* ''YMMV/TeenTitansTroubleInTokyo''
* ''YMMV/TeenTitansGo''

!![=YMMVs=] for [[WesternAnimation/TeenTitans the animated series]]:

[[folder: A - B]]
* AdaptationDisplacement: For many younger watchers (or those who just don't read comics). Among the main cast, most people would probably only recognize Robin as a popular comic character.
* AdaptationDistillation: Adapts and distills many elements from the Wolfman and Perez age of the comics along with some elements from both before and after that period.
** The show itself has done this as it became the first place many people came into contact with the titans, sans Robin, and as such the show has influenced new comic and show versions of the titans more than anywhere else.
* AlternateCharacterInterpretation:
** Terra. Some fans see her as a wonderful person who is constantly misunderstood and persecuted (often times they are also Beast Boy/Terra shippers), or as a horrible bitch who betrayed the Titans and deserved what she got at the end of Season 2. ([[DieForOurShip usually Beast Boy/Raven shippers]].) Few people realize what she was actually meant to be: a BrokenBird and AntiVillain with complicated motives and very deep emotional issues. So she's a normal 15-year-old girl. Albeit one with geokinetic powers.
** Val-Yor from the episode, ''Troq'' was seen smiling as he left earth. Was he smiling that he's leaving a planet full of Tamaranean sympathizers who called him out for his FantasticRacism? Or was he really, deep down, thankful that Starfire saved him and is slowly changing his views?
* AngstWhatAngst: It's revealed [[ComicBook/TeenTitansGo in the tie-in comic]] that Starfire's parents died after she was sent away as a slave by Blackfire to the Gordanians. This isn't brought up at all in the episode she returned to Tamaran. Granted, the comic came out after the episode aired, but watching it again, it becomes [[HarsherInHindsight particularly jarring]] considering that Starfire displays no form of grief. [[TheSociopath Blackfire]]'s lack of grief is justified. {{Fanon}} for this seems to be either that Starfire's parents were so distant that she never really knew them (which given that they were royals and what we know of their culture, might make sense) or that they sold her into slavery in the first place (with or without Blackfire's prodding). There is also some consensus that she considers her ParentalSubstitute seen in the fake wedding episode and his wife (if he has one) to be her true parents.
* AssPull:
** Cyborg gaining regenerating powers and invulnerability by hacking Brother Blood in the season 3 finale come out of nowhere as a kind of DeusExMachina, and are subsequently {{Handwave}}d as being "a one-time deal".
** In "Birthmark" Raven says that Robin knows her better than anyone. While the two have similar personalities, Robin was actually the Titan Raven had the ''least'' interaction with up to that point. Anytime the two spoke it tended to be a brief interaction, while Raven had several episodes devoted to her relationships with the other Titans. The relationship between the pair played a big role in the season 4 arc, but the writers treated it as something that had already been established, which wasn't the case.
*** This might, ''might'' at best being key word here, be allusion to the events of [[{{Recap/TeenTitansS3E5Haunted}} Haunted]] wherein she briefly mind-melded with Robin and got a glimpse of his past with the implication being that during this, Robin got to see her past as well. The set up however isn't exactly well executed since that after that sequence they still shared very little meaningful screen time; and comes off like an AssPull anyway as a result.
* BaseBreaker: Terra, chiefly due to the MisaimedFandom and misaimed dislike of her character.
* BrokenBase:
** The show has drawn some flak [[MoodWhiplash for its frequent, yet not constant]], [[ComedyGhetto less-than-serious tone]], its {{Animesque}} art style/moments, the and the many differences between the heroes in the comics and their cartoon incarnations (like animated Raven's exaggerated Gothiness, and animated Starfire being less aggressive and more naive than in the comics). In addition, the physical appearance of the characters in the animated series is profoundly different than that of the original comic book series which, despite its title, depicted the Titans as being in their 20s (at one point the comic series even dropped the ''Teen'' from the title as it had become apparent they weren't anymore), with Starfire and Raven being arguably the two characters most noticably "kiddified" for the animated series. Of course, taking a left on the SlidingScaleOfSillinessVersusSeriousness might have gotten the show more fans [[TheyChangedItNowItSucks than it lost]], and consequently, it also has a fairly large and devoted fan base. Though that would be ironic given the huge hatedom WesternAnimation/TeenTitansGo has gotten for going full on into the comedy zone.
** Season 5 as a whole tends to be LoveItOrHateIt with the fandom as some loved the focus on [[ADayInTheLimelight new characters]] while others hated it and felt the series should have concluded with Season 4. The SeriesFinale, "Things Change" is especially [[InternetBackdraft a sore point]] among the fandom.
* BigLippedAlligatorMoment: Slade's entire appearance in "Forces of Nature", where he not only creates a giant fire monster for no reason other than pure destruction (though this was primarily to divert the other four Titans while he could face Robin one-on-one for the first time), but displays several magical abilities that he never uses again.
* BizarroEpisode: At least once per season. Mad Mod's two episodes in Seasons 1 and 3 fall into this, as do "Fractured" in Season 2, "Bunny Raven" in Season 3, "Don't Touch That Dial" ''and'' "Mother Mae-Eye" in Season 4, and "Revved Up" in Season 5.

[[folder: C - D]]
* CompleteMonster: [[KnightOfCerebus Slade]], one of the {{Big Bad}}s, was a cold, [[ManipulativeBastard manipulative]] criminal [[DiabolicalMastermind mastermind]]. Slade's main goal throughout the series was to find himself an apprentice whom he could mold into being just as cruel and ruthless as he was. First targeting Robin, Slade came up with various schemes to test the Boy Wonder's mettle before finally infecting Robin's friends with nanobots that would destroy them from the inside out should Robin not follow Slade's every command. When his plans for Robin were thwarted, Slade next turned his attention to Terra. Taking advantage of her status as an outsider who would never be accepted because of her destructive powers, Slade manipulated her into joining and befriending the Titans, betraying them and finally trying to kill them. After Terra finds herself in over her head while fighting the Titans and retreats, Slade physically abuses her for defying his orders. When Terra tries to quit her apprenticeship, Slade reveals that the suit he gave her to enhance her powers also gave him [[PeoplePuppets complete control over her body]] and vowed that he would never let her go. Though Slade dies when Terra rebels against him, he is eventually resurrected by the demonic OmnicidalManiac, Trigon, to act as the demon's [[TheDragon dragon]]. Slade took a vicious pleasure in his work towards the ensuring the apocalypse, [[MindRape mind raping]] Raven with visions of her destiny as the AntiChrist and selling out all of humanity to Trigon in exchange for Trigon giving him back his soul. Even when Slade rebels against Trigon, it isn't out of altruism, but because Trigon refused to honor their bargain.
* CounterpartComparison: Some have noticed that Slade is closer to Ra's Al Ghul than he is Deathstroke. He's a terrorist instead of a mercenary, he tries to get somebody in the Bat Family to be his successor, and he [[spoiler: uses supernatural means to cheat death]].
** He has also been compared to Shredder in [[WesternAnimation/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles2003 the 2003 TMNT cartoon]]. Both are [[KnightOfCerebus Knights Of Cerebus]] and [[RecurringCharacter Recurring Villains]] with an endless army of {{Mooks}} at their disposal, and are capable of single-handedly beating down the main characters. [[spoiler: They also come BackFromTheDead in the latter parts of their respective series.]]
* CrackPairing: In-universe, we have the OfficialCouple of Kid Flash/Jinx. While both characters are adapted from the comics, their ship isn't, and it's extremely unlikely to ever happen there, whether the Kid Flash is Wally or Bart.
* CreepyAwesome: Raven and Slade. Raven gets less creepy as the show goes on, Slade gets ''more'' creepy as the show goes on.
* CriticalDissonance: Season 5 was one of the most, if not ''the'' most well received season among critics and fans of the comics, who felt it's tighter continuity, new characters such as Kid Flash, and often serious tone made it as good, if not better, than the previous season. Among fans of the show, it's probably the most polarizing season.
* CrossoverShip:
** It's not uncommon to find ''Teen Titans'' crossover pairings, especially ones with Raven. Some the most popular ''Teen Titans'' crossovers are Terra×Ben10, Raven×WesternAnimation/DannyPhantom, Raven×[[WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender Zuko]], Raven×Ben10, [[Disney/{{Hercules}} Megara]]×Speedy.
*** The Ben 10 and Raven ones are especially strange when you consider that the original, young Ben was also voiced by Tara Strong, the voice of Raven.
*** Considering the RelationshipWritingFumble on the latter series, Terra and Ben 10 is also kinda weird, since Gwen in ''Ben 10: Alien Force'' was voiced by Ashley Johnson, who voiced Terra.
** Raven×Manga/{{Naruto}} pairings are pretty common.
* CrowningMusicOfAwesome:
** [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vskhxLHfTOA Mumbo's "Master of Your Fate"]]. It's also an EarWorm.
** Terra's theme (especially the rendition that plays during her run through the obstacle course) is pretty darn awesome.
** Everything from the "Aftershock" and "The End" multiparters.
** Here's one that doubles as a CrowningMomentOfFunny: When there's trouble you know what to dooooo... CALL CYBORG! He can shoot a rocket from his shooooe... CAUSE HE'S CYBORG! Nananana, something like that! Doodadoodah, BIG FLUFFY CAT! (That's right!)
** The [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XSiGteEY-jk climax]] of the episode ''Haunted'' is perfectly spine chilling.
** Blink and you'll miss it, but when the Titans make a comeback during the big fight in the GrandFinale ''Titans Together'', a badass remix of the main theme song plays, slower-paced and instrumental-only.
** The song "Raining Down on the Fourth of July Parade" in the episode "Revolution".
* DieForOurShip:
** Terra is not hated for her betrayal as much as she is hated for getting in between [[FanPreferredCouple Beast Boy and Raven]]. Even though, you know, there was [[WordOfGod nothing there]], except for a bucket full of RelationshipWritingFumble.
** Also, Robin/Raven fans towards Starfire.
* DracoInLeatherPants: Slade.
** Terra can be both this '''and''' RonTheDeathEater due to [[AntiVillain fluctuations between good and evil.]]

