirmation of a recurring "character group," the only part of note being that they no longer have distinctive coloring anymore. (As that goes to "alternate" alternate selves.) It's also appropriate considering the SelfFanservice themes here, in that having gender bents of everyone will "complete the rainbow" of both men and women at the same time. What ''is'' a spoiler, the fact that they were created soley to power Castle English's legs and have/had some data embedded in them, is not revealed, although their origins in what appears to be a lab implies it]].
** Shockingly, absolutely '''nothing''' by Fan until this very bullet point gives away something that the story itself actually starts out with: [[spoiler:the fact that the characters are all working as strippers]]. Though the PlotRelevantAgeUp and inexplicably-otherwise {{Stripperiffic}} outfits should be a cue-in on that. [[spoiler:As a matter of fact, when going into the story with absolutely ''nothing'' about it known, it can be assumed that it's simply another "humanstuck" AU focused on their gritty lives before things get [[CrackFic w]][[TheMultiverse e]][[MagicAIsMagicA i]][[AllYourColorsCombined r]][[SerialEscalation d]].


!! On the Flip Side,

* ArtEvolution[=/=]ArtShift: Taking a look at the images that accompany the new version of a chapter's publishing, and comparing them to SJAHJ's artstyle. While chapter one shows a picture of Vriska that looks a lot like SJAHJ's hold style, and two and three don't really show much of the other characters (apart from a far-away back of the head shot of Fin and Trace for the former), chapter four gives away some new designs on John and Jade. Jade especially looks ''very'' different from her SJAHJ self, with her being tall and slim actually appearing more (although she looks about the same height as John, but this was confirmed to be an error), she actually looks a bit... curvier to show that their counterparts are older, and she and John have defined noses and ears to further distance themselves from the previous. Finally, their skin is confirmed to be the same color as their text, with their hair at least being darker shades. Lots of details are also accounted for, like Jade's colorful reminders (only appearing as single, colorful pixels along her hands, thanks to the size/scale and everything), which haven't been referenced in HHC proper yet.




* CrackPairing: Alucard/Kamina, although it was just an illusion or... something, brought on by Lex Luthor.
* PrecisionFStrike: When Dale admits that he got BBH called in order to hunt down Felicia (back when he thought she was a threat), she gives the only swear of the fan fic:
-->'''Felicia:''' "You tried to kill me?! After everything I did, after I was a houseguest, after getting past all of the ''SHIT'' you and your redneck friends threw at me and my friends, you send a hitman after me!"
* [Collab collab collab KOTH collab 3]: And when Hank reads the letter:
-->'''Hank:''' I'm only gonna repeat this once. [Musically] Ha ha ha ha ha ha. I like men.

* The Thomas the Tank Engine mecha may seem like a shoehorn-reference, until you look and see that such a thing [[http://24.media.tumblr.com/ae21ef1687858e8ba9c0ef6b7cf92b85/tumblr_mt7231Usol1r5fsgao1_500.jpg actually exists.]] In the form of a ShoddyKnockoffProduct, but still.

* WhamEpisode: Note that the first four of these happened in quick succession to eachother.
** "Pairing is Caring:" [[spoiler:The teasing over whether Courtney or Eva will be the BigBad is over: It's definitely Eva, and Bridgette is voted off, which makes Izzy undergo a HeroicBSOD and consider changing her life]].
** "Bears, Bares, and a Whole lot of Flare:" [[spoiler:While the chapter itself was mostly a BreatherEpisode, it ends with Sierra making her debut, having tracked down the location of Zekitunakwa and hell-bent on hunting Ezekiel. Then "Homer" makes his first proper appearance, and apparantly kidnaps her]].
** "The Final Five Countdown:" Heather knows about a mysterious "episode 13," as that episode being the season-linking special is foreshadowed/mentioned for the first time. A bit of a LateArrivalSpoiler that was already given away by the author's various pages before the fic even started, and it's kind of given away when the following seasons come through, but to an archival reader it fits. What's a bit less of a LateArrivalSpoiler is the fact that [[spoiler:Heather turns out to be a NotSoHarmlessVillain]].
** "Beware of Homer:" In no particular order. [[spoiler:After being fired last chapter, Geoff now joins in as a co-host. The world is revealed to house people with different elemental powers, which sets the stage for ''Side Stories''. The enigmatic "Homer" turns out to be Courtney's boyfriend, whose identity is revealed, he replaces Geoff as the Aftermath host and is now part of the main cast. It also contains a ShockingElimination, much like Pairing is Caring]].
** "Lost Without a Compass:" [[spoiler:Sadie might have actually benefitted something from her alliance with Eva after all and takes a level in badass; meanwhile, Katie might be taking a level in jerkass; Izzy, Bridgette, and Eva appear to be getting along; Heather finally shows that she's also taken a level in badass; and Beth, Lindsay, Gwen, and Leshawna seem to be distancing themselves away from Courtney, who is starting to get heartbroken over it and considering an alliance with Sierra]]. Season two is finally announced, Kathy will be joining as one of the new contestants, and we finally get to see both the new roster ''and'' Ezekiel's EMDHS co-contestants, the latter setting the stage for the spinoff.

Oh. I remember now.

I had originally typed the recap on TV Tropes, which is why when looking through the file, I found a bit of its markup in it. It wasn't just me making a mistake, but actually the leftovers of pasting something from a website with different formatting rules.

* TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodCharacter:
** Felicia from the EMDHS spinoff was subject to this despite (or maybe ''because'' to some people, since she's not a ParodySue like about half of the contestants are) being an obvious and shameless expy of the ''VideoGame/{{Darkstalkers}}'' fighter with the same name. Partly because she has the best friendship/dynamic with Ezekiel so far ''despite'' them starting off as the biggest enemies[[note]]By contrast, just about everyone else Ezekiel knew either hated him openly or were cold in general to him no matter how much development he showed, and while Geoff is one exception, he and Ezekiel are so [[VirtrolicBestBuds virtrolic]] it's hard to see any friendship in them at all since they come across more as two frat brothers pranking eachother[[/note]], how she's one of the nicest and most all-around likable competetors in EMDHS, and because she punched the resident HateSink Amethyst. (Who is basically the worst aspects of Heather and Sugar blended together.) And she's implied to be the reason why Ezekiel started the CharacterDevelopment from sexist, poser-boy {{jerkass}} to whatever he's becoming now. Despite this, she's voted off first, doesn't get that much screentime, and Ezekiel doesn't seem to really care that much. She doesn't even get that many appearances in ''Side Stories'', and when she does, it's less interactions with Ezekiel and more about Sierra's wacky stalker hijinks with her done soley to make Sierra look bad. She only has ''two'' appearances so far in the competitions: Once in the first season special with some of Ezekiel's other ex-contestants, and once in ''Island'' when Justin invites her and the ''King of the Hill'' group (see below) [[spoiler:as thanks to Ezekiel helping him out with something, so that Ezekiel doesn't feel as lonely now that he found out Karen was screwing with him the whole time]].
** A similar thing can be said with Ezekiel's countryside friends who are blatant (but not to the extent of name. Barely though, their names are similar and everything) teenage expies of Dale, Bill, and Boomhauer from ''WesternAnimation/KingOfTheHill'' yet show more permanent development than their KOTH counterparts. Unfortunately, when Ezekiel goes on adventures in ''Side Stories'', it's usually with Geoff, Justin, and Kathy, and not any of them or Felicia. They only appeared ''once'' in the competition so far during aformentioned camee in ''Island''.
** Gwen during season one of the proper competitions, who was kicked off second and ultimately showed no role in the plot other than how gray Courtney is in the conflict's BlackAndGrayMorality. To add insult to injury, she just serves as someone to get manipulated by Heather in the Aftermaths. And speaking of Heather, she is the only person who Gwen outranked, and yet ''she manages to have a bigger role on the plot anyway''. However, she's set to have a bigger role in season two, so that might change things.
** Sierra. Introduced back around halfway through ''Plains''. Has some mild past with Ezekiel, and tries to stalk him down. Gets caught up by Homer/[[spoiler:Courtney's boyfriend]] later, doesn't appear again until the post-game Aftermath. She seems to have a high role, and her obsession not being Cody but instead starting with Ezekiel then moving to Heather gives her a lot more room for development, and... just about nothing. She's just ButtMonkey fodder for the second season [[spoiler:until losing the game pretty early]]. It's clear that Fan doesn't like her, but she's still given a lot more buildup just to become a glorified "Look! Another canon character!" in the end.
** Going back to EMDHS, David, who is another expy in the form of "Diablo Strider" from the author's loose ''Homestuck'' continuity. Unlike Felicia or the KOTH group, Diablo himself was distanced far, far enough from Dave to be considered his own character anyway. David here is shown more than once to be [[ObfuscatingStupidity faking how dumb he appears to be]] and is actually cold, calculating mastermind with some greater goal beyond any game show. Yet his annoying backstabbing sister Karen gets more spotlight than him, both end and out of EMDHS.

[[folder:New Version of SJAHJ, Some of these are Still "Probablies" (Unmarked... Spoilers?)]]

