* AlternateCharacterInterpretation:
** Is Teresa truly in love with Thomas and [[spoiler: is sorry for what she did in The Scorch? Or is she actually a [[TheSociopath sociopath]] who manipulates Thomas' feelings for her to her advantage. She [[LackOfEmpathy doesn't seem to realize that Thomas would be upset with her actions, opting instead to declare that she's done apologizing and he should get over it.]] It doesn't help matters when she goes over to Thomas acting all cuddly when he obviously wants his space. And also, was her AnguishedDeclarationOfLove genuine, or was it a final mind screw to hurt Thomas since she's dying?]]
* FauxSymbolism: We have a character go through numerous hardships in a world on the breaking point thanks to the actions of those up top having to sacrifice himself to appease the sins of said world. Sound familiar? For added bonus he and the other of the persecuted get to inherit the earth!
* FollowTheLeader: TheFilmOfTheBook, at least, is ''Film/TheHungerGames'' [[foldercontrol]]

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* GermansLoveDavidHasselhoff: Minho's made the film very popular with South Koreans.
* HoYay: Between Alby and Newt. Throughout the series, it becomes more and more visible for Thomas and Minho.
--> '''Minho (to Thomas)''': If I don't see you on the other side, remember that I love you.
* IdiotPlot: WICKED's plan is basically this: instead of studying the Immunes actual immune system (the part of the body responsible for fighting diseases) they instead focus on mapping their neurological system (that is, the part of the body responsible for making decisions, and feeling emotions, and interpreting data, and making you "you") and never once do they realize that not only are these bodily systems completely unrelated, but that even if they could analyze the human brain to the point where they could copy its layout into another human being, it still wouldn't do anything because the body is dying of a disease, which is why the Immune are immune: their immune system is independent of the brain. WICKED should have studied that much more understood part of the body, but if they had, we would have no plot.
* NightmareFuel: The Grievers in the film. [[BodyHorror Body horror]] at its finest.
* TheUntwist: The meaning of WICKED. Especially since the first appearance of the full name comes ''directly'' after Thomas brings it up.
** From the start, Gally is the most antagonistic toward Thomas, generally not shy about using physical force and being the first to want him punished or subdued. You might think he's just really concerned for the welfare of the Gladers' community, and a prime candidate to [[HeelFaceTurn change his mind and side with Thomas]] at some point. [[spoiler: But by the time of Alby's death it becomes obvious that he's a blind idealist who cannot see beyond the idea of the Glade as home and safety, and will do whatever he thinks necessary, including kill, to protect that ideal]].
* TheWoobie:
** Newt: Hates every living minute inside the Maze. Has the responsibility of leadership weighing on him. Watched his oldest friends die horribly. [[spoiler:Committed suicide but failed. Is infected with the Flare ForScience. Has to spend several weeks slowly going crazy before being put out of his misery.]]
** Teresa: [[spoiler: Forced to betray her best friend to save their lives. Said friend refused to forgive her for the rest of the series. Tries to save that friend and gets crushed to death just seconds away from safety.]]