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'''Unmarked spoilers for seasons 1, 2, 3, and 4.'''

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* AbandonShipping:
** All the Garnet pairings sunk with three words: "Three's a crowd.", referencing the fact that Garnet herself is a fusion of two Gems that are in love. However, others continued shipping [[OneTrueThreesome Garnet/Pearl/Amethyst]] under the justification that "three's a crowd, but four's a party".
** A lot of Pearl/Rose Quartz shippers began to reconsider the pairing after "Sworn to the Sword" and "We Need to Talk", which showed a darker side to Pearl's devotion to Rose.
** Pearl/Garnet:
*** Many shippers were excited for "Cry for Help" seeing as their fusion, Sardonyx debuted in that episode, however the episode itself did a number on the Pearl/Garnet relationship: it is revealed that Pearl was the one who kept repairing the Communications Hub so she could continue to fuse with Garnet. The episode ends with them not being able to speak to one another. Some still stay aboard, but many Pearlnet shippers had jumped, only for interest to have reignited with the airing of "Friend Ship", where they finally are able to talk out their problems and come to a closer understanding of each other than before. Them being steadily forced closer together by a shrinking room until their faces are just inches from each other and escaping through the formation of Sardonyx likely contributed.
** While there are still people who are willing to ship her with other characters, plenty Pearl related ships have been abandoned after "Cry for Help" due to many believing that at this point in her life she just wouldn't be capable of a healthy romantic relationship for now.
*** Pearl and Amethyst seemed like a possible ship, but since Peridot and Amethyst seem to bond a lot, and the reasons mentioned above, a few shippers abandoned the variant with Pearl.
*** After "Last One Out of Beach City", many fans have changed their tune and see her as ready for a relationship again...and most of the ships are ''still'' unpopular because her canon one with Mystery Girl is so compelling in its own right.
* AcceptableTargets: Jersey, an obvious spoof of New Jersey, is portrayed as a polluted, noisy town with apparently rude people. Steven even says they "hate the earth." [[SelfDeprecation The writer of this scene is also from New Jersey.]]
* AlasPoorScrappy: Ronaldo losing his girlfriend in "Restaurant Wars" did earn him some sympathy from a few fans.
* AntiClimaxBoss: A few fans felt this way about [[DiscOneFinalBoss Lapis']] fight with the Crystal Gems in the mid-season one two-parter. Lapis has shown an intense hatred towards the Gems, sans [[BecauseYouWereNiceToMe Steven]], and unleashed a group of unstoppable water clones that nearly ''succeeded'' at bringing the heroes to their knees. However, she's ultimately stopped when Steven [[TalkingTheMonsterToDeath simply talks her down]] in less than a minute, heals her broken gem, and allows her to leave peacefully.
** Some fans also feel this way toward the [[spoiler:the defeat of the Cluster considering that the show spent half a season building up how much a threat it was to the planet and how important it was to destroy it (not helped by the overly long hiatus that preceded it). The fact that Steven once again just talked the threat down was seen as a bit of a cop-out]].
* AntiShippingGoggles: Some fans feel this way about the Sadie/Lars couple. While Sadie is a genuinely good person who tries to see the best in Lars, many people find him to be a BastardBoyfriend who is bad for her and shows no concern whatsoever for her well-being.
** Others also find that Sadie's (well-intentioned) actions in "Island Adventure" also prove that Sadie is likewise unhealthy for Lars.
* {{Anvilicious}}: Morals and messages are rarely handled subtly on this show, especially with its themes of love and equality, and can seem a bit on-the-nose for adult viewers. Of course, this [[SomeAnvilsNeedToBeDropped is not without reason]].
** Among the [[HypeBacklash other]] [[TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodPlot problems]] [[TookALevelInJerkass with]] Rocknaldo, it's a textbook case of this, coming off as preachy, and doing little more than mocking the show's detractors.
* ArcFatigue: Some feel that the current Homeworld arc is starting to drag on, due to various filler episodes that have no purpose to said arc, the very slow pace despite the show having an 11-minute runtime, and the massive amounts of ScheduleSlip[=s=].
* AuthorsSavingThrow:
** For fans not fond of the ''WesternAnimation/UncleGrandpa'' crossover, the fact that it went out of its way to state within the first two minutes that it's not to be considered canon, and that it was more of an [[BreatherEpisode excuse to cut loose for the sake of one-off humor]] greatly helped its reception in the fandom.
** To some fans, the moral of "Love Letters" that there's no such thing as real LoveAtFirstSight conflicted with how Greg and Rose's relationship had been portrayed, "We Need to Talk" shows that after the initial infatuation wore off, they needed to have a serious discussion about how they could realistically work as a relationship.
** For fans getting weary of Steven simply talking many of his foes out of hostilities during season 2, Steven learning during Season 3 that TalkingTheMonsterToDeath doesn't work with every foe he faces and that [[FamilyUnfriendlyAesop there will be times that he'll be forced to shed his pacifist morals to survive dangerous encounters]] is seen as this.
** Many criticisms of the show talk about how Steven usually manages to make friends or get on passable terms with the Gems he encounters, especially after [[DefeatMeansFriendship defeating them]]. [[spoiler:"Room for Ruby" has Navy [[ExploitedTrope take complete advantage]] of that mindset and stab Steven in the back.]]
* AwesomeEgo:
** Sardonyx clearly loves being herself, inflated ego and all, and her fans feel the same.
** [[spoiler:Smoky Quartz]] literally explodes into their first scene, and just gets more badass from there.
*** Subverted in "Know Your Fusion"; turns out that underneath the big talk they've [[InferioritySuperiorityComplex inherited self-esteem issues]] from ''both'' their components.
* AwesomenessWithdrawal: The show's most universal complaint is its inconsistent schedule. The series has had several hiatuses in its run, and although the Stevenbombs are beloved, they've been taking an increasingly long number of months to air. Though it was finally subverted ''big time'' with the Summer of Steven, aka the Stevennuke, with the majority of Season 3 airing on consecutive weekdays, followed ''immediately'' by a weekly schedule for Season 4. Unfortunately, however, this occurred again for many fans when the show fell into yet another hiatus after "Onion Gang".

[[folder: B-C]]
* BigLippedAlligatorMoment: Steven's line in "Adventures in Light Distortion" promising to pick up the Ruby Squad on the way back to Earth. He doesn't do it, and their next appearance is completely unrelated, leaving fans mystified as to why that line was put in.
* BizarroEpisode:
** "Garnet's Universe", where Steven has an extended ImagineSpot depicted in [[ArtShift a mix of various Shonen anime and retro gaming animation styles]] that features Garnet and her talking frog and bunny friends going on a ClicheStorm of an adventure to fight an evil fox man. It's about as far from the main style of the show as possible, but [[TropesAreNotBad some fans love it for exactly those reasons]].
** "Say Uncle", an explicitly non-canon crossover with ''WesternAnimation/UncleGrandpa'' that kills Pizza Steve[[note]]though not the first time he's died, nor is it the first time he's been eaten offscreen (both happening in "The History of Wrestling" courtesy of Wrestling/RicFlair)[[/note]] and by implication Lars and Sadie. The episode mostly consists of Uncle Grandpa doing bizarre things to help teach Steven how to use his shield, and later sending him into his RV. It's also the first time in the series that fourth wall jokes are used.
** "Know Your Fusion", where [[spoiler:Steven and Amethyst introduce Pearl and Garnet to their fusion Smoky Quartz, resulting in the other two forming Sardonyx and taking the conversation to her own room in the temple, which she treats like a talk show.]] There's fourth wall breaking jokes aplenty, and unlike the previous two, this one ''is'' fully canon.
* CargoShip: Peridot grows ''very'' attached to the tape recorder Steven gives her, eventually saying after lamenting how nothing is going right for her lately, "At least I still have you, tape recorder."
** After [[spoiler:Lapis breaks the recorder]], Peridot grows equally attached to a tablet computer that Steven gave her, unhealthily screaming that "it's all that I am" when Amethyst takes it from her.
** In "Too Short to Ride", Peridot spots a plush of a green alien and immediately develops a connection to (and obsession with) it. The fandom took notice, and shippy fanart of the two immediately sprung up. [[spoiler: Hilariously enough, it is shown in "Beta" that she viciously torn off part of it (a red bowtie, but given that it's a plush, it was attached) and threw the plush itself into a fish tank.]] So much for that romance.
* CatharsisFactor:
** For some it can come across as a [[FunnyMoments funny moment]], but Lapis punching [[spoiler:Jasper]] into the sky feels particularly rewarding for those that have had to deal with abusive friends/family/partners.
** Steven letting Rose have it for all the shadier actions he's learned about over the past couple seasons in "Storm in the Room". Especially gratifying is how it's finally confirmed that her seeming hypocrisy regarding the morality of shattering Gems was indeed deliberate.
* ContinuityLockout: The first half of season one isn't too bad, as it's episodic enough that watching in order isn't required to understand the premise. Everything after [[WhamEpisode "Mirror Gem"]], however, and you'd better have a working knowledge of the show's mythology to grasp the significance of characters' actions. After season one, if you haven't seen every episode by this point, you're going to be lost as the show expects viewers to recognize locations and plot points that have only appeared once, dozens of episodes previously. To the point where most fans suggest newcomers not to watch Cartoon Network, as it's all too easy to be spoiled by random episodes.
* CreepyAwesome: Malachite is one of the most intimidating combinations to ever combat the Gems, but is also very impressive a fighter.
* CreepyCute: Malachite is a deformed, monstrous abomination with a [[VoiceOfTheLegion demonic double-voice]] as the result of her components hating each others' guts and being bound by revenge, and she also shares Jasper's rather grotesque, detailed expressions. Nonetheless, she's still half-Lapis and can be quite adorable, such as when the Watermelon Stevens attack her and she starts giggling.
* CrossesTheLineTwice:
** In "Watermelon Steven", [[PlantPerson Baby Melon]] attacks Steven [[HeroicSacrifice in order to get the other Watermelon Stevens to stop attacking the Gems. This gets Baby Melon killed]], and Steven picks up the remains and cradles them in his arms. He then yells at the remaining Watermelon Stevens about how noble Baby Melon was and sends them away. The Gems gather around him to comfort him in his loss. Before the IrisOut, [[BlackComedyCannibalism Steven takes one of Baby Melon's remains and eats it.]] The Gems look appropriately disturbed.
*** From the same episode, earlier, Amethyst is ''sobbing for mercy'' as the Watermelon Stevens hold her down. Some of the other Watermelon Stevens are digging a hole ''to bury her''. And then, a Watermelon Steven brings a bouquet of purple flowers over.
-->'''Amethyst''': ''(still sobbing)'' '''Those flowers are lovely!'''
** In "The Return", Steven telling Lion to stay with Greg since he'll need a new son if he doesn't come back.
** After the DramaBomb of Lapis Lazuli and Jasper fusing into Malachite, followed by Lapis seizing control and dragging them into the ocean to protect Steven, Garnet's remark that "Those two are really bad for each other" is a nice way to laugh away the tears [[MoodWhiplash for how abrupt it is]].
