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[[WMG:Brown and Peach Pikmin were planned at one point, but got DummiedOut]]

See the third glitch mentioned [[http://pikmin.wikia.com/wiki/Glitches#Pellet_Posy here]]. Also, Purple Pikmin might have been planned in the story mode, and would have had Onions. That, or the purple coloring would be assigned to another planned new type.



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* [[spoiler:BigEater]]

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!! General Tropes

* CrackFic:
** Actually ''averted'' with the ''Homestuck'' installment, which is comparatively ordinary. Not counting the alternate geography of the Earth, but compared to parallel universes and living ray guns that can spawn entire people, that's nothing.
** The ''Steven Universe'' installment is possibly slightly more "normal" than its base work, considering that the new additions are all science fiction-stuff and all of the magic elements (the cross-worlds portal, etc) are either things that appeared in the show prior or things that appeared in its prequel.
* DeadpanSnarker: The narrator is a bit more snarky than in the author's previous works. [[WordOfGod He says this is a new thing he's trying out to add more emotion to the narrative,]] but it's just about limited to this series.

!! Tropes Present in the ''Homestuck'' Story

* ArsonMurderAndJaywalking: Jade has some pretty weird priorities. Like when Jake considers challenging Joey to a "surf duel:"
-->'''Jade:''' Don't do it. You'll get yourself killed. Or worse, humiliated!
* [[spoiler:TheBadGuyWins[=/=]BittersweetEnding: Sort of. While Joey does manage to pull off diverting funds away from the research facility Jade and Roxy work at, he also ultimately ends up wrecking his own boat. Plus, the four couples are all a little closer in the end.]]
* BetaCouple: John/Jane and Dirk/Rose to Jake/Jade and Dave/Roxy. (The latter of which are the tagged pairings, and the Jake-Joey-Jade conflict is the major plot of the story.)
* DeathMountain: The island itself has one, which is where about the second third of the story takes place.
* DecoyProtagonist: Non-lethal example, which is actually rare for this author. The main focus is on Dave for the very beginning, then Jake until the mountain climbing part, back to Dave for exactly that portion, and then finally back to Jake as he tries to beat Joey in a surf-off.
* DemotedToExtra: While several characters from canon neglect to make an appearance, this is actually the norm for many of the author's other ''Homestuck'' fanworks. However, this is notably the first time the ''trolls'' are absent from the main story and their only appearance is as (humanized) cameoes in crowd scenes, such as when Dave and Roxy are grilling. And, confusingly, they are mixed in with completely new characters who just act in the background.
* GenreSavvy: Jake takes Jade's previous words about how bad Joey is very seriously, and so just a tiny bit of jerk behavoir when they meet in person tips him off that Joey isn't really a good guy at all.
* IntentionalEngrishForFunny: John breaks into Engrish when he's serverly caught off-guard of something, in what is a reference to the author's "SBIG" series. [[RuleOfThree This happens three times.]]
* {{Jerkass}}: Joey the surfer makes his debut here, and is confirmed to reappear (and ''originally'' debut in) the substory posted alongside ''Act 5 Vs Act 6''.
* PlotRelevantAgeUp: It would make no sense if there were 13 year olds working at research labs, going on dangerous mountain climbs, boating over from island to island by themselves, and having a "legal car chase."
* SeriousBusiness: Surfing seems to be regarded very highly on the island the story takes place.

!! Tropes Present in the ''King of the Hill'' Story

* FishOutOfWater: The main premise is about Hank stepping into an alternate universe.

!! Tropes Present in the ''Total Drama'' Story

* HalfwayPlotSwitch:

!! Tropes Present in the ''Steven Universe'' Story

* {{Bowdlerize}}: The recap of ''Desert City'' leaves out several of the violent details, and more-or-less covers the bare basics of the AlternateUniverse. It's also done in song format. To be fair, [[LeaningOnTheFourthWall the recap is being told to a group of little kids from Bonnie and Steven.]]
* LighterAndSofter: Compared to its direct prequel, ''Desert City'', which is possibly one of the darkest works the author wrote.
* NoAntagonist: The ''Homestuck'' installment had Joey. The ''King of the Hill'' installment had the Beyond Creature. The ''Total Drama'' installment had Izzy and [[spoiler:(for the first half)]] Owen. The closest thing this has is a pair of jackass kids and their "Mothbots" gone haywire, specifically the Motherboard Mothbot.
* ParallelUniverse: Desert City makes a return, left off in the state it was in from... well, ''Desert City''. (Still kind of crappy, but people are working on making it better.)
* SomethingCompletelyDifferent: Unlike the other installments, which take place in completely seperate continuities (so far, anyway), this one is a direct sequel to another work by the author.