[[folder: E - F]]
* EarWorm: There are quite a few songs that count as Ear Worms.
** The [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QWaWvQuIVMI main theme]]. Sung by Puffy [=AmiYumi=] no less! Some episodes have the Japanese version played during the intro.
** How abour Larry's version of the theme song from "Fractured"?
** Mumbo's "Master of Your Fate".
** [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZlkjyFGjZY Puffy AmiYumi's "K2G"]] from "Mad Mod".
* EnsembleDarkhorse: Quite a lot, despite their limited appearances.
** Blackfire has a pretty sizable fanbase, most likely due to her voice, her figure and her outfit.
** Kid Flash only showed up twice, but he's ''very'' well-liked by the fans. Being a suave, witty gentleman might have something to do with it.
** Red X is especially impressive. We never learn anything of his background; not even his ''real face''. He's a character original to the animated series, and he only appears in two episodes, in only one of which is he a headlining villain.
** Jinx is incredibly popular, particularly in Lightspeed, so her HeelFaceTurn was met with open arms.
** Argent. She only appears for a brief amount of time but has a lot of fans.
* EvilIsCool: Slade. He's a detestable person, but so ''awesome'' at being bad that it gets him a big fanbase.
** There's also Red-X, although he's more of an AntiHero.
** This series actually managed to turn Killer Moth into a {{Badass}} EvilGenius. He creates an army of moths that nearly has him ruling the world, and fights the Teen Titans without the need of any effort. Even his costume is cool.
* EvilIsSexy: Jinx, Rouge, and Blackfire. Additionally, some found [[spoiler:[[SixthRangerTraitor Terra]]]] to be sexy when she turned evil. Even ''Slade'' has a reasonably large fangirl following, too! (However, his creators explained that he was meant to be the opposite of ''sexy'')
** Fangirls can also say for Red-X, even though his face was never shown.
* FanonDiscontinuity:
** Some fans choose to ignore Season 5, either entirely or up until the Ambiguous DownerEnding. It's also possible that this was the intention of the writers in the first place and Season 5 is a PostScriptSeason. Season 4 is based on the most famous (and re-attempted) arcs from the comics, it is the last season to focus on the core Titans (Season 5 mostly dealt with minor members and B-class heroes and villains), and the Season 4 finale is actually called ''[[MeaningfulName The End]]''. This is a heavily debated topic amongst the fans.
** 'Deep Six' is also an episode that gets this.
* FanPreferredCouple:
** [[OppositesAttract Beast Boy/Raven]], '''big time'''. It's the most popular couple on FanFiction.net and probably in the whole {{Fandom}}. Many fans seem to prefer Robin/Raven to [[OfficialCouple Robin/Starfire]], but the latter still has the largest following of the two, coming in second position, after Beast Boy/Raven. The third one is Robin/Raven, as previously deducted. Cyborg/Bumblebee [[PairTheSpares are often paired]] in [[ShipMates Beast Boy/Raven-Robin/Starfire]] fics, and a small portion of the fanbase prefers Cyborg/Jinx to OfficialCouple Jinx and Kid Flash.
** Now it appears one of the [[Creator/TaraStrong voice actors]] ships [[http://twitter.com/tarastrong/status/222032806107291649/photo/1 Beast Boy and Raven]]. Though Tara often does nothing but {{Troll}} with her Twitter account.
** Fan {{shipping}} even occurs in-universe in the episode ''For Real''. Apparently one fanboy ships Starfire/Beast Boy, while another ships Bumblebee/Aqualad.
* FridgeBrilliance: When [[WoobieDestroyerofWorlds Raven]] is not actively controlling her powers, they almost immediately become destructive. None of the other characters' powers really behave this way, suggesting that her abilities' default purpose is to [[TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt obliterate everything in the general vicinity]]. This makes perfect sense...considering that her father is [[BigBad essentially DC Comics' version of the Devil]].
* FunnyAneurysmMoment:
** Robin to Mother Mae-Eye: "You are ''not'' my mother."[[labelnote:*]]His mother is dead. Doesn't matter which Robin; his mother is dead.[[/labelnote]]
*** And all of Raven's scenes in that episode. This is the only time she has ever had ''any'' parental figure who mothers her at all.
** Also, the use of Dr. Light in the series, if you know [[MoralEventHorizon the things he did]] [[ComicBook/IdentityCrisis elsewhere...]] Also counts as a ContinuityNod Because [[spoiler:in ''ComicBook/IdentityCrisis'' they partially damaged his brain in the process of the mind wipe, making him even weaker than he originally was]].
*** Later, Dr. Light appears, and Raven {{Mind Rape}}s him.
-->'''Raven:''' Remember me?\\
'''Dr. Light:''' ''[appears terrified]'' I'd like to go to jail now, please.
** On the other hand, this may be FridgeHorror, because he may be having subconscious flashbacks to the first time he was {{Mind Rape}}d. And he remembers the fear and the damage to his mind, but he doesn't know what's going on.
** But then again, Raven threatening to MindRape him in "Birthmark", and the show playing it for laughs, becomes this again in light of Slade Mind Raping ''her'' at the end of the episode.