** In "Keystone Motel", Greg goes to pick up some car wash rollers from a man selling them on the internet. Before he goes, he tells Steven:
-->''"If I'm not back in an hour, ''call the police''."''
** [[spoiler:Peridot pushing Greg]] off the roof normally wouldn't be funny, if it weren't so abrupt for those that miss the FiveSecondForeshadowing of [[spoiler:Peridot wondering if all Earth creatures are like ladybugs and can fly, and how she crouches like a cat in silence for a few minutes before doing it]]. Garnet saying that [[spoiler:Peridot can't do that is also funny the way she says Greg is "Fragile and soft", and he mentions that a six pack wouldn't save you from that height.]]
** In the short "Video Chat", the writers manage to turn Lapis's trauma of being trapped in a mirror for several thousand years into a comedy bit between her, Steven [[spoiler:and Peridot ]], due to Lapis thinking that Steven is trapped in [[spoiler:Peridot's tablet and tries to smash him free]].
** In "Gem Harvest", Steven accidentally scares [[spoiler:the cute little pumpkin dog he made by carving a jack o'lantern for Lapis and Peridot, cutting a face into the pumpkin flesh and hollowing it out. To the pumpkin dog, with Steven covered in orange pumpkin guts, it looks like his maker has committed murder.]]
* CrossoverShip: Pearl x [[Manga/{{Cyborg 009}} Jet Link aka Cyborg 002]] is pretty popular, due to the fact that [[ThemePairing they have similar noses, hair color and style (although Pearl's hair is lighter and shorter), and love to dance.]]
** After the events of "Arcade Mania", fans began shipping Garnet with [[Manga/DragonBall Tien]] [[Anime/DragonBallZ Shinhan]] because they both have a ThirdEye.
** [[WesternAnimation/GravityFalls Bill Cipher]] has started being shipped with Peridot. There's a consistent joke in the Gravity Falls fandom that Bill resembles a Dorito, and the same joke has been applied to Peridot as well.
** "Say Uncle" briefly teased Lion x [[WesternAnimation/UncleGrandpa Giant Realistic Flying Tiger]].
** And now we have Lapis X [[http://masterofnintendo.deviantart.com/art/Love-Long-Lost-Remastered-546014546 Godzilla.]] [[Film/{{Godzilla 2014}} Not even ]] [[HotSkittyOnWailordAction joking.]] Eh, [[BeastAndBeauty at least it's kinda cute.]] And there's [[https://static1.e621.net/data/0a/fa/0afaccb55bf97131b17e274f0fdede22.png porn of it now. NSFW.]]
** Pearl/[[WesternAnimation/RickAndMorty Rick]] has become a common CrackPairing in some circles. It's generally agreed that their Fusion would be named "Prick."
** A few people have taken to shipping Pearl/[[WesternAnimation/TheGrimAdventuresOfBillyAndMandy Grim]], or "[[IdiosyncraticShipNaming CrystalSkull]]", as they call it. There's even [[http://crystalskull-love.deviantart.com a club dedicated to the pairing]] on Website/DeviantArt!
* CryForTheDevil:
** Jasper is probably one of the most loathed Gems in the series, but after her [[SanitySlippage reappearance]] in "Chille Tid", a lot of people felt [[BreakTheBadass some measure of sympathy for her]]. [[spoiler: In "Alone at Sea", even with her being portrayed as an abusive ex, she's been absolutely ''broken'' by the experience of Malachite by developing StockholmSyndrome.]]
*** After the episode "Earthlings" TheOneWith [[spoiler: Smoky Quartz]], Jasper is on the edge of breaking down, lamenting nobody wants to stay fused with her [[spoiler: after another failed attempt with a corrupted gem monster.]] She practically goes on a motive rant explaining why, despite being created on Earth, she hates it so, and that Rose Quartz is responsible for her losing her servitude to her Diamond.
** Peridot, as seen in "Catch and Release", could very well be the Gem equivalent of a child in a completely foreign surrounding and is being hunted by people who expressly want to harm her.
** Blue Diamond and Yellow Diamond are tyrannical despots either directly or indirectly responsible for untold suffering across the universe (something the fifth Steven Bomb does ''not'' shy away from showcasing)...but they genuinely miss their sister(?), Pink Diamond, and, even thousands of years later, still have trouble coping with her death. While Yellow Diamond tries to repress her feelings (unfortunately for Earth, that means destroying everything that reminds her of Pink Diamond), Blue Diamond spent all her time after Pink Diamond trapped in depression.

[[folder: D-E]]
* DieForOurShip:
** Hilariously, there is an InUniverse example. Peridot becomes a fan of the teen drama show "Camp Pining Hearts", and, according to her [[CharacterBlog Twitter]], she hates a character named Paulette so much that she wrote a ''672-page long essay'' about it (and plans to make it 1001 pages). That's probably because Paulette is the canonical love interest of Percy, while [[YaoiFangirl Peridot]] thinks that Percy and Pierre would make the best couple.
* DracoInLeatherPants:
** Peridot, while she has been revealed to only had been checking up on the Cluster and is starting to redeem herself and forming a friendship with Steven, people seem to forget that, while she might not have had a hand in the experiments, she still displayed a chilling LackOfEmpathy about it, and was even amused while explaining to Steven what they are, spouting lines like "Sadly, I wasn't there for that". She also was willing to leave everyone on Earth to be shattered by the Cluster until she was stuck on it herself. It also doesn't really excuse her Season 1 antics back when she was a villain, such as being willing to [[WouldHurtAChild crush Steven]] in "Marble Madness" and attempting to blast the Crystal Gems to death with her space ships FingerGun in "The Return" (in fact she seemed more [[LackOfEmpathy annoyed that Jasper didn't do it instead]]).
** Lapis Lazuli is a complicated case. While understandably sympathetic, she's painted as a Hero and martyr, as some fans have a tendency to overlook the fact she stole all the water on Earth, disregarding billions of lives who need it, tried to drown Steven and Connie, and broke Greg's leg. While she does get some redemption for her HeroicSacrifice, it should be noted that it was done mostly because of her friendship with Steven and a desire for revenge against her captor, not for the sake of the Earth. On the other hand, she's been subject to [[RonTheDeathEater the opposite extreme]] by others. Most fans are willing to forgive her imperfections because of the [[IronWoobie sheer amount of crap she's been put through for the last several thousand years]].
** Ronaldo gets some of the worst among the fandom. His conspiracy antics and [[Blog/KeepBeachCityWeird hilarious blog]] make some fans forget his more selfish and [[LackOfEmpathy apathetic moments]]. Especially compared with Lars, who although not a ray of sunshine either, at least feels guilt for what he does and is implied to be aware of what people think of him to the point of feeling deeply insecure.
** Jasper, from what we've seen so far, is the biggest case in the fandom. Some go so far as to say she's only called abusive or evil because she's bulky, and is a cuddly JerkWithAHeartOfGold who's not given a chance.
** [[spoiler:While Bismuth is intended to be sympathetic, many have already began saying how Rose 'betrayed' her causing her to go berserk and portray her as the one in the right. Bismuth, by her own admission, was the one who ''attacked'' Rose over her Rose not wanting to use the Breaking Point and had genocidal intentions, and in the present tried to outright ''murder'' Steven.]]
** The Diamonds have gotten some of this [[spoiler:with the reveal of Pink Diamond's death]], with people using it as the prime justification for their behavior. While there could be some sympathy there, it doesn't change the fact the Diamonds were ''already'' genocidal conquerors who treat their people horribly [[spoiler:and there's no indication Pink Diamond was any better.]]
*** Pink Diamond herself is also one. A lot of fans make her the TokenGoodTeammate of the Diamond Authority. However, Garnet said she would've never of stopped until the Earth was turned into a colony, so she probably wasn't any better than the other three Diamonds.
*** Blue Diamond, after TheBusCameBack in Season 4, spends most of her screentime mourning Pink Diamond and is depressed all the time, complete with a sad face that could rival [[TheEeyore Eeyore himself]]. While her love for her sister and her grief are real and are meant to evoke sympathy, some people take it too far. For instance, some comments on YouTube turn her into a pure [[TheWoobie woobie]] that just needs a hug. It's forgetting that, if EvenEvilHasLovedOnes, Blue Diamond is still an EvilOverlord with a BlueAndOrangeMorality. She doesn't "save" Greg, didn't spare the other Rose Quartz and didn't keep the defective Gems from the Beta Kindergarten out of the goodness of her heart. She did it because they used to be Pink Diamond's "possessions" and she wants to keep them as a living memory of her. Also, when Sapphire arrives and it looks like someone of her court did something without her permission, she goes from depressed to harsh in a microsecond.
** As of "Room for Ruby", [[spoiler: Navy. Some fans go on about how she was only trying to save her crew, which does make sense (what she was going to use the ship for was never revealed), but they tend to ignore how she [[ForTheEvulz deliberately led Steven and co. on]] [[ItAmusedMe purely to see their reactions]].]]
* EarWorm: Lots:
** [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9oUEvZ_O9Q All I wanna do, is see you turn into, a giant woman!]]
** [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfKUdmTq2MI We]], well, you know the rest. Yes, it's just that catchy that the tune will already be in your head.
** [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rvTFIBrhb1E Why do you have to look up to her, aside from in a literal sense]]?
** [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-i-Yqsnhngo I'm made of love, and it's stronger than you]]!
** [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLmu9lCN0Ps Life and death and love and birth...]]
** [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6RD5pTxXCXE The sun is bright, our shirts are clean, we're sitting up above the sea...]]
* EvilIsCool: The Homeworld Gems all have evolved to the point of utilizing {{Magitek}} in their forces and prove to be mysterious and interesting opponents to combat our heroes.
* EvilIsSexy: Some fans feel that [[HollywoodHomely Jasper]] looks like a beautiful amazon warrior whilst combating the Gems in brutal fist-fights.
** Holly Blue Agate also has some fans in that area, due to her domineering attitude.

[[folder: F]]
* FamilyUnfriendlyAesop:
** From ''Steven vs Amethyst''; despite the old saying "You can be anything you set your mind to", sometimes RealityEnsues and you just ''can't'' be something you are just not physically or mentally capable of doing. Amethyst has to accept that she will never be a huge Quartz soldier like Jasper, and only after accepting that does she start to accept the things she ''can'' do, which still makes her pretty great.
** In a straighter example, we get "running away from the cops is cool", from ''Last One Out of Beach City''.
-->'''[[https://twitter.com/rebeccasugar/status/774094726685270017 Rebecca Sugar:]]''' And then Pearl guns it through the red light.
-->'''Deedee Magno Hall:''' Oh no! My kids are going to see this!
** From "The Zoo", [[spoiler:even if you make other people unhappy, you have to establish boundaries and consent. Greg is completely in the right to reject the rest of the Zoomans for Choosening him, even though they become miserable.]]
** Steven's confrontations with Bismuth, Jasper and Eyeball teach the very harsh Aesop that, sometimes, reasoning and showing kindness won't be enough to convince someone to do a HeelFaceTurn. Later, [[spoiler:Navy's betrayal]] goes one step further by showing [[TheFarmerAndTheViper that some people will even take advantage of your kindness, only to stab you in the back later]].
* FandomBerserkButton:
** Drawing a Gem with a body type that differs from their canon body type, with drawing a heavyset Gem thin being the major offender.
*** This also extends to cosplay as well. If a thin or even average sized girl tries to cosplay as a heavyset Gem like Amethyst or Rose Quartz, you can expect angry fans to complain that she ''can't'' do that. This also extends to races, even if Gems are aliens who more often than not have unnatural skin colors (for example, since Garnet is voiced by Estelle, who is black, they will consider Garnet to be black as well). To some, however, the idea of someone painting their skin to cosplay Garnet feels uncomfortably close to blackface. This is even worse with Bismuth, whose dreadlocks provide an additional bit of black coding.
** While you're free to ship the Gems with male characters, don't insist they're straight. Shipping Pearl with Mayor Dewey is an exception to some parts of the fandom, due to the fact that Pearl has rather [[LesYay obvious feelings for Rose Quartz and Mystery Girl]] and has shown clear dislike for him.
** For some people, drawing porn of any of the characters lands them in water warmer than the surface of the sun, mostly from the more morally-concerned fans who're worried about children finding smut while looking up what is potentially their favorite cartoon.
** Referring to any of the full Gems with male or gender-neutral pronouns, and referring to Stevonnie and Smoky Quartz with gender-specific pronouns.
*** Especially singling out Gems subject to ViewerGenderConfusion (like the Rubies, Jasper, or Bismuth) as "not really female" and referring to them as male or ambiguous.
*** Made worse by the fact that in certain countries, such as Russia, Ruby ''is'' male because of censorship laws, so people not familiar with the source material will innocently refer to her as such.
*** Arguing that Ruby, Sapphire, and/or Pearl can't ''really'' be lesbians because [[DiscountLesbians they're genderless space rocks]], which is pretty much moot when you remember that people can identify as both non-binary and lesbian.
** In general, casually mentioning or having obvious avatars of non-Crystal Gems such as Lapis or Jasper can annoy some fans, as many are desperately trying to keep their identities hidden for the sake of those trying to watch the show without being spoiled.
** Saying that [[OfficialCouple Ruby and Sapphire]] are "JustFriends", "gal pals", "besties", or anything else thereof. In a figurative sense, the original French version of "Stronger Than You" and a certain promo for the ''ComicStrip/{{Peanuts}}'' Boomerang cartoon have learnt this the hard way.
** And to top it all off, there's a ''Fandom'' Fandom Berserk Button towards fans who are overzealous about the above-mentioned topics, almost as a meta-{{Deconstruction}} of what happens when a fandom can get angered by so many things. Many fans who are much more laid back and follow Rebecca Sugar's advice to allow viewers to explore and express their adoration of the show in their own ways have grown to hate parts of the Steven Universe fandom because of this. It's a real sticking point that because of this, whenever the general public discuss a "toxic fandom", the top three pieces of media that always seem to be brought up are ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'', ''{{VideoGame/Undertale}}'', and ''Steven Universe''. Ironic, considering the themes of the three are about love and friendship.
* FandomRivalry:
** Some ''Adventure Time'' fans are upset that Rebecca Sugar left to create her own show and are demanding that she return. It didn't help in 2015 Comic Con when both shows shared a panel and Steven Universe fandom supposedly took over questions.
** A fairly intense (although mostly one-sided) one with the PeripheryDemographic of ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic''. After a popular brony fan site announced it was launching a Steven Universe fan site along the same lines as Equestria Daily, Steven Universe fans revolted for fear of the "darker" side of the MLP fandom. Eventually the idea was called off, hypocrisy calls were made on both sides, moods were soured and now both fandoms are embittered with each other over the whole thing. Though of course, it doesn't mean they don't have a lot of shared fans due to their colorful art and very idealistic settings. After the site was eventually launched as [[http://beachcitybugle.com/ Beach City Bugle]], some effort has been made to bridge the gap. Now the two are some weird conglomeration between this and FriendlyFandoms, with [=SU=] and [=MLP=] fans generally getting along just fine in places like cons and non-show-specific tumblr blogs while still sniping at each other every now and then.
** Not unlike the fanbases of the other shows on Cartoon Network, ''Steven Universe'' fans dislike the [[AdoredByTheNetwork network sweetheart]] ''WesternAnimation/TeenTitansGo'', thanks to its excessive airtime. For a while, it also had one with ''WesternAnimation/TheAmazingWorldOfGumball'' when re-runs of the show took over Steven's own re-runs without much warning. In that case, however, the re-run slots were later returned and that rivalry has mostly fizzed out.
* {{Fanon}}:
** It's a pretty common fan-theory that if Steven were to retreat into his gem, he would end up regenerating as Rose due to Steven inheriting her gem (or being "his own mother" as he puts it). However, many also dispute it, since there's been no indication Steven can even be poofed, and Rose returning would cheapen all of the previous drama of her being gone.
*** But think about it, if Steven poofs and turns back into Rose Quartz, Rose will be alive, [[TearJerker but Steven will cease to exist]].
** It has become popular belief that Greg is, well, [[WesternAnimation/OverTheGardenWall Greg.]] They're both chubby, brown haired, and musically inclined male characters. It helps that it has been established that Greg didn't come to Beach City until he was an adult, therefore eliminating one counter argument. Also if the two Gregs are one in the same it could help explain why he's so adaptable to the weird Gem related things happening around him.
** While it was there before the episode premiered, Peridot having blue eyes under her visor absolutely ''skyrocketed'' after "Log Date 7 15 2" showed she has blue blush, and someone [[http://charlesoberonn.tumblr.com/post/137141719866 even tried to see what Peridot's eye color might look like because of it]].
** It's typically accepted that the Orange Great North Monster from "Gem Hunt" and "Crack The Whip" is Biggs Jasper (possibly the same one mentioned by Bismuth), and the Green Snow Monster that also appears in these episodes (as well as "Earthlings") is often said to be Ocean Jasper.
*** [[https://www.reddit.com/r/stevenuniverse/comments/56c4su/nycc_followup/ At NYCC 2016]], it was confirmed that these two Gems were indeed Jaspers, though it is still uncertain if the general consensus was correct on the specific ''types'' of Jasper.
** Despite the fact that we don't see enough of them to judge whether if it's accurate, the [[spoiler: Carnelian and skinny Jasper]] seen in "That Will Be All" are commonly depicted as best friends and/or pseudo-sisters due to [[spoiler: their shared Beta Kindergarten origins and each of them being defective in some way]].
* FanficFuel: If ''any'' two gems have yet to Fuse on the show, it's not hard to find a ton of stuff about what their Fusion would look like, what her name would be, and how their weapons could combine into one. There are even ''blogs'' [[http://freefusions.tumblr.com specifically]] [[http://su-fusions.tumblr.com for]] [[http://drawingeveryfusion.tumblr.com this]].
* FanPreferredCouple:
** Garnet/Pearl is pretty popular. However, this ship was essentially [[ShipSinking sunk]] in "Love Letters", where it's revealed that since Garnet is a fusion between two Gems who are in a relationship, she has no interest in entering a relationship with anyone herself. The pairing has now been moved into more of an "intimate friendship" territory, as has Polygems (Garnet/Amethyst/Pearl).
** Amethyst/Pearl is also popular in some circles.
** Pearl/Rose Quartz had a jolt in popularity after the episode "Rose's Scabbard", which strongly suggested that Pearl was in love with Rose. Later episodes have cast a darker light on Pearl's devotion, which drew a lot more attention to the ship, but at the same time created a BrokenBase.
** Lapis/Peridot. It started off as a crack ship (with fans immediately shipping them once Peridot appeared) but has gotten more and more popular, becoming the most popular ship with both characters, especially after Peridot has her HeelFaceTurn. The fact that they're now roommates and getting along smoothly as of "Beta" has cemented its place.
** Lapis and Jasper are described as having the "worst relationship imaginable" and are used to provide AnAesop about unhealthy relationships. Despite this, Jasper/Lapis gained a large following after "Jailbreak" and even after the very {{Anvilicious}} ShipSinking of "Alone at Sea." Many are drawn to it ''because'' [[FoeYayShipping it's awful]], while others ship it in LighterAndSofter AU situations.
** Steven/Peridot is starting to pick up some steam, due to Steven being the first to believe in Peridot turning to the good side, and eventually being the [[LoveRedeems driving force behind her]] HeelFaceTurn.
** Amethyst/Peridot has also become very popular thanks to the large amount of ShipTease given to them in "Too Far", and because they are the two most emotionally stable Gems right now that aren't already taken.
** Mr. Smiley/Mr. Frowney immediately sprang up after the latter's introduction in "Future Boy Zoltron"; Their dialogue suggests that they were more than just comedy partners (not to mention how they act after they reconcile), and their entire OppositesAttract dynamic has won over a lot of the fanbase.
** Pearl/Mystery Girl immediately blew away just about every other Pearl ship once it was introduced. Not bad for a character we have yet to hear a single line from.
* FountainOfMemes:
** Check out every entry related to Peridot on [[Memes/StevenUniverse the show's Memes page]]. Almost every time she appears, a meme is born.
** Yellow Diamond became one on her first appearance. Her angry face after Peridot calls her a clod and her ridiculous long neck are the most prominent.
* FunnyAneurysmMoment:
** At the end of "Steven's Lion", Garnet justifies her decision to let Steven keep the lion by cracking "We kept Amethyst.", which Pearl laughs at excessively. It suddenly becomes less amusing when "On The Run" reveals that Amethyst was born and grew up alone until the Crystal Gems found her, possibly in a somewhat feral state. She's also rather ashamed of her origins, and Garnet and Pearl making a joke like that speaks to how ignorant they were of such feelings.
** In "Cat Fingers", Amethyst offers to teach Steven about shapeshifting and messes with Greg by turning into Steven. Greg cringes, saying he's not comfortable around Amethyst when she's shapeshifting. In "Maximum Capacity", Amethyst lashes out at Greg by taking Rose's form, hurting him deeply, and it's implied she did the same thing before.
** In "Watermelon Steven", Amethyst's hysteria towards the prospect of being buried seems like a comedic overreaction. Then in "On The Run" we learn her backstory and it suddenly looks much darker.
** Much of Pearl's MyBelovedSmother moments towards Steven become a lot more heartbreaking after "Rose's Scabbard", where it's shown [[HeroWorship just how much Pearl looked up to]] [[HomoeroticSubtext and adored]] Rose and the fact that she sees a lot of Rose in Steven.
** Peridot's increasing annoyance at the Crystal Gems constantly hassling her in previous episodes may have made for some funny moments, but it takes a decided turn for the tragic in "Catch and Release", where it's revealed that not only is she basically powerless without her ArtificialLimbs, but her increasing desperation was due in no small part to the fact that she is completely isolated on Earth, has received no contact from Yellow Diamond and has no Robonoids to help her, and is scared out of her mind at the prospect of still being around when The Cluster hatches and wipes out everything on Earth. Let the CryForTheDevil reactions ensue.