* AnArmAndALeg:
** [[spoiler:John once again loses both legs and has to get robotic replacements]].
** [[spoiler:Dave loses an arm thanks to PortalCut, when John destroys the internet provider that was powering the internet for the electronic devices Dave was attacking through. Since his line-reaching only works when there's internet in all computers involved, the portal slices Dave's arm off, but he quickly puts shadow matter in its place]].
* AllYourColorsCombined: The Hammerspace, when people are powering it, causes its user to shine brightly between all the colors of those inside it and the color of the user themselves.
* ApocalypseHow: [[spoiler:Surprisingly, only regional. Dave ends up merging all of his dreamselves together to form a near-inpenetrable battleship that burns up about half of the United States. To say nothing of the crator when it explodes, which leaves a massive ditch where the fight used to take place]].
* AscendedExtra: The alter egoes get a ''lot'' more character development this time around, [[spoiler:although unlike the original SJAHJ, they are KilledOffForReal]].
* BodyHorror:
** Dave in general. His dreamself ship specifically, when he uses his ReachingBetweenTheLines and effigy ability ''with his clones doing that to himself'', creating what can best be described as a fractal abomination that shoots out tough sword missiles that nearly blew the Western Hemisphere off the map.
*** According to Jade [[spoiler:after his death, he apparantly had his eyelids grown out/into him during his time as a vampire, as his vampire powers kept them permanently moist and he did not want the temptation of doing something as useless and time-wasting as blinking. True to her word, at no point post-vampirazation are Dave's eyes closed, and suddenly him sleeping with them open makes a lot more sense. Granted, his case is similar to a fish where he doesn't have them because he normally doesn't need them, but still, ''ew'']].
*** Like Seras, [[spoiler:after losing an arm, he turns it into shadow matter/loose blood that he shape-shifts into something appropriate like a weapon. Unlike her, the arm usually has eyes and mouths growing from it, and at times they can be seen forming faces in agony]].
*** Hell, [[spoiler:the arm-loss by itself. Not just because of the HighPressureBlood, but [[NightmareFace his face]]. It's hard to tell if he's in deep pain or just infuriated that John managed to get the better hand of him]].
*** In the final confrontation, [[spoiler:he asks if John wants to join "Me," (Dave), or "Jade and later them," the latter one marking where he shows John the familiars of all of the dead trolls. Which is every troll that isn't a Leijon. The injuries they appear to have match up with how they died. (Aradia has a ton of bullet holes in her, Karkat is still in two halves clumsily merged together by blood, Kanaya still has half her head missing, etc.)]]
* DarkerAndEdgier: While the first half is standard-fare SBIG content, the second half is far darker and a lot more serious than anything SBIG-related, before or so far after.
* DiscOneFinalBoss:
** The House Statue, a new thing that guards the front door of John's house. He's defeated even ''before'' the proper reveal that this will not be entirely focused on John, Jade, and Jane getting out of the former and latter's house.
** Lord Major Quimby. Again.
** [[spoiler:Rip has now been de-elevated to be on par with Dirk, as the fight against her also takes place alongside the Trifold Battles and she's just been a story-long excuse as to why the B&YT didn't use Hammerspace once John alchemised it]].
* EarlyBirdCameo:
** Jane and Jake are introduced ''far'' earlier than in the original SJAHJ.
** Many of the alter egoes come in at an earlier... "portion" of the story.
* InfinityPlusOneSword: The Hammerspace.
* MacrossMissileMassacre: Dave's dreamself ship can do this. Except instead of missiles, it's with holographic swords.
* NewPowersAsThePlotDemands:
** Dave, who seems to get a new dream/vampire/Sharingan ability whenever convenient.
** Averted with the Hammerspace. When it's first created, Jade gives a run-down list of all of its abilities. Then it's taken by Rip. Once the Team ''finally'' gets it back, John proceeds to use exactly those abilities.
* ReachingBetweenTheLines: Dave once jokingly takes one of John's chips by reaching through the computer screen, which causes John to flatly wonder how he did that, and with him stating that Sharingan powers can also allow him to "work over the internet." [[spoiler:This later takes a grimmer turn as he uses it to kill many, many of the other characters, and even shows that he could have easily stabbed John's head [[EyeScream via the eyes]] thanks to his glasses computer, but only kept him alive on the off-chance he might start hating Jade too. In addition, he's not just limited to computer pairs -- thanks to somethings called "effigies," he can spawn copies of whatever he's sending across the screen, that stay there so long as Dave is attatched]].
* SparedByTheAdaptation:
** [[spoiler:Ultimately inverted. This has the same death toll the original SJAHJ did, with only pluses, and no minuses (unless you count the characters who are not in at all). In this case, all of the minor members of the Blue and Yellow Team, since John, Jade, Jane, and Jake are the only members out of them to stay alive]].
** [[spoiler:Subverted with Roxy and Rose, both of which survive the Trifold Battles (while Rose already did, she was mortally injured and died shortly after), but the former is killed when John barrels through Dave's dreamself ship and the latter is killed by all of said MauveShirt[=s=] in the B&YT. Dirk gets no dice though. Notably, his death sequence of being flung over by Jade using his own board is still kept in, except that instead of getting smashed with Jake flying on Roxy, Roxy dodges Jake's slingshot attack at the last second and Dirk just ends up getting crushed between the board and Jake's feet]].
* WhatCouldHaveBeen:
** "Hammerspace," the weapon John alchemises in the story, was originally going to appear in ''496 Reasons''. But for one reason or another, it never got to be in that story itself.
** A few MS Paint doodles show [[spoiler:Dirk as boarding Dave's massive dreamself-battleship. Fan confirmed that he did ponder about Dirk surviving the Trifold Battles as well and joining them and dying just before Roxy as John charges through, but felt that once again having Roxy and Dirk die at around the same spots would feel too cluttered-in]].
* {{Yandere}}: Hell, the entire Red and Red Team has been remade into a FiveBadBand of them. Originally Roxy was the only clear qualifier. From most to least obvious, there's Roxy (who is more aggressive towards getting ''other'' ships together, but is clearly the most psychotic of the bunch not counting Dave), AR (his increasing obsession with Jake), Rose (being overprotective of Dave in general), Dirk (also kind of getting a bit loopy thanks to Jake), and finally Dave (who seems to be going through all of this trouble and not simply nuking everyone who pisses him off because he wants John to be on his side... hrm... leaves little to wonder why he's so fixated on just John).


[[folder:Random Profiles (but seriously what is this)]]

'''General Template(s):'''

* Full Known Name: Exactly what it says. This only applies for their most common name, alternate names in other universes go under "AKA." Such as Edmund Quimby for Caliborn.
* Appearances: Which of the ill-defined "continuity" do they appear in?
* Status: Active or deceased. If they survive every appearance (which is unlikely), put "active (all)", or if they're dead in all of them, put "deceased (all)". If they only have one appearance, just put alive or deceased. Please note that "incaptiated," "sealed," "unknown," etc are good swap-ins. If you have a mixed case, the character survived one story but not another, do something like this (using Hank Hill as an example):
** Active: ''The Hill King'', ''Housestuck Hurrcain Crconikals'', ''496 Reasons Why Multidating is More Complicated than it Seems'' (Hanksprite), ''Everburn'' (through revival)
** Deceased: ''Sweet Jade and Hella John'', ''The Fox Crew''
* Abilities: Their powers. If it's limited to one or just a few of the stories, feel free to note which stories those are limited to in parenthesis. Please note that powerups do not count, so nothing like "Catspider John (496)" under John Egbert.
* Race: What are they? Do note that "humans" are kind of defined in different varieties. Are they a Spring Race human? A "spiral human?" (Yes, even in works where the entire human race naturally makes Spiral Energy, they're still considered ''homo sapiens spiralis''). If they're from the TZ verse or appear there, be sure to mention what elemental class they are, and list "neutral" if they don't have one. Or "unknown" if it's not confirmed. An example with Gwen:
** Human: ''Total Drama World Tour Rewrite'', ''Rewrite Trilogy'', ''Total Drama Race'', ''Everburn'' [...] (You can probably cheap out and do "all appearances except," but it's not recommended)
** Human, water-class: ''Total Zeksmit''

* Color: Whatever color-coding they have. Does not have to limit to chat accounts (see "Homestuckish Appearances" below). In just about anythng visual, each character tends to have some color or another associated to them. You do not have to list out the exact hexadecimal combination. For reference, ''Total Zeksmit'', ''Fox Crew'', ''Hecksing Ulumate Crconikals'' (the comic), ''Sheldin and Lenard Tock About Fysicks'', and just about everything to do with ''Homestuck'' has color-coding in it somewhere. Please don't list out the individual hexes. That's what the "color" template is for.
* Alter Egoes: Do they have any sort of counterpart that's not just a reskin of them convenient for the current narrative? As in, does this counterpart have a distinguished enough difference to be considered their own character? A good indicator is if the alternate can co-exist with their original in the same universe. Humanized trolls do not count. But Jean does count to John.

'''"Homestuckish" Appearances:''' If they appeared in a story that uses things like chat handles and typing quirks, like ''Housestuck Hurrcain Crconikals'' or ''Fox Crew''. You don't have to pay attention to any of this if no chatlogs were ever involved with the character, like Lumpy Space Princess from ''Fox Crew''.
* Notable Typing Quirk:
* Handle: Chumhandle/Trolltag/Whatever. Also, include the abbreviation, since there is an increasing amount of characters who do not follow the normal convention of lowercasefirstwordUppercasedsecond [LU].


''Well well well. Long time no see. ''Entertainers.''''

(Template: Original Character?)
* Full Known Name: Joey Abs
* Appearances: ''Kids Fight the Zombies'' (debut), [I don't know but it's getting a rename since there's something that shares its name apparantly]'': Homestuck'', ''Calliope's Back Story''
* Status:
** Deceased: ''Kids Fight the Zombies''
** Active: [?]'': Homestuck'', ''Calliope's Back Story''
* Abilities: Natural super strength and athletic skills (all), trained to have a high maximum energy capacity (CBS), dark arts mastery (KFTZ and CBS)
* Race: Human
* Color: Yellow
* "Text" Color: Yellow
* Notable Typing Quirk: Uses proper capitalization\\
But no punctuation\\
Unless its exclamations or question marks of course\\
He usually speaks in short and douchebaggy-sentences\\
Because he thinks he's above this "online chatting" crap and all
* Handle: [The heck should I know]
* Associated Fandom: ''Homestuck''

'''Joey Abs''' is a semi-recurring antagonist in



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# 3


# "Jolting Start:" In a world where humanity seems to be immortal and spawns from a puddle that formed in a storm, the oddly-mannered Eve leads a team to try to get away from a limited living condition. However, something from their world's past convinces them to go back, and eventually lead start an expedition to space.
# "Spring Meeting:" With the other Spring Races encountering humanity, the core group especially finds something about all of them to be... off. Meanwhile, a new threat to all of the Spring Race Alliance, a rebel known as Matrarx, makes herself present.
# "The Attack, Continuing:" Humanity's war against Matrarx seems to be nearing an end, but takes a slight turn for the worse.
# "Research? What Research?" With Sarah dead and Eve retiring, Mary, Rain, Adam, and Chrissy have to finish off Matrax nearly feeling alone.
# "The Core of the Matter:" One of the Five Researchers gets into an even bigger quarrel with the Spring Race Alliance.
# "Arrested, Double-Edged:" The remainders of Team Eve are arrested while trying to capture two more of the Five Researchers. After getting sent free, they then need to save the prison from their might.
# "Trapped Under Rocks:" While attacking the last of the Five Researchers at their own base, Eve comes to a realization and takes herself off of retirement, jumping into the battle herself. Carelessness also reveals what the Researchers are looking into: entities known only as the Guardians.
# "Burning Truth:" Team Eve try to defeat the first four of the eight Guardians, sapping their enourmous amounts of Teleport Matter in the process.
# "A Splash of Immortality:" The Spring Race Alliance has caught onto the massive surplus humanity has in Teleport Matter, and chases after them while they in turn seek out the last four Guardians. Eve manages to revive all of the deceased Spring Race members, including Sarah, which also raises some ire. '''Note:''' The title of this chapter was hidden due to its name implying a spoiler. The name was not revealed until after Eve brought the entire graveyard back to life.
# "Size Against Speed:" The Guardians unite with Matrarx and the Five Researchers for a final battle in the former's citadel, which reveals a secret of the universe.
# "Powers do not Make You Worthy of a God!" Eve gets into a disagreement with the recently-revealed god of the universe, Joe, which prompts him to send a series of attacks themed on the ten Plagues of Egypt while he tries to set regulation on the Spring Races.
# "Mirror:" Team Eve breaks through Joe's recent shell put over the universe, just to find that he made a second, parallel universe out in what was the void. Unfortunately, it's "populated" by stronger versions of the humans that enter it!
# "Bang:" With Joe's penultimate task beaten, he gets desperate and takes on the Spring Races in a physical fight of universal proportions.

[[folder:Joe Being a Jerk (Chapter 11) and other ASoM tidbits]]

* '''Water into Blood:''' This will probably have something to do with Teleport Matter. Or he corrupts some water supply of theirs, like the ocean. This is combatted when they start purifying it, which eventually makes Joe turn their ocean water back.
* '''Frogs:''' An army of building-sized (which is absolutely nothing by this story's standards, but there will be a lot) frog mecha. Beaten the way they deal with any other mecha, until Joe finally calls off the attack.
* '''Lice:''' He spawns a lot of lice in the human's hair. They're quickly dealt with via anti-lice shampoo that they all already have.
* '''Wild Animals or Flies:''' Random animal mecha. Bigger than the frog mecha. Defeated with a new technique invented by Sarah, and again, the army is called off.
* '''Diseased Livestock:''' He releases a flu that supposedly adapts to any antivirus. Rain and Mary eventually invent tiny ships that can destroy the virus cells at the source. As in, blow them up without harming the animals. Joe gets impatient with this one and calls it off as soon as he sees progress being done against it.
* '''Boils:''' He just gives everyone pimples. They use acne medicine to clear it. He doesn't even need to call this one off, since they've already taken care of it.
* '''Storm of Fire:''' Now he's pissed. He pinpoints every location of a human or primarly-human settlement, and spawns meteors a few feet above, saying that only by Eve changing her mind will he call them off. While he actually does cause some property damage and even traps some people, satelites are made that zap them on site, something that continues until Joe calls them off. Not being able to take the plagues anymore, Eve finally sets off to the shell he put over the universe and leads a party to break it, to get ready to fight him directly.
* '''Locusts:''' Finding mechas to be pointless now, he just mades a few clouds of locusts that explode into huge swarms, who attempt to eat Teleport Matter. Chrissy and Adam manage to disperse them, by a combination of baiting them with a stock supply of TM and attacking them with TM-less weapons.
* '''Darkness:''' Outdoes lice in being the shortest of the plagues. He temporarly blinds all humans. But they get around via sound, feeling, and later on aiding technology. A random citizen tells Joe that this might actually be seen as something offensive, so he embarassingly ends the plague.
* '''Death of the Second Born Spring Race Human who Keeps not Understanding what an Awesome God I am:''' He gives up trying to give himself any Biblical ties and just sends a bunch of Wile E. Coyote crap to kill Eve. He actually might have succeeded towards the end of his weapon-spree, except everyone else comes to her aid as well.

