* CharacterAlignment: Much weight has been given to the AlwaysChaoticEvil status of the drow. Realistically, they are much more ''Lawful'' Evil, in that their society has been stratified and stable for millennia. Yes, they worship a Goddess of Chaos, and try their best to create chaos in their own city (an example being that the merchants in the mercantile district must move their shop every 66 days), but still, it is hard to see the '''always''' part of this trope.
* {{Narm}}: Unfortunately, from Exile, towards the end:
--->"Who are you? You are not my father!" \\
"No. I am your... Mother!"
** And from Sojourn. It is ''really'' freaking hard to take the villain seriously when his name is ''Roddy [=McGristle=]''.
*** I don't know, that's a good "mountain man" name, which is exactly what he is and where his evilness comes from.
* {{Wangst}}: Some think that Drizzt's guilt/self-pity in Sojourn was pretty whiney. He looks practically cheery compared to subsequent novels, though.
** Possibly justified by Drizzt's inexperience on the surface, plus he gets better thanks to Mooshie.