[[folder: G - H]]
* GeniusBonus:
** In "Haunted", when Raven goes through Robin's memories, the very last one is [[spoiler: a circus, with two shadows on the wall falling downwards]]. Should give you a hint as to which Robin he is.
** Also when 'Larry' shows up he gives his real name. It's backward but when the marquee wraps around behind him we see it front ways.
* GrowingTheBeard: For most, during late into the first season with the episode "Masks".
* HarsherInHindsight: In "TROQ", Cyborg said he knew what it was like to experience prejudice, since he was a robot. Some fans said this was a cop out when he's also black. But when we see "Go!", the origin episode, he clearly expects to be hated just because he's a cyborg freak, usually hides his identity as one, and is surprised when Beast Boy actually thinks he's cool. And when you consider that most of the robots we see actually ''are'' evil, and the fact that racial discrimination isn't as much of a big deal in Modern America as it used to be[[note]]Especially since it's implied he still has basically the same origin from the comics, meaning he has a rich scientist dad, and being seen as a freak was also a major theme[[/note]], and it actually makes sense.
** In ''How Long is Forever?'' Cyborg says that Starfire's friends "Aren't friends anymore," and the villain of the episode, Warp, says that history cannot be changed, so Starfire's friends would still drift apart. Fast forward to 2014, the way the Titans act in WesternAnimation/TeenTitansGo gives off the feeling that they aren't friends in the slightest.
*** And the bleak future for the Titans became worse in comics too with [[spoiler: Garth's death in ComicBook/BlackestNight, the transformation of Roy Harper into [[FaceHeelTurn Arsenal]] after the loss of his arm and his daughter in [[ComicBook/JusticeLeagueCryForJustice Cry For Justice]], and broke up between Starfire and Robin.]] Not to mention both its contemporary run during and after the premiere of the show being either BrokenBase or SeasonalRot.
* HellIsThatNoise: A heart beating with the villain Kardiak, a giant heart with metal tentacles that eats children.
* HilariousInHindsight:
** EpilepticTrees identifying Red X's SecretIdentity as Jason Todd, in light of the appearance of Jason coming BackFromTheDead in the comics and in the WesternAnimation/DCUniverseAnimatedOriginalMovies as the Red Hood.
*** Also, in connection to that theory, Red X briefly flirted with Starfire. Now, with ''ComicBook/RedHoodAndTheOutlaws'', she and Jason are working together.
** Más Y Menos slogan "Si, podremos!" ([[UsefulNotes/BarackObama Yes, we can!]])
** Cyborg and Robin's conflict over leadership of the Titans in the end of Season 3 becomes this when, in ''WesternAnimation/YoungJustice'', Aqualad (also voiced by Khary Payton) becomes the leader of The Team instead of Robin. For a while, anyway.
** Jinx was voiced by Creator/TaraStrong for one episode and apparently is the [[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic "Unicorn Type"]].
** Due to having uncontrollable, destructive powers, Raven represses her emotions and frequently locks herself in her room, slamming the door on anyone who tries to ask if she's all right. Rewatch Robin or Starfire or Beast Boy begging her to open up or let them in and try not to hear, [[Disney/{{Frozen}} "Please don't shut me out again!/Please don't slam the door..."]]
** In one episode, Raven puts on a pair of prop horns to try and get into the Brotherhood of Evil. [[Webcomic/{{Homestuck}} Grey skin and horns...sound familiar?]]
** Creator/HyndenWalch voices a beautiful [[spoiler:alien]] princess who appears to TheHero after falling from the sky and goes on to become both TheChick and TheHeart of the team, as well as the The Hero's LoveInterest. Now, did I just describe Starfire or [[Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann Nia Teppelin]]?
** Gizmo is a GadgeteerGenius antagonist who's shown alongside a trio with a [[TheBrute brute]] and sympathetic girl with destructive magic powers. He's a small kid relying on his tech, uses robotic limbs to accommodate his size, wears green, has a bratty, self-absorbed personality, makes many exaggerated sharp-toothed expressions, has a grating nasal voice and says all kinds of [[UnusualEuphemism strange, creative swears.]] 12 years later, switch the pronoun and this would also describe [[WesternAnimation/StevenUniverse Peridot]]; particularly after her SanitySlippage and before her HeelFaceTurn. (Though she was probably intended as a [[WesternAnimation/InvaderZim Zim]] {{expy}}.)

[[folder: I - M]]
* InkStainAdaptation:
** Several things ranging from character design to characterization itself were later implemented into the actual comics, with varying results. Also, if you were to ask someone today about the Teen Titans comic mythos, they're much more likely base it on their knowledge of the show.
*** For some specifics: take Cyborg and Raven. The former's popularity in this show (and a few other factors outside of it) have carried over into the comics and even boosted him all the way up to becoming ''a founding member of the '''Justice League''' '' come the New 52 launch. The latter a little less so, but after this show portrayals of Raven have skewed much closer to this show than her original comic appearances in terms of combative powers and appearances.
** This has caused problems with Starfire's reception as a character, as her cartoon self and her comic self are radically different.
* IronWoobie: Cyborg and Red Star.
* JerkassWoobie: Raven may be snarky towards her teammates, but knowing more about her past....you'll feel sorry or her. Terra too.
* MagnificentBastard: Slade by Season 4.
* MemeticMolester: This version of Slade is commonly seen as an {{Ephebophile}} by fans - [[DepravedBisexual for both boys and girls]]. It doesn't help that the dialogue at the climax of "Haunted" comes across as creepily sexual in nature, nor does it help the ending for "Birthmark" [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything is effectively an allegory for rape]].
* MemeticMutation:
** "Titans, Go!"
** "Evil beware, we have waffles."
** "Don't laugh. You gotta EAT the unicycle."
* MentorShip: Slade/Terra. The guilty pleasure ship of the fandom, owing to [[ManipulativeBastard several]] [[UnequalPairing key]] [[MoreThanMindControl factors]] and a [[MayDecemberRomance big age difference]]. Considerably rare for something that was canon in the original comics.
* MisaimedFandom: Terra falls into both types. She's ''supposed'' to be a [[AntiVillain morally gray character]], someone who [[WoobieDestroyerOfWorlds made horrible mistakes because of the pains of her past]], but wasn't pure evil. Instead, she has people vehemently condemning her as [[RonTheDeathEater a purely evil irredeemable psychopath]] and equally vehemently worshipping her as [[DracoInLeatherPants a blameless martyr who deserved far better than she got from the other Teen Titans]].
** On a show to show basis, the show itself when [[WesternAnimation/TeenTitansGo its controversial comedic successor]] is brought into discussion, with detractors of the latter complaining about the lack of continuity, characterization, drama, action, and animation style, in addition to being much more straight up comedic. What they may not realize is that these are very similar to the complaints against this show itself for not existing within the DCAU proper and having a more animesque art style, taking liberties with various characters and their depictions and having a more light-hearted and idealistic tone than the comic series it was based off of. The Terra storyline in particular was toned down in terms of both her role and fate.
* {{Moe}}: Starfire, hot alien babe and considering her age, is very cute! She also has a kind nature and naviety about Earth culture.
** Jericho is a male example. [[http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20081015233921/teentitans/images/7/7a/JerichoGuitar.jpg Just look at how cute he is!]]
* {{Mondegreen}}: Some have read the lyrics to the theme song's lyrics as ''"Never meant to be laid back delight."''
* MoralEventHorizon: Malchior convinces Raven to break his curse using classic sexual predator technique; preying on her despair and loneliness. And then what ''Slade'' does to Terra and Raven throughout seasons two and four respectively is bad enough, but he didn't have to sound like he enjoyed it so much.
** Blackfire counts for trying to kill her ''own sister'' without remorse.
** The creation of the Plasmus-Cinderblock-Overload chimera Ternion in Aftershock qualifies. Why? Because Plasmus ''is a person who unwillingly becomes a monster when he's awake.''
* MostAnnoyingSound:
** Larry's... *ahem* [[DreadfulMusician rendition]] of the Japanese version of the theme song. To be fair, Ami and Yumi's vocals can be heard near the end of it.
** Gizmo's voice; doesn't help that he's easily the most obnoxious character.
* SugarWiki/MostWonderfulSound: Terra's {{Leitmotif}} prior to her FaceHeelTurn.

