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!YMMV for the comic
* CompleteMonster:
** The Governor is an insane despotic leader of a small town of survivors, who feeds any survivors from outside the town to the zombies in order to keep them docile so he can run "fights" between people in his town with the zombies surrounding them. And this is only the ''start'' of what he does during his run in the series, which includes raping one of the main characters repeatedly, leaving his own daughter [[spoiler:(actually niece)]]"alive" as a zombie so he can keep her as a pet, and being responsible for [[spoiler:the deaths of the vast majority of the cast in issue # 48]].
** When the protagonists first encounter [[spoiler: Thomas Richards]], he merely comes across as a [[spoiler:[[BitchInSheepsClothing nerdy, polite and ultimately harmless inmate imprisoned for tax evasion]]]]. This makes it all the more shocking when he's revealed to be a homicidal lunatic who was really imprisoned for [[spoiler: dismembering his wife]]. For no reason at all [[ForTheEvulz besides his own enjoyment]], [[spoiler: Thomas]] [[OffWithHisHead decapitated]] [[WouldHurtAChild two little girls]], [[spoiler: Hershel Greene's twin daughters, Rachel and Susie]]. Then, taking advantage of the confusion surrounding his murders, he attempted to decapitate Andrea as well. While he failed in his attempt he ended up scarring her in the process. Eventually captured, when the community looks like they're going to execute him, [[spoiler: Thomas]] is rescued by a woman he had befriended earlier named Patricia. Believing that [[spoiler: Thomas]] is insane, not evil, and in need of psychological help, [[HorribleJudgeOfCharacter Patricia]] plans on the two of them escaping together. In thanks, [[spoiler: Thomas]] [[UngratefulBastard immediately tries to strangle her to death]]. Though a minor antagonist in the grand scheme of things, [[spoiler: Thomas]] acted as a dark harbinger of what was to come by showing [[HumansAreTheRealMonsters how much worse humans could be than zombies]].
* CrazyAwesome: Negan
* DarknessInducedAudienceApathy:
** Can have stints of this, particularly after Rick reunites with what's left of his gang for the first time since issue 48, and the story is set back to where it was 40 issues ago, just with fewer survivors.
** After issue 100... Not only is the new paradigm the characters find themselves in even more hellishly grim than before, the cast seems seems to be comprised almost entirely of {{Mauve Shirt}}s. After watching entire supporting casts get wiped out again and again, it's really getting harder for Kirkman to avoid this trope.
* EnsembleDarkhorse: Villains in the series all stand under the shadow of The Governor.
** The next major BigBad, Negan, has become just as popular if not even ''moreso'' than the Governor due to his darkly hilarious dialogue and CrazyAwesome personality.
* EvilIsCool: Negan is clearly a monster, but he's a CrazyAwesome monster.
* LoveToHate: Negan is hated for [[spoiler: killing Glenn]] but he redeems himself for being TheJoker of the comic.
* {{Narm}}:
** In the first issue, a corpse falls out of an elevator and Rick falls down next to it and yells "HELP!" The ways it's drawn makes it look like he's asking the ''corpse'' for help.
** The Governor [[spoiler: cutting off Rick's hand]] is a pretty shocking page, but loses a little impact due to [[TheDragon Bruce's]] dopey facial expression while he holds him down.
* NauseaFuel: You really have to admire the detail the artists put into the zombies. You can see every maggot and fly crawling around their decaying skin. And there are a LOT of maggots. And flies.
* {{Squick}}: The Governor [[spoiler: making out with his zombified daughter after pulling her teeth out with pliers.]]
** Lydia [[spoiler:licking Carl's empty eye socket before seducing him.]]
* ToyShip: Carl and Sophia.
** Carl and [[spoiler: Lydia.]]

!YMMV for the novels
* AssPull: The Governor [[spoiler:letting the rebels live even after they tried to drag him out of town and feed him to the zombies. He does punish them... by making them cut up corpses to feed his zombies.]] Needless to say, this goes almost completely against his characterization in the rest of the book as well as the comic.
* BrokenBase: Over this book retconning away the backstory of Lilly from the Telltale Game.
* UnintentionallyUnsympathetic: Lilly berates herself for her 'cowardice' but doesn't seem aware she's judgmental, haughty, and just plain mean to everyone around her.