* AngstWhatAngst: Huck is very cavalier about his father's unavailability and drunkenness, his mother's apparent death, and the fact that he's living on the streets--in fact, when people attempt to give him the maternal love they believe he needs, he only gets embarrassed.
* {{Sequelitis}}: Not for HuckleberryFinn, but the further sequels "Tom Sawyer Abroad" and "Tom Sawyer, Detective." Yes, those really exist. And they were written by Mark Twain himself, too. He lost much of his wealth in bad investments and he needed to support his family.
* UnintentionallySympathetic: Mr. Dobbins for some adult readers. When young he had very much wanted to become a doctor but was unable to continue his studies for financial reasons. Hence he ended up a country school teacher (which was not considered a prestigious job for men in the nineteenth century). He still enjoys reading his anatomy text, but then one of his students has the nerve to go through his desk and damage his book.
** However, it is also highly implied that during school hours he reads the part of the book with pictures of naked women. [[{{Squick}} In front of little children.]]
* ValuesDissonance: Beatings, whether at school or at home, were quite common, and Huck even states that his back doesn't mind anymore.
** Injun Joe has caused controversy too among modern readers. At least one animated adaptation even went as far as to rename its depiction of the character as "Tattoo Joe".
!!The Adventures of Tom Sawyer: The Musical
* [[CrowningMusicOfAwesome Crowning Music Of Heartwarming]]: "This Time Tomorrow" - a little song by Aunt Polly as she watches her nephew, musing over the growing process of children and assuring Tom that she will always love him.
!!The {{Licensed Game}}s
* TheProblemWithLicensedGames: The SETA game is just another ''VideoGame/SuperMarioBros'' clone and has to do with little to none of the novel, except the characters.
* CompleteMonster: In this DirectToVideo {{animated|Adaptation}} retelling of the [[Literature/TheAdventuresOfTomSawyer classic Mark Twain tale]], with an animal cast, Injun Joe, portrayed here as a [[BearsAreBadNews grizzly bear]] named [[NamesToRunAwayFrom Injurin' Joe]], manages to be even more vicious than his novel counterpart. Joe is a dangerous criminal who regularly robs the local church and its patrons, with the [[PoliceAreUseless Town Sheriff too scared of Joe to stop him.]] Joe forces the innocent and dimwitted Mutt Potter to dig for treasure, then murders Deputy Bean for trying to confiscate the treasure that Potter unearths. Joe then [[FrameUp frames Potter for this crime]], and takes sadistic glee in watching him prepare to be executed. Throughout the film, Joe tries to [[WouldHurtAChild murder Tom Sawyer and whichever of his friends happens to be with him at the time]], for nothing more than revenge for saving Mutt Potter, and sadism. {{Greed}}y and {{sadist}}ic, Injurin' Joe [[KnightOfCerebus stood out]] as a [[VileVillainSaccharineShow shockingly dark villain for such a lighthearted film]].