[[folder: N - R]]
* {{Narm}}: Trigon is serious [[spoiler:but his oft-used symbol looks like an evil number 5.]]
* NauseaFuel:
** Starfire eating Silky's cocoon and really liking the taste of it, both for the audience and implied In-Universe.
** Kitten and her boyfriend Fang, whose head is a giant spider, making out. Though it does show that Kitten at least isn't shallow.
* NeverLiveItDown: Dr. Light's very first reappearance has him (understandably) still so scared of Raven that her appearing to be on the edge of another demon-mode outburst makes him surrender immediately. Nobody ever remembers that by the next appearance from that, he's gotten over it, to the point that when she attempts to intimidate him into immediate surrender again, he nonchalantly blasts her.
* OppositesAttract: Most of the {{fan preferred couple}}s invoke this. Especially [[SlapSlapKiss Beast Boy/Raven]].
* RelationshipWritingFumble: Two prominent examples. Highly unusual in that these were supposed to be ''platonic'' relationships, rather than romantic ones.
** Robin/Raven: As noted above, season 4 made a big deal of the fact that Robin and Raven are supposed to have one of the closest relationships of the team, almost surrogate siblings. Except, in the first three seasons, Robin and Raven almost never interact. The best one can say as evidence towards any closeness is the whole "Raven entering Robin's mind after he goes crazy due to Slade's psycho-dust" incident.
** Raven/Beast Boy: These two were always supposed to be purely platonic friends - HeterosexualLifePartners with a male/female duo. Instead, especially in season 3, their interactions came off as almost a SlapSlapKiss type budding romantic relationship, with Raven the {{tsundere}} and Beast Boy the DoggedNiceGuy. It's the biggest reason why they're the top FanPreferredCouple.
* RonTheDeathEater: Jinx gets a ''lot'' of flak from the fanfic writers for having "betrayed her friends" and turned on the HIVE Five. Never mind the fact that they were villains who repeatedly committed theft and put human lives in danger, that the HIVE Five weren't really her friends (except maybe See-More, the only one who even seems to express ''sorrow'' at the possibility of her leaving) and were explicitly depicted as inconsiderate and lacking in any sort of drive or passion...no, to the fans, the mere fact that she was a part of their group and left constitutes a heinous crime deserving of bashing. This is an unusual example of this trope, because it's usually unambiguous heroes like...well...Ron himself that get the Death Eater treatment, not a villainess who performed a [[HeelFaceTurn Heel Face Turn]].
** Terra can be both this '''and''' DracoInLeatherPants due to [[AntiVillain fluctuations between good and evil]].

[[folder: S - T]]
* TheScrappy:
** Kitten takes a lot of heat from the fans, but a lot of it's rather undeserved, as it's not for her [[SpoiledBrat unpleasant personality]] (which ''is'' detestable, even in-show) so much as the fact that she [[DieForOurShip forced Robin to date her.]] Even though the real goal behind that was [[OperationJealousy to regain Fang's attention after he broke up with her.]]
** Gizmo, of was perhaps the most commonly-appearing villain in the series, behind [[BigBad Slade.]] However, he also happened to be a whiny, self-superior BrattyHalfPint with an annoying voice and [[StaticCharacter nothing resembling]] CharacterDevelopment. Even his own teammates don't like him.
** Val-Yor, for being a {{Fantastic Racis|m}}t {{Jerkass}}. Though, considering the episode he debut in was devoted to condemn racism, he could likely been a non-supervillain HateSink.
* ShipMates: Robin/Starfire - Beast Boy/Raven is the most common example. There is also Beast Boy/Terra - Robin/Raven or Robin/Raven - Beast Boy/Starfire, and Robin/Starfire - Beast Boy/Terra also exists, though probably to a lesser extent. Kid Flash/Jinx is very commonly shipped alongside any of these combinations. Cyborg usually gets paired with Bumblebee, though he is occasionally paired with Jinx, creating another (much, much smaller) battle between Cyborg/Jinx and the (far more popular) [[OfficialCouple Kid Flash/Jinx]]. For a while, Robin/Starfire - Beast Boy/Terra - [[PairTheSpares Cyborg/Raven]] fics were very common.
* ShipSinking: Beast Boy and Terra in the finale.
* ShipTease: Robin/Starfire.
* ShipToShipCombat: [[BrokenBase Beast Boy/Raven vs. Beast Boy/Terra]]. Two smaller battles in the fandom, but big enough, are going on between [[OfficialCouple Robin/Starfire]] vs. Robin/Raven and Beast Boy/Raven vs. Robin/Raven as well. Even exists in-universe, as witnessed in "For Real".
*** Most likely a TakeThat to the fans, considering the pairings mentioned (BB/Star and Aqualad/Bumblebee) seem designed to go against the established [[FanPreferredCouple Fan Preferred Couples]].
* ShipsThatPassInTheNight: Blackfire/Red X is rather popular, and not only have they never met but both characters only appear in a handful of episodes each.
* SpiritualLicensee: As noted on the main page, the series has a tone closer to ''ComicBook/YoungJustice'' than the comic it was based on thanks to it's mix of comedic and dark storylines. [[WhatCouldHaveBeen It was pitched as]] a ''Young Justice'' series.
* {{Squick}}: Kitten and Fang's kiss in ''Date With Destiny''.
* StoicWoobie: It's hard not to feel sympathy for Raven but she keeps to herself.
* StrawLoser: Beast Boy, who may actually come off worse here than "Go!" (in all areas but attitude). His portrayal is mostly juvenile and/or played for comedy, his jokes can fall flat, and he is the most frequent [[TheWorfEffect Worf target]].
** Discussed in one episode, and character development ensures he grows into maturity in the end.
* StrawmanHasAPoint: While Beast Boy's jerkish behavior to his teammates in "The Beast Within" is uncalled for, he was right in calling Raven out on how she picks on him and insults him.
* TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodCharacter:
** Immortus has a very cool character concept -- that they did ''nothing'' with.
** Blackfire only appeared in ''two episodes'' and we never find out ''why'' she's so antagonistic in the first place!
** Red X, despite his popularity, almost NOTHING about him is revealed, or how he got the suit Robin used.
** Jericho. He's Slade's son in the comics but it wasn't even alluded to in the cartoon. Although this may have been explored if the show got more seasons.
** Classic Titans villain Psimon makes a couple cameo appearances in the last few episodes. Anyone familiar with the Teen Titans comics, or the Young Justice TV show, knows that this is WAY too cool and dangerous of a villain to be left to a mere cameo.
** Kyd Wykkyd was one of the most interesting HIVE students: mute, having a Batman-esque costume and his odd demon like powers that were somewhat similar to Raven's. They did jack all with him.
* TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodPlot:
** On a more basic level, Starfire has a deep backstory, yet she ''never'' got a season devoted to her own growth the way the other four did (with Robin and Beast Boy getting ''two'' in that they tied in to Raven and Terra's growth respectively), while the most growth we got from Starfire was her relationship with Robin.
** Another example is Robin and Beast Boy's personal relationship with each other. Throughout the show we see them developing stronger bonds with the other members, but their relationship with each other is neutral at best and tense at worst. There's never an episode where they develop a stronger bond together.
*** Especially since the ComicBook/DoomPatrol episodes give them the perfect [[Franchise/{{Batman}} common ground.]] The closest we see of them coming together is when they team up to individually take out Brain and Monsieur Mallah in the penultimate episode of the series.
** Terra's betrayal. They didn't show us enough of her being with the team. The betrayal happened too quickly. She joins the team, pops up in a cameo the next episode, then betrays them one episode afterward.
*** The creators wanted to show more of Terra as a Titan, but were hampered by a budget that didn't allow for 6 regular Titans (and voice actors) plus the VillianOfTheWeek for more than 5 episodes. So they did their best by suggesting a longer tenure than what we saw, by showing that mute cameo, plus including a flashback of Terra helping the Titans catch Mumbo in her final episode that season.
** Slade, in spite of making the most appearances of villain in the show, has very little revealed about who he is or even what his long term goals besides gaining an apprentice and dominating the city. It's especially bad that even he achieved his aim after the fourth season he almost never appears in the fifth so the Brain can take the spot as the BigBad.
** Robin's transformation into ComicBook/{{Nightwing}} is only alluded to once in the series. Despite his interest in becoming said hero, nothing ever becomes of it.
** It's never explained why Robin left Batman though while it's implied they had a falling out, in "The Apprentice" two parter Robin shows(albeit indirectly) that he still has a lot of respect for Batman and considers him his father.
* ToyShip: Beast Boy and Terra. OK, so they're not kids, but they're still two of the youngest characters in the show.

