* AwardSnub: Not nominated for Best Picture or even the expected Best Foreign Language Film at the Academy Awards, despite being the most critically acclaimed film of 1985. It was only after ''other film directors'' (notably SidneyLumet) campaigned for Kurosawa's nomination for Best Director that he was successfully nominated. He still lost to Sidney Pollack for ''OutOfAfrica''.
* CrowningMusicOfAwesome: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3EGO2MZfTTc Toru Takemitsu's Western style music score.]]
* FauxSymbolism: The boar hunt.
* NarmCharm: Not "charm", per se, but the while the quite-obviously-fake blood would kill the mood in most films, it ''does not in this one''.
** The extremely dramatic Noh-influenced performances and make-up also work way better than one might expect.
* PuritySue: Sue, appropriately enough.
** Also a case of TropesAreNotBad. She serves mostly as a {{MacGuffin}}.
%%* TearJerker
* TheWoobie: Tsurumaru, Lady Sué.