While it has been confirmed that some characters can look indistinguishable from "regular" humans, all of the main cast has at least one of what we would consider a biological irregularity that hardly comes up:
* Adam and Eve have red eyes. Not as in what happens when colored red from albinism, as in their irises are red.
* Mary has polydactyism, six fingers and toes each, all with individual joints and bones.
* Sarah has webbed digets.
* And obviously, Rain's pale green hair, and more obviously, Chrissy's blue skin and seagreen hair.

* FauxSymbolism: WordOfGod admitted that 5/6 of the main protagonists having Biblical names (if you interpret "Chrissy" as her birth name Christina, and that as a derivative of Christ) was accidental, and that he just thought random names for Sarah, Rain, Chrissy, and Mary, and they stuck. Although 2/6 of them, Adam and Eve, weren't.

No, because it would go like this:
-->'''Eve:''' If you only go through universes that you like, and abandon the ones that you regret or hate, then you are starting a slippery slope of condemming yourself to a hell of a godhood.\\
'''Hank:''' *Shakes head.* I'm not listening to that nonsense *Wipes everyone from existance.*

I picture that if Joseph became a God, and one of his creations warned him that wiping them out of existance would start a path that would turn his godhood into hell, he'd probably listen to that opening warning. And then listen more when the creation elaborates. But Hank is so damn rut-stuck that he might tune out anything he'd hear or translate it to gibberish, no matter what it is. Peggy is even worse. The only thing that might get either of them to budge is if Eve pulled the "You're playing God" card, something she honestly wouldn't do since she follows the idea that sentient life is their own higher power.

With Bobby, the issue wouldn't come up at all. He would never try to dicate over another universe like that. I don't honestly think Joseph would, but hey, that's where I can pull the "He's an expy not a direct transplant/crossover" card. Anyway, Bobby would probably just make himself into an ordinary citizen, hang out with everyone, and try out all of their cool inventions. Eve would hate him for his occasional subborness and lazyness, but frankly, he's not trying to kill anyone or enforce a dictatorship, so her hands would be tied there.



* GrowingTheBeard: Listed chronologically.
** While not to the extent of the later ones, "Pairing is Caring" for its unique challenge concept of having to stick around with a member of the opposing team, as well as its elimination marking the point where the fan fic definitely steps out of the shadow of [[FanFic/TotalDramaComebackSeries one of its bigger inspirations]] and becomes something very different. (Namely, how Fan isn't afraid to [[DecoyProtagonist fodderize]] Bridgette anymore.)
** "The Final Five Countdown." Not only does it get back to some of the more popular eliminated contestants (particularly Heather, Gwen, and Bridgette), but it shows an amount of character development, gives Heather some serious levels in badass, and clearly foreshadows the roles some of the contestants will have in season two for the first time. The fact that it came out along with a pretty quick (by this fic's standards) series of updates that went all the way to the penultimate challenge really helped. As did the content of the chapters right after: "Beware of Homer" gave a mild changeup in the show staff roster (adding Geoff to the "in-show" group for once, expanding the dynamic beyond "Justin thinks Ezekiel is ridiculous but puts up with it anyway"), meant that ''Side Stories'' was finally going to be worked on, and ''finally'' solved a few questions as well as hinted at what the world was like for the first time; "High Gear in High Heels" gave a lot more depth to the final four, and set up for a good showdown; and "Attack of the Censorbots!" was not only one of the show staff's better moments, but also included a crapton of crossover cameoes (which would become a TZ staple) that the season/series has been lacking in up until this point, save for an akwardly-written female expy of John Egbert.
** The special was another point, to the extent that Fan considers ''Plains'' to be more like a "season zero" to ''Island'' proper.
* GrowingTheBeard:
** Meenah/Rufioh is where this stops feeling like a series of loosely-connected fluff works that have a prologue with ominous signs and becomes the massive adventure full of alternate selves and very bizarre powers. The sudden, unexpected appearance of a ''living'' Mindfang in the Dream Bubbles instantly marked the reveal that this story is far more than what it seems. End of Act One Act One indeed.
** Pairing 100. Meulin takes even more of a level in badass, John's dreamself ''finally'' enters the fray, John himself is no longer a Scrappy (neither is Cronus at around the same time, and thus all [=A1=] trolls are finally out of the heap), and the entire story begins both taking itself more seriously and starts updating a ''lot'' faster. The promise of increased Carapase involvement just cements this.
* GrowingTheBeard:
** "Even Dark Things Have Shadows," despite only being the second chapter, sees a ''huge'' step up in quality from "Piloting to Hell." The latter feels very crammed, tries to introduce sixteen characters in one chapter (fourteen major and re-occuring, one just reoccuring, and one kind of just the MonsterOfTheWeek at the time), and gives Duck a bad case of the IdiotBall. Plus the fight against Anti Angel was extremely underwhelming despite more than half of the chapter leading up to it. It somehow felt both too long and too short at the same time, and nothing really "standard" had been applied to it yet. Chapter two fixes a lot of these problems, has everyone "feel" more like they're in their right spots in the story, Witchita becomes more like part of the main cast and feels less like a seemingly unrelated villain that happened to get wrapped up in the Anti Angel encounter, and the fight with the villain is much more impressive than a back-and-forth volleyballing that demonstrates the character's powers.
** The pseudo two-parter that ended the first arc, "Icesky" and "Green Witch, Orange Witch." For starters, the 360 actually has evently-matched or even ''stronger'' opponents, who act as WakeUpCallBoss[=es=] that show that they can't just power through anything anymore since their fight with Anti Angel. Also, we're introduced to the eventual overarching BigBad, and the world is vastly expanded here with more elaboration on the witch and demon races. Also, this is the first time that the status quo for the past few chapters is finally shaken up a bit, after going through a bit of an akward MonsterOfTheWeek phase.
** And then it's topped again by the beginning of the second arc, "Minus Three." We're introduced to [[MadArtist Seecon]], the first villain who actually ''wins''. Not just beats down the 360 but encourages them to come up with a new strategy so they win anyway, someone who completely defeats them, and runs off proud about his victory. He also marks the start of the "Color Model Conflict," which turns the story on its head.
* GrowingTheBeard: The end of chapter 3, with Sarah's death. Not in the TakeThatScrappy sort of way -- Sarah wasn't an easily hatable character at all. However, it was because of the impact it had on Eve. She went from being a nearly-invincible, almost flawless, constantly praised borderline MarySue to suddenly revealing a number of ''issues'' that knock her off the [[TheAce ace]] pedestal she was on, like taking it [[HeroicBSOD very badly]] when a plan backfires. This combined with how often she is seen as a traitor, coward, or fleer both pre- and post-her return to the battlefield (which reaches its peak at the end of the second arc, where everyone is ''booing'' at her despite how she helped defeat the BigBad at the time, thinking that she was trying to take the credit and only jumped back in when she knew the fight was turned towards the SRA's side) helps give her new perspective and turns her into something of an IronWoobie.








!! General Tropes

* CrackFic:
** Actually ''averted'' with the ''Homestuck'' installment, which is comparatively ordinary. Not counting the alternate geography of the Earth, but compared to parallel universes and living ray guns that can spawn entire people, that's nothing.
** The ''Steven Universe'' installment is possibly slightly more "normal" than its base work, considering that the new additions are all science fiction-stuff and all of the magic elements (the cross-worlds portal, etc) are either things that appeared in the show prior or things that appeared in its prequel.
* DeadpanSnarker: The narrator is a bit more snarky than in the author's previous works. [[WordOfGod He says this is a new thing he's trying out to add more emotion to the narrative,]] but it's just about limited to this series.

!! Tropes Present in the ''Homestuck'' Story

* ArsonMurderAndJaywalking: Jade has some pretty weird priorities. Like when Jake considers challenging Joey to a "surf duel:"
-->'''Jade:''' Don't do it. You'll get yourself killed. Or worse, humiliated!
* [[spoiler:TheBadGuyWins[=/=]BittersweetEnding: Sort of. While Joey does manage to pull off diverting funds away from the research facility Jade and Roxy work at, he also ultimately ends up wrecking his own boat. Plus, the four couples are all a little closer in the end.]]
* BetaCouple: John/Jane and Dirk/Rose to Jake/Jade and Dave/Roxy. (The latter of which are the tagged pairings, and the Jake-Joey-Jade conflict is the major plot of the story.)
* DeathMountain: The island itself has one, which is where about the second third of the story takes place.
* DecoyProtagonist: Non-lethal example, which is actually rare for this author. The main focus is on Dave for the very beginning, then Jake until the mountain climbing part, back to Dave for exactly that portion, and then finally back to Jake as he tries to beat Joey in a surf-off.
* DemotedToExtra: While several characters from canon neglect to make an appearance, this is actually the norm for many of the author's other ''Homestuck'' fanworks. However, this is notably the first time the ''trolls'' are absent from the main story and their only appearance is as (humanized) cameoes in crowd scenes, such as when Dave and Roxy are grilling. And, confusingly, they are mixed in with completely new characters who just act in the background.
* GenreSavvy: Jake takes Jade's previous words about how bad Joey is very seriously, and so just a tiny bit of jerk behavoir when they meet in person tips him off that Joey isn't really a good guy at all.
* IntentionalEngrishForFunny: John breaks into Engrish when he's serverly caught off-guard of something, in what is a reference to the author's "SBIG" series. [[RuleOfThree This happens three times.]]
* {{Jerkass}}: Joey the surfer makes his debut here, and is confirmed to reappear (and ''originally'' debut in) the substory posted alongside ''Act 5 Vs Act 6''.
* PlotRelevantAgeUp: It would make no sense if there were 13 year olds working at research labs, going on dangerous mountain climbs, boating over from island to island by themselves, and having a "legal car chase."
* SeriousBusiness: Surfing seems to be regarded very highly on the island the story takes place.

!! Tropes Present in the ''King of the Hill'' Story

* FishOutOfWater: The main premise is about Hank stepping into an alternate universe.

