* CrackPairing: [[spoiler: Snape/Rosmerta, Lucius/Petunia, Tom/Nymphadora]]
* DracoInLeatherPants: Draco, Lucius, Petunia, Snape, and Tom.
* RonTheDeathEater: Ron, Hermione, and Lupin (though they seem to get better in later chapters), Sirius, Neville, and Dumbledore.
* UnfortunateImplications: Blaise Zabini, [[TokenMinority one of the few black kids in attendance at Hogwarts]], has replaced Draco as [[TheBully the biggest bully]] in the school and Mrs. Zabini has replaced Lucius as Voldemort's [[TheDragon Dragon]].
* TheUnpronouncable: ''How'' is "Yvane" pronounced?

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