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!!Main Site
* AcceptableTargets:
** Poké Tubers, people on YouTube that post videos of "competitive" Pokémon matches, are often mocked due to them indirectly invoking SturgeonsLaw for competitive play and their propensity to give out bad advice. More skilled Poké Tubers or those directly from Smogon themselves (like [[https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbXuFrNGSKcmZY_5DwYz4Ew pokeaimMD]] or [[https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYoTO-akZCsiusTe4rBxfhA CybertronProductions]]) aren't subject to this since they actually know what they're talking about.
** Inversely, Smogonites tend to be considered this by Youtube commenters, to the point where [[{{Scrub}} uploading a battle using a Smogon moveset will immediately get you flamed]]. [[RuleOfCautiousEditingJudgement Which is probably why the situation tends to get so ugly.]]
* AmericansHateTingle: Given that at least [[GermansLoveDavidHasselhoff Americans, if not the whole of the English speaking world, loves Charizard]], it is quite ironic that Charizard was generally hated amongst Smogoners (also predominantly English-language based) until the 6th Generation. Justified due to Charizard actually being not very useful until the buff for Generation 6, and Scrubs attempting to use Charizard regardless adding to the ire.
* AuthorsSavingThrow: The outcome of the Shadow Tag test for Ubers was vetoed by the site owner due to the extremely controversial method that the moderators were using to count the votes. [[note]]For those unaware, the suspect test required anyone that met the conditions to write a paragraph on why they felt Shadow Tag should or shouldn't be banned, which is something that has never been required in any Ubers suspect tests before and was only present in a very small amount beforehand. Said paragraph could be rejected by those in charge of the test, and the two people behind it (until a third, neutral one joined) were very heavily biased towards its ban. Far more than half of the rejected votes were "no ban" on it, changing the outcome from not banning it to banning it. The mods also refused to elaborate when asked.[[/note]]
* BrokenBase:
** Most ban discussions end up as this, but a special mention goes to the discussion of [=SwagPlay=], a [[LuckBasedMission "strategy'']] which consists of [[StandardStatusEffects confusing the enemy]] and increasing his Attack in order to [[HoistByHisOwnPetard use it against him with Foul Play]]. The [[http://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/swagplay-evaluating-potential-bans-basic-definition-of-uncompetitive-in-op.3500620/ original thread]] was split between those who wanted all forms of confusion banned and those who felt that banning Swag Play is [[{{Scrub}} completely ridiculous]] and should have never been considered in the first place. In the end, the discussion devolved into such a mess that it was locked. The current consensus seems to be that while it isn't broken and can be beaten out, it's [[CombatPragmatism so incredibly]] BoringButPractical to the point where entire official tournaments hinged on the strategy, and people are just sick of seeing it.
** Their dedication to 6v6 singles while official tournaments follow doubles format is contentious within the competitive community. A new site, Nugget Bridge, was dedicated to the official VGC format due to Smogon's half-hearted coverage and lack of good players within that format.
* CasualCompetitiveConflict:
** [[SchmuckBait Go ahead]]. Mention the place ''[[FlameBait anywhere]]'' outside of its own forums. [[DisproportionateRetribution Believe it or not, it's fashionable to limp around with only half of your face left]].
** [[AvertedTrope Averted]] on the site itself, which has an entire subforum and IRC channel for non-competitive discussions.[[note]]Casual play, in-game, spin-offs, {{the anime|OfTheGame}}, and occasionally fan games.[[/note]]
* ComplacentGamingSyndrome:
** The site is infamous for how much they love the entry hazard Stealth Rock, to the point that it's almost {{memetic|Mutation}}; virtually every team carries it regardless of what tier is being played since it's just so darn useful. If you're playing on the actual games' random Wifi and doing a Singles battle, you can probably infer whether or not your opponent is from the site based on whether you see Stealth Rock being used.