** Garnet's comedic bit of TranquilFury putting Peridot on a tether in "Too Far" for asking Garnet to un-fuse becomes downright heartbreaking after seeing her origin story in "The Answer": that Ruby accidentally Fused with Sapphire to save her life, and Ruby nearly died for it due to FantasticRacism among the Homeworld Gems. As a result of her good deed, Ruby lost her home, her station in life, and her purpose, and had to rediscover it with Sapphire as a Fusion. Peridot's InnocentlyInsensitive request must have triggered a lot of flashbacks.
** The Gems' panic in "Steven's Birthday" when Steven reverts to being a baby is a lot sadder after watching "Three Gems and a Baby": [[spoiler:not knowing that Rose was gone forever, they kidnapped Steven when his gem started to glow, believing that Rose was somehow trapped inside of him.]]

[[folder: G-H]]
* GeniusBonus: A lot of characterization and the design of Gems are derived from sometimes obscure mineralogical information.
** Garnet's cube-shaped afro; the target audience couldn't reasonably be expected to know that the crystalline structure of actual garnet is cubic.
** Peridot certainly seems alien compared to the main Gems (even though they are all alien), and actual peridots can be found in meteorites. Regarding her later descent into hysterics, accordingly peridots are known to quickly erode on the Earth's surface.
*** Similar to Garnet, Peridot's hair is also significant. It is a tetrahedral shape, which is the same as the crystalline structure of actual peridot.
*** As of "Too Short to Ride", [[spoiler:Peridot's magnetism powers. In real life, peridots are indeed magnetic.]]
** The large devices strewn throughout the Kindergarten resemble bacteriophages, viruses which infect bacteria and hijack their own machinery to reproduce, killing them in the process. A rather apt metaphor for what the Kindergartens do to Earth.
** The recurring diamond symbol for the Gem leaders, shown on sites predating the war between the Crystal and Homeworld Gems, is identical to the widely used [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NFPA_704 fire diamond]], with some of the colors swapped around.
*** More specifically, ''yellow'' diamonds are also known as "Industrial Diamonds", which are artificially created and used for industrial purposes, rather than aesthetic ones. It is fitting of the followers and gadgetry of Yellow Diamond having a colder, more functional appearance.
** In "Space Race", Pearl casually asks Greg if there's a shop in town that carries "F-1 single-nozzle liquid-fueled rockets". The [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rocketdyne_F-1 Rocketdyne F-1]] was in fact a single-nozzle liquid-fuel engine (the largest ever built) - five of them were in the first stage of each Saturn V moon rocket.
** In "Hit the Diamond", as the [[spoiler:squad of five Rubies]] power up their spaceship to leave for Neptune, it produces a warping effect that looks cool. They're using an AlcubierreDrive to compress Negative Mass with a miniature black hole, something few outside of quantum mechanics and astrophysics enthusiasts could be expected to recognize.
** In "Three Gems and a Baby", baby Steven becomes upset when Garnet "disappears" by unfusing into Ruby and Sapphire. Babies do not possess an understanding of object permanence (the knowledge that things continue to exist even when they're unseen).
* GermansLoveDavidHasselhoff: There's a strong, devoted Latin American fandom (mostly around Facebook and YouTube), and many Korean and Japanese fanartists around Twitter and Tumblr, which has received quite the ApprovalOfGod. Many characters, ships and episodes that are hated or [[BrokenBase base-breakers]] in the English-speaking fandom receive warmer reception from ESL fans, mostly due to not being caught up on drama.
* GirlShowGhetto: Averted, oh so much. Despite 85% of the characters are presented as female[[note]]Even though the Gems are stated to be sexless[[/note]] it's gradually growing to be the most popular and well-liked Cartoon Network show of TheNewTens and has both female and male fans.
* GrowingTheBeard:
** "Mirror Gem" and "Ocean Gem". The ending of which implies much more serious matters will occur. So much so that the creators apparently consider this as the show's "true" beginning.
** "The Return" and "Jail Break" introduce Jasper, a completely psychotic KnightOfCerebus SmugSuper soldier Gem whose tactics and strength are absolutely ''ruthless''. While she was eventually defeated, her arrival also introduces BigBad Yellow Diamond, whom the Gems will have to focus on fighting soon in the future.
* HeartwarmingInHindsight:
** The episode "Jailbreak" not only revealed that [[IKnewIt Garnet is a Fusion]], but it also revealed why: she's the Fusion of two Gems who love each other so much that they're happy to be together as one being forever. That makes Garnet's very presence as a main character this. Also, her overjoyed reaction to Stevonnie becomes even more heartwarming.
*** Likewise, Garnet's {{Squee}} reaction for Stevonnie in "Alone Together" becomes even more heartwarming when watching the end to "The Answer": Ruby and Sapphire admit they had never fused with a different Gem type, and hadn't even known that it was possible, making them pioneers. Rose and Pearl then greet the newborn Garnet with compassion, telling her BeYourself and imply that ThePowerOfLove brought them together.
** In spite of the Crystal Gems' occasional SmugSuper and NobleBigot moments towards humans, [[HiddenHeartOfGold it slowly becomes clear over the course of the series exactly how much they've sacrificed to protect humanity.]] For starters, they opposed the Gem Homeworld's plans for Earth six-thousand years ago because they felt it was unfair to humanity, and thus became pariahs who can never return home. All for a [[PunyEarthlings quirky little species]] that they ''still'' don't understand half the time.
** Pretty much every scene of Pearl and Greg working together and getting along after the events of "We Need to Talk".
** Steven once suggested that when Peridot saw [[TheWorldIsJustAwesome what Earth and its people were like]] she would stop attacking it. Come "When It Rains", where she experiences rain for the first time, she places her trust in Steven and starts working with the Crystal Gems to save the world, it seems he was ultimately right.
*** Furthered in "Message Received", where Peridot argues for the safety of Earth and its life to her superior, Yellow Diamond, and even calls her a clod when she refuses to listen to Peridot's logical arguments why it deserves to survive.
** The fact that Rose refers to Pearl as "my pearl" in "Rose's Sword" becomes very sweet after Peridot repeatedly refers to Yellow Diamond as "my Diamond", because this implies that in Gem culture referring to another Gem as "my X" is a way of showing loyalty or respect. Possibly subverted with the reveal that all "Pearls" are ''made'' to serve and show off the status of higher ranking Gems, like Quartzes like Rose tend to be, and as Pearl's former "owner" is unclear at the moment it may have been [[{{Foreshadowing}} a bit more]] [[ServantRace literal]] depending on circumstances.
** Garnet telling Pearl how proud she should be of all she's accomplished on her own in "Friend Ship", after it's revealed that Pearls are a ServantRace who aren't believed to have any intelligence beyond following their orders. Crystal Gem Pearl's very existence is in defiance of countless years of this kind of thinking.
** Pearl's awestruck reaction to Steven pulling out his shield in the very first episode, once you know exactly how much seeing that shield again means to her.
** Peridot's argument that she and Steven [[spoiler: could stop the Cluster]] all by themselves without help from the others comes across as this since in "Gem Drill" the two of them ultimately do just that.
** Amethyst's insecurity over not being able to fuse in "Cry For Help" is a lot easier to watch knowing [[spoiler:she'll become the first Gem able to fuse with Steven, letting her have one of her own when Sardonyx is around.]]
** Steven's enthusiasm and love for [[spoiler: Ruby and Sapphire]] becomes even more heartwarming after "Three Gems and a Baby" showed [[spoiler: Garnet feeling distressed because baby Steven cried when she unfused[[note]]It was because he didn't understand object permanence and thought Garnet had disappeared[[/note]]]]. Especially since this is probably the reason why the Gems [[spoiler: waited so long to tell him that Garnet was a Fusion.]]
** Amethyst promises in "Beta" that she'll fight on behalf an all of the "deformed" Gems like her in the Beta kindergarten. [[spoiler:In "That Will Be All", she gets to meet her Beta and Primary Kindergarten sisters, who are all NotSoDifferent from her.]]
* HeReallyCanAct: Pretty much the only thing fans can agree on about "The New Lars" is that Matthew Moy was fantastic as [[spoiler: Steven pretending to be Lars]].
* HollywoodHomely: Jasper, with her masculine features, sneering, {{Slasher Smile}}s, and rude, aggressive personality, is probably not meant to be attractive. A noticeable part of the fandom [[AmazonianBeauty disagrees]], to say the least.
* HolyShitQuotient:
** Many people were shocked to see Pearl actually get stabbed and temporarily die onscreen in "Steven the Sword Fighter".
** "Mirror Gem". Many people were really shocked at the appearance of Lapis Lazuli, especially considering the previous very faint implication that the main cast was the last of the Gems.
** The appearance of Peridot, a Gem from Homeworld shown to be repairing Earth's connection to the Galaxy Warp in "Warp Tour".
** The all-out fight between Amethyst and Pearl in "On The Run". Amethyst's tragic backstory took many by storm.
** The half-hour special "The Return" and "Jailbreak" dropped several bombs on the fandom with the reveal of Garnet being a fusion, a fight scene with Jasper, ''another'' Homeworld Gem, and Opal getting a cameo.
** "Keeping it Together", ''gracious''. For one thing, Peridot reappears after being missing since the season 1 finale. Despite many setbacks, she continues her mission unchanged which was checking up on the Kindergarten to check on some horrifying experiments: turns out the Crystal Gems who were captured in the war were shattered and melded together to create [[AndIMustScream screaming masses of bodies seemingly aware of what's been done to them]].
** Is "Chille Tid" about the Crystal Gems having a slumber party? Yes... but that's not all. Apparently, Steven can use his dreams to form mental links with other (Gems?)--an ability he uses to speak with Lapis, who is struggling to keep her and Jasper imprisoned in the ocean. The fans that were awaiting Lapis's return were... jarred, to say the least.
** "Cry for Help": Peridot sending a message to Homeworld was only slightly acknowledged to the rest of the episode. Pearl repairs the Hub to keep fusing with Garnet, which was surprising in and of itself. Then Garnet is ''furious'', to the point that it looks like Pearl is legitimately frightened that Garnet is about to hit her. In a fit of rage, Garnet fuses with Amethyst into Sugilite, which she had banished at the beginning of the episode. It's the first episode with a straightforward DownerEnding.
** "Keystone Motel" wasn't exactly a WhamEpisode, but it dropped some bombs on the fandom itself. After being unseen since "Jailbreak", Ruby and Sapphire return due to a disagreement about the previous episode's events. We get to see more of their characters and their relationship. It seems that Ruby and Sapphire have fire and ice related powers, respectively. Ruby's weapon is revealed. Sapphire is confirmed to have only one eye. Though these may not seem major, they're questions that have been long-asked.