!! Tropes Present in the ''This Story is Sexist''/''Duck!''/''360 Degrees Fightenheit'' Spinoff Technically Falling Under this "Series"

* ArtisticLicenceGeography: While it's the only one that takes place in a universe with a more definite "looser" geography, there's still the oddity of a mountain that turns into a strange cliff that hovers out into a fake-"bridge" formation over the ocean before branching off into a loop. The thought of the base breaking down and dropping the entire thing into the ocean must be terrifying.


* FanDisservice: Both competitions so far have had focus on Ezekiel's hairy ass. ''World Tour Rewrite'', while he was never naked in person (strangely), has Harold's DreamSequence at the beginning of the seventh chapter, where he's standing by the edge of the bathtub asking if he can join Harold and the girls, and ''Zeksmit Plains'' has the sixth chapter, which has the contestants constantly commenting on how it's possible to have a butt ''that'' hairy. It doesn't help that he's not exactly the cleanest individual around -- lampshaded in the former scene, where after jumping in the tub, the water instantly darkens and basically becomes mud. (Granted, ''it was a dream'', but still.)

[[WMG:If Rose ever makes an appearance, through flashback or otherwise, she will defy the usual expectations for someone like her]]

I'm thinking like [[spoiler:the Zeekeeper]] from ''VideoGame/MarioAndLuigiDreamTeam''.


* Also, ''Superstar Saga'' is the only game in the series that lets you switch Mario and Luigi's places. In all other games, it's always Mario in front of Luigi.


!! Joey Abs

(This was originally just regarding one him in one fanwork but I'm slowly gonna turn it into one for all of his appearances even though in all three stories he's planned to appear in he might have a different personality.)