[[folder: U - W]]
* UglyCute:
** Silkie might as well be the mascot.
** There's also those little egg-headed aliens that worshiped Raven.
** And Monster!Starfire from the episode ''Transformation''.
** Blackfire and Glgrdsklechhh's babies in ''The New Teen Titans''.
* VillainDecay:
** Brother Blood. Even though his power level actually seemed to go ''up'' with each appearance, his personality became increasingly [[LargeHam hammy]], petulant, and single-mindedly obsessed with Cyborg, which noticeably hurt his overall effectiveness as a villain.
** Also very observable with the HIVE kids. In their first couple of appearances, they're the EvilCounterpart team to the Titans and can fight them evenly (and beat them without too much trouble if they play their cards right), but as time goes on they become complete jokes to the point that [[DarkActionGirl Jinx]], who remained the most competent, finally jumped ship and [[HeelFaceTurn became a hero]].
*** This is probably because the first fight, they caught the Titans off guard. The only thing that the HIVE kids are trained to do is repeat the same strategies over and over again, without making any judgment calls or creative plans. As anyone can tell you, this does perfectly fine in an academic setting, but in the real world things DON'T always go as you plan, and then all the strategy in the world won't help. The Titans are capable of innovation and creativity, but HIVE seems to be only capable of "Repeat Pattern Alpha" and just doing that over and over.
*** Then again, the Titans noticeably grow in terms of skill, power and teamwork over the show's run. Jinx seems to be the only member of the HIVE Five interested in something other than using their powers for petty gain once the structure of the HIVE Academy is taken away from them.
** Slade inverts this. Normally being DemotedToDragon makes a villain less of a threat, but he actually become more of a threat during this period.
* WhatDoYouMeanItsForKids: To an extent. On the whole, the series was pretty kid-friendly overall, but it did have moments of this at times with storylines involving [[TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt the end of the world]], Blackmail when [[spoiler: Slade threatens to kill the Teen Titans unless Robin becomes his apprentice]], and a few [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything instances of]] MindRape. Not to mention Raven's demonic heritage would make some religious parents and viewers scared.
* WhatDoYouMeanItWasntMadeOnDrugs: Any episode with Mad Mod and ''Employee of the Month'', [[spoiler: where the VillainOfTheWeek was a cube of alien tofu that was stealing cows to fuel his starship and wanted to blow up Earth after he had enough cows]].
** And then there's Larry...
*** Having Larry interrupt the theme song tends to be the writers way of pre-lampshading this.
** ''Mother Mae-Eye''. Enough said.
* TheWoobie: Often Starfire. Beast Boy gets little bits of Woobification throughout the series, but season five really sticks it to the guy, especially when he finds Terra.

!![=YMMVs=] for the [[ComicBook/TeenTitans comic books]]:

[[folder: A - B]]
* AccidentalInnuendo:
** On more than one occasion during The New Teen Titans era, Comicbook/{{Nightwing}} would let Jericho, whose power was to [[BodySurf possess people]], possess him with the words: [[http://30.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lk8uz27EK01qc7r93o1_400.png "Joey, get inside me!"]]
** [[http://static.comicvine.com/uploads/original/9/98764/1899884-loves_dick.jpg Here Starfire yells]] "I love Dick! Dick! I love Dick!" Referring to [[{{ComicBook/Robin}} Dick Grayson]], of course.
* AlternativeCharacterInterpretation: Terra. A sociopath who could not be helped, or a [[StepfordSmiler broken]] little girl who got mixed up with the wrong people and let her emotions get the better of her? Did she truly think the Teen Titans were her friends, even a little bit? Did she have feelings for Garfield? [[spoiler:[[DeathIsCheap Terra 2]], and her Black Lantern version, seems to have supported the alternate views]]. Also, was she [[HoistByHisOwnPetard hoisted by her own petard]] by accident, or did she commit suicide with the intention of doing so? Was she evil at heart, or did she just hate the hypocritical "goody two-shoes" nature of the Titans? Was her death fueled by drugs, contaminated drinking water, or was it natural?
** This is also another instance where the ambiguity only came later. Terra's evilness was the whole point of her character, and the narration during her death says, in no uncertain terms, that no one taught her to hate but herself.
*** Just prior to ''ComicBook/FinalCrisis'', there was a one-shot published that seemed to insinuate that Terra's psychotic behavior was the result of being drugged by Comicbook/{{Deathstroke}} (ala his kidnapping and brainwashing of [[Comicbook/{{Batgirl 2000}} Cassandra Cain]]).
* ArcFatigue:
** ''ComicBook/TitansHunt'' in spades.
** ''The Culling'' in the ''ComicBook/{{New 52}}''. The book's first 8 issues (most of a year) were built to get to this crossover with ''Legion Lost'', and at the end they don't even manage to defeat the bad guy.
* AuthorsSavingThrow: A few were attempted during the John's era. Some went over better than other.
** John Bryne's unpopular erasure of the Doom Patrol's past was undone thanks to a battle with Superboy Prime.
** Resurrecting Jerico with his original, pre HeelFaceTurn personality.
** Both Rose Wilson and Cassandra Cains bouts of insanity were explained away by Deathstroke drugging them during Johns final arc on the title, with Cassandra restored during it.
** Cutting down on the number of mentor titans after fans complained and making Robin the leader of the team post One Year Later.
* BaseBreaker: Fandom is split between Cheshire and whether or not she's an assassin who loves her children, or a sociopath who loves them so long as it's useful to her. WordOfGod from Gail Simone has it that she is indeed the latter due to nuking the entire nation of Qurac, though some fans point to her characterization not handled by Simone as the true Cheshire. Though the Qurac bombing was written in the early 1980s long before Gail Simone ever used her, which essentially means Cheshire has been a monster since then.
** Raven is considered this in some parts of the fandom. There are fans that see her as a cliched, overused character and irredeemable for the actions she pulled under her father's influence in the '90s (including destroying Tamaran), while others insist that she's still relevant to the series and that Starfire's forgiveness was good enough.
** Terra's story arc in the early 80s is an extreme example, as she was so popular that the fan perception of her FaceHeelTurn led to death threats against the creative team, who'd intended her to be evil all along.
** Cassie Sandsmark/Wonder Girl II. Many like her, others outright hate her. There's no middle ground.
** Bunker from the reboot - some like him, but many others claim that at least he wasn't an asshole like everyone else at the time.
* BoringInvincibleVillain: Harvest in the New 52, particularly during ''The Culling''. Not only does he have a force field, and possess various different powers allowing to NoSell practically everything entire teams of heroes throw at him, but [[GambitRoulette he allegedly plans or at least prepares for every single possibility he encounters]]. While intimidating on paper, he makes note to point this out so often he seems more like he has no idea what he is doing and desperately trying to save face.

