* AlternateCharacterInterpretation: Lucia goes anywhere from pure evil to WoobieDestroyerOfWorlds depending on how you choose to interpret his past. There's no question which one child Lucia is, though.
* AssPull: Niebble. He isn't referenced once until Sieg needs help breaking out of prison, and is treated by Sieg as a regular character we should already know.
** Griff's [[spoiler: return to life through BizarreAlienBiology was never hinted once beforehand]], therefore ruining a possible AlasPoorScrappy moment as well as a good MoralEventHorizon for Julius.
* ClicheStorm: One of the main criticisms of Rave Master is that, plotwise, it's a pretty bog-standard shonen series.
* CompleteMonster:
** [[AxCrazy Ogre]] is a psychopathic [[TheBrute brute]] defined by his violence, lust and thirst for power. He steals a giant battleship called the Silver Ray, destroys the reputation of its creator and uses it to try to annihilate a continent. The [[HairTriggerTemper hot-tempered]] Ogre will frequently fly into a rage and go on killing sprees of anyone in sight, as well as [[BadBoss sacrificing his minions]] without a second thought. Additionally, he plans to turn every women in the world into a sex slave, and [[IHaveYouNowMyPretty kidnaps Elie to rape her]].
** [[AxCrazy Shakuma Raregroove]] is the former [[SorcerousOverlord sorcerer-king]] of Raregroove and by far the most [[{{Sadist}} evil member]] of his family. He started a war with the kingdom of Symphonia [[ForTheEvulz purely for fun]], destroying both countries and all their citizens. He killed Haru's grandfather, the king of Symphonia, with a deadly curse. He abondoned his son (King) Gale so he would spend his life enduring so much suffering until he became a world-destroying nihilist. He allows his magical student Haja to initially believe that he merely wants to take over the world, before killing him and revealing that his true plan is to [[OmnicidalManiac destroy all of reality]] out of nothing more than hatred and [[{{sadist}} sadism]]. On top of all this, unlike most villains in the series, he was never influenced by a Dark Bring and did everything of his own free will.
* CrazyAwesome:
** Let [[spoiler: turning into a massive dragon during the FinalBattle.]]
** The fight with Doryu basically runs on this.
* CultClassic: While one of the less well known series, its original story and well established background is what attracts its audience.
* EarWorm: You listen to [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UnJa2kZx5GY this song]] and tell me that it doesn't stick with you ''all day.''
** An even bigger example is [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W5r3VUulsFo The Power Of Destiny]].
* EnsembleDarkhorse: Let, enough to pull a HeelFaceTurn and become a hero.
* EvilIsSexy: Reina, although she turns out to be not so evil.
** Jiero, Lillith and Leopard play this straight though.
* FridgeBrilliance: The Dark Bring corrupt people and turn them into destruction crazed maniacs because they're [[spoiler:part of Endless]], who's sole purpose is to destroy the world.
** Raregroove can also be transliterated as [[MeaningfulName Realglobe]].
** Remember when Haru was defeated by Oracion Six and tried to protect Elie with his own flesh? It was identical to the death of Haru's mother.
* FridgeLogic: How is it possible that Shiba survived an explosion that destroyed one-tenth of the world, when he was right at the epicenter?
** The Overdrive wasn't as powerful as everyone says it is. And as for how he survived being in the middle of it, that's hardly the single most fatal thing a main character has survived in this series. If anything, Shiba's survival at the very beginning sets the tone.
*** The [[http://www.mangahere.com/manga/rave_master/v01/c001/45.html very first chapter]] shows Plue saved Shiba using the combined powers of the Rave (or something).
** Here's a better one. How is it that in the year 0015 about half of the world (at best) was known, causing that 'destroyed 1/10 of the planet' myth listed above. But in the year 0066 they not only discovered the rest of the world and built thriving cities all over it but developed highly advance air ships?
* GrowingTheBeard: Many would point to Haru's battle with Sieg Hart as the moment.
* HilariousInHindsight: Sieg Hart complimenting the skeleton guarding Resha Valentine's grave, which wraps right back around into a FunnyAneurysmMoment.
* HoYay:
** Celia also believes Haru and Musica are in love.
%%** Mermen Harem.
* JerkassWoobie: Reina and, in the fifth arc, Sieg Hart.
** Doryu, King and especially Lucia.
* LesYay: [[spoiler: Julia defeats [[SpellMyNameWithAnS Juria/Jiero]] by kissing her. However, this is because Juria/Jiero is AnIcePerson, so her skeleton is made of ice, so the kiss allows Julia to breathe fire into her body]].
** [[spoiler: For a friendlier variety, there's Elie and Celia the mermaid, who go from rivals in love to ''very'' close friends.]]
* LikeYouWouldReallyDoIt: [[spoiler: Juilus seems to kill Griff, only for the latter to explain his BizarreAlienBiology which negates the killing.]]
* {{Macekre}}: The English dub has a few unnecessary edits, painfully unfunny puns and ad-libs.
* MoralEventHorizon: Played with. [[spoiler: King normally would've crossed it when he killed Sakuya, Haru's mom and Gale's wife by proxy and made him into a bomb so he wouldn't ever be near his family; but since this came right after his wife and his son (who was later imprisoned for ten years) was gunned down by an ambitious officer hired by his best friend.]] It makes it all the more tragic.