* CaptainErsatz: The ultimate concept in ''Kids Fight the Zombies'' came from Sonic's characterizations in the "Sonic Zombie" series of StylisticSuck [=GMod=] videoes. Hence the Hummer and the doucheness.
* CharacterizationMarchesOn: Back in ''Kids Fight the Zombies'', his debut, he did not have the whole "HumansAreTheRealMonsters, cold and calculated" thing going for him and he was just another run off the mill psycho. Plus, Karkat, who was confirmed by the narrative itself to still be a troll in this AU, is far more depraved than him, since he actually tried to start a ZombieApocalypse while Joey was "just" a nut that only tried to kill the kids (and later Karkat) for Jade, so he really wasn't amongst the evilest of the villains. His original purpose as a ParodySue was a lot more obvious back then too, seeing as it was pretty much the only trait he was written with in mind. He also had an unironic interest in video games (and ''fairly popular'' video games too, like ''Pokemon'' and ''Minecraft''), while his later characterizations is specifically built on the crowd that hates ''all'' video games. (Fan noting that just about every player character seems to have an interest in games to some extent -- why many of them would play/get into Sburb or Sgrub in the first place, although there are a few holes in this -- and wanting to make a character that's something of a stereotype of those that aren't.)
* ColorCodedCharacters: Yellow. Confusingly, it matches "[=AltJohn=]'s" text, even though Pikmin Fan had previously gone through some lenghts to avoid characters with matching text colors. (See the A1 trolls, counterparts, and the ancestral/guardian-based derives from HHC onward.)
* EvilCounterpart: To either Dave, Jake, or John, [[ShrugOfGod although Pikmin Fan isn't certain which.]] To make this more confusing, in each of his appearances he can be seen as being the counterpart to each of them. In ''Kids Fight the Zombies'', it's with Dave, as Dave is a CelebateHero who doesn't even ''consider'' romance with any of the girls, while Joey has an unhealthy obsession with Jade and a generally perverse atittude. In the ITF story it's with Jake, as both of them generally do similar actions but for different reasons. Even their relationship to Jade is flipped around: Here, Jake is her boyfriend, except Joey actually ''hates'' her because he thinks that her and Roxy's lab is getting "underserved" funding that could go to his favorite sport organizations. And in ''Calliope's Back Story'', it's obvious that he's meant to be some parallel to Jean (fem John, but the closest thing the story has to one [[spoiler:unless you count a pretty major spoiler]]). The blue/yellow contrast is emphasized with them, and there are definite parallels with their interactions with their respective Cherub. [[spoiler:When John is unleashed from a cloning lab, Joey is even quick to hijack him]].
* HijackedByGanon: [[spoiler:Major spoilers: In all of the stories he appeared in so far, he's been the final villain]].
** [[spoiler:While him being the antagonist of ITF wasn't even hidden (thanks to no other villain contenders aboard), he seemed to be only a oneshot in ''Kids Fight the Zombies'' that was blown up in the over-explosion that wiped out Vegas. Then he returns during the Karkatzilla battle. ''Calliope's Back Story'', however, has way more fun with this, as it is implying that Caliborn would take the villain role from him (their castle is named after the English monicker, the point where ''he'' actually tries to double-cross ''Joey'')... but nope.]]
* HumansAreTheRealMonsters: Pikmin Fan said that one of the driving bits of inspiration towards him was a number of defenses to Vriska, Eridan, Gamzee, and even ''Caliborn''. Fan said that he wanted to make a villainous character who was a "human kid"-type of person (in canon, Rose might have been the closest fit, and even then she's a saint compared to them), so that culture/in-universe ValuesDissonance cannot be used to justify his actions. Especially since his motivations are just pride and greed. He's an ass in a (sort of) ''humanly'' way.
* IfICantHaveYou: The second Jade actually, unambiguously rejects him, he instantly stops playing favorites with her and tries to kill her, no holds barred. Although he still takes offense at Karkat(zilla)'s crush on her.
* MeaningfulName: The ending reveals that his surname is ''Abs''. Not only is he easily the strongest human physically under normal circumstances (a big achievement considering he's up against the eight humans of ''Homestuck''), but there's his grimdark upgrades. And yes, "Abs" is a real last name.
* MenAreTheExpendableGender: [[InUniverse He believes this]], hence his eagerness to kill off John when they meet in ''Calliope's Back Story'', while he tries to keep the girls alive just for the offchance that he'll get to be with them, as unlikely as it is. Subverted in ''Kids Fight the Zombies'' (and possibly ''Calliope's Back Story'' -- while he's sane in ITF, he was never ''actually'' [[FridgeHorror rejected by anyone in CBS...]]), once Jade rejects him, he starts trying to kill her.
* PerpetualSmiler: It's very rare that he does ''not'' smirk.
* PhraseCatcher: Sort of. He's often called a douchebag.
* PoliticallyIncorrectVillain: He's about as misogynistic as Caliborn. The "about" only comes from their differing exact viewpoints, as shown in ''Calliope's Back Story'' where they're finally in the same fan fic: Caliborn just thinks they're useless and only good for "porn," while Joey only sees them as challenges to womanize.
* RedRightHand: His upper half is deliberately design to be in an incredibly odd, inconsistant, asymetrical shape that's also, as a whole, much bigger than his lower body. And his body is generally... for a lack of better words, disfigured and jagged. Of course, ITF downplays this, seeing as it's supposed to be a lot more of a realistic story as a whole.
* SerialEscalation:
** Grimdarkness is actually the ''first'' in his series of upgrades.
** As said in TakeThat below, he manages to excell Bororo in having his purpose be to both spite Marty Stus and be a HateSink. It helps that while Bororo is a jab at a specific form of character (just fantrolls), Joey is a general self-insert that can also be applied to other fandoms, and the fact that some incarnations of him seem to only care about ''Homestuck''[='=]s memes more than points of the actual story can be a take at the crowd that doesn't read it.
* SevenDeadlySins: As pointed out in ''Back Story'', he seems to be ''all'' of them wrapped up and packed into one person. Except for sloth. Which is bad for the heroes.
* TakeThat: Hoo boy, he's even worse than [[FanFic/FourHundredNinetySixReasons Bororo]]. His own debut is said to be a mock at fansessions that begin by ripping off ''Homestuck''[='=]s beginning style (granted, Pikmin Fan himself wrote one such fanventure -- ''Onionstuck'' -- that ripped the intro, except he's planned to make a remake where, among many other things, that doesn't happen.[[note]]Then again the remake can either be Pikmin-related but not about Sburb, or Sburb related but not about Pikmin. He's definitely not going to give crossing them over another go anytime soon though.[[/note]]), hence the "young man in his bedroom." His inexplicable attraction towards Jade (well, depending on the story. Saner incarnations of him just hate her) is a jab at the Stus and Sues that manage to effortlessly win over the hearts of canon characters who are already frequently misinterpreted. And there's his interests in ''Minecraft'', ''Final Fantasy'', and ''Pokemon'' (all except the middle are things the author noted have been kind of ''frequently'' referenced in fanworks or on the internet in general), which wouldn't be so bad by itself if it was for Joey thinking that [[SpecialSnowflakeSyndrome he's super cool and unique for liking something as]] [[CriticalResearchFailure "unmainstream"]] as ''Pokemon''.
* WakeUpCallBoss:
** While he's introduced too early to really give this impression in the other works he appears in, he's definitely this in ''Calliope's Back Story''. The previous two chapters? Whatever they faced in the jungle could be taken down, maybe with a little struggle. And then he comes along, beats them in a fight, and doesn't give them a chance to fight back for a ''long'' time, as he walks off and heads over to the mountain to try to summon Caliborn. Before him, the heroines just either kung-fued their way through anything or [[ThisLooksLikeAJobForAquaman had to guess which of them would be the best for a given task]], yet now they need to use ''actual strategy'' and focus on balancing the three energies.
** ''Kids Fight the Zombies'' definitely takes a shot at this. [[spoiler:He kills Jake off-handedly, and later forces Dirk to make a HeroicSacrifice]].[[note]]Note to self: Dirk's death being a heroic ''sacrifice'' and not just being KIA might not be accurate; I forgot the details of this point and I don't want to go back to them right just now.[[/note]]
* WouldHitAGirl: But only after he knows for sure that they have no romantic interest in him.