!! Tropes Present in the ''Total Drama'' Story

* HalfwayPlotSwitch:

!! Tropes Present in the ''Steven Universe'' Story

* {{Bowdlerize}}: The recap of ''Desert City'' leaves out several of the violent details, and more-or-less covers the bare basics of the AlternateUniverse. It's also done in song format. To be fair, [[LeaningOnTheFourthWall the recap is being told to a group of little kids from Bonnie and Steven.]]
* LighterAndSofter: Compared to its direct prequel, ''Desert City'', which is possibly one of the darkest works the author wrote.
* NoAntagonist: The ''Homestuck'' installment had Joey. The ''King of the Hill'' installment had the Beyond Creature. The ''Total Drama'' installment had Izzy and [[spoiler:(for the first half)]] Owen. The closest thing this has is a pair of jackass kids and their "Mothbots" gone haywire, specifically the Motherboard Mothbot.
* ParallelUniverse: Desert City makes a return, left off in the state it was in from... well, ''Desert City''. (Still kind of crappy, but people are working on making it better.)
* SomethingCompletelyDifferent: Unlike the other installments, which take place in completely seperate continuities (so far, anyway), this one is a direct sequel to another work by the author.

!! Tropes Present in the ''360 Degree Duck'' Spinoff Technically Falling Under this "Series"

* ArtisticLicenceGeography: While it's the only one that takes place in a universe with a more definite "looser" geography, there's still the oddity of a mountain that turns into a strange cliff that hovers out into a fake-"bridge" formation over the ocean before branching off into a loop. The thought of the base breaking down and dropping the entire thing into the ocean must be terrifying.


* FanDisservice: Both competitions so far have had focus on Ezekiel's hairy ass. ''World Tour Rewrite'', while he was never naked in person (strangely), has Harold's DreamSequence at the beginning of the seventh chapter, where he's standing by the edge of the bathtub asking if he can join Harold and the girls, and ''Zeksmit Plains'' has the sixth chapter, which has the contestants constantly commenting on how it's possible to have a butt ''that'' hairy. It doesn't help that he's not exactly the cleanest individual around -- lampshaded in the former scene, where after jumping in the tub, the water instantly darkens and basically becomes mud. (Granted, ''it was a dream'', but still.)

[[WMG:If Rose ever makes an appearance, through flashback or otherwise, she will defy the usual expectations for someone like her]]

I'm thinking like [[spoiler:the Zeekeeper]] from ''VideoGame/MarioAndLuigiDreamTeam''.


* Also, ''Superstar Saga'' is the only game in the series that lets you switch Mario and Luigi's places. In all other games, it's always Mario in front of Luigi.

* DecoyProtagonist:
** ''Soap: The Lost Element'': [[spoiler:Woat and Kate are the first characters introduced and part of the FourTempermentEnsemble, but they get killed off just before the halfway mark of the story]].
** ''THE BEST FAMILY'': [[spoiler:Sometime around when the MythArc sets in and there's an ending on the horizon, Tyler dies]].
** ''360 Degree Duck'': [[spoiler:Downplayed. Malcom at first just seems like a BadassNormal cop that's rather hastely thrown in during the first chapter, but he later becomes buddies with Duck and Red and gets a lot more development. But he's killed at the end of the first arc via Icesky]].
** ''A Slash of Mortality'': [[spoiler:It's a tad more complicated. At first, we're given the obvious set up with Eve being a Kamina expy, with her group consisting of oddball nature girl Rain, comparatively average Adam and Sarah, and later both the former mean leader Mary and the slightly misguided, cruel-to-subbordinates Chrissy. On one hand, there's two directions this could go in should it be played straight: one of the other six, particularly Sarah (who at first glance has the least of anything or establishment going for her) might be the canon fodder out of them, but on the other hand, Eve is a ''Kamina'' expy after all. On the other hand, this is by an author who has established that he picks who he kills off pretty differently from stories like this, and he both goes after more major targets (thus warding off Sarah) and he also hates repeating things that have been done before (warding off Eve, lest her death be something different from Kamina's). Sarah eventually ends up being the one executed by the eponymous slash of mortality (subverting his trend of killing off the "fodder"), however Eve retires from this in shame and Rain takes up the role as the protagonist. ''Then'' Eve comes back, later still she revives Sarah, but the role of the hero flickers around between the other four (and Sarah at one point), before ''finally'' getting to Eve proper in the final chapter]].



->"And that [[[ItMakesSenseInContext Teleporting to the moon]]] makes me think about a way of life: If you force yourself to break from a hold hard enough, you ''will'' break free!"
-->Eve's thoughts after pretty much discovering gravity.

[[folder:Summary Draft One: Sounds too much like an ad]]

You've probably heard of the story of [[Literature/TheBible Adam and Eve]] a dosen times before. The first humans created, lived in the Garden of Eden, snake convinces Eve to take a bite of the fruit they are forbidden to eat from, Eve convinces Adam, they get knowledge of good and evil, feel shame in being naked, and God kicks them out of the garden.

But what if there wasn't a snake?

Which is because there is no tree. There is also no real Eden, no God to govern them, and there's more than the two of them, because humanity is actually endlessly spawning out of a puddle-- spring-- lake?


[[folder:Summary Draft Two: Sounds...]]


[[folder:Tropes I Guess]]

* ActionPrologue: Not unlike ''Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann'', it opens with a shot of the future -- specifically, an upcoming battle taking place mainly on a giant aircraft carrier that is able to go through the ''sun''. The sort of comes from how it's relitively early into the story. (Guessing about chapter 4 or 5 or something.) Unlike ''Gurren Lagann'', there is less of a chance that this will end up being an arc that never happens.
* AmazingTechnicolorPopulation: Practically a staple in my web original works -- [[Webcomic/SweetJadeAndHellaJohn and even]] [[FanFic/TotalZeksmitSeries some of]] the fan works. Springs of Life generally create people in different appearances mostly depending on surroundings, and the bigger the springs are, greater chance and higher amount of diversity there is.
* CallASmeerpARabbit: Yes, a woman with blue skin, six eyes, and nine arms will still be called a human if she originated from one of their life springs. Although seeing as none of the aliens look even ''remotely'' humanoid and that the spring's essentially been the source to the same species as, say, the far more real-world looking Adam and Eve, this is a little justifyable.
* DeathFromAbove: The opening scene does shows a group that has at least Adam and Eve protagonist-wise doing this with none other than kinetic bombardment. To the ''sun''.
* EstablishingCharacterMoment: Eve's first appearance is in a flash-foreward, where she reveals the minor twist that everyone on board is naked or near-naked, shouts at the enemy and calls them cowards for "covering" themselves in their HumongousMecha, and asks for a nuke. Which she then takes to a testing site, ''breaks with her knee, survives the blast with her arms made skeletal yet not caring about it''([[HealingFactor they get better]])'', and suggests to what is apparantly her military squad that they should improve on it''.
* FasterThanLightTravel: Thanks to the debut of teleport matter! Without this, battles and arcs would literally take millennia in-universe.
* FullFrontalAssault: The humans themselves, attempted to be Played for Badassery.
* GenreShift: The opening (not counting the flashforeward) seems to be gearing towards a ''Literature/LordOfTheFlies'' clone told in brief, what with implying that even with background-less kids born up on a mountain, they still [[ChildrenAreInnocent are not]] [[AvertedTrope saints]] and get into fights, something which only heightened once the spring split off and created two "families." Then it cuts to an equivilent of the early era, where established houses and the like are made, the spring has been split even more (again, due to accidents breaking off parts of the rock holding it in place and causing some to stream over to another section), and they're still ''[[FantasticRacism sharply]]'' divided over which of the springs they came from. During this part, it starts out as a purely social conflict with very few fight scenes aside from some wild animals... until they finally band together by the end and, several millennia later, make humanity's first rocket. At the tail end of the first chapter, the story's ''real'' style comes into play.
* HumansAreSpecial: Downplayed. While animals still have the conventional "live for a certain lifespan, die sometime around then or get killed some other way before," it first seems like humans are the one exception. While their fellow animals appear to be born and evolved in the same way as their real life counterparts, the humans spawn from a strange flower that was pretty much dissolved into a pond of water, now considered a Life Spring that slowly grows. And they appear to be unable to die. Humans also have some good control over teleport matter, being able to harness it thanks to whatever the spawn flower left in their internal systems, and control it to do whatever they want with it. The downplay comes from the fact that, upon making it to space, they don't even get to fly past the moon to realize that other sentient races have these traits too.
* ImmortalityBeginsAtTwenty: The Life Spring-human variations, and as later revealed the other sentient races, all seem to stop physically aging around their twenties. As a reconstruction of WhoWantsToLiveForever, this is kind of necessary.
* InNameOnly:
** Frankly, of the story of Adam and Eve. Yes, those are the names of the first two people that originated from the first spring. And yes, their last name -- as with the last names of everyone from that particular spring -- is Genesis. And it takes the idea of there being no death at first and runs with it. But that's where the similarities end. The most fantastic things they encounter at first arc the spring (later springs) they originated from and the fact that they are seemingly immortal, as there's no signs of a god or any kind of creation. Later it becomes a more alien-centric story. But the real kicker? The characters named Adam and Eve themselves? They're more LikeBrotherAndSister if anything at all, which is kind of what happens seeing as they quite clearly grew up together.
** Additionally, the end of the first chapter states that it's loosely based on the (partically NSFW) video "If Man Obeyed God", but while that inspired the story along with ''Gurren Lagann'' and possibly a friggin AXE commercial[[note]]The "Billions" one[[/note]], the whole "mobs and mobs of naked people" was the only element taken from it and it goes in a very different direction the moment it starts.
* MythologyGag:
** The beginning actually describes that the fighter's bodies as usually being hidden through some way, which is latter revealed to be covering the fact that they're all naked. (Which doesn't come to light until seconds before Eve rants to their enemy about this style.) Once that's through, the narrative lampshades this in a similar manner to [[spoiler:the ending of ''FanFic/HecksingUlumateCrconikals'', where it turns out that Carl, Seras, and Rip went into combat naked by accident]].
* NonIndicativeName: Teleport matter. It's not really matter in any sense and you don't actually teleport so much as just go faster than light. True instantanous teleportation is seemingly impossible [[spoiler:unless you're Joe]]. Plus its ability to make ''actual'' matter isn't covered, since that does seem like a very important purpose for it.
* TheOneGuy: Adam is the first human to be spawned from a Spring of Life, and the first male. And seemingly the last male. While he eventually gives up watching any future spawns to see if any of them have the same... "anatomical structure" as he does, Eve repeatedly claims that he shouldn't, even if the probability looks increasingly slim. %%Now that I think about it, I wonder if this should be a constant among all of the sentient races/spring-spawned people. It would make sense given the eventual explanation behind all of this... the original plan was to just have the aliens have an about-even balance.
* PrecisionFStrike:
** Eve in the first chapter, when saying that she does not give a fuck about a small conflict between two different villages. She then says that she literally just made that word up right now, which doesn't have any clear meaning yet and can be used for any form of serious emphasis, referencing the trope.
** Eve pulls one again, which is also the first time she swore at an enemy: "[[spoiler:Sarah is dead [...] but her words will live on through my hands! And right now, she says FUCK YOU! (Punches Seel.)]]"
* {{Reconstruction}}:
** Of WhoWantsToLiveForever, but it cheats. A lot. Firstly, all sentient species introduced so far are also immortal, so loneliness and outliving are never an issue. [[ImmortalityBeginsAtTwenty Neither is aging.]] The theory about time speeding up is... not even brushed against, or only mildly hand waved as not being that servere. And while this still contains issues of what will happen in the future as discussed in the first chapter (such as the Earth literally being unnavigatable, and after ''that'' it will be consumed by the sun and everyone would be forced to live out there for billions of years until it finally explodes and leaves them drifting through space until they ''finally'' find new homes, whereupon the cycle will just repeat. Mouthful, but it is a worry for these guys) are debunked through with some planning (''Blast off to space!'' Or, better, [[spoiler:make something that can recycle the ''atomic structure of the sun itself'' to prevent it from expanding/dying]]).
** And HumansAreBastards, with the beginning few chapters -- especially the first -- being about uniting them all in order to face off against the enemy.
* RequiredSecondaryPowers: This variation of immortality has it in spades. And any that they don't have is quickly accounted for.
* SerialEscalation: To be general: How far will the human race go? What kind of crazy crap can they invent next? How big will the threat local team of protagonists be faced with be? How ridiculous can Eve's swords get? The answers, in order: [[spoiler:Able to kill an extremely powerful RealityWarper that created their universe, a massive cluster of energy that starts out shaped like a hand with a raised middle finger the size of the universe, a massive mecha with a lava-ish texture to it that is, again, the size of the universe, and a massive airship of swords that can all be remote-controlled]].
** Chronologically, the story starts out with two sets of people [[FantasticRacism who were born from different splits of the spring]] arguing over how to live their life style. One chapter later, and the entire human race is doing something similar to aliens.
* TitleDrop: Twice. Given how the main characters are immortal, yes, "A Slash of Mortality" will definitely be something ''bad''.
** [[spoiler:Near the end of chapter three, Matrarx just discovered a way to drain someone's lifeforce, which would disable a spring person's sheer healing and adaptation ability. She demonstrates on Sarah, and yells out that this is a slash of mortality before slicing Sarah. True to her words, it works]].
** [[spoiler:A more... heroic example happens in the final chapter. Eve concludes her last real speech to Joe by saying that, if there is one living thing in the universe that deserves death, it is him, and he deserves the slash of mortality. However, unlike Sarah, he doesn't die instantly, his top half just challenges Eve to a fist-fight. But it's after he loses the remarkably easy fist-fight that he's killed]].
* WhamLine: While the opening to the entire story gives away or at least heavily implies that aliens of sort will come into play, they are confirmed pretty suddenly near the end of the first chapter. [[spoiler:After launching the world's first rocket, the team on it soon gets a transmission from another one of the sentient species. "Hey there, looks like we have another one."]]
* WidgetSeries: Even compared to the previous three original web fictions before this, this one is a bit of an oddball.




