* YMMV on the luck part. There's no luck involved after the cards are dealt and the round starts. Poker has that ugly habit of handing out huge swings in the last moment of the game; catch a lucky river card and a totally misplayed hand can turn into gold.
Skat lacks the whole bluffing aspect of poker, so it's harder for a good player to force a bad player into bad decisions, but I would say that you're less depended on your luck in skat compared to poker.

* BizarroEpisode: The null game, which you have to lose if you are the declarer.
** You not only have to lose, you must not get a single trick, even if it's worth zero points. If you get even a single trick you lost the round.
** Not really that bizarre. If you think about it, a lot of card games have such an element, like Spades or {{Hearts|ymbol}}. SpringtimeForHitler fits this more.
* GermansLoveDavidHasselhoff: The game still enjoys considerable popularity in the Polish region of Upper Silesia. Justified, since for centuries this part of Poland was profoundly influenced by German culture and still had a large German population before 1945.