[[folder: The Video Game ]]

* DesignatedHero: Sisyphus.
* GeniusBonus: History buffs will get the most chuckles, but the humor is slapstick enough for anyone.
* XMeetsY: Rampart meets MarbleMadness as animated by Creator/TerryGilliam


[[folder: The Musical ]]

* BigLippedAlligatorMoment: Lonnie and Dennis have a [[HoYay love song]] but that aspect of the relationship is pretty much not mentioned ever again. It's a jukebox musical, but still.
** Which gets blown out to the point where the two of them become a couple in the movie. Read that again: two guys played by Russell Brand and Alec Baldwin becoming a couple.
* ClicheStorm
* HoYay: Between Lonny and Dennis. [[spoiler: They end up together through a duet of "I Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore".]]
* OneSceneWonder: The Rolling Stone employee in the movie.
* StrawmanHasAPoint: The movie seems to spent 25 percent of its running time mocking Patricia Whitmore and the other 75 percent showing why she has good reason to oppose the Sunset Strip rock subculture.
** [[spoiler:Only Staxx really confirmed her views - and growing out of that kind of attitude was the whole point of his CharacterDevelopment in the movie.]]