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* EnsembleDarkhorse: The Death of Rats, both to fans and to Pratchett himself (he says he has no idea where the character came from, but he liked him too much for him to be lost with the other Deaths at the end of the book).
* {{Macekre}}: Inverted. According to WordOfGod, someone once claimed to him that the book was somehow actually ''better'' in the German translation. Any German speakers who have read both versions, elaboration would be welcome!
* UnfortunateImplications: One-Man-Bucket is descended from an obvious Expys of Native Americans/Canadians who immigrated to Ankh Morpork but his main motivations are fighting and drinking.
** Granted, those are the main motivations of a lot of Morporkians whose families have been living there for thousands of years, too. (Well, apart from making money, but ghosts don't have much use for cash.)