* AdaptationDisplacement: Being that its a RecursiveAdaptation, and that comics aren't as popular as they used to be, whatever adaptations put into the cartoon are thought of as original stories by many.
* FoeYay: The Riddler's attempts to get [[WorthyOpponent Batman's]] attention include making dinner for him (lobsters, no less). While wearing a "Kiss the Genius" apron.
* FunnyAneurysmMoment: The first Annual features a humorous little short story showing how easy it is for Harley to drop everything to go back to the Joker's side. It becomes a lot less amusing after reading ''Mad Love''.
* LesYay: In "Mad Love", after Harley's been thrown out a window by The Joker, Renee Montoya cradles Harley in her arms, with a worried look on her face. While there's nothing romantic about it at the time, considering that Renee later came out as a lesbian and Harley later became close with Poison Ivy (in a relationship sometimes hinted at, but never explicitly stated to be sexual) puts a whole new light on it years later.
* MoralEventHorizon: Two-Face finally seems to be making a recovery into sanity and happiness...so the Joker goads him into thinking that Bruce and Mrs. Dent are having an affair, and even has Harley convince a tabloid that they're engaged. So of course Two-Face snaps.
-->'''Joker:''' I admit it all, Bats! I knew Harvey only needed the tiniest push in the right direction, sooo I ''pushed!''\\
'''Batman:''' Why, Joker?\\
'''Joker:''' ''(rolls eyes)'' [[ButForMeItWasTuesday Because it was Tuesday!]] Ha, ha! [[EvilLaugh HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!]]
* TheWoobie: Surprisingly, the Riddler. After escaping from Arkham in ''Gotham Adventures'', he decides he'll hide in a penthouse and send Batman clues to ''other'' people's crimes to [[ChronicVillainy satisfy his compulsions]] without incriminating himself like he normally does, because he ''hates hates hates'' Arkham and never wants to go back. Unfortunately, all those clues come together to make a clue to the location of his hideout...and he did that subconsciously.
-->'''Riddler:''' You don't understand. I ''really'' didn't want to leave you any clues. [[PlaceWorseThanDeath I really ''never'' planned to go back to Arkham Asylum.]] [[ChronicVillainy But I left you a clue anyway]]. [[HeelRealization So I...I have to go back there. I...I might actually be crazy...]]