!! About the Steven Seagal film
* BestKnownForTheFanservice: The scene where Erika Eleniak [[JumpingOutOfACake pops out of a giant cake]] while topless is one of the most-remembered scenes from the first film.
* CrossesTheLineTwice:
** Krill's acts of hostility towards Ryback, beginning with spitting in the chef's soup.
** Krill drowning his crew is both [[MoralEventHorizon despicable]] and [[EvilIsPetty petty]] given that his reasoning is "They never liked me anyway." But the moment is made hilarious when Daumer replies:
---> I bet they fucking love you now, eh?
* EvilIsCool: William Strannix and Commander Krill, primarily because of Creator/TommyLeeJones and Creator/GaryBusey [[EvilIsHammy hamming it up like beasts]], but also for providing a competent challenge for Ryback. Leonard Maltin hilariously described them as [[StealthInsult "better villains than the film deserves."]]
* MoralEventHorizon:
** Strannix launching two nuclear missiles at Hawaii out of spite, during his VillainousBreakdown.
** Krill turning on the bowel sprinklers to drown his imprisoned former crew, to lure Ryback into a trap. And that's if you don't count him betraying the crew and murdering the captain as this.
* RetroactiveRecognition: Creator/GlennMorshower as the [[TheNeidermeyer arrogant junior officer Ensign Taylor]] with an IrrationalHatred of Ryback. Interestingly enough, recent viewers can also recognize and compare Morshower's {{Jerkass}} acting in this film to his performance as [[Characters/WolfensteinBJBlazkowicz BJ Blazkowicz]]'s AbusiveDad Rip Blazkowicz in ''VideoGame/WolfensteinIITheNewColossus''. It's like if Rip was a naval officer in this film. It is also no surprise that Taylor's dislike of ActionHero Creator/StevenSeagal is similar to Rip's dislike, which is more extreme in comparison, of his ActionHero son BJ.
* {{Squick}}: Ryback [[spoiler:crushing Strannix's eye with his thumb, complete with oozing sludge]].
* SpecialEffectsFailure: It's pretty obvious [[spoiler: Strannix's]] body when he is killed is a dummy.
* TearJerker: Ryback draping the dead Captain's uniform over his body, after Ryback finds the captain killed in cold blood. Not helping is the fact that it was his ''birthday''.
** The final scene of the film is Ryback and the crew in full uniform paying full honors to the captain's flag-draped casket.
* ValuesResonance: Krill calling Ryback a faggot in 1992 was a pretty standard affront to the latter's masculinity. Today it makes Krill into a full-blown PoliticallyIncorrectVillain.

!!About the Avengers comic book
* WhatAnIdiot: The Masters of Evil have secured the mansion, have Jarvis and the Black Knight as helpless hostages, and banished Captain Marvel to a darkforce dimension. Now, thanks to Hercules' reckless LeeroyJenkins act, they have beaten him to a pulp and almost killed him, and also defeated Captain America and the Wasp.\\
'''You'd expect:''' They would keep all the defeated Avengers as their hostages (those listed were the whole regular team at the time), keep a low profile, and torture and kill them at their leisure. Nobody would know anything until it's too late.\\
'''Instead:''' They let the Wasp leave, get rid of Hercules' body (who is then saved at a hospital, as he was actually NotQuiteDead), and surround the mansion with darkforce. A giant banner saying "overrun by villains" would have served just as fine. The Wasp manages to get enough reinforcements, and starts the counter-attack.