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%%* ArcFatigue:
* FoeYay: Kyoko and Sho have a fair amount of this when they're reunited post-breakup.
** Also some between Sho and Reino. Kyoko even accuses Reino of having a "Sho fetish."
* FridgeBrilliance: When Kyoko worries that Ren will cut all ties with her in Karuizawa, it seems a little too far-fetched. Until you realize that that's how she's used to being treated by those she cares about. Her mother abandoned her when she was a little girl, Fuwa Sho dropped her without a second thought after she spent years devoted to him, even Corn left without giving her a way to keep in touch (although in his case it was because he was ten years old and had to go home).
* LesYay: Kyoko and Moko, ''constantly.''
** When Kyoko and Maria see Moko feeding her “boyfriend” a French fry:
--->Maria: [[ClingyJealousGirl I want to do that]] to [[TallDarkAndHandsome Ren!]]
--->Kyoko: I want Moko to do that to me!
** Kyoko was incredibly... ''devoted'' to Ruriko.
** In Sho's PV, Kyoko has to act out an angel who has a lot of this with another angel. She perfoms a brilliant act that actually enraptures the other angel's actor, who dislikes her. How did she find the inspiration for this? By inserting Moko into the other angel's role in her mind.
** During the party arc, Moko immediately goes to look for her present for Kyoko, in response to Ren's gift [[spoiler:upon learning it was her birthday.]] All of her expressions, thoughts and mannerisms wouldn't be out of place on a [[ClingyJealousGirl jealous girlfriend.]]
* MagnificentBitch: Not that Kyoko is one, but as seen in the "Natsu" drama, she can be ''very'' good at acting like one.
* RealWomenNeverWearDresses: The first time they meet, Kanae scorns Kyouko for being "[[HouseWife housewifey]]" only because she sees her sewing a doll (Kanae's unaware that the doll is a voodoo doll which Kyouko intends to use for BlackMagic); and for a while she dismisses Kyouko because she didn't believe that a woman who can do every stereotypical housework could be a competent actress. It turns out that [[spoiler: Kanae's also housewifey, in this case by necessity - and really good at it. Seeing Kyoko pissed her off because [[YouAreWhatYouHate she was reminded of herself.]] Though her version of "housewifing" is more of a extreme sport.]]
** [[spoiler: "You made me remember the scent of detergent!"]]
* UnfortunateImplications:
** Rife, though actually less so than in most Shoujo romantic comics. The above under ultimate job security applies.
** An incident with Reino the psychic and Corn the rock. The powers are real--he gets some information he shouldn't have. He also states that the pain 'Corn' put into the eponymous stone before giving it to little Kyoko is "not the kind of feeling an ordinary child from an ordinary house could have" and makes her accumulated suffering over ten years of being used, abused, and unloved by everyone in her world look minor. Given that Corn was ''not'' a fairy prince but a Hollywood Brat with two doting parents, looks, talent, health, and everything money could buy, UnfortunateImplication set in.
** The degree to which Kyoko is becoming the B-plot of her own life in favor of Ren now that he's coming close to being acknowledged as her LoveInterest.
** Reino's psychic perception of "Corn's" suffering as hugely worse than Kyoko's, when [[spoiler: it was a ten-year-old boy having trouble establishing an independent identity when his doting father was so famous]], while she made it to sixteen emotionally abused from every side and almost totally isolated. Could just be that she's much better at coping while he wallows, though.
** Everything relating to race, from the perspective of an American audience, because the Japanese have ''very different'' ideas about ethnicity and race-mixing.