* AlasPoorScrappy: [[spoiler: Rita Skeeter's death is really ugly.]]
* DracoInLeatherPants: The TropeNamer, Voldemort, and all of the Death Eaters except Wormtail.
* EvilIsCool: Dark!Harry
* EvilIsSexy: Harry again.
* MagnificentBastard: Harry, Voldemort, Snape, and Dumbledore.
* NightmareFuel: How easily Harry is corrupted. Also [[spoiler: how Harry kills Rita.]]
* NoYay: Harry and Voldemort when Voldemort is in his ugly snake form. Though {{Subverted}} when Voldemort reverts to his [[{{Bishonen}} Tom Riddle]] form. Harry sometimes wonders if there's something wrong with him that he doesn't mind.
* RonTheDeathEater: Dumbledore manipulated ''everyone'' with a fake prophecy and painted a target on the Potters backs and he's been ''trying'' to get Harry killed since his birth.

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