Apparently, I cause some dissension among you Earthmen. Normally, I'd just have [[TheDragon Arkillo]] [[ToServeMan devour you]], but I suppose some leniency is in order.

* FoeYay: Jordan stands in my way, I in turn try to rid myself of him. We come into conflict quite often. What of it?
* NightmareFuel: Apparently, my depiction by Creator/EthanVanSciver triggers this in you Earthmen. Good.
* MemeticMutation: Some terrestrial "forum users" think of my addressing a Guardian as a "[[WesternAnimation/GreenLanternFirstFlight stupid little troll]]" a method of ridicule for rivals on the so-called Internet. Needless to say, I am proud that the primitives may follow a good example yet.
* MyRealDaddy: Were it not for the human known as Creator/GeoffJohns (whom you humans rightly see as this trope to the entire Green Lantern mythos), my Corps would not exist and I would not be the brilliant mastermind I am today.
* RootingForTheEmpire: A large number of people, even outside my precious Corps, have expressed their adoration and support for me and my cause. There are many reasons for this, but chief among them is that they have rightly realized that my former masters, the Guardians of the Universe, are doing an ineffectual job running the cosmos, and recognize there might be more success under my command. It helps, also, that I am more charismatic than their seeming champion Hal Jordan.