* AlternateCharacterInterpretation: Is Mayfair Cummings from ''Bittersweet Dreams'' a stifled genius desperate for justice against the teacher who took advantage of her? Or is she an EvilGenius dabbling into ManipulativeBastard to act out against her WickedStepmother?
* ContestedSequel: Considering the amount of sequels, different people are going to have breaking off points.
%%* CompleteMonster: Malcolm Foxworth, John Amos, and Olivia Foxworth - though we later learn the motive for her madness (the Dollanganger series), Philip Cutler and Emily Booth (the Cutler series), Dr Foreman (the Broken Wings series), Miss Harper (the Early Spring series), Victoria Hudson (the Hudson series), and Jillian and Tony Tatterton (Casteel series).
* Narm / PurpleProse: Pick a book, any book.
* TearJerker: Many of the deaths, such as [[spoiler: Carrie's]] in ''Petals On The Wind'', [[spoiler: Paul's]] in ''All That Glitters'', and [[spoiler: Laura's]] in ''Music Of The Night''.
* SeasonalRot: Fans have been quick to point out the declining quality of recent books published under Andrews' name, especially in the last few years.
* WhatAnIdiot: Semantha in the Heavenstone series is a particularly bad example. She [[spoiler:is drugged and raped by a boy her sister hired so that Semantha could conceive the family heir. You'd expect Semantha to pick up on the many, many obvious signs of what has happened and that her sister and doctor are lying about the pregnancy being a "phantom" pregnancy caused by psychological stress. Instead: the plan works perfectly.]]