! Main Four

* ColorCodedCharacters: Gray for Woat (probably), white for Kate, black for Sool, and whatever persona Sifs has for Sifs.
* FourTemperamentEnsemble: Woat's melancholic, Kate's saguine, Sifs's choleric (specifically, Red Sifs), and Sool's phlegmatic.

!! Woat Kitina

* BadassNormal: He's the ''only'' character in the entire story who is confirmed to have no natural magic whatsoever. Don't be confused when the story says that his gunblade glows and/or he fires something from it: That's just pre-made weapons, with glowing effects added because it's cool.
* [[spoiler:DecoyProtagonist: Admited as WordOfGod to probably be the ''last'' example of such a trope for a while]].
* [[spoiler:KilledOffForReal]].
* MeaningfulName: His last name is like "Katana," although his gunblade is nothing like that. His first name sounds a little like "What," which accurately describes the [[WidgetSeries widget-ness]] of this.
* TheOneGuy: The only male character out of the main four.
* WalkingSpoiler: It's pretty hard to mention anything about him that's not [[spoiler:related to how he dies halfway through the story]].

!! Kate

* AerithAndBob[=/=]OddNameOut: She's the only character out of the main four with a "normal" name. This was because Pikmin Fan really couldn't think of anything. She was originally going to be named "Marge" after a ''Simpsons'' joke regarding a story-incarnation of her, but the author decided not to go with that after his dislike for modern ''Simpsons'' became that overwhelming.
* TheDitz.

!! Sifs

* LiteralSplitPersonality: She separates into twelve characters during chapter 6.
* SplitPersonality: She has at least ''twelve'' of them, each corresponding to a different element and each of them being able to switch at the will of whichever one's taking the lead.

!! "Sool"

A very strange witch that Woat, Kate, and Sifs come across after all of them collapse from the cold on the twin mountains. After nursing the group back to help, she agrees to join them in taking down the Soup General, then later chooses to stick around with them as friends.

* HumanoidAbomination:

! Villains

!! Soup General

! Other


[[folder:THE BEST FAMILY]]

! Fuller-Eristov Family

!! Tyler Fuller

!! Stacy Fuller-Eristov

* MeaningfulName: It's GPF's common initials of "EFS,"[[note]]Which, again, was pretty much made up on the fly and has no actual significance whatsoever. The E and S coming from a random character he made up for a StylisticSuck reality show idea, and the "F" being the joke that her middle name would be an actual F bomb[[/note]] reversed.

!! Brett Fuller-Eristov



! Smith Family


[[folder:360 Degree Duck]]

(This is a planned alternate name for ''This Story is Sexist!'')

I already have a character sheet for this. [[NightmareFuel/WikiSandbox Here,]] under "A character sheet."