[[folder:Yar, this be a sin]]

* {{Fladerization}}:
** Nepeta as a whole zig-zagged this. In the first story she appeared in, she was confirmed by the author to have a large role and constantly screwing with the plot planned since the beginning, which her quick and somewhat suspicious introduction was supposed to foreshadow. Right from the bat, she was this competant mastermind who could pull just about every character in the story (even the BigBad and, basically, ''all of the Gods'') like puppets in order to help out for the idea world, yet despite all of this she still showed emotion towards the other characters from time to time. The Flanderization comes from how most later stories, even the ones that ''aren't'' StylisticSuck, usually have her acting as a rebellious figure who toys with other's emotions (something she never did in SJAHJ), and only caring about Karkat if anyone at all. Even in fics where she's not a major character, when she appears she acts incredibly suspicious as though she's manipulating ''something'' indeterminable. And the zig-zagging comes in with a very small handful of stories that parody a misconception by making her ''innocent'', as well as the ones where she still has a grip on the plot with an iron fist, but clearly cares about the others.
** Ezekiel is far more of a dumbass in the TZ series than in anything else. ''World Tour Rewrite'', for example, has him as so competant that he outlasts nearly everybody. It's hard to imagine that the guy who would eventually take a level in badass and fight off a crowd of aliens would also think that a challenge that involved fighting a guy in a Homer Simpson costume was a good idea.
** ''Inverted'' with Hank Hill, who was originally a villain, then an anti-hero whose house-obsession leads to the creation of an evil doll head, then a generally well-meaning if often wrong guy. His lifestyle was originally actively and blatantly harmful, now it's only harmful to fit the themes of staying stagnant and tradition for the sake of tradition = bad, progressing = good.
** Alucard was originally only mildly odd in ''Hecksing Ulumate Crconikals'', then ''Hecksing: The Dawn'' turned him into an outright dumbass. Similarly, Integra was originally just a slightly generic "boss-type" figure in HUC who did not recieve that much characterization, only getting fired up at Carl, and for a number of good reasons. But in ''Dawn'' her temper decreases.
** Steven Quartz Universe. Fan speculated early on in the series that Steven is already playing a large part in the Crystal Gems by helping humans out, and in many cases helping them feel better, which is protecting them in a way. His fan works, '''especially''' the ''Intevention Group'' series, turn this to damn-near PuritySue levels. Compare that to ''Carl Stevens Universe'' where he wasn't actually that big of a character, just sort of there and fighting off against the obnoxious Carl.
** Felicia went from being close to the OnlySaneWoman of ''New Super Dale Gribble U'' (if not for Nancy and Boomhauer taking the first two slots, though she still definitely gets the bronze) if a little ditzy who, towards the middle, had a RunningGag of saying things that accidentally scared Dale and reinforced his fear of the catwomen race. Fast-foreward to ''the Fox Crew'', and she's the NightmareFuelStationAttendant, with her poorly-wording her greetings to almost anyone who didn't know about her beforehand. The thing with Dale is that him being jumpy about her actually makes sense, not so much for anyone else.
** Dale, like Hank, also inverted this, originally only having aliens on his mind before moving on to the other conspiracies. In both his and Hank's case, it stemmed from GPF not seeing much of the show back then, only going with charactrers based on vague memories.


* WhatHappenedToTheMouse: Speaking of Nepeta, there was more than one occasion where she was contacted via Pesterchum/Trollian, only to say nothing but "busy" (naturally, mispelled) and leave the conversation instantly. We usually never find out exactly what she was doing during those times. She was also seen ''skydiving'' towards the end of Act Two Act One. Again, how the hell that factored into the plot is left a mystery. What's even worse is that since she has time to chat while ''falling from the sky'', it really raises the question as to what she can be doing that's so occupating that she
** Pikmin Fan eventually just shrugged on this and went with research, since the story proper never actually showed Nepeta trying to ''figure out'' anything, she seemed to instantly ''know'' about what she needed to do.

[[folder:Even Cheaper!]]

A cheaper version of Edd, aptly titled '''Cheaper Edd''', was made, with highly buffed speed and stats, the ability to jump up to ten times in a row, a slowly-filling power bar, and with several new hypers. His portrat looks the same as Edd's, but with what appears to be a bad drawing of Kamina from ''Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann''[='=]s shades on over him. He has nine new palettes, and an alteration to Edd's original third palette.

Knocking him out with normal characters is very difficult, but possible. Due to his sheer speed, he can run to your position in less than a second and use the normal combo-mash that Edd does, which quickly shaves off health twice as fast as it normally would thanks to the doubled attack strength. Many of his hypers deal massive damage as well, and when he reaches his full gague, he will activate a Super Tengen Toppa Giga Drill Break that will instantly KO unless the opponent can block it. That, or he will use the move called "SEXY PARTY," where he crushes the opponent under a stand that contains several dancing women in bikinis, that is not a one-hit KO but it is unblockable, takes up the whole screen, and does enough damage to garuntee the knockout of an average character with about 60% or less of their health left. Finally, he is immune to instant KO attacks, and will fully heal if he takes a combo at forty hits or more. Finally, he heals slightly whenever he blocks. However, he does have several weaknesses. He still cannot throw, and in fact his block-damage is ''halved'' from Edd's, allowing you to simply block him for an extended period of time and come up with a strategy or wait for his projectiles and strikers to leave the stage.

His intros include a normal Edd yelling "OH MY LORD!" (originally Edd's KO sound), getting engulfed in a beam of white light, and then turning into Cheaper Edd (according to the maker, he is using prayer to grant himself more power); running in to kill Naruto, Mario, Homer Simpson, and Sonic the Hedgehog (similar to Omega Tom Hank's Intro); two grayscale Edds walking into eachother and fusing to form Cheaper Edd; a normal Edd gathering the seven Chaos Emeralds to turn into him; and him forming from the result of two Falcon Punches colliding. Victory animations include dive-kicking Venus in half; donning a "cheap radar" and going after more cheap characters; a screen appearing over the fight reading "Brought to you by Strickland Propane," with a picture of Hank Hill smoking a cigarette; him walking to the enemy, blasting them with a mouth beam, and causing an explosion that turns the stage into a smoldering crator; and special outros when the finishing move is either the Super Tengen Toppa Giga Drill Break (He dons Kamina's shades, only for Kamina himself to run in and knock him over) or Sexy Party (He jumps on the stage and does a "rave dance" (really just him repeatedly raising his finger and grinning) while the background starts cycling colors).

* Life: 2000
* Power: 10000
* Attack: 200
* Defense: 240

!! Specials

* Slingshot: QCF, Punch.
* Obligatory Annoying Slide Kick: QCF, Kick.
* Falcon Punch: QCB, Punch.
* Teleport: QCB, Kick. (Invincible, does mild damage)

!! Hypers

1000 Power:
* Homing Wagon Rush: QCF, QCF, Punch. (Invincible)
* Giga Drill Break: QCF, QCF, Kick.
* Giant Laser: QCB, QCB, Punch.
* Missile: QCB, QCB, Kick.

3000 Power:
* Color Shield: QCF, QCB, Punch. (Launches a sphere that temporarly floats around Edd, attacking anyone that gets near him if their timing is off)
* Army of Edds in Wagons: QCF, QCB, Kick.
* Hey Look it's Quick Man's Lasers! QCB, QCF, Punch. (OHKO)
* Summon Eddy: QCB, QCF, Kick.

5000 Power:
* Shun Double D Satsu: LP, LP, Foreward, LK, HP (Throw, Unblockable, OHKO)
* Assist Godzilla:

10000 Power:
* SEXY PARTY! Foreward, Back, Start. (Unblockable, Fullscreen)




! Main Four

* ColorCodedCharacters: Gray for Woat (probably), white for Kate, black for Sool, and whatever persona Sifs has for Sifs.
* FourTemperamentEnsemble: Woat's melancholic, Kate's saguine, Sifs's choleric (specifically, Red Sifs), and Sool's phlegmatic.

!! Woat Kitina

* BadassNormal: He's the ''only'' character in the entire story who is confirmed to have no natural magic whatsoever. Don't be confused when the story says that his gunblade glows and/or he fires something from it: That's just pre-made weapons, with glowing effects added because it's cool.
* [[spoiler:DecoyProtagonist: Admited as WordOfGod to probably be the ''last'' example of such a trope for a while]].
* [[spoiler:KilledOffForReal]].
* MeaningfulName: His last name is like "Katana," although his gunblade is nothing like that. His first name sounds a little like "What," which accurately describes the [[WidgetSeries widget-ness]] of this.
* TheOneGuy: The only male character out of the main four.
* WalkingSpoiler: It's pretty hard to mention anything about him that's not [[spoiler:related to how he dies halfway through the story]].

!! Kate

* AerithAndBob[=/=]OddNameOut: She's the only character out of the main four with a "normal" name. This was because Pikmin Fan really couldn't think of anything. She was originally going to be named "Marge" after a ''Simpsons'' joke regarding a story-incarnation of her, but the author decided not to go with that after his dislike for modern ''Simpsons'' became that overwhelming.
* TheDitz.

!! Sifs

* LiteralSplitPersonality: She separates into twelve characters during chapter 6.
* SplitPersonality: She has at least ''twelve'' of them, each corresponding to a different element and each of them being able to switch at the will of whichever one's taking the lead.

!! "Sool"

A very strange witch that Woat, Kate, and Sifs come across after all of them collapse from the cold on the twin mountains. After nursing the group back to help, she agrees to join them in taking down the Soup General, then later chooses to stick around with them as friends.

