!! [=YMMVs=] for the comic book character
* EnsembleDarkhorse: Rhodey's dad in the recent ''Iron Patriot'' miniseries. [[PapaWolf Best.]] [[CoolOldGuy Dad.]] [[BadassGrandpa Ever.]]
** His mom in the previous ''War Machine'' volume by Greg Pak is also pretty awesome in her appearances.
* HoYay: Piles, both with IronMan in the ''Iron Man'' books.
* IronWoobie: Was literally this when he was a cyborg, but even without the enhancements he counts as a straight example. As Tony's best friend, he's had to put up with a lot of Tony's more questionable decisions, all the while trying to live up to Tony's general reputation as Iron Man, constantly feeling like he didn't really deserve the power and trust he was given, made worse by the improperly calibrated brainwave controls causing him mental issues. At one point his sister was killed, a war buddy (who was also the husband of his childhood best friend) betrayed him and used his armour for villainy, then later he was caught in a terrorist attack that blew off his arms, legs, and half his face, and was ForcedToWatch as a friend of his was executed by one of the terrorists who taunted him all the while. When rebuilt as a cyborg, his upgrades came with the downside of connecting him to a database that made him see every horrific war crime recorded in recent years (including the torture, beating, rape, and experimentation performed on the above mentioned childhood best friend), with a photographic memory causing him to be unable to ''stop'' seeing these images, turning him homicidal from the trauma. And then, there's his family being targeted by a Domestic Terrorist group who try to force him to kill the former president, resulting in his dad's death.
!! [=YMMVs=] for the VideoGame/MarvelVsCapcom games:
* MemeticMutation: