This page is for the YMMV tropes of Machinima/RedVsBlue.

* ''YMMV/RedVsBlueTheBloodGulchChronicles'': Seasons 1-5 plus "Out of Mind"
* ''YMMV/RedVsBlueTheRecollection'': Seasons 6-8 plus "Recovery One" and "Relocated"
* ''YMMV/RedVsBlueTheProjectFreelancerSaga'': Seasons 9-10
* ''YMMV/RedVsBlueTheChorusCivilWar'': Seasons 11-12

* BetterThanCanon: Many fans consider the [[CerebusSyndrome increasingly dark]] [[RewatchBonus and intricate]] plots to be better than those of Halo.
* CrowningMusicOfAwesome: The "Forge World" song Sarge sings in the final part of the [[HaloReach Reach]] mini-series ([[ Enjoy it here]]).
** Also, Tucker's theme. '''Bow chicka bow wow.'''
** Violets are blue, roses are red, living like this we were already dead...
* DudeNotFunny: The joke in the "Best Ever of All Time" DVD about Donut being sent to some sort of institution for being/acting gay/feminine was met with this reaction. It's understandable considering it's rather dark and in rather poor taste.
* FanFavorite:
** Caboose was originally written in just to balance out the teams after the Reds got Donut, and then as a catalyst to annoy Church. But as Caboose grew more and more stupid (and more and more lovable), he soon became probably the most popular character.
** Grif's DeadpanSnarker attitude led to an increase in his popularity among fans.
** Wash, despite showing up six seasons in, is one of the most popular characters on the show. His [[TroubledButCute backstory]] makes him quite the splash with female fans, and he's probably the fandom bicycle.
* FridgeLogic: In Season 2 Lopez and Sheila leave a note at Blue base to meet in the centre of the canyon at 0800 hours - the same time and place they were meeting the Reds. The note is written in binary. Church can read it. [[spoiler: [[JustifiedTrope Justified in that he is actually an AI program himself, and will be able to understand binary script.]]]]
* HesJustHiding: Many fans don't buy the [[spoiler:Meta's DisneyVillainDeath]] and believe he will make a reappearance.
* IronWoobie: Tex consistently fails at whatever she's trying to do, not that it stops her from trying or being a {{Badass}} while doing so.
* {{Sequelitis}}: Lightly referenced in the gaming PSA.
-->'''Simmons''': Join us next time for part 2 of our series: sequels.
-->'''Grif''': Parts 3 and 4 are about that, too.
** Despite this being jokingly referenced, Season 9 is way more popular than the previous seasons ever were.
* TheOnlyOneAllowedToDefeatYou: Some believe the only way Wash and Maine could actually die is by each others hands. [[spoiler:This is one of the reasons why Maine's death is called into question.]]
* SomeAnvilsNeedToBeDropped: Revenge is shown with most characters to A) leave them worse off than before or B) leave them unsatisfied.
** Best shown in the Recollection with [[spoiler:Wash]], who ends up imprisoned in Reconstruction before being betrayed by [[spoiler:Meta]] after the two have teamed up in Season 8.
** Another example in Season 8 (again) with [[spoiler:Tex, who ends up caught in a capture unit and then wiped from existence by Church]] Things would likely have turned out differently had she not tried going on a RoaringRampageOfRevenge.
** Another great example in Season 10 with Church and [[spoiler:Carolina]], who almost end up dead and eventually declare it isn't worth it after seeing [[spoiler:a broken down Director]].
* TheWoobie: Due to his childlike personality, Caboose gets a lot of sympathy for suffering that the show generally inflicts on its characters.
** [[spoiler: Church]] gets pretty well established as this [[spoiler:(well, as a JerkassWoobie)]] once his backstory is unveiled.
** Agent Washington's life is tragedy, plain and simple. Got a lot better after the Recollection trilogy, though.
*** Pretty much anyone from Project Freelancer could be summed up the same way (And most didn't get a happy ending).
** All the guys have their moments when you just want to hug them like Simmons in Season 4 and 9, Tucker in Season 11 and 12, and Grif when he's being shot at. Even Sarge has a moment of this when he discovers [[spoiler:that his career is a lie and both teams exist as Caon fodder]].
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