** The Gen V metagame was widely hated due to the fact that Politoed's permanent rain caused this. Even after Drizzle and Swift Swim were banned from being used together, it was still powerful enough that few people used anything else, and Smogon refused to put any larger of a ban on it, for fear of JumpingOffTheSlipperySlope. About half of all teams used had Weather by the time ''X and Y'' were announced. It's generally seen now by those outside of Smogon (and some in it) as the greatest failure of their suspecting process, as even after several bans to nerf the play-styles based around it, Rain still remained extremely dominant. Also, since Gen. V, the current banning philosophy has been far more aggressive and has raised concerns that Smogon is now JumpingOffTheSlipperySlope they said they were trying to avoid in trying to avoid something like Gen. V weather teams' dominance from happening again.
* CreatorsPet:
** Stall. Most Pokemon that are tested for banning are offensive in nature, and several have been tested ''specifically'' because they threaten this one playstyle. What makes this even worse is that the best Special Walls in the game (Chansey and Blissey) have never been put up for testing despite technically being suspect-worthy.[[labelnote:Explanation]]The two of them invalidate just about every Special Attacker ''by themselves'' due to being {{Damage Sponge Boss}}es and have literally no peers, even when compared to [[GameBreaker Ubers]] (their closest competition, Lugia, is just a '''really''' bulky MightyGlacier).[[/labelnote]]
** During Gen V, weather, ''especially'' rain teams, got accused of this, thanks to Smogon, in general, favoring weather teams despite outcries of people who were sick of seeing nothing but "weather wars" during said generation. Most of the competitive matchups of that generation boiled down to either two rain teams facing each other, or teams specifically designed to counter rain teams facing rain teams ''or'' teams specifically designed to counter rain teams. Despite this falling under the main reason Smogon tends to hit Pokemon with the ban hammer[[note]]overcentralization of the meta[[/note]], Smogon instead put bans on specific abilities or combos such as swift swim in permanent rain instead of finally hitting weather outright. It's telling when most Pokemon online battle simulators offered a mode specifically to address this problem[[note]]Clear skies, where weather is flat-out banned[[/note]] while Smogon still continued to ignore most major complaints about this format to continue to focus on rain oriented teams.
** The Kami trio also get accusations of this type, due to many bans apparently being made to aid them in the metagame no matter how versatile/broken they may be. However, this may change since Landorus-I is now KickedUpstairs to Ubers in the ORAS Metagame
* FandomBerserkButton: Being a common target for ire in the Pokemon community and a trouble magnet for it has caused Smogon to have little tolerance for trolls and people who invoke InsaneTrollLogic as arguments in the forums, ''especially'' during suspect tests.
* GameBreaker: [[GameBreaker/{{Pokemon}} Here.]]
%% * HypeBacklash:
%% ** Electivire is the poster mon of it. Back in Gen IV, it was in OU. But it has several flaws such as having mediocre speed and most of its moves have low Power or low accuracy. Eventually, its usage dropped.
%% ** When Mega Gallade became available, players thought Mega Gallade is superior than Mega Medicham. However, this isn't the case. While Mega Gallade has advantages that Mega Medicham does not. Mega Medicham has the ability, Pure Power which doubles its Attack stat therefore it actually hits harder than Mega Gallade. Meanwhile, Mega Gallade has Inner Focus which is considered mostly underwhelming. Ultimately, while Mega Gallade isn't bad, just not better than Mega Medicham.
* MemeticBadass: Druddigon is commonly referred to by RU players for being the most overpowered pokemon in existence, a great contrast to how it's treated as the most unmemorable Dragon Type in the series by the rest of the fandom.
* MemeticLoser: Charizard, prior to Gen VI introducing two very strong Mega Evolutions for it. That said, the base form is still considered this, as well as any versions of it in Ubers.
* MemeticMutation: [[Memes/{{Smogon}} Can be found here.]]
