!![[Film/TheMaster Film]]:
* AwardSnub:
** Not being nominated for Best Original Screenplay, Cinematography, Director or Picture.
** Its score by Johnny Greenwood was seen as something in contention for recognition, but was likewise overlooked.
* CriticalDissonance: While the film has been acclaimed by critics (scoring an 85% on Website/RottenTomatoes and 86% on Metacritic), it has received an extremely polarized reaction from audiences (as evidenced by the 60% and 7.1 scores on their respective sites).
* DarknessInducedAudienceApathy: To be expected when you have a movie whose protagonists consist of a near-animalistic alcoholic pervert and a charismatic yet megalomaniac deluded cult leader, with the latter's cruel LadyMacbeth-esque wife thrown into the mix.
* JerkassWoobie: Freddie. The guy is severely mentally ill and the people he falls in with are are manipulating him and making him worse with their "treatment." It's easy to pity him, but he's also just so repulsive and far-gone that even modern psychiatry would probably have trouble finding a solution to his disfunction.
* {{Tearjerker}}: When Freddie first talks about Doris and much later, when the Master sings to Freddie.