* FunnyMoments: The "panel innocently asking questions" format, combined with contestants like "A. Harem" (August 4, 1953), typically meant HilarityEnsues. ''Series/GameShowMomentsGoneBananas'' showed clips of "A. Mattress" (October 1, 1952) and "A. Maid" (March 17, 1953), which went pretty much in the same direction.
* MomentOfAwesome: Any contestant who stumped the (especially four-member) panel through the latter running out of questions. Overlapped with FunnyMoments on occasion, when the panel went into desperation mode and started asking off-the-wall questions when their "stock" began getting low. Inversely, panelists who got the right answer through said off-the-wall questions.
* ReplacementScrappy: The hosts of Season 4, having to follow Lewis. Bob & Ray are generally singled out, partly since they were between longtime TV stalwart James and the very capable Fadiman.
%%* SeasonalRot: Season 4.
* TheyChangedItNowItSucks: The "Celebrity Relatives" segment, which didn't really fit the show's premise. (It was eventually tossed out after six months, though.)