* MisBlamed:
** No, Smogon did not invent the [[OneSteveLimit Species Clause]] or [[ObviousRulePatch Sleep Clause]], Game Freak did all the way back in Gen 1 in PokemonStadium.[[labelnote:Note]] The original Sleep Clause [[NonStandardGameOver made you automatically forfeit if you put a second Mon to sleep]]. Smogon's version of is modded to make the Sleep-Inducing moves just fail instead after one Mon is already put to sleep, [[LoopholeAbuse since players could force a win by using Encore on the Sleep-user]].[[/labelnote]]
** No, unbanning [[OlympusMons Kyurem-B]] was not their idea either; Pokémon Online did it first.[[labelnote:Note]][[FollowTheLeader But they probably wouldn't have if Pokémon Online didn't do it]].[[/labelnote]]
* MorePopularSpinoff: Smogon's rules, while not perfect, are widely (but not universally) considered to be superior to the official rules set down by GameFreak/Nintendo.
* PoorMansSubstitute: After Deoxys's Defense form was banned from OU, the Spikes-stacking core of Klefki and Bisharp became known as "Poor Man's Deosharp".[[labelnote:Deosharp?]]Deosharp was a core consisting of Deoxys-Defense and Bisharp. Deo-D set up Spikes and paralyzed faster threats so Bisharp could sweep. Notably, Bisharp's ability Defiant, which essentially gives it a free Swords Dance if one of its stats was lowered, deterred Defoggers from removing the Spikes. Klefki plays a near-identical role as Deoxys, but is both allowed in OU to this day and trades a lot of bulk for access to Prankster.[[/labelnote]]
* RescuedFromTheScrappyHeap: In Gen 6, Charizard's Mega Evolutions made it a legitimately solid choice in higher tiers; Mega Charizard X is essentially Salamence with a better typing and a built-in, recoil-free Life Orb for contact moves, while Mega Charizard Y gets Drought and is the hardest-hitting non-Uber weather inducer. Not to mention that it's often hard for the opponent to predict ''which'' Mega Evolution Charizard is packing.
* {{Scrub}}:
** {{Averted|Trope}}. Almost everything they ban is determined by community feedback, whether or not the supposed GameBreaker is overcentralizing[[note]]becomes so common that you are required to run something to counter it specifically, regardless of what kind of team you are running[[/note]], and ultimately tests with ladder ranking entry requirements. The process is nonetheless prone to groupthink. This was taken into account by [[ObviousRulePatch disallowing voters from changing their votes]].
** However, if you want [[GameBreaker Evasion]] to be legal, the entire competitive community will brand you as one.[[note]]Evasion is so universally hated that one of the most common HouseRules outside of simulator play is to ban it, since it forces a LuckBasedMission on the opponent that they have no control over. It's also impossible to completely counter, since most [[AlwaysAccurateAttack perfect accuracy attacks]] [[UselessUsefulSpell are too weak to use]], Switch Out Moves have negative priority and are blocked by Taunt, and literally every Pokémon that can learn [=TMs=] (read: all but 5 or so) can be taught Double Team (the main evasion attack). Since Smogon promotes skill-based playing over luck, [[JumpingOffTheSlipperySlope legalizing Evasion would go against everything they have stood for since its inception]].[[/note]] [[http://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/evasion.3490307/ You will also likely ignite a horrible flame war.]]
*** Ironically, evasion was allowed for Ubers after testing the tier and participants deciding that it isn't that bad due to how powerful everything is there. Doesn't stop a few losses turning into wins due to blind luck every now and then, though.
*** Double Team advocates tend to change their minds after fighting [[http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Justy Justy]] from Colosseum/XD or a [[NighInvulnerable Minimize Chansey holding Eviolite]].
** However, {{Scrub}} is played straight in the sense that Smogon uses extensive house rules and tries to propagate them outside their community as the only actual balanced rule set.
