* AlasPoorScrappy: [[spoiler: Riley, who had a rather senseless death at the hands of Jesse.]]
* BetterOnDVD The series has dense, complex plotlines that make once-a-week watching into a memory exercise.
* CrowningMusicOfAwesome:
%%** ''Samson & Delilah''
** "When the Man Comes Around" by JohnnyCash, from "What He Beheld" (1x09)
** And the oddly affecting "Donald Where's Your Trousers?"
* EnsembleDarkhorse: Allison became surprisingly popular, despite only appearing for one episode, mostly because of her [[{{Determinator}} rather insane determination to escape and fight her captors.]]
* FauxSymbolism: Used with constant Christian references, with an oblique LampshadeHanging when the CorruptCorporateExecutive's underlings show chagrin at her constant ContemplateOurNavels Bible references.
%%* FoeYay:
%%** "Your hair... it's so pretty..."
%%** The interaction between Cameron and Derek. Look at how they act in "The Demon Hand" or "To The Lighthouse"....
* HilariousInHindsight:
** The female FBI agent who [[spoiler: gets killed by Cromartie in the first season finale]] is named Agent Greta Simpson. SummerGlau would go on to play [[LegacyCharacter one of the many]] Agent Gretas in ''Series/{{Chuck}}.''
** One of Lena Headey's co-stars in ''Series/GameOfThrones'', Emilia Clarke, will play Sarah Connor in a ''Terminator'' [[ContinuityReboot reboot]].
* ItWasHisSled: Weaver is a liquid-metal Terminator.
* LesYay: Subtle, but there, particularly between Cameron and, well, any female character she meets, especially Sarah.
* ParanoiaFuel:
** Aside from the obvious, one episode ended with the possibility that there might be a Terminator ''in your walls''. Right now. He's been there for decades. He's armed. And he wants to kill you. The fact that the Terminator in the episode was hiding in the walls of an old, abandoned hotel isn't actually better; think of how many buildings in your area are old and under renovation. Think of how many old government buildings there are, period, that you ''have'' to use.
** There are Terminators who wear the faces of your family and friends, the ones who can change their looks at will and slip under doors and sprout ten-foot blades, the ones who can appear literally at any time and in any place, the reprogrammed "good" ones used in every resistance base who can flip out and revert to their OmnicidalManiac default setting at the twitch of a circuit, the one standing ''right behind you right now''...
** And then there's the possibility that the love of your life is actually just an emotionless machine specifically calibrating their every action to make you fall in love with them, just to get themselves in a position to complete their mission. And they'll kill you once that mission is over.
%%* PortmanteauCoupleName: "Jameron"
%%* TheScrappy:
%%** Riley. Possibly averted, when[[spoiler: it is revealed that she is an agent from the future sent to seduce John, and is just as weirded out as the viewers. She honestly doesn't really know what she's doing. Plus, attempted suicide.]]
%%** Also Charley Dixon during the first season.
* TooGoodToLast: One and a half seasons, and it ends on a severely aggravating cliffhanger (albeit one whose followup they probably wouldn't have had nearly the budget to pull off properly).
* UncannyValley - Cameron, Cromartie, and just about all the other Terminators ''look'' very human, but their behavior is... ''off''...
* TheWoobie:
%%** Allison, and Cameron when she ''becomes'' Allison.
%%** Cameron ends up being a woobie ''all by herself'' later on.
** Riley, of all people, starts becoming one of these later on, once her history as [[spoiler:a resistance fighter from the future]] becomes apparent. And doubly so when [[spoiler: it's revealed Jesse is psychologically abusing her and deliberately trying to get her killed.]]