!!! Voltaire The Performer

* AlternativeCharacterInterpretation: In "Crusade," was it ''really'' a dragon? Or was it just [[spoiler:the narrator dehumanizing an enemy, like his son would later do to Muslims]]?
* {{Anvilicious}}: "God Thinks" is a huge TakeThat to anyone who uses the name of "{{God}}" to further their own agendas.
* CrossesTheLineTwice: "[[AssShove The Trouble With Tribbles]]".
* EarWorm: "BRAINS!", "When You're Evil", "Zombie Prostitute"... pretty much everything, actually.
* EpilepticTrees: Some fans apparently think "Kill the Man Upstairs" is an anti-religion song. [[WordOfGod It's actually about irritating apartment neighbours]].
* HilariousInHindsight: "They Know Me" sounds like it's describing [[Series/{{House}} Dr. Gregory House]]. It was written in 1998, years before the show ever existed.
** He made a song called [[{{Disney/Frozen}} "Let It Go"]] ''in 2002''.
* JerkassWoobie: {{Satan}} is portrayed as this in "Almost Human".
* MisattributedSong: A lot of people think Voltaire made the song "If I Only Were a Goth", but the song was actually made by the band [=ThouShaltNot=]. Granted, the singer ''does'' sound similar.
* TheWoobie: [[spoiler:The titular character of "The Beast of Pirate Bay" turns out to be this]].

!!! Voltaire, the Author