** Defending your favorite Pokemon (namely unviable Pokemon and/or starters) against legitimate criticism by invoking PopularityPower will also cause you to be viewed as this. [[note]]For reference, this ''is'' the reason for Charizard's Scrappy Status in past gens.[[/note]]
** Also played straight with casuals who try to adopt Smogon rules and force others to abide by them despite a) not having a single clue what half of them mean and b) not being anywhere near the skill level where those rules start to mean anything.
* ScrappyMechanic: Gen V OU is infamous for this. Thanks to [[GameBreaker the permanent rain given by Politoed]], most teams on the simulators ran Weather to either abuse it or counter it, causing the entire meta to revolve around it.
* SpecialEffectsFailure: [[http://www.smogon.com/dex/xy/pokemon/steelix/ Mega Steelix's animation]] does not loop properly.
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* TierInducedScrappy: Considering what the website is about, you'd expect there'd be a lot.
** Politoed in Gen V, for causing [[MemeticMutation the Weather Wars]], turning the metagame into [[ItsTheSameNowItSucks nothing but Weather Teams]] and creating a ton of {{Game Breaker}}s just by its mere presence.
** [[RescuedFromTheScrappyHeap Prior to Gen VI]], Charizard in any tier above RU (read: the tiers with the best/most used Pokémon) after Generation 4 introduced Stealth Rock, at least to the more experienced players. Especially so in the Uber tier, where Charizard has no business participating in at all. [[http://www.smogon.com/smog/issue21/charizard Here's a quick explanation of why]].
** [[ZigZaggedTrope Zig-Zagged]] with the item Assault Vest. While it's a legitimately good item, newer players tend to slap it on anything that runs sets with 4 attacks (such as Durant) and/or has middling Special Defense, giving it the reputation as a noob item.
*** Power-Up Punch gets similar treatment for the same reasons as Assault Vest (but isn't as useful, [[GameBreaker unless you're Mega Kangaskhan]]), and newer players tend to combine the 2 together regardless of usefulness. [[http://www.smogon.com/smog/issue35/assault-vest This article by Rarelyused Leader Molk]] explains what you should and shouldn't use it on.
** Electivire. It was hyped up in Gen IV for having massive coverage in one moveset, but HypeBacklash quickly settled in once people found it it was rather slow (its speed is Base 95 when Base 100 is the most important speed stat), too weak (all of its attacks have low Base Power and/or low accuracy), and too predictable (it was often found with Gyarados to try to abuse its ability by switching in to absorb Electric attacks Gyarados would have taken). It was horribly bashed while it was OU in Gen IV and it later dropped down to RU in Gen V (where it also sucked) and finally hit NU in Gen VI. It's still bashed for being a crappy Mon and is massive SnarkBait whenever people use it.
** Shaymin-S is another infamous example for having a very high special attack and speed stat in conjunction with the annoying combo of Air Slash and Serene Grace. It was loathed so much that it was the first Pokemon to be banned to Ubers ''[[ZeroPercentApprovalRating unanimously]]''.
** Claydol in RU. Often used by newer players, because of its seemingly good access to both Stealth Rock and Rapid Spin. However, in reality, Claydol is so flawed that most experienced players regard it as complete trash (in fact, Rarelyused Leader Molk tried to make it work, and publically judged it as the worst Pokémon he's ever used after weeks of testing). While Rapid Spin is a great move to have, Claydol's ability to use it effectively is hampered by the fact that it simply gets dominated by any Ghost-type Pokemon. Not just having its Rapid Spin blocked, but an almost complete inability to get past them otherwise and a weakness to Ghost-type moves to top it all off. On top of this, Claydol's unfortunate defensive typing gives it a weakness to almost every relevant offensive type in the tier, making its good defensive stats almost moot and meaning that even if Claydol ends up getting past a Ghost type somehow, it often gets [=KOed=] or forced out before it can pull off a Rapid Spin regardless, ''[[YouAreTooLate and by the time it finally gets an opportunity to Rapid Spin, the entry hazards it's aiming to remove have already done their job]]''. On top of all of that, the buff to Defog in Generation VI to remove hazards from both sides of the field gives it major competition, since Defog cannot be blocked like Rapid Spin. Its standard set is called "DON'T USE CLAYDOL," to give you an idea of its reception.
