!!Anime short film
* AwesomeMusic: The aforementioned song, ''Shelter'', plays over the majority of the animation.
* CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming: Many such moments, from Rin [[spoiler:remembering her past interactions with her father to the man's decision to save her life and give her as happy a future as he could with the end of the world approaching]]. As well, [[spoiler:Rin's reaffirmation that she's not alone as long as she remembers her father's love and thanking him for everything he's done]].
* InternetBackdraft: When the music video was posted on the Anime subreddit on Website/{{Reddit}}, the mods repeatedly removed the video since it did not fit their harsh criteria of [[NoTrueScotsman their definition of what they consider anime]] (if it was made in Japan, made by a Japanese studio and by Japanese people, then it's anime) since one of creators of Shelter was American Porter Robinson and therefore not anime but [[{{Animesque}} anime style cartoon]], [[EpicFail despite the fact the whole video was made in Japan, voiced by a Japanese voice actress and made by Japanese studio]] Creator/A1Pictures! When fans call out on the mods on what they have against Shelter despite it fitting all of their criteria, their justification was: [[InsaneTrollLogic "This is a music video by an artist that contracted out a studio that happens to also produce anime. If A-1 was contracted to produce episodes of spongebob, we wouldn't allow that here either"]]. Cue outrage by fans who called out the mods DoubleStandard on how older animes whose creators were non-Japanese but were still allowed on the Anime subreddit but not Shelter, being out of touch, even ''[[DudeNotFunny Death threats against the mods]]''. Not helping matters was Porter himself tweeting about his sadness that his video not being allowed on the Anime subreddit which got more people's attention. In the end, the mods reverse their decision and brought back the music video on the subreddit.
* MemeticMutation: The song is a meme on the [=YouTube=] channel Music/VvvvvaVvvvvvr where it is used for all sorts of AwesomeMusic/{{Mashups}} and remixes. For example, [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hS-_LhJRFPE this one]] [[InTheStyleOf turns the melody into]] VideoGame/SuperMario64's File Select music.
* NeverLiveItDown: The whole "Shelter is not Anime" debacle will be one incident that the Anime subreddit won't forget.
* TearJerker: It's hard to find a moment in the animation that ''isn't'' this; everything from Rin having gone [[spoiler:over ''2500 days'']] without any messages to the reveal that [[spoiler:Earth was destroyed years ago and she's been kept alive physically (through a life support system aboard her craft) and mentally (through the technology onboard the ship that lets her create entire worlds to explore) in a spacecraft that her father made for her ever since]].

* AwesomeMusic: "Goin' Home," the song that plays at the end when Zach, Shaun, and and Cody happily plays together on the beach. Aside from being a catchy and suitable song to accompany the heartwarming moment, it nicely symbolizes how Zach is finally "going home" to what he really wants to do in life, happy at last.