* FoeYay: The homosexual undertones present in the original are made much more explicit by the remake:
--> '''Black''': You gave him... a ''pat''... on the bum?\\
'''Wyke''': Metaphorically.\\
'''Black''': You gave him a metaphorical ''pat'' on the bum?
** Even in the original they were pretty obvious, especially in the second act when Andrew asks Milo to come live with him:
--> '''Tindle''': But what about Maggie?\\
'''Wyke''': Forget her. Let her rot. Stay with me. You're my kind of person.
* NightmareFuel: Those ''[[CreepyDoll freaking toys.]]'' They constantly show shots of Andrew's various toys and automatons he has around the house, being far more menacing than dolls have a right to be.