[[folder:A Slash of Mortality]]

! Humans

* AmazingTechnicolorPopulation and YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Strangely, it's not long into their lifespan that their Spring(s) start spawning people who don't match up to real-life skin or natural hair tones. Rain is one of the first, having naturally green hair (although it's so light it can be mistaken for being blonde).
* FantasticRacism: In the beginning of the story, many of them used to judge eachother by which spring they came from. "Lowyu" is even an obvious corruption of "low," as the spring they came from was originally below the Genesis Spring (and caused by a chunk of the bank breaking off, causing it to split off in a stream) and how the people from Genesis considered them lower.
** In one of the earlier time skips of the first chapter (taking place after the skip that involved Eve first making her team that goes out and explores the forest below), they are shown to briefly consider resorting to physical racism ("Hey, this one's blue just like Christina! But she came from the Genesis Spring..."), but their already established system of picking on someone from the lower spring stood in the way of that.
* FullFrontalAssault: They made this their M.O., considering that "shelling" themselves in anything would be seen as a coward move, and fighting without anything to protect themselves is the best, honest way to go. This would be suicidal if not for the fact that they are immortal, as they are constantly up against HumongousMecha[=s=] (the hero-humans themselves lacking one fits with the whole "don't shell yourself" gimmick).
* HumansAreSpecial: Double-subverted. For the most of the first chapter, they appear to be ''pretty'' dang unique right from the start, being immortal unlike their animal friends, emerging from a strange green spring that was caused by a flower, and appearing to be the only beings that can properly use teleport matter (their arteries and veins even [[PowerGlows glow]] when they activate it). But we find out at the end of that chapter that there are other, alien races that more-or-less fall under the exact same "rules" as them. Yet the double-subversion comes in when the differences between humanity in this story and the other races are evident, such as how they are ironically the only race that goes around naked. And in the end, [[spoiler:it's revealed that Joe made them in his image, while the other species were just random "cool" ideas he had. Oh, speaking of Joe, these guys successfully manage to kill him]]. Finally and most trivially, they are even more colorful and varied than the alien species they encounter.
* KidsAreCruel: It's been repeatedly established that many of the kids are pricks. This might apply to the other races as well, based on what little is shown about their young/general society.
* ReallySevenHundredYearsOld: Adam and Eve at least are ''one billion'' by the story's end, and many of the major characters are around that age as well.

!! Eve Genesis

* BerserkButton:
** Suggesting that death is a good thing was not originally one of her's (although she always disagreed on this) until after they figured out how to potentially have limitless resources.
** People who control other's lives not for the "other's" safety, but for their own.
** Naturally, these all come into play when [[spoiler:meeting Joe. After he gets a few lines out, she notes that every sentence he has said so far pissed her off, because they all hit these buttons in a way]].
* CatchPhrase: "It's not about you! It's about ''them!''" *Points to a Life Spring.
* TheCuckoolanderWasRight: She was born at the beginning of humanity (or rather, ''right after'' the beginning of humanity), and yet she thinks she can travel to the edge of the universe! Ha ha, kind of far-fetched, seeing as even after tens of thousands of years as a society ''we'' can't even fully leave our planet-- what's this about "teleport matter?" Oh, and she's undying, meaning that she has all the time she needs even if FTL travel didn't exist.
* DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu: [[spoiler:She '''''kills God.''''' Appropriately, by means of subjecting him to a supercluster of big bangs]].
* {{Expy}}: She's a clear take on [[Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann Kamina.]] Except unlike Kamina, she's just as energetic and confident about terrible situations as she lets herself on to be. She's also a lot more of an idiot.
* IdiotHero: While she comes up with a number of revolutionary ''ideas'', whenever she's shown in day-to-day society, she's usually trying to come up with fantastic situations to ordinary problems and having them backfire horribly. When it comes to ''battle'' though, it's usually a case of DumbassHasAPoint.
* MeaningfulName: The second human being to ever emerge, and the first female. According to WordOfGod, that's where the symbolism ends.

!! Adam Genesis

* MeaningfulName: The first human being to ever emerge, and the first and only male. According to WordOfGod, that's where the symbolism ends.
* TheOneGuy: ''To humanity'', and naturally, Eve's group.

!! Sarah Genesis

* [[spoiler:BackFromTheDead: ''Finally'' revived after spending millions of years being dead, something that pissed Joe off to absolutely no end]].

!! Rain Genesis

* GranolaGirl:

