* CrossesTheLineTwice: Several scenes, noticably [[AxCrazy Wade Wilson]]'s rampage and Carson Baye's death.
** [[CrowningMomentOfFunny "CRAIG HOYLE IS GOING TO]] [[{{Series/Firefly}} RAPE YOU AND WEAR YOUR SKIN AS A COAT!"]]
* CrowningMomentOfAwesome: Most characters will get one at some point. Some of the better examples can be found on [[Awesome/SurvivalOfTheFittest the relevant page]].
* DarknessInducedAudienceApathy: It can be a little hard to care when you know all but one person's going to die, that person will be a shell of their former selves, and Danya [[spoiler: or his successors]] will inevitably win in the end ([[XanatosGambit even if it doesn't look like it]]).
* MarySue: Plenty of them show up in the application process. Some make it onto the island, but far less than there used to be. As of the more recent seasons, the general rule is that they try to screen out obvious "players" who seem like they were written specifically to succeed in the arena (e.g. a [[DarkAndTroubledPast violent upbringing]], gritty working-class background, antisocial attitude, experience with weapons and/or fighting), in favor of more {{Ordinary High School Student}}s who may only hold some of those traits.
* {{Narm}}: Due to the written medium, a poorly-placed typo or the like can utterly ruin a scene's mood. Also, the gore in some scenes is so hilariously over the top and childish (not to mention some of the one-liners...), that it's almost impossible to take seriously. On the other hand...
* NightmareFuel: ...some scenes use gore in a skilled enough manner to give the reader a serious case of the willies. A classic example would have to be Damien Carter-Madison's death scene, where his [[DyingDream dying hallucination]] sees his former classmates drag him into the gates of what is ''heavily'' implied to be {{Hell}}. It's... unnerving and frightening, to say the least. [[NightmareFuel/SurvivalOfTheFittest Now has its own page.]]
* ParanoiaFuel: It's all too easy to start applying the mindsets of characters to your own classmates.
* TearJerker: Several, although given the [[KillEmAll premise]], that isn't really surprising.
* TheWoobie: It's to be expected, given the premise. Most characters go through a round of [[BreakTheCutie cutie]] or [[BreakTheHaughty haughty-breaking]], and the more sympathetic ones tend to be some variant of this.

[[folder:Version 1]]
* MoralEventHorizon: Cody Jensen raping and murdering Madelaine Shirohara, and then [[AccidentalMurder accidentally]] killing Amanda Jones.

[[folder:Version 2]]
* CriticalResearchFailure: An early scene with Andrew Swainson has his murder attempt stymied by leaving the safety on. He's carrying a Glock, a handgun famous for having no manual safety devices whatsoever.

[[folder:Version 3]]
* AlasPoorScrappy: The death of Liam Black was considered to be well-written, and genuinely saddening, in spite of the fact that the character was extremely unpopular whilst alive.
* MemeticBadass: Bobby Jacks, who in-game managed to headshot a student from behind without looking at them. This led to tales of Bobby ricocheting bullets [[Franchise/MetalGear Revolver Ocelot-style]] (which led to the nickname Bocelot), killing students from several threads away, and firing his gun in v3 and killing a student in v4.

[[folder:Version 4]]
* BaseBreakingCharacter: [[EvilBrit Maxwell Lombardi]]. He's either hated for being cliche and over the top, or loved for those exact same reasons.
** [[AxeCrazy Liam Brooks]], full stop. Same reasoning as above [[FaceHeelTurn post-breakdown.]] He's either seen as an effective WoobieDestroyerOfWorlds or an over the top villain running on a {{Gimmick}}. [[RuleOfCautiousEditingJudgement Let's just leave it at that]].
* EnsembleDarkhorse: Mr. Kwong. It's very unusual for a non-student to get much attention (either in or out of character), but you'd be hard pressed to find a handler that doesn't like him.
* {{Moe}}: Sierra Manning, a cute emotional girl whose cuteness is only amplified by her lisp.
** This trope could also easily explain why Orn "Dutchy" Ayers is so popular on the board. Dutchy is an [[FunnyForeigner Icelandic]], [[BiTheWay free-loving]] [[NerdsAreSexy comic book nerd]] who watches soccer and cries TenderTears over the plight of third-world countries among other things. Add in his in-game posts, which makes many handlers see him as TheWoobie, and his habit of wearing a PointlessBandAid over his nose, and you have a character who [[EnsembleDarkhorse most of the board adores]]. Which makes his mental scarring and subsequent death all that more painful.
* MoralEventHorizon: Sarah Atwell's [[spoiler:[[ColdBloodedTorture slow, calculated torture]] of Eve Walker-Luther]].
** [[spoiler: Alex White's ColdBloodedTorture of Rosa Fiametta]]. It's not helped by it being written similarly to a [[RapeAsDrama rape scene]]. At all.
* PortmanteauCoupleName: The [[HeterosexualLifePartners broship]] of Liam "Brook" Brooks and Jason Harris is generally referred to as "Brason", while Garry Villette and Saul Fetteralf are commonly referred to as either "Garul" or "Gaul".
** [[SchoolgirlLesbians Sarah Xu and Reiko Ishida]], who are often called "Sareiko" when mentioned together.

[[folder:Version 5]]
* BaseBreakingCharacter: [[InsufferableGenius Gavin Hunter]] is either an interesting concept with flawed execution or an affront to the whole site, depending on who you ask. It doesn't help that his handler RageQuit the site after his escape attempt failed.


[[folder:Version 6]]
* MoralEventHorizon: Isabel Ramirez torturing an already-injured Conrad Harrod to death, reflecting on how much she is enjoying it the whole while. She goes on to do this to other people as well.
* RunningGag: People misspelling or mispronouncing Alvaro Vacanti's name, both in-universe and OOC.


* BaseBreakingCharacter: Anastasia Arcadia in [=TV2=], who was already divisive with her over-the-top quirky hedonist persona, and either won readers over or lost them completely when she went off the deep end.
* CargoShip: As an officially canonical example from Virtua, no less: Sycanus Appletin and her teddy bear are... rather close. At one point she is shown making out with it.
* DarknessInducedAudienceApathy: Second Chances.
** Evo can easily invoke this. The characters have no friends, some people get permanently and horribly mutilated before the game even starts and even if they win, there's a chance if their change was too great they'd never let them go home and they'd be an experiment forever.
** ''SOTF-TV'' is an inversion, in that the LighterAndSofter comedic elements caused some handlers to feel less concern for the characters.
* ItsTheSameNowItSucks: Second Chances, again, as reusing old characters who were mostly handled by the same writers, combined with the same basic plotline as SOTF Main, limited its novelty value for a lot of readers. It wasn't helped by most of the characters coming from V4, the version that took place just before Second Chances, which meant that most of the characters had just been seen in action a few months ago.
* MemeticBadass: From SOTF-TV you have [[MemeticMutation Jared Fuckin' Clayton]], a previous winner who was enlisted as a mentor for one of the teams. He serves as this in-universe as well.
* PortmanteauCoupleName: In [=TV2=], the couple Vahka Basayev and Regina Aston is referred to OOC as [[{{IncrediblyLamePun}} Vagina]].