!The anime
* AdaptationDisplacement: Mostly played straight, except among gaming communities.
* ClothesMakeTheSuperman: In second season, Fatima is seen trying to use her "staff" without her usual adventurer outfit. It looked like a very bad firecracker. At the end of the episode she changed her clothes and got back her magic powers. Is Charisma boost that important for sorceress?
* CompleteMonster: Neeba. [[RageAgainstTheHeavens Hating the gods and doing something about it]], fine, [[spoiler:but wanting to destroy everything and kill everyone just because you dislike your brother? That's too much.]]
*** [[spoiler: In one of the episodes, after their father came home from the war (and promptly died), Neeba called him a coward. And he was thrown out of the house. Then he was trained by Gremica, and possibly never came into contact with Jil until the start of the series. And that would explain Neeba's dislike of him in the 1st episode.]]
** [[spoiler:Shadow Gilgamesh]]
* MartyStu: Jil in the first episode fantasy is blatant parody of one.
* MoralEventHorizon: [[spoiler:Neeba, either since his betrayal in season 1, or his killing Henaro at the end of season 2.]]
* PuritySue: Both Kaaya and Jil both can be argued as fitting the role, with Kaaya doubling as a RelationshipSue for Jil.
* TearJerker: Done in episode 7
!The game
* AmericansHateTingle: Or more specifically, Americans Hate GuideDangIt Moments.
* ThatOneLevel: Level 13. It contains a treasure necessary to beat the game, that can only be obtained by killing all the {{Teleport Spam}}ming enemies on the floor. [[MyFriendsAndZoidberg Also the slimes.]] And this is assuming [[GuideDangIt you even knew what to do]].