!! Mary Genesis

* AlphaBitch: Probably the closest thing this story has to one.
* TheComplainerIsAlwaysWrong: Much of what she says on her introduction turns out to be wrong. The suggestion to pick on the group that came from what would eventually be called the Lowyu Spring? No, that's bad. Eve's gonna die if she tries to sled down the mountain side? Nope, even if the ride was a bust, she '''can't''' die. Her speech about how humans will eventually overcrowd the Earth, and they'll eventually get consumed by the sun anyway and forced to stay there until it dies off, then drift around in space until/unless they can find a planet? [[WrongGenreSavvy Sorry bud, you're in the wrong story for that take on immortality.]]
* DefeatMeansFriendship: ...''Emotionally'', as odd as that sounds.
* DiscOneFinalBoss: Even by first-chapter standards. The beginning seems to lead her up to becoming some kind of terrible dicator, but she soon finds out without Eve that her planned leading methods were pretty terrible, and several other people take over to escalate their state to near-war levels.
* WrongGenreSavvy: She has a pretty realistic view on how this world works, to the extent where she's probably the most shocked off all (at least out of the first space-traveling party) upon meeting with aliens.
-->'''Eve, sarcastically:''' Actually, *points to Mary* ''she's'' the "leader" to all of us, so if you have any questions, why don't you ask her?\\
'''Mary:''' ...'''''AAAAAAAAHHHHH!'''''

!! Chrissy Lowyu

* FruedianExcuse:



! Other

!! The Eight Guardians

* ColorCodedElements: Similar to the elemental classes in ''Total Zeksmit''.
* KnightOfCerebus: While the story was already taking itself a bit more seriously in its third chapter, it reverted back around five. However, these guys pump things up a bit by explaining and expanding more on the state of the world, and they make the first proper foreshadowing about the final villain.
* NonstandardCharacterDesign: ''Textual'' example. Even in a story with a number of elaborate alien races, sentient or not, they are absolutely nothing like any of the creatures encountered. They are instead somewhat simplistic, sentient floating ''crystals''.

!! Joe

->[[spoiler:''"Okay man, that's it, I'm like, gonna kill all of you! Things are gonna change in a year. For starters, everyone can die. And I'll kill the 50% of each Spring Race that doesn't worship me as much. That's 90% for humans. Eve, you better be in that 10%, it's gonna be harder for you."'']]

->[[spoiler:''"Can God create a (wo)man so badass, even he can't kill her/him?"'']]\\
-->Great Pikmin Fan.

[[spoiler:The God of the story's world and its final BigBad. Ascending to be the creator by currently-unknown methods, he first created the Guardians as his messangers, then tries to replicate humanity, and he put himself into stasis until either either the humans evolve to the point where they can solve the puzzle he set up (bringing all of the Guardian's gems to one of the ends of the universe) or died out. The latter happened, so he created the Spring Races, then put himself into stasis until 300 years after the first human was born. That happened. He observed, and left, content with thinking that they'll do better. So he did a similar stasis method, wanting to see how advanced his new crowd of naked women (and Adam) could get by then, and how many he has to peep on, only to find that he now dislikes how much they've taken over the universe and he has considered starting over. Which, for some reason, involves trying to slowly kill off humanity and the rest of the existing universe, since he never came with the idea to just create a new "universe" or a seperate dimension. Eve objected strongly, and thus the final storyline kicked off]].

[[spoiler:As a God, he has a number of near-limitless abilities. This includes ''actual'' teleportation (''instantanious'' transporting, unlike Teleport Matter which simply can go at limitless speeds but still has a quantity to it), the ability to generate objects out of nothing, gaining knowledge just from touching someone, surviving in any situation, making nearly all of his attacks have the ability to kill members of Spring Races, and the ability to create entirely new forms of matter or physics. All without using a drop of Teleport Matter]].

