%%* DarknessInducedAudienceApathy
* FridgeBrilliance: Go on. Watch all the episodes again, after the finale revealed that [[spoiler:Honey is working for Gatehouse. The reason she doesn't trust anyone is because ''she'' is not to be trusted, and the only reason she pretends to trust Gabriel is because she's watching him. Gatehouse knew about Jonah's mistress ''because'' Honey told him.]]
* NightmareFuel:
** Jay's monolgue in Episode 2 to Andy's sweetie is absolutely terrifying, mostly because of his manic mood shifts.
** AdultFear: In Episode 4, [[spoiler:Gatehouse steals Glickman's grandson to apply leverage to his son. Seeing the mother run around increasingly desperate while she can still hear Analise on the monitor is one of the most terrifying things in the show. The mum finds the baby in the garden shed, and then Gatehouse points out that he would've killed the baby already, ''if he wanted to''.]]
** In Episode 6, [[spoiler:Alison's son gets shot by accident. And it was basically Jonah's fault. And Alison's, to a certain extent. Both of them are going to be kicking themselves.]]
** Bede's motivation is to tie up his affairs as quickly and securely as possible so he can spend what little time he has left with his increasingly Alzheimer's-ridden wife. [[spoiler:He fails at both, and his wife, in a moment of lucidity, tells him he needs to let her go.]]