!! The animation studio:
* MemeticMutation: The infamous "sausage fingers".
* TheProblemWithLicensedGames: Bandai produces ''Sunrise Crusade'', a TCG that includes ''Dunbine'', ''Daitarn 3'', ''Brain Powerd'', ''Galient'', ''Mightgain'', ''King Gainer'', ''Ryu Knight'', ''Xabungle'', ''Layzner'', ''Cowboy Bebop'', ''Wataru'', ''Zegapain'', ''Cyber Formula GPX'', ''J-Decker'', ''Votoms'', ''Dragonar'', ''Ideon'', ''Mai-[=HiME=]'' (and ''Otome''), ''s-CRY-ed'', ''L-Gaim'', ''Zambot 3'', ''Code Geass'', ''Dendoh'', and ''Tiger and Bunny''.
!! The film:
* TearJerker: When The Wife breaks down in the restaurant. It's guaranteed to break your heart.
** And when the Man [[spoiler: thinks The Wife is dead.]] That face is the face of a broken man.
* VindicatedByHistory: All of Murnau's American-made films, including ''Sunrise'', lost money at the box office. One of [[NationalFilmRegistry the first 25 films selected for eternal preservation]] by the Library of Congress, the reputation of ''Sunrise'' continues to build even into the 21st century.