* BerserkButton:
** [[spoiler:Bringing people back from the dead]].
** [[spoiler:People who do not worship him. On his arrival, he says that he will specifically wipe out the half of each Spring Race (ninety percent when it comes to humans) that doesn't worship him more than the other half/ten percent]].
** Also, true to with him hitting all of Eve's buttons, guess which character this serves as a check-list of actions for?
* BoomerangBigot: [[spoiler:He has a very personal beef with humanity as a whole thanks to just Eve, yet he was originally a human, and it's implied that whenever he goes back to his home universe, he loses most of his powers (aside from teleporting back to [=ASoM=]'s verse, obviously)
* ColorCodedCharacters: White. Which should have raised alarm, since all of the Spring Races have a non-neutral color to them.
* EldritchAbomination: [[spoiler:He ''makes'' them. (The man himself is more of a HumanoidAbomination.) Specifically, "creatures" that somehow act on their own, but have no recorded life signs, brain waves, and don't appear to be electronic. (But their lack of life is supposed to not make it sympathetic when they die.) They're either parts of him or a highly advanced version of self-aware atomitrons, and seeing how Joe's suprised to see the team burst through an army of them and says that they snuck up on him, it's probably the latter]].
* {{Expy}}:
** Of Joseph Gribble. This should be very evident in his name. [[spoiler:It's implied that that's even him, in an alternate universe where ''King of the Hill''[='=]s world can turn you into a God]].
** Following with the ''Gurren Lagann'' parallels, he's obviously the stand-in for [[spoiler:the Anti-Spiral]].
* HumanoidAbomination: [[spoiler:Eve considers him one. She definitely doesn't think he's a God -- according to her, [[NoTrueScottsman no true God]] would halt the progress of their own creations.
* [[spoiler:KarmicDeath: He... dies. Period. This is karmic because he's a god that wanted to kill off a number of normally immortal people, just because he thinks they're advancing too much. Or, to be more accurate, he's the creator of the story's universe, and he dies in the first of a number of big bangs done by Eve's final attack that expands the the universe itself]].
* NonstandardCharacterDesign: Symbolically, he was made to feel ''very'' jarring from what the previous ten chapters tell you about the story and its world. [[spoiler:For one thing, he mentions a real-life country and ethnicity, and needless vengefulness aside, the way he describes the ideal religion he wants the Spring Races to follow sounds like a cross between several real-world religions. He's the only humanoid character to always wear clothes, while the closest a person came to clothes is Eve and her cape (post-HeroicBSOD Eve especially), and overall he takes a previously-established abstract fantasy and adds some "reality" to it. Fan linkens it to the Ice King's backstory]].
* [[spoiler:NotQuiteDead: His lower half twitches ''long'' after his apparant death, setting up for a possible sequel]].
* [[spoiler:PhysicalGod]].
* ReallySevenHundredYearsOld: Averted, due to spending most of his time in stasis ([[spoiler:actually going back to his home world, with his YearInsideHourOutside that "speeds up time" in [=ASOM=]'s world until Eve killed him]])
* SophisticatedAsHell: He first starts out trying to talk like a [[spoiler:stereotypical deity]], but it's clear that he doesn't understand the way they speak right. Once Eve pisses him off enough, he drops the act entirely and starts talking with a lot of slang and in the general manner associated with a teenager.
* WalkingSpoiler
* WellIntentionedExtremist: He wants to kill off some people and induce mortality to all of them, but only since he personally doesn't believe that they should go this far.


[[folder:Ant Infestation]]



It doesn't help that SameContentDifferentRating is often inverted thanks to his reluctance in giving something the highest rating the site has, thanks to fear that it will give off the wrong idea.
* WhatDoYouMeanItsForKids:
** No, ''360 Degree Duck'' is not aimed soley at college students. Or even older teens, for that matter. [[WhatCouldHaveBeen It might have been at first]], and it comes off this way thanks to the [[ReallySevenHundredYearsOld apparant]] age of many major characters, the themes of change vs tradition, and the fact that the lead character is named after and somewhat visually based on ''Duke Nukem'' even if that's where the similarities end. It's actually written with a "kind of general" audience in mind, and when compared to his other originalfics (see WhatDoYouMeanItsNotForKids below), this becomes clearer: The plot's a little simpler, the villains are ObviouslyEvil, and compared to ''BEST FAMILY'' (''Soap'' not having any soley because its only characters of note are underaged or a soup-man, ''Slash of Mortality'' not being counted since its nudity is supposed to be played for badassery or something like that, and ''Ant Infestation'' prefering to have crappy B-movie knocking off instead of fanservice) its fanservice levels are tame to non-existant.
* WhatDoYouMeanItsNotForKids: By contrast,
** ''Soap: The Lost Element'' starts off feeling like an ''WesternAnimation/AdventureTime'' ripoff. It is for the first two chapters, but we have, in order chapter-by-chapter (starting from 3): A kingdom with some horrific policies for those who disobey the law, two of its leads being KilledOffForReal, a plague that wipes out most of the supporting cast, everything the Soup General does in chapter 6 onwards, a monster that takes the form of abusive versions of its fighter's parents, and the world blowing up and killing off every character[[note]]Eh... or not. I'm thinking of giving it a different ending now. One that doesn't make the story feel pointless, although that was the whole point of the planned apocalypse ending[[/note]]. It also includes pretty grim results for what the MonsterOfTheWeek can cause, covering the poverty, homelessness, etc from property damage, as well as the effects of who said monsters kill. It's a grim story overall, but it's planned to get a {{Retool}} much later that plays the ''Adventure Time''/''VideoGame/EpicBattleFantasy''-based elements far straighter and be far more light.
** ''THE BEST FAMILY'' seems like a textual version of his attempt at making a saturday morning cartoon. And a widgety one at that, akin to ''WesternAnimation/TheAmazingWorldOfGumball''. However, this is only the surface. It has a bit of sex-related humor in it, covers rather unusual themes such as the idea of open marriages, and some of the monsters of the week are a little unnerving at first. The chapter "Smokedrifle Tower" manages to cover ''all'' of these at once. And when you look into it, every chapter either has someone dying in it or mentions the death of someone that's at least tied to the narrative in some way. [[SurpriseCreepy Eerie.]]
** ''A Slash of Mortality'' sounds like its just zany action. And it is, for the first two chapters and most of the third. Hell, even the part about the characters being naked for 99% of the story can be passed off as NakedPeopleAreFunny and, since it's currently text-only, it's very easy to ignore. But what happens in that last bit of chpater 3? The part that doesn't fall under the "most?" [[spoiler:Sarah dies. Eve falls into a HeroicBSOD for over half of the story thanks to blaming herself as the sole cause of Sarah dying (this means even more than it would since mortality did not exist for sentient species until then), the war storyline begins taking itself a lot more seriously, and the final arc is about a {{Jerkass}} God and killing him in an extremely overkill way]]. It's not like it doesn't have its warning signs, what with the heavy emphasis on societal structure and the very odd angle at which it gives its global peace/[[WarIsHell anti-war]] messages.