[[folder: C - D]]
* CompleteMonster: [[BigRedDevil Trigon the Terrible]] is a [[DemonLordsAndArchDevils demonic overlord]] who rules an empire where countless souls are kept in horrible bondage, with those who dare to resist--"resistance" can be defined as "don't do as ordered quick enough"--being ruthlessly exterminated. Trigon wishes to extend his dominion to Earth, and to that end, disguised himself as a handsome human being to impregnate a woman named Arella, revealing his true form and taunting her after. After invading earth, Trigon [[AbusiveParents dominates the soul]] of [[ArchnemesisDad his daughter Raven]] and corrupts her into a monster, forcing her to attack her own world and friends. Trigon's brutality extends to exterminating entire worlds simply to make a lesson. With no redeeming features whatsoever, Trigon is the most terrifying and powerful foe the Teen Titans have ever faced.
* CreatorsPet:
** Danny Chase was universally loathed by fans within a few issues of his first appearance. He was a CousinOliver (he even ''looked'' like the original Cousin Oliver) introduced to make the team seem younger, as he was only in his early teens while everyone else was pushing 20. Despite his age, he constantly argued with the other members of the team, criticized them, was supposed to be a genius superspy teenager with telekinetic powers, but then went crazy with fear whenever an actual fight took place. And when Dick was distraught at the death of Jason Todd, Danny said it was no big deal because Jason 'knew the risks'. The only person who didn't seem to grasp how loathed this character was was writer Marv Wolfman who, to this day, still insists it was the readers' fault for not "getting the character",
*** As a tip, in a series about costumed superheroes with codenames, whose fans presumably enjoy reading about costumed superheroes with codenames, having a character who continually goes on about how lame costumes and codenames are and how he's too cool for a costume or codename probably isn't going to go down too well.
*** It also hurt that Marv Wolfman had no idea how to write a telekinetic to complement the Titans' diverse power set. Chase's powers were mainly shown to be (at best) extremely limited: at best he could levitate himself (but only while sitting Indian-style) and throw small objects around at bad guys to annoy them. Jean Grey he wasn't; this combined with his wussy behavior during combat, made him practically useless in battle. As bad as Cypher was power-wise, at least he had training in hand-to-hand combat and was willing to take a bullet for his teammates when necessary.
** The second Wonder Girl, Cassie Sandsmark, was felt to be this after she became team leader in ''Teen Titans'' volume 3. While talked up as a leader by the writers, Cassie didn't really do all that much and more page time was often given to her acting obnoxiously condescending or being a {{Jerkass}} to her boyfriend. Fans also felt insulted when Felicia Henderson brought Beast Boy back to the team: Rather than give him his leader role back, Henderson had Cassie continue to be leader while lacking any character development, while the older and more experienced Gar was demoted to obnoxious comic relief and treated as if he were younger.
* CryForTheDevil: Persuader, when she's finally reunited with her father and he's killed by Clock King right in front of her.
* DieForOurShip: Beast Boy (Changeling)/Raven vs. Beast Boy/Terra (or Terra II). Fans of the former hated there being a second Terra so much that they actively wished death on the character (they got their wish). Fans of the latter still clung to the hope that Raven would be deep-sixed for even the third Terra, citing that she would make "more sense", getting them hate from [[LesYay Terra III/Power Girl]] fans. After both later Terras were written out of continuity, the shipping competition has since been reset to being between the first Terra and Raven.
* DorkAge: A couple of eras qualify. Particularly the Atom-led new team of H'sann Natall hybrid teenagers. And the 90s up until the teams split into The Titans and ''ComicBook/YoungJustice''.
** Yet even others believe Geoff Johns helped derail the team into a longer-lasting era of poor quality, if not being the main cause. Opinions over this vary a lot more, though Felicia Henderson's part of volume 3 is seldom ever liked.
** None have been yet so reviled as Deathstroke's team of mercenaries, under Eric Wallace and Fabrizio Fiorentino. Compared to the levels of {{Wangst}} and {{Gorn}} any previous book may have had, Wallace somehow managed to turn it UpToEleven.
** The New 52 Titans have become this recently, having been cancelled two and half years into its run, incidentally also driving the final nail into DC's Young Justice line, which at one point included teen heroes from three different comic universe. A lack of consistent pacing and logic, ExecutiveMeddling, and enough dropped subplots and characters to drive even die-hard fans away.
* DracoInLeatherPants: Deathstroke and the original Terra mostly share this reception. The '80s villain Eric Forrester has also gotten this treatment from a few fans and fanworks, despite the fact that he only wanted the power of Raven's soul-self and didn't really love her, as well as attempting to rape her. His supporters use the in-story reasoning that Eric was trying to save his humanity with his using of women for their souls, while turning him into a misunderstood nice guy that should date Raven.

[[folder: E - F]]
* EnsembleDarkhorse:
** Beast Boy, Kid Devil, Miss Martian and Ravager, especially in the 2000s books.
* FandomRivalry: With the ''Batman'' fandom over Nightwing. A big part of it comes from the shipping wars regarding whether Dick should be with Starfire or Barbara Gordon.
* FanNickname: [[{{Manga/Berserk}} Femto]] for New 52 Raven.
* FanonDiscontinuity: While there are numerous examples, one that stands out in particular is the case regarding ''Titans'' #23 by Eddie Berganza, which acted as the final issue before Eric Wallace took over. Primarily a filler issue, it basically rewrote the Fab Five's friendship as a case of Roy being a nuisance they barely put up, while also revealing he had asked Donna to marry him. However, a premonition from Lilith Clay warning Donna that her redheaded husband would die led to Donna turning him down. Also, the Titans apparently knew beforehand about Roy's heroin addiction and once found him strung out in his Speedy costume before Robin told him "get help or get out." This issue blatantly ignored everything about the Fab Five when they were younger and it was clear Eddie Berganza had no idea what he was doing, or most likely it's a case of TheyJustDidntCare since they needed to fill the gap before the new direction. Nearly every fan of the Titans and of the Fab Five choose to pretend this story never happened. It was just that bad.
* FoeYay: Cheshire with both Roy Harper, the first Speedy, and Thomas Blake, aka Catman. She once propositioned Catman during a battle, not long after having hired two hit squads after him.