** The one who really crosses it is Slade, a soldier from The Empire [[spoiler: who has King's wife gunned down and then has his son imprisoned for ten years for being related to his father under the pretense he was dead]] despite Gale specifically telling him not to, [[AmbitionIsEvil all for a promotion]]. Despite being a minor character in the long run, it makes you consider a genocidal terrorist leader bent on making a former friend's life a living hell the '''lesser evil''' in the latter's flashback.
** Doryu [[spoiler: when he kills Lilith]]. But to be fair, he warned her first.
** Ogre [[spoiler: when he reveals that he ruined Reina's life by having his theft of Silver Ray be placed on her father]].
** The Blue Guardians [[spoiler: when they torture Nagisa]].
** Shakuma is shown to be a horrible person [[spoiler: when he kills Jegan just when he redeemed himself and destroys Sieg's skeleton]], but truly crosses it when he does three things: [[spoiler: 1.) He was the one who started the war 50 years ago ForTheEvulz. 2.) When he had the King of Symphonia and Haru's grandfather be cursed to a slow death while deeply enjoying it and 3.) When he is revealed to be King's father and admits that he abandoned him without any care for his well being despite his immense powers]].
* {{Narm}}: We get it Doryu, you're the dark lord of darkity darkness who hates humanity and wants to destroy the light. Now shut up and fight Haru already!
** The ArtEvolution that happened in the Blue Guardians arc that it very similar to ''Manga/OnePiece'' in style has a lot of extremely, ridiculously exaggerated expressions in people's faces that destroys some of the dramatic impact of the story.
* NightmareFuel:
** Sieg Hart uses this on his enemies to send them to a nightmarish world. When [[spoiler: Haru]] got trapped in it, he watched his mother set herself on fire (which burned him as well) and his sister slit her wrists so she could "give him something to drink".
** Also when [[spoiler: Deep Snow]] uses his Dark Bring/Shadow Stone to contort people.
** King going OneWingedAngel and becoming a mindless monster.
** The Blue Guardians in general. Not only are they AxCrazy [[TortureTechnician torturers]], they're [[{{Sadist}} sadism]] incarnate.
%%** Asura's OneWingedAngel form.
%%** The Bug Monster sent by Blue Guardians.
%%** The Endless.
* TheProducerThinksOfEverything: The first volume's cover already had King and Lucia. Futhermore, in the first chapter Shiba wonders where he first heard Haru's name. Thirty volumes later... [[spoiler:Haru travels to the past and Elie yells his name in front of a young Shiba.]]
* ReplacementScrappy: Lucia for King. While the latter was EvilIsCool incarnate of badass who was very LoveToHate [[spoiler: especially to what he did to Gale Glory after killing his wife]], the former combined with some heavy heaps of VillainDecay comes across as whiny brat with a huge SuicidalCosmicTemperTantrum because mommy's not there anymore.
** Niebble isn't nearly as cool as [[spoiler: Sieg]], being a CreatorsPet that appeared with little foreshadowing does not help his case.
* TheScrappy: Griff has no skills except being a navigator, which is by itself is useless since they travel to areas [[spoiler: and later other realms]] that makes those skills useless. Aside from his CovertPervert traits, he [[TheLoad has no skills to offer the group]]. And [[spoiler: [[SenselessSacrifice ruins a villainous moment for Julius by returning to life which just screams Ass Pull]]]].
* SoBadItsGood: Many find the macekred English dub endearing because of its low quality.
* TakeThatScrappy: If you had any sort of dislike towards Lucia for his actions then Haru's early NoHoldsBarredBeatdown on him will bring you a smile.
* TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodCharacter: Jade has a lot of build up despite not doing anything major in the end despite being Jegan's brother and therefore a Dragon Race like Let.
** The Palace Guardians (Let excluded), Orochi and the Five Demon Lords, especially Ashua, the holder of the fifth Sinclair piece don't do much much other than fight the enemies with little to no backstory at all
%%* TooCoolToLive: [[spoiler: Gale Glory, King, Reina, and Sieg Hart, to name a few.]]
* VillainDecay: Lucia started off as a major threatening force in his first appearance, with further cameos building up his level of threat, then cue the results of his first real fight with Haru, in which he both loses and becomes pitied. Thus, when [[spoiler: when he finally decides to change his motives from world domination to universal destruction due to the fact he lost his mommy]], he becomes less a threat and more of an annoyance. Even [[spoiler: his OneWingedAngel isn't nearly as scary as his dad's]].
%%* TheWoobie:
%%** Elie a.k.a [[spoiler: Resha]].
%%** Gale Glory, too.
* {{Woolseyism}}: Even if this is just a change from manga to anime, it still worked. The "Dark Bring" were called the "Shadow Stones", "Demon Card" was called the "Shadow Guard", and the "Sword of Ten Powers" was called the "Decaforce Sword". They actually roll off the tongue a little better.
** Except for the fact that there was actually a reason behind Demon Card's name, and that the insignia the DC members wear is actually a stylistic version of the DC initials. Shadow Guard still works, but it detracts a bit from it's founder's past.
** Also the Ten Commandments > the Ten Powers. Less grand, but more fitting.