** Hitmonchan is considered the worst of the Hitmon brothers due to being outclassed at literally everything it can do. What really sets it in this trope is that many believe that it would perform much better in lower tiers but people won't stop using it in RU. Much like Claydol, Hitmonchan's standard set is called "DON'T USE HITMONCHAN."
*** Fortunately, Hitmonchan was RescuedFromTheScrappyHeap when it finally dropped down to the NU tier, where it proved to be quite useful.
** Mega Gengar is widely despised on Smogon, and for good reason. Unlike the other non-legendary banned Megas (Kangaskhan, Lucario, Salamence and Mawile), Mega Gengar wasn't banned for being a team-annihilating LightningBruiser with way too many options and far too few counters (the first three) or a MightyGlacier with a near-perfect typing and obscene offensive muscle (Mawile), but rather for being able to Perish Trap with absolutely no drawback and force anything going up against it into [[SadisticChoice no-win situations]]. Played properly, Mega Gengar is ''completely foolproof'', and it was kicked out of OU and into Ubers in less than a month, where it continued to be so obnoxious that it got suspected for ''banning from Ubers''. It stayed, but the fact that a complete ban was even discussed to begin with says an awful lot about how abusive the thing is.
** Mega Rayquaza was so powerful (Obscene offense, par defense, speed in-between the two, an Ability that reduces weaknesses from any Flying types on the field and can't be overridden, and the ability to use an item[[note]]Mega-Evolving a Pokémon requires them to hold a species-specified item. Raquayza instead needs to know the move "Dragon Ascent", which is powerful in its own right.[[/note]]) that it succeeded in which Mega-Gengar failed and has gotten '''''banned from Ubers''''', resulting in Ubers' graduation from "Glorified OU Banlist" to a legitimate tier as well as the creation of "Anything Goes", a setting where most of the clauses are off and where every Pokémon ''and'' Mega is useable.
** Mega Salamence has also become widely hated for being so transparently broken that, like Mega Rayquaza, it seems unlikely that balance was even considered when making it. Possessed of amazing offenses (145 Attack, 120 Special Attack, 120 Speed), it hits horrifically hard and fast and can easily run Special or mixed sets to make dealing with it a total crapshoot (which is what got Mega Lucario banned more than anything else), but two things really push it over the edge and into the realm of total stupidity: its Defense boost and Aerilate. The former is better than most dedicated walls at 130 and makes it very, very difficult to even scratch while it's ripping through your team or getting ready to (and this doesn't take into consideration the effects of Intimidate before it Mega Evolves), while the latter makes the likes of Return/Frustration, Thrash, Double-Edge, and Hyper Voice hit like nukes. Add this all together and you get ''the'' ultimate LightningBruiser. Thrown into Ubers in less than a month, it actually wound up being so ridiculous that it actually got [[UpToEleven banned from Doubles]]. Mind you, Doubles still allows things like Mega Kangaskhan; in essence, this is like one step away from Mega Rayquaza. ''That's'' how bad it is.
** Dragon types in Gen IV OU before Salamence was banned, due to the [=DragMag=][[note]]Five Dragon-types with a Magnezone or other Steel-type to trap and kill opposing bulky Steel-types that resist Dragon[[/note]] playstyle dominating.
* VindicatedByHistory: Happens every now and again, due to people finding things that actually work better than previously thought. Such examples are Rotom-W in Gen IV (an issue of The Smog even said it goes from being mediocre to "a sub-par Lanturn" when the Rotom form type changes were discovered) And Deoxys-D in Gen V, where it was ''UU'' for a short period of time before it was discovered how bulky it was.