[[folder: H - I]]
* HilariousInHindsight: Thia, the evil goddess of the sun, redesigned herself as a powerful businesswoman, as seen in ''ComicBook/TheOriginOfLilith''. She had a firm named "Sun publishing Inc.". This firm has absolutely no relation with the [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sun_Publishing_Company Sun Publishing Company]], and nobody implies that this later company is led by an evil witch that sets people on fire at a whim.
* InternetBackdraft:
** The controversial "Titans: Villains For Hire" one-shot has been the subject of a great deal of (mostly negative) attention over its ending, where Ryan Choi, one of DC's few Asian superheroes, is violently slaughtered by the new team of Titans. It has even prompted a number of debates and editorials across the web over DC's handling of non-white superheroes.
** The removal of all of the minorities from the Teen Titans (including the fan-favorites Static and Blue Beetle) by incoming writer JT Krul has also prompted a sizable amount of discussion on message boards, and was even mentioned by Racialicious.com, a website which deals with racially-charged issues in politics and pop culture.
** Since volume 3's inception back in 2003, there had been a small but vocal number of fans who have stated their hatred for it, as the cult-classic series ''ComicBook/YoungJustice'' was cancelled so that its characters could be "graduated" to Titan status. In the reverse, there were also fans who disliked the current book because the Young Justice characters were added and developed at the expense of older established Titans.
** ''Rise of Arsenal''. Enough said.
** Bunker has caused some minor fuss. Many critics (gay and straight alike) consider him to be a little ''too'' gay, even despite the writer's explanation that Bunker is open about his sexual preference because everybody in his hometown loved and accepted him for who he is.
** Over the years, fiery debates have come up involving the original Terra: Was she really as sociopathic as Wolfman claimed, or did she deserve to be rehabilitated and redeemed...or at the very least, kept alive? It certainly didn't help that Wolfman agreed to make Terra the sister of Mike Barr's character Geo-Force, with Barr then writing Terra as sincerely loving her brother in her private thoughts ''at the same time Wolfman was writing her as a sociopath!'' Retcons by writers like Brad Meltzer (who suggested Terra was innocent) have complicated the matter further, as well as some feeling that Wolfman "played favorites" in creating Terra to be a sociopath but never calling out Raven for more destructive actions she pulled under her father's evil influence. The Terra vs. Raven parts of the debate get particularly loaded.
* InNameOnly: The New 52 team gets accusations like this for some of its characters.
** Wonder Girl had zero connection to Wonder Woman until her father was revealed to be demigod from the Greek pantheon. She's completely unaware of this, though, so there's still no reason why she calls herself Wonder Girl beyond trademark purposes.
** Solstice received an overhaul that rendered her unrecognizable and left her with vague energy and shadow based powers. This despite being a brand new character.
** The New 52 version of Tim Drake is probably the most recent and biggest example of this for fans. For instance, his main role in the book is to be the expo speak guy who's a blatant {{Expy}} of Nightwing from the classic series, including the latter's Casanova approach towards women and winged costume. He also now has "Tim Drake" as an assumed name after being an idiot and bringing the Penguin's wrath down on his family, he didn't figure out who Batman was, has almost no down-to-earth ties anymore, and largely acts like a stupider, less sensitive parody of his former character. Instead of being a computer genius, his backstory was also tweaked to have him as a former athlete (which some believe furthers the Nightwing similarity, as Dick was an acrobat).
** And then we learn the origin of Bart Allen [[spoiler: a.k.a. "Bar Tor", a villainous and murderous revolutionary from the future with no connection to the Flash Family at all]]. To say that fans of Impulse were pissed would put it lightly.
* ItWasHisSled: Terra being TheMole, and her general [[TheSociopath sociopathic]] nature. That arc is one of the most well-remembered arcs in the comics run, one of the most influential arcs in comic book history, and it helped make the series so popular in the 80s. When a [[ComicBook/TinyTitans kids comic]] spoils this in the characters first appearance, you know that its his sled. The cartoon adaptation helped renew this spoiler, thanks to Terra's popularity (though ''that'' Terra was [[BrokenBird vastly different from]] [[PsychoForHire the original Terra]].)

[[folder: M - O]]
* MoralEventHorizon:
** Osiris' killing of the Persuader was an accident. He tried justifying the death of Ryan Choi and everyone else he's killed as trying to bring his sister and Black Adam back. But now he freely admits that he enjoys violence and is just as bad as everyone accused him of being.
** Superboy-Prime becoming full-on evil again after Headcase accidentally takes him away from Prime Earth. This nullifies any redemption he could have had in ''ComicBook/BlackestNight'' and solidifies his CompleteMonster status.
* MyRealDaddy: It's widely agreed that Devin Grayson is the only writer in recent years who ever really understood not just Roy's character, but Lian's as well.
** The creative team of Marv Wolfman and George Perez for the Titans in general. They didn't create the team but they did propel the Titans to the greatest height of their popularity, which was no less than DC's # 1 selling title. And, although they did not create the team itself, they created Raven, Cyborg, Starfire, the Nightwing persona of Dick Grayson, the Troia persona of Donna Troy, Jericho, Deathstroke, H.I.V.E., Terra, Brother Blood, Trigon, Azarath, Cheshire, the "T" shaped building... can you really imagine the group ''without'' a number of those characters or concepts being around?
* {{Narm}}: Lian Harper's funeral. The entire superhero community shows up, in their brightly colored costumes.
** Harvest. It's hard to take a "Darkseid level threat" seriously when his plans are transparently idiotic.
** The first issue of the New 52 series has Tim holding a picture of him and Bruce swinging through Gotham. It looks cool, until you question how he even got that picture. Seriously, did they pose for it? It outright ''looks'' like a comic book cover.
* NeverLiveItDown: Roy's heroin abuse, which was only present for one issue of Green Arrow and then followed by him going cold turkey. It doesn't help that following Lian's death he's gone back to using it.
* OneSceneWonder: Lord Damyn ([[TheMagnificent High of Highs, Best of Best]]) is a supporting character who only ever appears in two issues (#24 and #25) of ''The New Teen Titans''. [[LaughablyEvil He]] [[NotSoHarmlessVillain makes]] [[CompleteMonster quite]] [[NiceHat an]] [[CloudCuckoolander impression,]] [[ImAHumanitarian though.]]
* OnlyTheCreatorDoesItRight: An odd case with any Teen Titans team formed with members of the [=YJ4=] (Tim Drake, Bart Allen, Cassie Sandsmark, and Conner Kent): Peter David's ''ComicBook/YoungJustice'' book did not create any of these characters, but he wrote their initial interactions, chemistry, and helped introduce a huge number of fans to them and comics. Especially Wonder Girl; Cassie was TheScrappy to a large number of people until PeterDavid made her popular enough to [[EnsembleDarkhorse win a fan held election for leader.]] If you look at the entries on this page for Geoff Johns, you can see part of the problem.

