Subjective tropes associated with Swans and their music include:
* ArchivePanic: Finding what song came from where in what version can be maddening to the dedicated fan.
* CrossesTheLineTwice: The ballistic {{hardcore punk}} tribute "Freak" on ''Filth'' definitely qualifies, as do the monologue on "I Was A Prisoner In Your Skull" and the [[LyricalDissonance boisterously gruesome lyrics]] to "Reeling The Liars In".
* CrowningMusicOfAwesome: Lots of it.
** Some highlights: Their most ambitious (and, probably, best) studio material can be found on ''Soundtracks for the Blind'', ''The Seer'', and ''To Be Kind''. Amongst their live material, ''Swans Are Dead'' is two hours and twenty-three minutes and all of it is amazing. ''The Great Annihilator'', ''White Light from the Mouth of Infinity'', and ''Children of God'' are particularly noteworthy works as well.
* EpicRiff: "Raping a Slave".
* FaceOfTheBand: Both Jarboe and Gira.
* [[HeReallyCanAct He Really Can Sing In Audible Octaves]]: Gira on ''Children Of God'' and especially ''Love Will Tear Us Apart''.
* MagnumOpus: Gira seems to regard ''The Seer'' as this, and sizeable portions of both rock critics and the fanbase seem to agree. The fact that it got 9.0 and Best New Music on Pitchfork has probably helped expose the band to a lot of new listeners. Before that, ''Soundtracks for the Blind'' was generally regarded as their MagnumOpus.
** Consensus on ''To Be Kind'' seems to be that it's an EvenBetterSequel, or at least, every bit as good as ''The Seer''.
* NauseaFuel: "Your Game" on ''Body to Body, Job to Job''.
** The lyrics are Gira reciting a short story he wrote, later to be published in his book ''The Consumer'', filled with other equally disgusting and disturbing stories.
* '''NightmareFuel''': [[{{NightmareFuel/Swans}} Have their own page.]]
* ParanoiaFuel: "Not Alone" from ''Swans Are Dead'', most of ''Soundtracks for the Blind'', the interludes from ''Love Of Life'', "Look At Me Go"....
* {{Tearjerker}}: Often, the most famous being "God Damn the Sun".
** The final chorus to "Blind":
-->''No, I was never young,\\
and nothing has transpired,\\
and when I look in the mirror,\\
I feel dead,\\
I feel cold,\\
I am blind.''
** There's also "Helpless Child", which can drive pretty much anyone to suicidal ideations. The triumphant, roaring ending crescendo of the song can either make it even more depressing or uplifting, depending on your point of view.