* EarWorm: The opening theme from the first movie.
* EnsembleDarkhorse: Torch is awfully popular for how few his appearances are.
* FanonDiscontinuity: ''Puppet Master: The Legacy'' (See TheyJustDidntCare below) and ''Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys''.
%%* {{Narm}}
%%* NarmCharm
* {{Nausea Fuel}}: Anything involving Leech Woman.
* SpecialEffectsFailure: The quality, and look, of the puppets in the movies after ''5'' take a nosedive as the series progresses.
** In one scene of ''Retro Puppet Master'', you can hear the servo motors coming from the puppets.
* TheyJustDidntCare: ''Puppet Master: The Legacy'' is 9 minutes of new footage adrift in 62 minutes of stock footage.