[[folder: S - T]]
* TheScrappy:
** Danny Chase. Not only did he actually look like CousinOliver, but ''everyone'' hated him. He mocked Jason Todd's death (in front of Dick Grayson, Jason's adopted brother) and his sole Crowning Moment of Anything was his own death.
** Terry Long, for being considerably older than Donna, coming off as creepy, and his tendency to make blatant passes at her friends. He actually became even more of a JerkAss in the '90s, before he was killed off in John Byrne's run of Wonder Woman.
** The Team Titans:
** Cassandra Sandsmark, she came off like a raging AlphaBitch after her boyfriend's death. It's worse when you remember that she started out as her school's lovable geek. Her New 52 version has similar controversy, but is also hated for being a thief, being "overtly sexualized" and having her connection with Wonder Woman only recognizeable to readers of Wondie's book (she's the daughter of Diana's half-brother, i.e. the niece of Wonder Woman, though neither of them know about it as of now).
*** Once Conner returned to the series (before the reboot), you think she wouldn't have had much reason to keep lashing out at her teammates, but some writers felt differently. Under Johns' (ironically) and others' pens since Conner's return, she had been portrayed positively and having gotten over her grief. But other writers, especially in the case of Felicia Henderson, had continued to portray her as an angry shrew, who even goes as far as to treat her back-from-the-dead boyfriend like crap (eventually leading to their breakup).
** Prysm, a member of Dan Jurgens' volume 2 team, isn't very liked by some classic fans due to coming off too naive and stereotypically feminine, spoiled, and her visual appeal mostly coming from the fact that she was nude all the time.
** Fringe from the above run is also hated, for lacking personality and never being as developed. Unlike Prysm, it's hard to find fans that can tolerate him.
** Minion from Wolfman's ''New Titans'' is either hated or ignored by most fans due to the fact that he came in during a DorkAge, and that he seemed to be pushed in as a cool new teenage character but lacked interesting traits.
** Bombshell was widely disliked by a number of fans during her brief tenure on the team. She was criticized for having very little personality and was accused of trying to ape the characterization of the recently departed fan favorite Ravager. The fact that she was a MotorMouth and a JerkAss didn't do much to help her standing with fans.
** Deathstroke's Titans team qualifies for this status as well. They are even more so ignored than Fringe and Minion, who are at least mentioned in nostalgic regard when discussing the past Titans team, whereas Slade's team of mercenaries is completely ignored save for when someone is mentioning a member that was already a Titan (Roy, Osiris) or associated with the group (Cheshire, Deathstroke). Anything beyond that is liable to be overly critical ranting about how much that run on the book sucked.
** The [=DEOrphans=], a group of metahuman kids from the DEO, were hated even more than the unpopular Titans. This was because they got in the way of the Titans' screentime and that they were simply useless at fighting or doing much to advance the plot. Their presence also caused the "Epsilon" arc to be heavily rewritten, and a bunch of other planned stories had been thrown out.
** Pantha and Baby Wildebeest had received hate and ridicule for being "awful '90s characters" from various fans, although their deaths in Infinite Crisis showed them to be more on the BaseBreaker side, as many other fans decried their horrible fate.
** Flamebird. After the first Crisis, the original Bat-Girl no longer existed and Barbara Gordon was deemed to be the original. When Marv Wolfman and George Perez decided to revamp the Titans West team for the Post-Crisis origins of the Teen Titans, Betty Kane was reintroduced as Mary Elizabeth (''"Bette"'') Kane, now with the codename Flamebird and a ValleyGirl with [[StalkerWithACrush a strong desire to get the affections and praise of Nightwing in any way]]. As Wolfman had no love for the Titans West save for Lilith and Changeling, the portrayals of the revamped versions, ESPECIALLY Bette, earned them spots high on the Titans "Scrappy" list. Flamebird wound up as a ButtMonkey-type character for years to come, even though some writers attempted to make her seem more interesting through [[InformedAbility "depths"]] in her origin (stating her physical prowess and skills that rarely seemed to be reflected). Geoff Johns started a more streamlined take on the character in the ''Beast Boy'' mini-series, and it seemed that Greg Rucka was attempting [[RescuedFromTheScrappyHeap to revise her into a much more competent heroine]]. The New52 pressed the ResetButton via the ''Batwoman'' series, as Bette now lost most of her established history (and previous upgrade), making her come off nearly TooStupidToLive and get mutilated by an enemy. She's later appeared to have gone back on track to a darker and more serious revamp in her costume, but time will tell if this change is successful.
** Golden Eagle was initially hated for being a shoe-horned attempt to give Hawkman a sidekick and knockoff in the Pre-Crisis era, and was hated Post-Crisis for being a slacker surfer-type guy who'd only fight if it could get him women and attention. [[AlasPoorScrappy He got a little sympathy after being killed off]], but after Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray retconned his death and revealed him to be a {{Jerkass}}-type villain with a grudge against Hawkman, fans had new reason to despise the guy (or the direction he was taken in).
** Tara Markov, Terra of course, isn't exactly a well-liked character. She was the original comic's [[TheMole mole]], and a PsychoForHire who toyed with people's emotions and taunted her former friends.
** Tara's [[spoiler:doppelgänger, previously assumed to be her revived]], Terra II, was more liked, although some fans of the Beast Boy/Raven ship threw potshots at her (until her death). Atlee, the third Terra, managed to become something of a fan favorite due to her supporting role in the ''ComicBook/PowerGirl'' series.
* StrangledByTheRedString: Tim Drake ([[Comicbook/{{Robin}} Robin III]]) and Cassie Sandsmark ([[ComicBook/WonderGirl Wonder Girl II]]). Given the fact that they had a very platonic interaction before the hookup, that Wonder Girl was the girlfriend of Robin's dead best friend ComicBook/{{Superboy}}, and the reason they kissed in the first place was due to mutual mourning of said person... yeah, it was definitely a trainwreck. Fans of both Wonder Girl and Robin sighed a collective breath of relief when the pairing ended.
** ...Though the return of the subplot in the New 52 only reignited the fan rage. To the series credit, the first few issues did establish UnresolvedSexualTension between the two and succeeding issues suggested that the romance would be approached slowly and with an organic approach. Then [[AssPull issue #18 happened]]. First, [[DoggedNiceGuy Tim Drake]] kissed Solstice from out of nowhere, even though he knows she's in a relationship with Kid Flash. Then, on the next page, it's heavily implied [[ChasteHero he]] and Wonder Girl have sex, and [[AManIsNotAVirgin have had sex before]]. And the last page reveals that [[BrainwashedAndCrazy something's very wrong with Tim]]. Later issues reveal that Trigon was manipulating him, but the writer tried to write the situation under the rug by saying he was only enhancing Tim's desires. Unfortunately, that still meant he took a famously chaste hero like Tim, forced him to have sex under the influence (ie. rape) with his LoveInterest, and then to add salt to the wound, Wonder Girl was then shown trying to get with Superboy (probably her most popular suitor) to get past the fling, Solstice promptly forgot the whole event, and everyone was written poorly for seven or eight more issues before they were cancelled.
* StrawmanHasAPoint: The evil alternate Kid Flash during ''ComicBook/TheTerrorOfTrigon'' pointed that, although they had so much UnresolvedSexualTension, Wally West is so undecided that he will never enjoy the warm kisses of Raven. And he was right.
* TheyChangedItNowItSucks: ''Titans'' becoming a villain-driven book about a team of mercenaries led by Deathstroke. The reviews for the series before the change had already been poor, but after Eric Wallace and Fabrizio Fiorentino took over, the book found its way on many "Worst Comics of 2010" lists. One common complaint was the death of Ryan Choi.

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* {{Wangst}}: A staple since the eighties.
* WereStillRelevantDammit:
** The outfits from the "Culling" crossover, which basically says "We're still cool. See? Tron costumes!"
** After the fiasco the comic has been having throughout it's New52 run DC has decided to [[http://www.avclub.com/article/exclusive-dc-preview-teen-titans-1-brings-team-dig-206791again "bring them into the digital age."]] In other words, "Oh look! They're texting, and they have smart phones! How hip and happening is that?!" It feels like an obvious attempt to latch on to what "in" with the teen and young adult crowd. The advertising for it adds a level of Narm that's [[AvertedTrope lacking]] [[NarmCharm anything to like about it.]] The covers themselves are unnaturally jarring due to showing [[OutOfCharacter RAVEN of all people acting like a phone addict.]] The same covers make it look like they're texting each other even though they're standing right next to each other and makes the team look like no such thing.
* WhatDoYouMeanitsNotPolitical: "The Return of Donna Troy" has a discussion between Troia (a brainwashed evil conqueror at the time) and Athyns. Troia claimed that the aliens she was attacking had some dangerous universal weapon, which must be destroyed on behalf of the universe. Athyns pointed that they were not surrounded by any dangerous evil army but by poor people ravaged by war, and asked [[ArmorPiercingQuestion if they had such a weapon, why didn't they attempt to defend themselves with it]]. Athyns concluded, before starting to fight, that there is no such weapon and that the Titans of Myth have lied to her. Yes, you guessed it: the comic book was published at the time of the Iraq war.
* WhatDoYouMeanItWasntMadeOnDrugs: When Raven first appeared, she could not have her Soul Self out of her body [[KryptoniteFactor for more than 5 minutes]]. One day, she failed to return to her body in time. The results were... [[MindScrew mind screwing]].
* TheWoobie: Kid Devil of the current generation. He has the most pathetic back story prior to joining the team, and ends up getting the worst treatment after.
** JerkassWoobie: Yes, Harper murdered a supervillain, turned his back on his friends, went back on heroin, and joined Deathstroke's mercenary team for the chance to kill Deathstroke. But considering that his right arm had been hacked off, was given a prosthetic which actually causes more pain and impairs his abilities as an archer, and his daughter, Lian, died, it's hard not to feel sorry for him. This is magnified by how out-of-character his friends and family acted during ''Rise of Arsenal'', and by how his joining Deathstroke's Titans was mainly due to Cheshire, Lian's mother, guilt tripping him into joining by saying that he "owed" her for Lian's death.