* HumanoidAbomination:

! Villains

!! Soup General

! Other


[[folder:THE BEST FAMILY]]

! Fuller-Eristov Family

!! Tyler Fuller

!! Stacy Fuller-Eristov

* MeaningfulName: It's GPF's common initials of "EFS,"[[note]]Which, again, was pretty much made up on the fly and has no actual significance whatsoever. The E and S coming from a random character he made up for a StylisticSuck reality show idea, and the "F" being the joke that her middle name would be an actual F bomb[[/note]] reversed.

!! Brett Fuller-Eristov



! Smith Family


[[folder:360 Degree Duck]]

(This is a planned alternate name for ''This Story is Sexist!'')

I already have a character sheet for this. [[NightmareFuel/WikiSandbox Here,]] under "A character sheet."


[[folder:A Slash of Mortality]]

'''(This might or might not be outdated. I've re-thought about a few things. Namely, that the aliens aren't going to be aliens anymore.)'''

! Humans, the Main Group as a Whole, and all Spring Races

* AdaptiveAbility: Downplayed. According to Eve near the end of the first chapter, humans (and likely the other Spring races) can adapt themselves to any type of extremes after given some time. The only downside is that, unless trained properly, they become very sensitive to the opposite. So, if you spawned from a Life Spring, you can breathe under water should you spend enough time getting uncomfortable and not-drowning in the water, but as a result going into air will make you feel like you're drowning until your body re-adapts. People who live by heat will get more and more tollerant until they can relax in pools of ''lava'' (after getting past density problems), but even a slight breeze feels deathly cold to them until spending more time in temprate or cold environments. And, of course, they will usually lose the adaptation.
* AmazingTechnicolorPopulation and YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Strangely, it's not long into their lifespan that their Spring(s) start spawning people who don't match up to real-life skin or natural hair tones. Rain is one of the first, having naturally green hair (although it's so light it can be mistaken for being blonde).
* AmbiguouslyHuman: They have very alien origins, come in appearances abnormal to us (and, indeed, would be classed as [[GreenSkinnedSpaceBabe aliens]] in just about any other work by appearances alone), are almost unkillable, and were made after the fall of another group of less-ambiguous humans. On the other hand, [[spoiler:they ''were'' made by the world's God to be "the next version of humanity,"]] so who knows what the hell they're classed under?
* FantasticRacism: In the beginning of the story, many of them used to judge eachother by which spring they came from. "Lowyu" is even an obvious corruption of "low," as the spring they came from was originally below the Genesis Spring (and caused by a chunk of the bank breaking off, causing it to split off in a stream) and how the people from Genesis considered them lower.
** In one of the earlier time skips of the first chapter (taking place after the skip that involved Eve first making her team that goes out and explores the forest below), they are shown to briefly consider resorting to physical racism ("Hey, this one's blue just like Christina! But she came from the Genesis Spring..."), but their already established system of picking on someone from the lower spring stood in the way of that.
* FourElementEnsemble: Sort of, with two more added. All six of the main characters are often associated with an element, mostly made obvious by them using it over others in their attacks, or in the editted material, the clothing designs.
** Eve: Fire.
** Rain: Water.
** Mary: Earth.
** Sarah: Wind.
** Adam: Light.
** Chrissy: Darkness.
* FullFrontalAssault: They made this their M.O., considering that "shelling" themselves in anything would be seen as a coward move, and fighting without anything to protect themselves is the best, honest way to go. Hence using weapondry like tanks, plains, and especially ship-based items, though Eve constantly goes by herself. This would be nearly suicidal if not for the fact that they are immortal, as they are constantly up against HumongousMecha[=s=] (the hero-humans themselves lacking one fits with the whole "don't shell yourself" gimmick).
* HumansAreSpecial: Double-subverted. For the most of the first chapter, they appear to be ''pretty'' dang unique right from the start, being immortal unlike their animal friends, emerging from a strange green spring that was caused by a flower, and appearing to be the only beings that can properly use teleport matter (their arteries and veins even [[PowerGlows glow]] when they activate it). But we find out at the end of that chapter that there are other, alien races that more-or-less fall under the exact same "rules" as them. Yet the double-subversion comes in when the differences between humanity in this story and the other races are evident, such as how they are ironically the only race that goes around naked. And in the end, [[spoiler:it's revealed that Joe made them in his image, while the other species were just random "cool" ideas he had. Oh, speaking of Joe, these guys successfully manage to kill him]]. Finally and most trivially, they are even more colorful and varied than the alien species they encounter.
* {{Immortality}}: [[spoiler:Unless their "lifeforce," or whatever it is that runs through their blood, is drained by the use of altering Teleport Matter]].
* InnocentFanserviceGirl[=s=] (and one guy): Near the beginning. It's not until Eve's "test" of having all of the Genesis Mountain residents come down to the ground that they begin contemplating cloth designs, yet ultimately shrugging them off. They're convinced even less so thanks to Eve, who indirectly makes them be more of the [[ShamelessFanserviceGirl shameless]] variety. Subverted in that it's never played for fanservice.
** The mountain residents would have made clothing had they had the resources, but there's barely enough food in Genesis Mountain alone to live off of. The people on the ground level kept going by Eve's philosophy to try to avoid coverage unless it is absolutely necessary, and when living in a nice, sunny forest/meadow, it's usually not necessary.
* KidsAreCruel: It's been repeatedly established that many of the kids are pricks. This might apply to the other races as well, based on what little is shown about their young/general society.
* ParentalAbandonment: Technically, nobody has biological parents. And while future generations do regularly "adopt" anyone who emerges from the Spring (at least, that's what humanity as a whole agreed on, the other Spring Races and some individual humans might have differing opinions on how to raise), the first generation (which encompasses all six main human characters, Chrissy being a close exception since she could be considered to be part-time raised by Mary, part-time raised by others) has no parental figures to speak of.
* ReallySevenHundredYearsOld: Adam and Eve at least are ''one hundred thousand'' by the story's end, and many of the major characters are around that age as well.
* ShamelessFanserviceGirl[=s=] (and one guy): Again, they started off of the innocent type before swinging to this thanks to Eve and a partial-invention of clothing.

!! Eve Genesis

* AmbiguousDisorder: There is something definitely ''off'' about her. She has an incredibly weird way of believing how the universe works, and often acts far more dramatic than she should. Her personality would normally be fitting for a war, but she seems to think of using HotBlooded-ness as part of her regular life, as well as thinking that the power of the human spirit or something can work the world. She's wrong about that, but does come close.
* BerserkButton:
** Suggesting that death is a good thing was not originally one of her's (although she always disagreed on this) until after they figured out how to potentially have limitless resources.
** People who control other's lives not for the "other's" safety, but for their own.
** Naturally, these all come into play when [[spoiler:meeting Joe. After he gets a few lines out, she notes that every sentence he has said so far pissed her off, because they all hit these buttons in a way]].
* CatchPhrase: "It is not about you! It is about ''them!''" *Points to a Life Spring.* [[spoiler:When in her HeroicBSOD, she changes it to "It's about ''them!''" while pointing to the Graveyard]].
* ChasteHero: She is the only main character who shows absolutely no romantic interest in anyone.
* TheCuckoolanderWasRight: She was born at the beginning of humanity (or rather, ''right after'' the beginning of humanity), and yet she thinks she can travel to the edge of the universe! Ha ha, kind of far-fetched, seeing as even after tens of thousands of years as a society ''we'' can't even fully leave our planet-- what's this about "teleport matter?" Oh, and she's undying, meaning that she has all the time she needs even if FTL travel didn't exist.
* DecoyProtagonist: Subverted. [[spoiler:Amazingly for a GPF story, she ''doesn't'' die. But Sarah ''does'' (temporarly), and when that happens, Eve spends the end of the first arc and most of the second lying back and trying to live an ordinary life. Adam, Rain, Mary, and Chrissy take over as the major characters until Eve is convinced that good things came from her philosophy of fighting to go foreward, and when Sarah is revived to round out the cast again]].
* DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu: [[spoiler:She '''''kills God.''''' Appropriately, by means of subjecting him to a supercluster of big bangs]].
* {{Expy}}: She's a clear take on [[Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann Kamina.]] Except unlike Kamina, she's just as energetic and confident about terrible situations as she lets herself on to be. She's also a lot more of an idiot.
* IdiotHero: While she comes up with a number of revolutionary ''ideas'', whenever she's shown in day-to-day society, she's usually trying to come up with fantastic situations to ordinary problems and having them backfire horribly. When it comes to ''battle'' though, it's usually a case of DumbassHasAPoint.
* LargeHam: She probably has more sentences with all-caps or exclamation points than without either.
* MeaningfulName: The second human being to ever emerge, and the first female. According to WordOfGod, that's where the symbolism ends.
* NightmareFetishist: Best seen near the beginning, when she first leads the team of four to ground-level. Sarah is freaked out by every new thing they come across (different animals, seeing the ocean up close for the first time, alternate biomes, etc), while Adam and Rain are mildly curious about some elements but generally back away from the freakier ones. Eve, however, takes ''everything'' on at full scale, [[spoiler:but she does show a bit of nervousness when finding the burried, ruined old building that serves as the last record of past human life]].
* OOCIsSeriousBusiness: [[spoiler:She starts using contracted words once Sarah dies. In fact, "She's" is the very first thing she said after said moment. "She's dead... I'm... I'm the one who did this..."]].
* SophisticatedAsHell: On one hand, she often talks without contractions and in the rare odd speech, and seems to be heavily philosophical in general. On the other hand, she technically ''invented'' the word fuck, if going on to refuse to use it unless the situation is big.
* TestosteronePoisoning: While the rest of the story falls more under RatedMForManly despite its ImporbablyFemaleCast, Eve herself takes it to near-parody levels. Her EstablishingCharacterMoment, going by the ActionPrologue, is to break a nuke over her knee, take the blast, and say that it isn't a strong enough nuke. Her establishing character moment chronologically is to break off a rock from a mountain and use it like a surfboard (which, admitedly, isn't anything new in the GPF verse -- Bridgette did that). In the same chapter, she also kills a massive, mutated mammoth whose fur can puncture metal and shoot off of it, ''without'' relying on her immortality.

!! Adam Genesis

* ChasteHero: He tries to hold himself off until he's in an actual, comitted relationship, and only holds romantic interest in Mary.
* ColdTurkeysAreEverywhere: For basically most of his life. His self-made religion is strongly against meaningless relations. He's surrounded by attractive, friendly naked women who never age past 25. For basically eternity.
** This could apply to humanity as a whole, especially anyone who follows his religion, what with EveryoneIsGay[=/=]EveryoneIsBi (it's never specified which is the exact case, or if it's a combination of the two). Off-handed jokes from Eve imply that many of them "do" eachother in private.
** Taken UpToEleven in the very short ''Spring Shorts'' chapter labeled "If all the humans were straight". Since Adam is the ''only'' guy around, that means that ''everyone'' is after him. He's still as religious as ever.
** [[spoiler:Considering his overwhelmingly negative reaction to Joe (moreso than ''Eve''[='=]s, and that's saying '''a lot'''), he might have just thought "screw it" and gave up on some of his beliefs alltogether]].
* MeaningfulName: The first human being to ever emerge, and the first and only male. According to WordOfGod, that's where the symbolism ends.
* TheOneGuy: ''To humanity'', and naturally, Eve's group.

!! Sarah Genesis

* AudienceSurrogate: As the one who keeps questioning all of the weird crap that goes on, and being the most reluctant, she starts out as the most "normal" of the bunch and as the one the audience is to relate to primarly until CharacterDevelopment and HiddenDepths settle in.
* [[spoiler:BackFromTheDead: Revived after spending a few weeks or so being dead, something that pissed Joe off to absolutely no end]].