Wait a minute. SameRatingDifferentContent? DifferentContentSameRating?


* WhatCouldHaveBeen:
** ''A Slash of Mortality'' was planned to have a GainaxEnding at one point. (Spoiled because it gives away a lot of the final part of the story.) [[spoiler:While dealing the finishing blow to Joe, the teleport matter was suppose to react to him in an odd way. It would rift with him, and act as a portal to the universe he originally came from (This is going by the "Godhood is transferable to another person who can make their own world with its seperate laws of physics" system done in a few of GPF's other fanworks, and he even implied that with this it's possible that they could all take place in the same "multiverse", it should be noted that Joe's existance and the way he acts implies this). Eve would jump through this and, naturally, end up in the world of ''WesternAnimation/KingOfTheHill''(...ish), except at a Texan city at night. Looking around and shrugging, she would take a few steps foreward into the night sky, and that's where her part ends]]. But he thought that would border too much on EsotericHappyEnding and has too many faults of itself ([[spoiler:How would Eve get back, or the others get to where she's at? Wouldn't she be arrested in Arlen for indecent exposure? Since KOTH's world doesn't work the same way as ASOM's, will she still be able to pull off the ideas from her origin story or will everyone think she's just a nut? What happens when they find out she's immortal (Fan states that she would, indeed, remain immortal had she entered Houston)]]), and just seemed like a bad way to go. Like if it were saying that the next step these guys was supposed to go had ''anything'' to do with [[spoiler:"our world" (quotes because it's not even our world or really KOTH's, since Joseph is never implied to have reached Godhood of his own personal universe)]].


[[folder:Fridge??????????????????? But not all of these?]]

* Why are most of the dream selves so damn unbearable, especially to their real counterparts? And the ones that aren't are usually out of the real selve's league in some way, too. [[spoiler:Figure out that they can later temporarly merge with their originals to enter a pseudo-God Tier state. Now, ]]

* Icesky is a powerful ice demon who hates all but a specific group of humans. [[spoiler:Think less "Ice King Hitler" and more like "Peggy Hill as an annoying, ice-using redneck who thinks that all Muslims are terrorists." That "specific group?" Americans]].
* He also came to greatly regret the character Carl, for playing an obnoxious ParodySue completely straight instead of killing him off like he normally does with bad fancharacter parodies.

* It's also somewhat ironic that Adam and Eve are actually the ''least'' into animals, considering how the Bible's Adam was supposed to watch on the animals in Eden.

* ArcColors:
** By far the most common color appearance is a blue/yellow duality. These are often seen together, and if there's a character associated with one, they will likely have a connection to someone with another.
** Red and pale azure (originally just azure) has also sprung up, arguably even before the blue/yellow one did.
** Eight-groups of [[BlowYouAway magenta]], [[PlayingWithFire red]], [[DishOutDirt orange]], [[ShockAndAwe yellow]], [[GreenThumb green]], [[BeastMaster cyan]], [[MakingASplash blue]], and [[PoisonPerson purple]] are semi-common, maybe with a shade of gray or two. They're the color-codes to the elemental classes in TZ's world, the fight eight are the colors of [[spoiler:the Guardians]] in [=ASOM=], and ''Blue Sun'' will finally reveal that the elemental classes were just sort of leading up to many of the main leads being personifications of the respective elements pot holed.