* BileFascination: There are still people who play this game and ''Secret Agent Clank'' mainly for the GoodBadBugs, the [[RecycledScript recycled contents from the first game]], and for how narmy the villains are.
* FanonDiscontinuity: Some fans pretend this game and it's sequel never happened. [[CanonDiscontinuity Insomniac themselves confirmed the games are not canon in one of their forums]].
* GoodBadBugs: The [[http://ratchet.wikia.com/wiki/Fire-Bomb_Armor Fire-Bomb Armor]] allows the player to shoot a fireball out of their wrench on the third swing of a combo. If the player kills enough enemies with it, the [[http://ratchet.wikia.com/wiki/Scorcher Scorcher]] will upgrade. If the player hasn't bought the Scorcher yet, they can now get it for free! [[note]]In the PSP version at least. We aren't sure about the [=PS2=] version.[[/note]]
* ItWasHisSled: The little girl is TheDragon. And she's not even real; "she's" actually a genderless robotic puppet and warship.
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* PolishedPort: The [=PS2=] version ZigZags this; on one hand, some glitches were fixed, the field of view is significantly increased giving you a far better view of your surroundings and the game controls better as a result of the [=PS2=]'s extra shoulder buttons and second analogue stick, but on the other hand, one cutscene was removed. So no matter which version you pick, it's a trade-off.
* {{Sequelitis}}: ''Size Matters'' is often criticized by fans for a weaker story, lots of {{narm}}, several GoodBadBugs, recycled plots, [[ToughActToFollow and for coming after the highly popular]] ''Up Your Arsenal'' and ''Deadlocked''.
* ReplacementScrappy: Otto Destruct is widely viewed by fans as an expy of the original game's BigBad Chairman Drek, mixed with elements of Dr. Nefarious and Gleeman Vox. But in this case, he is nothing but a pure {{narm}}ful GenericDoomsdayVillain and does not have the cunning personality of the first or the LargeHam of the second.
* ThatOneBoss: [[spoiler:Luna]]. It takes a long time to go down and her attacks are tough to avoid. And if you die, you have to go through the running-through-the-field sequence and cutscene ''again''.
* TheScrappy: [[spoiler:Luna and Otto are despised by the fanbase: Luna for being ThatOneBoss, and Otto for his narm and being a rehash of Chairman Drek]].
* SeinfeldIsUnfunny: Though it did sell well on the UsefulNotes/PlayStationPortable, and got plenty of positive reviews, the game has not aged very well, especially after being overshadowed by the critically acclaimed ''Future'' trilogy. Today, the game is seen in a negative light by fans for its RecycledScript from the original game, the BigBad being nothing but {{Narm}}, and Ratchet reverting to his unlikable jerkass roots.
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* TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodPlot: Fans have pointed out that ''Size Matters'' would've made a good intequel between the first and second games to show Ratchet improving on his behavior. Instead, it is set after ''Up Your Arsenal'', and implies Ratchet goes through AesopAmnesia.
* WhatAnIdiot: It appears that Clank TookALevelInDumbass in the High Impact Games canon.
** First of all, Qwark reveals that he found his entire family tree on a site called "[=Faux Family.com=]", which Clank finds odd.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' That Clank tell Qwark that the website might be a fraud because of it's very suspicious name, or at least warn him that the site might not be 100% accurate.\\
'''Instead:''' He says nothing, allowing Qwark to reunite with who he thinks is his father. To be fair, Clank was noticeably annoyed with Qwark at that point and likely kept quiet hoping it would get him to just leave them alone.
** Second is when the little girl [[spoiler:begins to speak in the voice of an adult woman, commenting about her "friends"]]. Ratchet is very shocked at this.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' Clank to realize that the girl is actually [[spoiler:[[EvilAllAlong allied]] with their enemies]], and warns Ratchet that they must flee before something happens.\\
'''Instead:''' [[spoiler:He dismisses Ratchet's shock, and starts teaching Luna to talk properly. She zaps him unconscious, and both heroes are captured]].
** And finally, after destroying [[spoiler:the Luna puppet]] that had been antagonizing them for most of the game, Clank suggests that they get the coordinates for the final planet from its database by hacking into it. Ratchet suspects that the technomites have a security program that could harm potential hackers.\\
'''You'd Expect:''' That Ratchet and Clank take [[spoiler:Luna]] to Metropolis to have Big Al hack it for them, given Al would have a better chance of getting the coordinates with all his gadgets. Plus he did say in ''Up Your Arsenal'' that he wanted a challenge for his skills.\\
'''Instead:''' Clank decides to hack [[spoiler:Luna]] himself. As expected, a security program inside it causes him to malfunction.