!! Rain Genesis

* CloudCuckoolander: Moreso than the rest of the cast.
* GranolaGirl: She cares about the environment and especially animals far more than anybody else in the main cast, which is somewhat unusual seeing as she technically lived in a resetted Earth before gaining space travel.

!! Mary Genesis

* AlphaBitch: Probably the closest thing this story has to one, although she is quickly succeeded by a number of other characters.
* CharacterizationMarchesOn: She was originally going to be a straight-up "political" antagonist (in contrast to Matrax and the Researchers being war-related antagonists), who embodied a lot of the things Eve did not agree with. In the beginning, she's openly for segregating people by which Spring they came from (as a remain of that plan), but this was HandWave[=d=] as a bad idea she had since she was ''ten'' at the time. As an adult (which happens less than half-way through the first chapter, so this is single-chapter character change), she gains a lot more depth and isn't just a straw complainer, but rather an uncertain scientist with a few thoughts that contrast Eve, yet some of which are not portrayed as being in the wrong. Looking back, it's kind of hard to believe that that complete ''brat'' at the beginning would grow up to become a highly-respected scientist that's part of the hero's group, especially since Eve, Adam, Rain, and Sarah stayed pretty constant when they went from childhood to adulthood.
* TheComplainerIsAlwaysWrong: Much of what she says ''on her introduction'' turns out to be wrong. The suggestion to pick on the group that came from what would eventually be called the Lowyu Spring? No, that's bad. Eve's gonna die if she tries to sled down the mountain side? Nope, even if the ride was a bust, she '''can't''' die. Her speech about how humans will eventually overcrowd the Earth, and they'll eventually get consumed by the sun anyway and forced to stay there until it dies off, then drift around in space until/unless they can find a planet? [[WrongGenreSavvy Sorry bud, you're in the wrong story for that take on immortality.]]
* DefeatMeansFriendship: ...''Emotionally'', as odd as that sounds.
* DiscOneFinalBoss: Even by first-chapter standards. The beginning seems to lead her up to becoming some kind of terrible dicator, but she soon finds out without Eve that her planned leading methods were pretty terrible, and several other people take over to escalate their state to near-war levels.
* StrawVulcan: Averted. One of her character arcs in the first half is that she, [[spoiler:like Eve after Sarah's death]], let emotion get in the way of reasoning and looking for what to fight for, and to turn to strategy for help. She even ends up defeating the obstacle of the penultimate chapter by exploiting a loophole in them.
* WrongGenreSavvy: She has a pretty realistic view on how this world works, to the extent where she's probably the most shocked off all (at least out of the first space-traveling party) upon meeting with aliens.
-->'''Eve, sarcastically:''' Actually, *points to Mary* ''she'' is the "leader" to all of us, so if you have any questions, why not ask her?\\
'''Mary:''' ...'''''AAAAAAAAHHHHH!'''''

!! Chrissy Lowyu

* [[CheckhovsGunman Chekhovs Gunwoman]]: Mentioned off-handedly when Eve returns to Genesis Mountain in the first chapter, as a possible prodogy child. Doesn't come up again until near the end.
* FreudianExcuse:
* TokenMinority: Referenced and possibly parodied. She's the only main character with an abnormal skin color, and the only one from Lowyu and not Genesis. Sadly, the people from other Springs will just have to be ignored/be extras until ''Spring Collections''.
* TrueBlueFeminity: Averted. She ''is'' blue, but by far the least feminine of the main six. Yes, that includes Adam.



! Antagonists

!! Matrarx

!! The Five Researchers

!! The Eight Guardians

* ColorCodedElements: Similar to the elemental classes in ''Total Zeksmit''.
* KnightOfCerebus: While the story was already taking itself a bit more seriously in its third chapter, it reverted back around six. However, these guys pump things up a bit by explaining and expanding more on the state of the world, and they make the first proper foreshadowing about the final villain.
* NonstandardCharacterDesign: ''Textual'' example. Even in a story with a number of elaborate alien races, sentient or not, they are absolutely nothing like any of the creatures encountered. They are instead somewhat simplistic, sentient floating ''crystals''. With somewhat cartoonish eyes and mouths.

!! Joe

->[[spoiler:''"Okay man, that's it, I'm like, gonna kill all of you! Things are gonna change in a year. For starters, everyone can die. And I'll kill the 50% of each Spring Race that doesn't worship me as much. That's 90% for humans. Eve, you better be in that 10%, it's gonna be harder for you."'']]

->[[spoiler:''"Can God create a (wo)man so badass, even he can't kill her/him?"'']]
-->Great Pikmin Fan.

[[spoiler:The God of the story's world and its final BigBad. Ascending to be the creator by currently-unknown methods, he first created the Guardians as his messangers, then tries to replicate humanity, and he put himself into stasis until either either the humans evolve to the point where they can solve the puzzle he set up (bringing all of the Guardian's gems to one of the ends of the universe) or died out. The latter happened, so he created the Spring Races, then put himself into stasis until 300 years after the first human was born. That happened. He observed, and left, content with thinking that they'll do better. So he did a similar stasis method, wanting to see how advanced his new crowd of naked women (and Adam) could get by then, and how many he has to peep on, only to find that he now dislikes how much they've taken over the universe and he has considered starting over. Which, for some reason, involves trying to slowly kill off humanity and the rest of the existing universe, since he never came with the idea to just create a new "universe" or a seperate dimension. Eve objected strongly, and thus the final storyline kicked off]].

[[spoiler:As a God, he has a number of near-limitless abilities. This includes ''actual'' teleportation (''instantanious'' transporting, unlike Teleport Matter which simply can go at limitless speeds but still has a quantity to it), the ability to generate objects out of nothing, gaining knowledge just from touching someone, surviving in any situation, making nearly all of his attacks have the ability to kill members of Spring Races, and the ability to create entirely new forms of matter or physics. All without using a drop of Teleport Matter]].

* BerserkButton:
** [[spoiler:Bringing people back from the dead]].
** [[spoiler:People who do not worship him. On his arrival, he says that he will specifically wipe out the half of each Spring Race (ninety percent when it comes to humans) that doesn't worship him more than the other half/ten percent]].
** Also, true to with him hitting all of Eve's buttons, guess which character this serves as a check-list of actions for?
* BoomerangBigot: [[spoiler:He has a very personal beef with humanity as a whole thanks to just Eve, yet he was originally a human, and it's implied that whenever he goes back to his home universe, he loses most of his powers (aside from teleporting back to [=ASoM=]'s verse, obviously)]].
* ClippedWingAngel: After taking on humanity with the firepower of an entire universe, the battle ultimately comes down to one last "test" of his: [[spoiler:a fist fight. He's not only made himself mostly powerless (thanks to giving up at this point), but he has also just been cut in half, with the end of his top half spewing shadow matter that he admitedly does have some slight control over (he briefly turned it into a whip that he used to drag Eve down to the last battlefield), and he pulls one last stupid move by challenging Eve to a powerless fist-fight in an enclosed glass box he just made. While he's still half a person. Eve is a militant marshal with eons of experience both with and without any kind of supplies, Teleport Matter included. Joe is basically Joseph Gribble in terms of combat strategy experience, which is to say that he may be a jock but he's nowhere near the knowedgeful powerhouse Eve made herself to be. The outcome is exactly what you would expect, plus an impalement that adds much more to the universe]].
* ColorCodedCharacters: White. Which should have raised alarm, since all of the Spring Races have a non-neutral color to them.
* DefiantToTheEnd: Even when ''cut in half'', he ''still'' tries to take Eve on in a fist-fight to try to prove something.
* EldritchAbomination: [[spoiler:He ''makes'' them. (The man himself is more of a HumanoidAbomination.) Specifically, "creatures" that somehow act on their own, but have no recorded life signs, brain waves, and don't appear to be electronic. (But their lack of life is supposed to not make it sympathetic when they die.) They're either parts of him or a highly advanced version of self-aware atomitrons, and seeing how Joe's suprised to see the team burst through an army of them and says that they snuck up on him, it's probably the latter]].
* {{Expy}}:
** Of Joseph Gribble. This should be very evident in his name. [[spoiler:It's implied that that's even him, in an alternate universe where ''King of the Hill''[='=]s world can turn you into a God]].
** Following with the ''Gurren Lagann'' parallels, he's obviously the stand-in for [[spoiler:the Anti-Spiral]].
* ForgotAboutHisPowers: Enforced and justified. Joe's powers only work when he conciously knows what he's trying to do. He can't exactly do anything by accident. When he's enraged, he tends to not think clearly, and thus forget about a simple sollution to a problem he's faced with. This was to give him a nerf primarly to prove a point of the story: That focus and determination is the proper way to channel power, since that aesop would be pretty broken if he could ''win'' battles by getting emotional.
* HalfTheManHeUsedToBe: He goes down like this.
* HumanoidAbomination: [[spoiler:Eve considers him one. She definitely doesn't think he's a God -- according to her, [[NoTrueScottsman no true God]] would halt the progress of their own creations.
* [[spoiler:KarmicDeath: He... dies. Period. This is karmic because he's a god that wanted to kill off a number of normally immortal people, just because he thinks they're advancing too much. Or, to be more accurate, he's the creator of the story's universe, and he dies in the first of a number of big bangs done by Eve's final attack that expands the the universe itself]].
* LargeHam: When he's pissed. Almost any word from him is an overly dramatic shout.
* NonstandardCharacterDesign: Symbolically, he was made to feel ''very'' jarring from what the previous ten chapters tell you about the story and its world. [[spoiler:For one thing, he mentions a real-life country and ethnicity, and needless vengefulness aside, the way he describes the ideal religion he wants the Spring Races to follow sounds like a cross between several real-world religions. He's the only humanoid character to always wear clothes, while the closest a person came to clothes is Eve and her cape (post-HeroicBSOD Eve especially), and overall he takes a previously-established abstract fantasy and adds some "reality" to it. Fan linkens it to the Ice King's backstory]].
* [[spoiler:NotQuiteDead: His lower half twitches ''long'' after his apparant death, setting up for a possible sequel]].
* [[spoiler:PhysicalGod]].
* ReallySevenHundredYearsOld: Averted, due to spending most of his time in stasis ([[spoiler:actually going back to his home world, with his YearInsideHourOutside that "speeds up time" in [=ASOM=]'s world until Eve killed him]])
* SophisticatedAsHell: He first starts out trying to talk like a [[spoiler:stereotypical deity]], but it's clear that he doesn't understand the way they speak right. Once Eve pisses him off enough, he drops the act entirely and starts talking with a lot of slang and in the general manner associated with a teenager.
* TakeThat: A walking, talking dig at reality-warping Marty Stues and Mary Sues.
* WalkingSpoiler
* WellIntentionedExtremist: He wants to kill off some people and induce mortality to all of them, but only since he personally doesn't believe that they should go this far.

! Mecha -- Spring Race and Guardian

! Mecha -- Joe

Joe uses so many of these (despite only actually ''piloting'' the Iron series) that they deserve their own section.

!! Frog Mecha

A mass army of frog-resembling mechs that are summoning in a takeoff of the plague of frogs.

* ZergRush: Their main gimmick.

!! Cell Mecha

A group of vaguely-animal looking mechs that can fuse into more animalistic appearances. They are part of Joe's version of the plague of wild animals.

* CombiningMecha: Takes this UpToEleven.

!! Locusts

Not ''technically'' considered mecha, but made out of the same bizarre material most Joe-related things are made of, and can eat teleport matter, converting it into "useless" light beams.