** As a non-episode example, the material released at San Diego Comic-Con 2015. It elicited a ''fantastic'' response from the crowd and other fans, as the Crewniverse not only gave us a look at Sardonyx, now confirmed to be Pearl and Garnet's long-awaited fusion, but an incredible [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_pSurtUXamM extended theme song]] that had everyone give a solo for their reason for fighting, and... wait... holy crap, ''was that Yellow Diamond?!''
** "Message Received": In which Peridot manages to make contact with Yellow Diamond, tries to convince her to destroy the Cluster and spare Earth, and, when she refuses, ''calls her a clod to her face''. The episode ends with Steven calling Peridot a [[HeelFaceTurn Crystal Gem]].
** The three-part stretch from "Beta" to "Back to the Moon" (but especially the middle episode, "Earthlings") gives us [[spoiler:Jasper being made on Earth, Steven and Amethyst bonding leading to the former fusing for the first time and the resolution of the latter's StoryArc, Jasper getting corrupted, a confirmation of the existence of Pink Diamond, and later the revelation that Rose shattered her]].
** Stevenbomb 5 abruptly drops [[spoiler:a modern day appearance by Blue Diamond, leading to a huge increase in information about what's happening on Homeworld, and even some deeper characterization for the Diamonds themselves]].
* HypeBacklash:
** Not the show itself, but many fans felt this about Stevenbomb 3. Before it aired the crew made a big point about it being the most emotionally-impacting yet compared to the prior ones. While no one is going to call it bad and it has quite a fair few {{Tearjerker}} moments, many feel that for all it was talked up about, it didn't have the result people had been hoping for. Namely, more plot developments and story progression involving the Homeworld Gems.
** Another fandom reaction cropped up from "Gem Harvest", a half-hour special with a title that implied something ominous. When it turned out to be a thanksgiving episode with no plot advancements and a BaseBreaker in Andy, the general consensus was muddled, to say the least.
** Yet another occurred following "Rocknaldo", when the day before the episode aired, Cartoon Network released a teaser image of a bloodstone done in the show's style, making many believe that a new Gem would be appearing. Instead, Bloodstone turns out to be nothing more than Ronaldo's Gemsona, with the aforementioned gemstone not even appearing in the episode, and the episode itself ends up being a prime example for why Ronaldo is considered a {{Scrappy}}.

[[folder: I-N]]
* InferredHolocaust:
** In the episode "Ocean Gem", the water from all the world's oceans are magically taken to form a pillar reaching into outer-space. Although Steven does manage to fix this issue, it appears to have taken at least a day to do so; one can only imagine the effect that would have on the Earth's environment and economy.
** The spaceship hand in the half-hour special "The Return" and "Jailbreak" crashing into the Crystal Gem Headquarters could have been this if it weren't cleaned up so easily.
* InternetBackdraft:
** The ''Steven Universe''/''Uncle Grandpa'' crossover episode got this a lot when it was announced.
** The decision to reduce the number of reruns in favor of more ''WesternAnimation/TeenTitansGo'' reruns. The amount of backlash was large enough to make Cartoon Network reverse this only for a while. It got so bad that at one point, the show had very few reruns in November 2015 and no reruns at all the following month. Currently, the only time reruns are shown are in a two hour block on Sunday nights.
** Cartoon Network UK censored "We Need to Talk" by removing Rose and Pearl's fusion dance because it was "gay content". The fan community exploded in outrage over this "homophobic censorship", and launched a petition to revert the edit. A similar edit on Cartoon Network France also spawned a petition, which actually succeeded in changing CN France's minds.
*** Then the Swedish dub of "Hit the Diamond" removed Lapis' line describing Ruby and Sapphire's behavior as flirting, though amusingly enough, [[DubText they couldn't do anything about the obvious body language]], creating an effect similar to the infamous "cousins" from ''Manga/SailorMoon''.
* ItWasHisSled:
** The Crystal Gems are from space, the monsters they fight are former Gems that have been corrupted, and Garnet is a fusion (now considered a LateArrivalSpoiler). Though the fandom has tried very hard to keep these under wraps for newcomers.
** The existence of Gems other than the Crystal Gems falls under this. It's hard to keep this hidden with the increasingly important roles of Peridot, Lapis Lazuli, and (to a lesser extent) Jasper.
* ItsShortSoItSucks: One of the most common complaints about the show is it's 11 minute run-time, which makes several episodes too short to properly tell their stories, and instead makes them feel rushed.
** "Story for Steven", the episode showing how Greg and Rose first met is sometimes said to be too short. While what the episode does have is well-liked, numerous people feel that it doesn't delve deeply enough into Greg and Rose's relationship, and that it doesn't properly explain why Greg was so quick to give up his music career for her. This is lightened when it was confirmed this episode was intended to air before "The Message", which would have given the episode more of a punch as opposed to its somewhat out-of-place slot in season 2.
*** Mediated with the follow-up flashback episode "We Need to Talk", where Greg and Rose both acknowledge that they rushed into the relationship and needed to work on it harder.
** Even though "Mr. Greg" is easily the most well-liked episode from the first week of "Steven's Summer Adventures", there are a few fans (who do like it) that say it would've benefited more from being a full half-hour rather than the usual 11 minutes.
** Pretty much all the episodes with Jasper from "Alone at Sea" through "Earthlings" which built up [[spoiler: her Corruption in the latter]]. The biggest problem with these episodes that several people had was that she would only show up for the last few minutes of most of them (with "Gem Hunt" being the worst offender) despite the show clearly making a far bigger deal regarding her presence and how much of a threat she was to Steven and company, despite the fact that most of the Crystal Gems have been able to easily fend her off with Fusion.
** Ironically, this reaction has become rather inverted as of late, with many fans becoming frustrated by the show's increasingly slow pace and feel that the Homeworld Arc is undergoing ArcFatigue.
* ItsTheSameSoItSucks: Part of why some fans were disappointed with "Room for Ruby" was because [[spoiler: Navy outright refusing to be redeemed and only pretending to do so just to steal back her squad's ship felt like a rehash of what had already happened with her fellow squad mate, Eyeball; unlike Eyeball, however, Navy didn't attempt to outright murder Steven and friends upon her betrayal - only eject them from the ship and into the ocean.]]
* LauncherOfAThousandShips:
** As you can tell from a few entries on here, Pearl.
** Peridot also qualifies, thanks to the multiple {{Ship Tease}}s her and the rest of the Gems get after she loses her limb enhancers.
* LGBTFanbase: The show has garnered a sizable one, thanks to the LesYay between the Gems and [[AmbiguousGender Steven and Connie's Fusion Stevonnie]] being non-binary and using they/them pronouns, as well as Ruby and Sapphire being a canon gay couple and Pearl having romantic feelings for Rose. A lot of people were also delighted by the end of "Sadie's Song", where Steven happily dressing in drag and singing the song is completely accepted.
* LoveToHate: Jasper's actions in "The Return/Jail Break" have made her the most loathed character in the show thus far. But that's exactly why she's so memorable, and fans can't wait for her inevitable reappearance. [[spoiler:Then "Super Watermelon Island" came along, she falls into a crevice, and people had to wait over a dozen episodes to see her again in [[TheBusCameBack "Alone at Sea"]]]].
* MagnificentBastard: [[spoiler: Navy in "Room For Ruby". She pretends to befriend Steven, Lapis, and Peridot and be interested in living on Earth while secretly just wanting to locate her ship and get it up and working again, but draws out the time spent as Steven and the two Gems' new friend just to mess with them and make it all the more priceless when they realize they'd been had. By the episode's end, not only has she pulled it off, but she's gotten away with it as well!]]
* MemeticLoser: Pearl's [[DidNotGetTheGirl thirst]] for Rose is the subject of many jokes.
* MemeticTroll: Amethyst will gladly watch you suffering. "Joking Victim" practically makes her one in universe, as all she does in that episode is start the conflict and laugh while watching the chaos unfold with no attempt to help whatsoever.
* MisaimedFandom:
** If fanart is to be believed, a lot of people took Steven's comment during "Storm In The Room" about dying his hair pink as if he said "I'd look so pretty with pink hair", as opposed to "Everybody expects me to live up to Rose so much that I might as well forsake my own identity to be more like her".
** There's been a sudden storm of people criticizing the show's animation and citing it as incredibly OffModel, even though it's always been like that, even in the first season.
* {{Misblamed}}:
** There were rumors going around that the show's design change from the pilot episode was because of ExecutiveMeddling and apparently low budgets. In reality, the change was done by the show's creator, Rebecca Sugar, and was created and finalized long before the pilot was leaked. In fact, the show's budget is much higher than the pilot's.
** Some who have been dissatisfied with Stevenbomb 3.0 have criticized the crew for hyping an underwhelming week, but it is a) their job to build hype b) most of the things expected to happen were a result of assumptions made on what the crew said rather than what was actually said and c) the crew doesn't get to decide when Stevenbombs happen, [[ExecutiveMeddling Cartoon Network does so]]. The episodes thus were most likely intended to air on a weekly basis, and just so happened to have a five part arc that could fit into a single Stevenbomb week.
* {{Moe}}:
** Steven. He's not called the "ultimate little brother" for nothing.
** [[CuteBookworm Connie]] as well, her enthusiasm and dorky personality are endearing, to say the least.
** Younger Steven, as seen in the extended intro. The audience's reaction at Comic Con was a mutual {{Squee}}.
*** Baby Steven, especially when he's laughing or giggling.
** [[OppositesAttract Ruby and Sapphire]]. Whether it be their [[SuperDeformed small size]] or their [[SickeninglySweethearts dangerously adorable interactions]], the two have stolen the collective heart of the fandom.
** Toddler-sized Amethyst. Apparently after being born at her present height, as implied by "On the Run", she changed her height to make herself look like a child. This results in a very cute design, coupled with an adorable dog-like personality.
** Peridot's arms and legs are revealed to be prosthetic "limb enhancers." Without them, she is ''tiny''.
* MoralEventHorizon: "Keeping It Together" reveals that the ''entirety'' of Gem Homeworld's command chain seems to have crossed this pre-series. While they were already perceived to be a threat, having fought a large-scale war and colonized Earth with little regard to the people who already lived there, the depth of their cruelty and disregard for life hadn't been clearly shown until this episode when it's revealed they have been creating forced fusions out of shattered Gems, essentially committing necrophilic rape on millions of other Gems. It gets even worse in "When It Rains" when it's revealed that they had given up on the Earth Kindergarten to instead use the Earth as an incubator for a gigantic forced fusion that will destroy all of Earth once it hatches.
** Yellow Diamond crosses it in ''Message Received'' when she ignores Peridot's suggestion for finding an alternative for the Cluster, stating that she would gladly let all Earth life die for her own goals. This is what motivates Peridot to turn on her when she had just earlier in the episode gushed over her perfection. This later turns out to be an even ''bigger'' crossing with the reveal [[spoiler:the Homeworld is suffering from resource shortages and making imperfect Gems because of it]], meaning Yellow Diamond ignoring Peridot's suggestions is even more heartless.
** The Diamond Authority as a whole ''definitely'' crossed it when they [[spoiler:decided to unleash an attack on the Earth to corrupt all remaining Gems into Gem Monsters, all simply because they refused to just leave Earth to the Crystal Gems. They basically condemned countless members of their own kind to a FateWorseThanDeath (including their ''own soldiers'' who were rushing to make it off world up until the blast went off) out of ''spite''.]]
** Bismuth for much of her titular episode came off as a friendly, if a bit aggressive TragicHero who as a by-product of the war has had several of her close allies die by the Homeworld's hands. However when she tries to kill Steven with the Breaking Point and heavily implies she tried to do the same to Rose when she turned her down it becomes apparent that [[HeWhoFightsMonsters she hasn't become much different than the monsters she fights]].
** Eyeball (one of the Homeworld Rubies) crosses it in "Bubbled" when [[spoiler: she finds out Steven has Rose Quartz's Gem. Unlike Jasper's breakdown, which occurred two episodes earlier, Jasper is [[UndyingLoyalty loyal]] to Homeworld and her thirst for vengeance is justice for Pink Diamond's murder; there is an a tragic undercurrent to Jasper's downfall. As Eyeball mentally cracks, she draws out her weapon to kill Steven; not for justice for the Diamond she witnessed the brutal murder of, but for {{Greed}}. She starts muttering she'll go down in history despite the fact Homeworld HAS NO KNOWLEDGE of her plight. [[{{Lust}} She even gleefully wonders if she'll be given a Pearl.]]]]
* MostWonderfulSound:
** Many Gem weapons being thrown or summoned, especially the low bass of Garnet's.
** The futuristic sounds of a Warp Pad activating.
** Any time Pearl sings is going to be nice on the ears.
** Any time Lapis Lazuli gives a sincere laugh or sounds happy, if only because [[BrokenBird they're so rare]].
* {{Narm}}:
** The Mutant Gem Clusters from "Keeping It Together" and "Nightmare Hospital"? [[NightmareFuel Terrifying]]. The ones from "When It Rains"?... not too much. Especially the one with the goofy-looking head.
** Malachite inflating to an even bigger size after Alexandrite defeats her in "Super Watermelon Island", especially her face after she is fully inflated, qualifies.
** [[https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=M7mprd2qFPU The ending scene of "Bubbled"]] is considered to be one of the most heartwarming and heartwrenching scenes in Season 3... with the possible exception of Pearl and Amethyst's cartoonishly exaggerated crying.
** The fact that someone feels the need to shout "Ruby! Sapphire!" ''every single time'' [[spoiler:Garnet unfuses]].
* NarmCharm: Some found Alexandrite -- the combined form of the three Gems-- [[http://steven-universe.wikia.com/wiki/File:MoUMulj.png to look]] rather ridiculous. But the situation she first appears in--posing as Steven's mother while having dinner with Connie's parents--wouldn't be half as funny or awkward if she didn't. Plus, taking the Gem's contrasting personalities into account, it's fitting that their combined form would be a complete mess.
* NeverLiveItDown:
** Many people love to portray Lapis as somebody who really, ''really'' loves to do fart noises, or sometimes just being a general prankster, despite only doing it in two episodes.
*** Rather more seriously, many fans will never forgive her for [[spoiler:destroying Peridot's tape recorder, despite that Peridot herself doesn't seem that upset over it.]]
** [[AllThereInTheManual The Guide to the Crystal Gems]] has stated that Opal is only ''occasionally'' forgetful. Fans, however, ran with this and have portrayed Opal as being constantly forgetful, up to the point of ''[[UpToEleven forgetting that she's a Fusion]]''[[labelnote:*]]To be fair, we don't have that much information about Opal's personality anyway, and a lot of them are just taking what they can get[[/labelnote]].
** Despite all the character development she's had since in later episodes, Pearl is still often portrayed as a nervous wreck whose obsession with Rose makes her a danger to everyone around her (though most of the time, it's PlayedForLaughs).
** Amethyst, to a lesser extent, also hasn't lived down her shapeshifting into Rose in "Maximum Capacity" for a lot of people. Despite her and Greg resolving the issue and the character getting some good development, changing into your friends' dead wife and mother, respectively, to screw with their heads is [[DudeNotFunny a]] ''[[DudeNotFunny really]]'' [[DudeNotFunny messed up thing to do]]!
** Cartoon Network monumentally screwing up the release of Stevenbomb 5, putting all five episodes rather than just the first one on the show's app for a few hours before fixing it. By then, spoilers were all over the Internet, causing even many people determined to wait for the proper release to track down pirated versions just to be sure they wouldn't be spoiled in the meantime. This led to concerns that the viewing numbers for the episodes' legitimate release could be seriously affected, though for his part Matt Burnett told the fans to just enjoy them.
*** Made worse when it was [[http://www.polygon.com/tv/2017/1/5/14177940/steven-universe-leaks-2017 eventually discovered]] that Cartoon Network actually released them intentionally as a limited-time sneak preview on their smartphone app. [[UpToEleven And it doesn't stop there]], as the Crewniverse apparently had no knowledge that the episodes were even released!
* NightmareRetardant: The face that [[https://36.media.tumblr.com/ee356c7746ca35c870db07b04cb48471/tumblr_o0m8geWlvp1ubg1ayo1_1280.png Yellow Diamond makes]] at Peridot after Peridot's betrayal is supposed to be a NightmareFace, but many fans have found it to be pretty goofy looking.
* NoYay: Post-Stevenbomb 3.0, a lot of people feel this way towards Pearl, believing that in her current state she's not capable of having a healthy relationship with any of her potential shipping partners.

[[folder: O-R]]
* OneTruePairing:
** Steven/Connie, after the events of "Bubble Buddies". This was only enforced after episodes like "Lion 2: the Movie", "An Indirect Kiss", and "Alone Together" showed them to have a lot of heartfelt chemistry together.
*** "Sworn to the Sword" also showcases their potential as a BattleCouple, with Connie as the Sword and Steven as the Shield.
** Sapphire/Ruby has not only become almost universally accepted by the fandom, but was [[WordOfGod confirmed]] to be ''canon'' by the storyboard artist of "Jailbreak".
* {{OT3}}:
** A large number of people ship the Cool Kids as {{Polyamory}}.
** Garnet/Amethyst/Pearl is also very popular, and often given the nickname 'Polygems'.
** Pearl/Blue Pearl/Yellow Pearl became an instant favorite after the latter two were introduced, despite the fact that neither of them interacted with each other onscreen or Pearl even stating outright that she doesn't know Yellow Pearl since "not all Pearls know each other".
** The Homeworld Gems, Peridot/Jasper/Lapis, is also fairly popular.
** Lapis/Peridot/Amethyst, in part due to the heavy ShipToShipCombat between Lapidot and Amedot.
* PainfulRhyme
** Steven's song in the pilot/extended intro.
--> ''Cause we're good and evil never beats'' '''us'''\\
''We'll win the fight and then go out for piz'''''zas'''
** At one point in "Stronger Than You":
--> ''This is who I'' '''am'''\\
''...Then you need to think'' '''again'''.
** Shortly after,
--> ''I am even more than the two of'' '''them'''.\\
''Everything they care about is what I'm'' '''am'''.
** The chorus involves heavily forced phrasing, too:
--> ''Go ahead and try to hit me if you're able'',\\
''Can't you see that our relationship is stable?''
** "Here Comes a Thought" has this one:
--> ''Something you did that failed to be'' '''charming''',\\
''Things that you said are suddenly'' '''swarming'''.
* PeripheryDemographic: Though clearly a children's program, several factors (such as the creator being a well known former member of the ''WesternAnimation/AdventureTime'' crew, the flawed yet lovable characters, the [[SugarWiki/AwesomeMusic impressive soundtrack]], the [[TearJerker surprisingly]] [[SugarWiki/HeartwarmingMoments touching drama]], and jokes that would fly [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar way over most kids' understanding]]) have made it quite popular outside its target demographic.It might even be likely that it's more popular among teens and adults than kids.
** There is also the fact that show is [[Anime/RevolutionaryGirlUtena inspired off]] [[Anime/FutureBoyConan various anime]] with [[ShoutOut countless references]], which gained an audience from Anime fans. Also, the show has an [[LGBTFanbase LGBT Fanbase]], due to having [[HoYay LBGTQ characters]] and willingness to break gender stereotypes.
* RescuedFromTheScrappyHeap:
** Jamie the mailman had a [[BaseBreakingCharacter mixed reception]] in his first proper episode, "Love Letters". His idealized crush on Garnet was seen to be a bit creepy and possessive to some. After Garnet deconstructed his false notions of romance, fans hoped he'd move on and take up acting as a healthier alternative. Come "Historical Friction", and he seems to have done just that. He's made an adorable friendship with Steven, his [[LargeHam melodramatic antics]] were funny, and his conflict with the mayor earned him a lot of fans' sympathy.
** Onion, if not topping the list of disliked characters, was at least on the top three with Lars and Ronaldo. His CreepyChild personality and destructive tendencies made him pretty off-putting for many. "Onion Friend" has patched some things up, making his friendship with Steven more obvious, confirmation as being related to [[EnsembleDarkhorse fan favorites Vidalia and Sour Cream]], and choosing to give Explorer Gal to Steven seemingly to apologize for the Ranger Guy fiasco made him easier to like. Not a favorite by any means, but a good deal of fans tolerate him at least.
*** "Onion Gang" went even further, showing his interactions with his other friends and his growing friendship with Steven.
** Peridot was (and still is) a major BaseBreakingCharacter, but after revealing herself to be terrified of the Cluster emerging on Earth, showing a kinder side to Steven and being generally more {{adorkable}} and {{harmless|villain}} without her limb enhancers, she became more endearing and has been seen as more of a JerkassWoobie. It helps that she has been shown to trust Steven more and because of [[MoralityPet him]], she finally cooperates with the Crystal Gems.
** Ronaldo is slowly getting there in Season 3, showing his more redeeming qualities like his vast technical knowledge (cars, anime, etc) and also showing him have more normal relationships and friendships with the people around Beach City. The TakeThatScrappy moments he gets might also help. Sadly, due to him being incredibly obnoxious and a jerk to Steven, "Rocknaldo" pretty much undid all of this.
* RewatchBonus:
** Amethyst is silent for the first two minutes of "On the Run", and looks upset when Pearl talks about the Gem Homeworld. Considering the events in the episode, this makes a lot of sense. If you pay close attention when the conversation is about Homeworld Gems, Pearl mentions "and then there's Gems like me and Garnet who stayed here to protect Earth". The absence of Amethyst's name is a big clue that something is wrong and it's also the same moment she makes an upset face. This moment also encapsulates the entire conflict that's brought up at the end. Pearl's comment was only intended literally, that she and Garnet chose to stay and defend Earth and that Amethyst was likely either not born yet or too young to make that sort of decision at the time. Amethyst instead interpreted it as an exclusion like she wasn't a real part of the team and winces as it comes up. Pearl meant well, but also completely misses how it affects Amethyst which all comes up when they finally talk at the end.
** Garnet's excitement about Steven and Connie fusing into Stevonnie makes a lot more sense in light of the events in "Jailbreak" and "The Answer".
** Lapis' fairly surprised reaction to Steven's healing powers ("You have ''healing powers?''") now carries more weight in "The Return", in which Jasper accuses her of knowing that Steven had Rose Quartz's powers, to which Lapis replies "It wasn't relevant to the mission!"
*** This gets even more heft after "Bubbled", which reveals that Rose Quartz' healing powers were both completely unique and incredibly well-known; using them in that episode immediately identified him as Rose Quartz' son, so it's likely that Lapis recognized the connection as soon as he demonstrated them on her.
** In general, Season 1 is very rewarding with a rewatch, where the Gems' every other line suddenly gains a ton of depth and laced with foreshadowing, and nearly every joke, odd line, or character quirk becomes much more meaningful when you have the context.
* RonTheDeathEater:
** Pearl has gotten many fans theorizing that she secretly hates Steven, or only likes him because he reminds her of Rose, despite the fact that besides her actions in "Rose's Scabbard", where she was caught up in her own grief, she's been nothing but [[ParentalSubstitute motherly]] to him for the whole series. [[https://twitter.com/mcburnett/status/613036161066340352 Even the writers]] have said that if you hate Pearl, you've missed the point. Her actions in "Cry for Help" definitely haven't helped. [[spoiler:This has further grown upon "Three Gems And A Baby" with people claiming that Pearl tried to kill baby Steven, despite it being obvious that Pearl merely thought Rose was trapped inside Steven's gem, before she stopped and told herself it's what Rose wanted. She didn't even hurt him, by the way; She just grabbed his gem.]]
** Lars is a {{Jerkass}}, most definitely, but much of the fandom makes him out to be a malicious, abusive monster, as opposed to being a lonely kid with a mean streak.
** Rose Quartz has been getting some of this as well. Many fan theories abound of her possibly having a hand in the Cluster's creation, or in not being honest about her reason for betraying Homeworld.
** Ronaldo on the other end of the BrokenBase. While he is definitely far from a saint, most of his more malicious acts can be blamed on [[ChaoticStupid stupidity]] and cluelessness rather than straight up villainy.

[[folder: S]]
* TheScrappy:
** For some fans, Onion. A creepy child with no good qualities and a regular KarmaHoudini. His actions in "Onion Trade" where he steals, dupes Steven, is perfectly willing to crash a motorcycle for no good reason, nearly killed Greg and destroyed the town don't help.
** Ronaldo is easily one of the least liked characters in the show, due to his annoying personality and general lack of positive qualities (unlike Lars and Onion, who also have their fair share of haters but have been given sympathetic portrayals). [=YouTuber=] [=PhantomStrider=] talked about how disliked Ronaldo is in his [[https://youtu.be/kb37Zx7onDw Top 10 Worst Episodes of Good Cartoons]].
** Lars is generally disliked for his arrogance, his selfishness, his tendency to take advantage of Sadie, and his [[AesopAmnesia inability to learn a lesson]]. It's very telling that many fans didn't seem to notice or even care about the fact that he was absent for virtually all of the 2nd and 3rd seasons. It's gotten to the point where after "The New Lars" some fans have said that they wish he was just [[PutOnABus removed from the show altogether]] as they've grown tired of the repetitiveness of the episodes dealing with him.
* SeasonalRot: Opinion is definitely split, but a lot of fans, especially on Website/{{Reddit}} and Website/{{Tumblr}}, feel that the show has entered this starting with the second half of season 3. Reasons include too many episodes focusing on Beach City residents or other humans instead of the Gems, the lack of any real development of the Homeworld plot, a general frustration at the show's very slow pace, and the OffModel [[http://imgur.com/a/76nbO animation]].
* SelfFanservice:
** Canonically, the only Gem who has ever been drawn with a visible bust in the show is Rose Quartz, but artists frequently add them elsewhere. Some characters in particular tend to get this treatment:
*** Jasper's canon design is buff and muscular with no visible bust, or even cleavage despite her low neckline, but lots of fanart give her one hell of a BoobsOfSteel treatment. In addition, she may also look far more feminine and leaner than she is (Quartzes tend to be on the [[StoutStrength thicker]] side, and she's no exception).
*** Pearl, being canonically as flat as a board, inexplicably gets an average to large bust in a lot of fanart, and Amethyst, whose own chest is modest, often ends up looking like she's smuggling balloons under her shirt.
*** Lapis also gets a fair amount of this, being almost completely flat in-series but often bumped up to at least a mid-size chest.
** Peridot has a long face, jagged teeth, an unflattering triangle ImprobableHairstyle and she's frankly rather strange looking, androgynous and usually UglyCute. You wouldn't know that from the fan depictions, which often make her much more conventionally cute.
*** Her design with Limb Enhancers got this as well, with some art depicting her in a very sexy way.
** In an odd example of this, Rose Quartz is often drawn with a fat, protruding stomach to further underline her BigBeautifulWoman status - something she only had in canon while ''pregnant''.
* ShipMates: Amedot to Pearlnet and Pearlapis, Lapidot to Pearlmethyst...of course, this is a show where just about every two full Gems have LesYay or are commonly shipped together, so it gets ''way'' more complicated than that.
** Lapis/Steven shippers will often also pair Peridot/Connie to get around the (So far) canon OTP.
* ShipsThatPassInTheNight:
** Pairing {{Fusion|Dance}}s with each other is not only this trope in the usual way, but in some cases, like Opal/Sugilite, it is ''physically impossible'' for the two to exist at the same time.
** Blue Pearl, Yellow Pearl, and Pearl never interacted - heck, Blue Pearl didn't even speak until "Steven's Dream" - however, fans instantly began shipping combinations of them together.
** Greg/Jasper (termed "Grasper") is a somewhat common ship - not only have they never interacted, but one of them is an alien who probably doesn't have a high opinion of humans. It seems to mostly stem from a mix of PairTheSpares and Greg's well-established love of women with Jasper's build.
** Jasper and Pearl has a following as well, despite the extremely minimum interaction between them in Season 1. Many fans enjoy the contrast in their characters and their size difference.
*** After "Cry For Help" and "Earthlings", people are starting to see parallels between Jasper and Pearl as [[NotSoDifferent profoundly lonely and broken individuals]] who use Fusion as a crutch to empower themselves, and whose treatment of their Fusion partners is portrayed as unhealthy, but some fans see the two healing via a [[HurtComfortFic hurt-and-comfort dynamic]]. Interestingly, their Fusion partners were the teams' respective foils of one another: Leaders Garnet and Jasper, and waif-like Pearl and Lapis.
** Kiki Pizza and Ronaldo Fryman. Some of the few scenes where they are together, (dancing together during Steven's song with the Gems, their family restaurants being next door to each other, Ronaldo including Kiki and titling her as a Pizza Heiress in his documentary) along with some comments about Kiki from Ronaldo's blog on tumblr, provide "proof" for fans of this ship. Although this is more likely a JustFriends seen via ShippingGoggles.
*** Funnily enough, this was fueled in "Restaurant Wars" when the two faked being in love to fool their fathers into stopping their feud. However, this same episode also [[ShipSinking sunk the ship]] to a degree, as not only are neither of them particularly enthusiastic, it is almost immediately revealed that Ronaldo had an actual girlfriend.
** Peridot/Ronaldo is surprisingly easy to find, despite the fact that the two of them have not shared any scenes together.
** There's also Kevin/Jamie, despite the fact that, like the above, the two haven't been in the same scene, much less the same episode.
* ShipToShipCombat: After "Warp Tour" introduced Peridot, she was immediately shipped with Lapis, the only other Homeworld Gem currently introduced. However, in the lengthy hiatus following "Too Far", a sizable portion of the fandom operated under the assumption that Peridot and Amethyst would become love interests, and began shipping them as such. "Barn Mates" brought back the possibility of "Lapidot", and the two factions have been in cold contempt ever since.
** In an attempt to diffuse the situation, storyboarder Lauren Zuke attempted to explain her perspective in January 2017, stating that she wrote Lapis and Peridot as if they were in a growing relationship, and Amethyst and Peridot as Peridot having a crush a Amethyst that led to them becoming close, intimate friends, and that her stance on it might not be the other writers/storyboarders' stance on it. This [[FromBadToWorse didn't actually help the situation at all]].
* SlowPacedBeginning: The series can be a disorienting experience for newcomers, as the first ten episodes or so provide only the smallest of hints that something bigger than a boy with a gem for a bellybutton and his mother figures having seemingly random adventures is going on. The series really picks up once it starts dealing with its MythArc in "Lion 2: The Movie", seventeen episodes in. It only gets better after the show's first two-part episode, which would then go on to produce a steady string of high quality episodes containing the rich CharacterDevelopment and WorldBuilding the show's known for.
* SoOkayItsAverage:
** "Onion Friend" isn't exactly ''hated'', and fans appreciated a breather episode from the otherwise tearjerking Stevenbomb 3 plotline. But the episode was agreed to feel incredibly short and didn't have any impact on the current matter at hand. The sole purpose of the episode seemed to be to show how Amethyst felt about Pearl and Garnet arguing, but it was completely overshadowed by Steven hanging out with Onion.
** Stevenbomb 3 as a whole. Many felt that the drama between Garnet and Pearl was great, but it wasn't focused on enough and having a rushed conclusion, the episodes being LighterAndSofter compared to previous bombs, and less plot progression. The fact that Sardonyx only appeared in two episodes despite it being hailed as the "Week of Sardonyx" also didn't help.
** The first week of the "Summer of Steven" event is considered this as a whole by most fans. One one hand, people absolutely ''adored'' "Mr. Greg", for being an amazing MusicalEpisode that focused on Greg and Pearl's rocky relationship (with Steven trying to make them reconcile with each other), Pearl's feeling for Rose and her inability to move on, and was quite a powerful {{Tearjerker}}. On the other hand, there's "The New Lars", considered to be not only the worst episode of that week but also one of the worst episodes of the ''entire series'' with "Steven Floats" (the first episode of the event) not faring too well either despite being more of a BrokenBase episode. In between, there is "Drop Beat Dad", which the general reaction was pretty much this trope and "Too Short To Ride" and "Beach City Drift", considered better but far from spectacular. Thankfully, things picked up in the second week starting with "Monster Reunion".
** "The Zoo". While it is more preferred than some of the other recent episodes that focus more on the human characters, when compared to the other episodes of the "Out of This World" arc it comes across as more basic and plain.
* SpiritualAdaptation: At the very least, WebVideo/TheMysteriousMrEnter considers this a better successor to ''WesternAnimation/TeenTitans'' than ''WesternAnimation/TeenTitansGo'', its ''actual'' successor.
* {{Squick}}: Though PlayedForLaughs, Steven mentions that he knows that Peridot has used his toothbrush.
* {{Starboarding}}:
** Ronaldo starts to develop a crush on Sadie in "Horror Club".
** Comes up in "Political Power", where it's revealed that Mayor Dewey is rather smitten with Pearl, referring to her as "the hot one" of the Gems.
* SuspiciouslySimilarSong: The verses of "Stronger Than You" has a similar chord progression and tempo to, appropriately enough, "Just The Two Of Us" by Bill Withers.
* SweetDreamsFuel: When it's not [[NightmareFuel/StevenUniverse scaring the daylights out of you]] or [[TearJerker/StevenUniverse tearing you apart inside]], the show's central message that all of Earth's living creatures matter and deserve acceptance, not to mention a cast of characters who, despite their problems, love each other nonetheless, can fill one with such a sense of joy while watching it.

[[folder: T-V]]
* TakeThatScrappy:
** A few in "Say Uncle". Pizza Steve, one of the biggest {{Base Breaking Character}}s in Uncle Grandpa, gets eaten by Amethyst. And despite the TakeThatAudience undertones of the crossover, it's worth noting that the Crystal Gems (arguably the stand ins for Uncle Grandpa's hatedom) beat up Uncle Grandpa before the end of the episode.
** In "Keep Beach City Weird", the Crystal Gems beating Ronaldo is satisfying for those who don't like him.
*** In "Garnet's Universe", the character of Ringo is made in Ronaldo's likeness, is cast as the villain of Steven's story, gets the crud beat out of him by Garnet and is left imprisoned in his own dimension forever. Many wished they could see this happen with the real Ronaldo.
*** Yet again in "Rocknaldo", when Steven finally calls Ronaldo out on his self-important bullshit and gives him a TheReasonYouSuckSpeech. Afterwards, Ronaldo loses energy due to lack of sleep and passes out on the floor, with Amethyst remarking that Steven "truthed him so hard he ''died''."
** "The New Lars" was basically one big HumiliationConga for Lars. One in particular is when it's revealed that the Cool Kids [[TheFriendNobodyLikes actually find him annoying]] and prefer him when Steven accidentally possesses him. Unfortunately, this didn't stop people who hated the episode (most of whom already don't like Lars to begin with) from despising it any less.
** Onion being visibly [[EvenEvilHasStandards freaked out]] by [[FreakyFridayFlip Steven in Lars' body]] from the same above episode can be seen as this.
* TastesLikeDiabetes: Averted with the show overall, which is by no means gentle when it comes to handling important messages or raising the stakes for its characters. However, its overtly optimistic messages can seem a little too "nice" for its own good when viewed on excess.
* ToughActToFollow: After three episodes of build-up, "The Zoo" left several fans disappointed with how basic and plain it was when compared to out episodes from the "Out of This World" event. Luckily, the very next episode (as well as the last one of the event) "That Will Be All" made up for it.
* UglyCute:
** The Centipeetle may be an [[HollywoodAcid acid]] [[BreathWeapon spewing]] [[EyesDoNotBelongThere mouth eyed]] [[BigCreepyCrawlies bug monster]], but her interactions with Steven in "Monster Buddies" are downright adorable. [[spoiler: She's even more cute in "Monster Reunion", with her partially-healed form.]]
** Sapphire when her massive, single eye is shown.
* UncannyValley:
** Many of the things seen in Rose's Room when it was glitching out, which was probably the point.
** One that sticks out the most in "Jail Break" is Garnet's expression after she gets re-fused. [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FR503vVAPlA Yikes!]]
** While not so egregious, Sapphire's single eye can be this.
** The pilot's art style, to some. Especially seeing as Steven looks like a teenager or adult but has a small child's voice and most of the characters have catlike pupils.
** Several of the characters in the earlier episodes look very OffModel when compared to the [[ArtEvolution newer episodes]]. "Cheeseburger Backpack" is probably the [[http://68.media.tumblr.com/50fe27873528cc1c2f171414abdadcde/tumblr_nlolg7hcdv1ur1c32o4_1280.png worst]] [[http://steven-universe.wikia.com/wiki/File:CheeseburgerBackpackPreview01.png offender]] [[http://steven-universe.wikia.com/wiki/File:Vlcsnap-2013-12-24-22h22m49s205.png of]] [[http://steven-universe.wikia.com/wiki/File:Stevengasp.JPG this]].
** Yellow Diamond can be... unsettling. She has an unusually long neck, haunting eyes, and lines in her face that other Gems don't have. The face she makes when Peridot calls her a "clod" is either funny or NightmareFuel. Or both. It's even more jarring when you look at the extended intro, which features her in a style more in line with the other characters.
** Most fusions escape it with their numerous extra body parts, but Smoky Quartz looks mostly normal, except they have a left arm that splits into two at the elbow.
* UnintentionallySympathetic: Ronaldo in "Restaurant Wars". Having his girlfriend break up with him was probably meant to be a TakeThatScrappy, but if you combine his family giving him NoSympathy and the fact that he [[DesignatedMonkey did nothing to warrant his abuse in that episode]], he becomes too pitiful to laugh at.
* UnintentionallyUnsympathetic:
** Ronaldo when he's not painted as the ButtMonkey. He sees no problem with ignoring a person's personal liberties or feelings to validate his conspiracies. While this can be put down to being a CloudCuckooLander and as such just unaware of how his actions affect someone he will still do so despite knowing how they feel about his actions.
** Onion in "Onion Trade". Sure, he misses his father and he barely sees him. But to pass the time waiting for him, he steals, dupes Steven, is perfectly willing to crash a motorcycle for no good reason, and nearly destroyed the town. If anything, Onion came across as a psychopathic child.
** All the characters have moments of this to some extent. Particular shout outs to: Amethyst in "Too Far" in essentially encouraging/getting Peridot to insult others only to get angry when she herself was the aim of said jokes, and Pearl during the Week of Sardonyx who hurts Garnet in a deeply emotional way and then has multiple episodes that focus on why we should feel bad for Pearl and Garnet the one she hurt should forgive her.
*** "Three Gems and A Baby" didn't help, [[spoiler: starting with the fact that the three Gems ''kidnapped'' baby Steven when his gem start glowing (believing it's Rose inside there calling for help), Pearl almost ripping off Steven's gem in a misguided attempt to "free" Rose, and neither Garnet or Amethyst stopping her. Thankfully, Pearl doesn't go through with it, and all three of them realize that Rose wanted to have a baby. Even if they don't truly understand why, they were willing to respect her wish in the end.]]
* ViewerGenderConfusion:
** Many viewers assumed Pearl was going to be male due to her haircut and flat chest (especially in the pilot episode, where her original design looked more androgynous than the version shown in the actual series). Even some of the episode synopses on Hulu refer to Pearl as male.
** Both Ruby and Jasper are often confused for male due to their muscular designs and aggressive personalities.
** All of the Gems get this to some degree, seeing as they're technically not human but mostly appear female and use female pronouns.
** [[InvokedTrope Invoked]] with any of the fusions that Steven is part of, who are more overtly agender/non-binary, and are addressed by decidedly gender neutral pronouns like "they" and "them" as a way of working canonically genderless characters into the show.
* VisualEffectsOfAwesome: Despite still mostly operating on a TV budget, it has some of the best-looking hand-drawn animation on TV ever, with several [[AnimationBump bursts of more fluid character animation]], extremely tight layouts, especially with fight and dance scenes, and [[AwesomeArt stellar designs]].
** The entirety of Lapis Lazuli's battle with the Gems, from the fluid movements of the water clones, Steven summoning his shield, the water tower in space with stars in the background, and Lapis being healed and regaining her wings.
** Garnet's fight with Jasper on the Hand ship.
** The creepy majesty of the Cluster as it first forms with psychic projections of its Gem shards, and when Steven goes inside its mind with the minimalist flashing orbs of light.
** Pearl's musical sequence in "Mr. Greg" with Empire City's lights and crowds below as Pearl fluidly dances and spins in full rotation, complete with spinning backgrounds and ingenious use of perspective shots.

[[folder: W]]
* WhatTheHellCastingAgency: Not in a bad way, but an odd way. The voice cast is a offbeat gathering of former teen stars, pop singers, musical theater performers, and radio personalities. It's almost as if a bunch of old friends in the entertainment industry had a reunion. Music/NickiMinaj as Sugilite in particular surprised many, as her voice for Sugilite sounds almost exactly like the voice actress for Amethyst. Another big issue is how hiring such big names as the fusions severely limits how much they can be used, beyond brief appearances where they don't speak, which of course compromises how much personality they can show (most severely, we're ''still'' waiting to get a bead on what Opal is like outside of when she's in action).
* WhatAnIdiot:
** During Onion's rampage, Pearl tells Steven basically what the viewers were thinking at the time: that he could have easily used the Replicator Wand to replicate Ranger Guy instead of giving the device to Onion.
--->'''Steven:''' ''({{facepalm}})'' DANG IT!
** Sadie in "Island Adventure". Good intentions or not, hiding the warp pad because she thinks it's good for Lars wasn't the smoothest move.
** In "Marble Madness", Garnet specifically tells Steven that Peridot is an enemy they don't know with technology they don't understand, and tells him and the others that they must stay hidden. [[SarcasmMode So naturally, Steven waltzes right up to the enemy to chat like they're old friends.]] While he admits afterwards that it was a poor plan, his main goal ''was'' to try and coax information out of Peridot, and he was able to do so to an extent.
** In "Joy Ride", Steven and the Cool Kids find Peridot's escape pod. Steven wants to inform the Gems immediately but the Cool Kids think it's a great idea to play around with unknown, potentially dangerous technology. It almost gets them all seriously hurt.
* WhatDoYouMeanItsForKids: Although the show is able to keep a fairly lighthearted and child-friendly tone most of the time, it has used [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything metaphors]] for lots of fun subjects such as losing a loved one, abusive relationships, consent, [[FantasticRacism racism/sexism/homophobia]], and intercourse.
** Quite possibly the biggest example of this is the episode "Keeping It Together" where Garnet ''gets on the verge of a mental breakdown after witnessing the remnants of the mass destruction of innocent Crystal Gems who were forced to fuse together''. Oh, and there's lots of BodyHorror for the whole family there, too.
** We've also had the abomination of nature that is [[AndIMustScream the]] [[TragicMonster Cluster]] with some explicit abortion and birth imagery that wouldn't be out of place in a horror story, survivors of the Gem War suffering from the trauma of so much death or being corrupted, Steven and Connie getting over their feelings of the equivalent of sexual harassment, lovers still mourning their lost loves, and a mutually toxic relationship that draws equal paralells between psychological and drug abuse with horrific accuracy.
* WinBackTheCrowd: When Cartoon Network put the show on a three month hiatus, fans got worried that the show was going to be ScrewedByTheNetwork. Then the network revealed that not only did they add more episodes to the first season, they also renewed it for a big second season. The result was that Steven Universe would have a total of ''104'' episodes [[note]]52 half-hours[[/note]] for its first two seasons. Such news put the fans' minds at ease.
** While not perfect, "Say Uncle", the ''Uncle Grandpa'' crossover, was much better received than originally anticipated thanks to the number of fandom nods and in-jokes.