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* UnfortunateImplications / ValuesDissonance: being a {{cowboy}}, Desperate Dan is pretty much set in the rootin'est, tootin'est depiction of the WildWest ever published in the UK. Of course, the also means that he lives right next to InjunCountry. As a result, modern Dandy editors consider Dan something of an embarrassment, and have even tried to put people off Dan by making him [[{{TookALevelInDumbass}} a complete idiot]], and when that didn't work they [[{{PutOnABus}} "retired" Dan]], which thankfully [[TheBusCameBack didn't last long]]. Possibly due to the fact that the percentage of Native Americans living in the United Kingdom is not very large so their being represented fairly in a comic book makes not terribly important in the UK, or maybe even the fact that Dan is a fundamentally great idea, any attempt to remove Dan from the lineup is met with great condemnation.
* WereStillRelevantDammit: Mostly {{averted}} with the new reboot. Dandy Xtreme... not so much.
** Sales figures don't agree. The Dandy is no more.
* BadAss: Rocky Roller Pest Controller
* DorkAge: The Dandy Xtreme era (2007-2010) is almost universally considered this, due to the lack of comic content, poorly put together "features" that [[TotallyRadical come off as patronising]], and the whole feel of the comic being TwoDecadesBehind. Some consider the glossy era (2004-2007) as being this as well, with the way it [[WereStillRelevantDammit tried too hard to be cool]], and requiring a minimum of about three pages to get across a story that could have been told in a single page.
* SeasonalRot: The 1970s, while considered a golden age for the comic by some, is often seen as a weak point in The Dandy's history due to [[TwoDecadesBehind how badly the comic fell behind the times]], with outdated strips like Black Bob and Winker Watson running in an era where other comics had more relateable, down to earth strips like Dennis the Menace. To add to this, most people drawing the strips were veteran artists who had started with comics in the 1940s or before. If an artist died, then more often than not their strips were reprinted, rather than replaced or given a new artist. Little effort was made to remedy this until Albert Barnes, who had been the Dandy editor since its inception in the 1930s, was finally replaced... in ''1982''.
* ViewerGenderConfusion: Percy of Growing Paynes can easily be mistaken for a girl as he inherited his hair from his mother and he has facial features similar to that of [[ComicBook/TheBeano Ivy the Terrible]].