!! Mirror Copies

Joe has spent most of the endgame in the story hiding out in a copy of what is the existing universe, except with added odd features to make it resemble more of an EldritchLocation. One of the bizarre things is that any human who enters it will be "analyzed" and have a much tougher, evil copy of them generated that serves directly under Joe.

* AmazingTechnicolorPopulation: They're ''all'' gray. With bits of black and red throughout.
* AttackOfTheFiftyFootWhatever: If their counterparts (or whoever they're facing in general) uses something large, they will grow a size larger. [[spoiler:This does not work the other way around -- they can't seem to shrink, at least not on their own. Mary takes advantage of this to finish them off]].
* BlackAndRedAndEvilAllOver: Almost to the point where they resemble cliche creepypasta knockoffs of them.
* MirrorMatch: They're intended to be stronger counterparts to the particular human they are modeled on.

!! Iron Seer

Joe's main mecha, and the only one that makes an appearance in all three of the chapters in his arc. (Plus chapter 10.) A building-sized, white, humanoid (minus any identifyable head) thing with bird-like wings, made of a material that is supposedly indestructable. Joe usually rides around in this to try to make himself look more presentable or divine, and doesn't actually fight using it until the final chapter. (But he does use Iron Knight to battle them earlier.)

* EvilCounterpart: To Gurren Lagann, even if Gurren Lagann does not exist in the story.
* ShoutOut: A "Seer" that is accosicated with iron in some way, much like Kanrki Vantas from ''Webcomic/{{Homestuck}}''. Interestingly, humanity is technically a bunch of ''iron infidels'' (Sufferer's song on the ''ColoUrs and Mayhem'' album).

!! Iron Knight

A city-sized, light gray mech that slightly resembles a bigger version of Iron Seer. It is, in turn, piloted via Joe using Iron Seer, and the main mech he uses to directly fight with in chapter 12.

* EvilCounterpart: To Arc-Gurren Lagann
* ShoutOut: See the entry under Iron Seer, only it's more obvious because "Iron Knight" is an actual song on the album.

!! Iron face

Originally the counterpart to Earth's moon in his "parallel" version of the universe, a massive, dark gray head that seems to have an uncanny motion to it and the ability to spit out a near-endless amount of tentacle arms capable of generating a material that negates all Teleport Matter near it. Even adding both its screentime as a giant head and as a mecha (whereupon it generates a body for itself), this has the least amount of screentime of all of Joe's Iron series.

* EvilCounterpart: To Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann.

!! Iron Universe

Joe's parallel universe, transformed into a massive, black mecha with several cracks and galaxy-patterns of red dotted along with it. Unlike the Iron Seer or Knight, it actually appears to have a head. However, it has no real "set" form.

* EvilCounterpart: Things get tricky here. Next down the line would logically be Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, except that it shares far more traits with Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (made of pure energy; relative size is... closer, although its still bigger than both Gurren Lagann forms; the actions taken; etc).
* ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin: Well, if you use Joe's special kind of iron as the definition for "Iron," yeah. It's a universe made of "iron," only reshaped into the mecha.
* MetaMecha: "Piloted" by Iron Face (but really, the face part just seems to work as a teeny tiny heart), which is piloted by Iron Knight, in turn piloted by Iron Seer, and finally piloted by Joe.
* ThatsNoMoon: It turns out that the ''entire parallel universe'' could really be turned into a mecha.


[[folder:Ant Infestation]]



It doesn't help that SameContentDifferentRating is often inverted thanks to his reluctance in giving something the highest rating the site has, thanks to fear that it will give off the wrong idea.
* WhatDoYouMeanItsForKids:
** No, ''360 Degree Duck'' is not aimed soley at college students. Or even older teens, for that matter. [[WhatCouldHaveBeen It might have been at first]], and it comes off this way thanks to the [[ReallySevenHundredYearsOld apparant]] age of many major characters, the themes of change vs tradition, and the fact that the lead character is named after and somewhat visually based on ''Duke Nukem'' even if that's where the similarities end. It's actually written with a "kind of general" audience in mind, and when compared to his other originalfics (see WhatDoYouMeanItsNotForKids below), this becomes clearer: The plot's a little simpler, the villains are ObviouslyEvil, and compared to ''BEST FAMILY'' (''Soap'' not having any soley because its only characters of note are underaged or a soup-man, ''Slash of Mortality'' not being counted since its nudity is supposed to be played for badassery or something like that, and ''Ant Infestation'' prefering to have crappy B-movie knocking off instead of fanservice) its fanservice levels are tame to non-existant.
* WhatDoYouMeanItsNotForKids: By contrast,
** ''Soap: The Lost Element'' starts off feeling like an ''WesternAnimation/AdventureTime'' ripoff. It is for the first two chapters, but we have, in order chapter-by-chapter (starting from 3): A kingdom with some horrific policies for those who disobey the law, two of its leads being KilledOffForReal, a plague that wipes out most of the supporting cast, everything the Soup General does in chapter 6 onwards, a monster that takes the form of abusive versions of its fighter's parents, and the world blowing up and killing off every character[[note]]Eh... or not. I'm thinking of giving it a different ending now. One that doesn't make the story feel pointless, although that was the whole point of the planned apocalypse ending[[/note]]. It also includes pretty grim results for what the MonsterOfTheWeek can cause, covering the poverty, homelessness, etc from property damage, as well as the effects of who said monsters kill. It's a grim story overall, but it's planned to get a {{Retool}} much later that plays the ''Adventure Time''/''VideoGame/EpicBattleFantasy''-based elements far straighter and be far more light.
** ''THE BEST FAMILY'' seems like a textual version of his attempt at making a saturday morning cartoon. And a widgety one at that, akin to ''WesternAnimation/TheAmazingWorldOfGumball''. However, this is only the surface. It has a bit of sex-related humor in it, covers rather unusual themes such as the idea of open marriages, and some of the monsters of the week are a little unnerving at first. The chapter "Smokedrifle Tower" manages to cover ''all'' of these at once. And when you look into it, every chapter either has someone dying in it or mentions the death of someone that's at least tied to the narrative in some way. [[SurpriseCreepy Eerie.]]
** ''A Slash of Mortality'' sounds like its just zany action. And it is, for the first two chapters and most of the third. Hell, even the part about the characters being naked for 99% of the story can be passed off as NakedPeopleAreFunny and, since it's currently text-only, it's very easy to ignore. But what happens in that last bit of chpater 3? The part that doesn't fall under the "most?" [[spoiler:Sarah dies. Eve falls into a HeroicBSOD for over half of the story thanks to blaming herself as the sole cause of Sarah dying (this means even more than it would since mortality did not exist for sentient species until then), the war storyline begins taking itself a lot more seriously, and the final arc is about a {{Jerkass}} God and killing him in an extremely overkill way]]. It's not like it doesn't have its warning signs, what with the heavy emphasis on societal structure and the very odd angle at which it gives its global peace/[[WarIsHell anti-war]] messages.

Wait a minute. SameRatingDifferentContent? DifferentContentSameRating?


* WhatCouldHaveBeen:
** ''A Slash of Mortality'' was planned to have a GainaxEnding at one point. (Spoiled because it gives away a lot of the final part of the story.) [[spoiler:While dealing the finishing blow to Joe, the teleport matter was suppose to react to him in an odd way. It would rift with him, and act as a portal to the universe he originally came from (This is going by the "Godhood is transferable to another person who can make their own world with its seperate laws of physics" system done in a few of GPF's other fanworks, and he even implied that with this it's possible that they could all take place in the same "multiverse", it should be noted that Joe's existance and the way he acts implies this). Eve would jump through this and, naturally, end up in the world of ''WesternAnimation/KingOfTheHill''(...ish), except at a Texan city at night. Looking around and shrugging, she would take a few steps foreward into the night sky, and that's where her part ends]]. But he thought that would border too much on EsotericHappyEnding and has too many faults of itself ([[spoiler:How would Eve get back, or the others get to where she's at? Wouldn't she be arrested in Arlen for indecent exposure? Since KOTH's world doesn't work the same way as ASOM's, will she still be able to pull off the ideas from her origin story or will everyone think she's just a nut? What happens when they find out she's immortal (Fan states that she would, indeed, remain immortal had she entered Houston)]]), and just seemed like a bad way to go. Like if it were saying that the next step these guys was supposed to go had ''anything'' to do with [[spoiler:"our world" (quotes because it's not even our world or really KOTH's, since Joseph is never implied to have reached Godhood of his own personal universe)]].


[[folder:Fridge??????????????????? But not all of these?]]

* Why are most of the dream selves so damn unbearable, especially to their real counterparts? And the ones that aren't are usually out of the real selve's league in some way, too. [[spoiler:Figure out that they can later temporarly merge with their originals to enter a pseudo-God Tier state. Now, ]]

* Icesky is a powerful ice demon who hates all but a specific group of humans. [[spoiler:Think less "[[WesternAnimation/AdventureTime Ice King]] [[UsefulNotes/AdolphHitler Hitler]]" and more like "Peggy Hill as an annoying, ice-using redneck who thinks that all Muslims are terrorists." That "specific group?" Americans]].
* He also came to greatly regret the character Carl, for playing an obnoxious ParodySue completely straight instead of killing him off like he normally does with bad fancharacter parodies.

* It's also somewhat ironic that Adam and Eve are actually the ''least'' into animals, considering how the Bible's Adam was supposed to watch on the animals in Eden.
* Why did Eve kill Joe, saying he deserved to have a slash of mortality dealt to him, while sparing the other, previous villains and aiming them to redemption? The Guardians and researchers may have had FreudianExcuse[=s=] (bossed by Joe for the former and the Guardians themselves for the latter), but Matrarx really didn't at all. She was a dictator who just barely skirted past Joe's definition of "moving too far," and thus didn't get kidnapped by the Guardians with her entire Spring Race faction. But consider her interactions with Eve. Early on, Eve is extremely hostile towards her, and while it's not said, it's pretty clear that she ''would'' have tried to kill her if she knew about life-draining or making tools specific for the job. When Matrarx finds a way to kill another person, she only doesn't do this because she's devistated at Sarah's death. Then when she's reborn, she gets a new set of ideas, and actually acts ''nice'' to Matrarx for the first time. What does she start out with? Giving Matrarx a kitten, a living creature, to look after, and see if she still has killing intent after the cat dies. Matrarx eventually grows attatched to the cat, is heart-broken when it falls to natural causes, vows to research a way to make animals immortal (especially after Eve herself tells her that she actually doesn't care for pets), and Eve quickly warms up to her. Basically, she got to see what it was like to actually ''care'' for someone else for once, and that helped her realize her mistake. How does Joe fall under this? Because he already failed the test. He tasked himself to care after humanity themselves, but turned on them and threatened to wipe them from existance/kill them multiple times, long after getting to know them. In Eve's eyes, Matrarx proved herself redeemable to at least warrant still living, while Joe did not.

* ArcColors:
** By far the most common color appearance is a blue/yellow duality. These are often seen together, and if there's a character associated with one, they will likely have a connection to someone with another.
** Red and pale azure (originally just azure) has also sprung up, arguably even before the blue/yellow one did.
** Eight-groups of [[BlowYouAway magenta]], [[PlayingWithFire red]], [[DishingOutDirt orange]], [[ShockAndAwe yellow]], [[GreenThumb green]], [[BeastMaster cyan]], [[MakingASplash blue]], and [[PoisonousPerson purple]] are semi-common, maybe with a shade of gray or two. They're the color-codes to the elemental classes in TZ's world, the fight eight are the colors of [[spoiler:the Guardians]] in [=ASOM=], and ''Blue Sun'' will finally reveal that the elemental classes were just sort of leading up to many of the main leads being personifications of the respective elements pot holed.