!!The game:
* AcceptableTargets: Before the beginning of the game proper, the pair of drunken rednecks Tommy bludgeons (possibly to death) with his [[WrenchWhack Stillson Wrench]] in bar fight after the two had been sexually harassing his girlfriend Jen.
* AwesomeMusic: Just before you get abducted, the jukebox in the bar starts playing "[[Music/BlueOysterCult Don't Fear The Reaper]]". Not to mention that when you get to fighting a horde of aliens in the bar at the end of the game, "[[Music/JudasPriest You Got Another Thing Comin']]" starts blaring on the jukebox. "Take Me Home" by After Midnight Project plays over the closing credits, ending the game on a fitting note.
* BigLippedAlligatorMoment: After [[spoiler:earning a spiritual power up in the afterlife,]] Tommy is suddenly and inexplicably attacked by aliens. How does he fight back? [[spoiler:With guns. Alien guns. The alien guns he uses in the real world, despite entering a spiritual dimension. Whaaaaat??]] Oh, and there's the whole "aliens invading ''[[spoiler:The Afterlife! Physically!!]]''" thing. The Land of the Ancients is treated as a physical, [[AnotherDimension alternate dimension]], where one can go through dying (as a Cherokee, perhaps) or by using a special kind of [[OurWormholesAreDifferent portal generator]].
* ItsShortSoItSucks: A common criticism of the game. The average player will finish it in about eight hours.
* NightmareFuel: Where to start? The [[ImAHumanitarian Juicer]] machine? The cybernetically-altered human slaves with wires for eyes and exposed guts? The omnipresent protein pipes that you ''know'' are filled with ground human meat? The possessed ghosts of ''children'' doing acts of evil everywhere, including at least one little girl that kills her father ''on Earth''? How about the ever-present screams of agony of said children and of other people? Or the ultimate fate of [[spoiler:Tommy's girlfriend,Jen]]? Or how about that ''fucking nursery rhyme''??
* ScrappyMechanic: Spirit Walking, wherein upon death you had to kill weak mooks in order to get back in the action. [[ItsEasySoItSucks Chastised]] in this game because it effectively meant you were never punished for dying, although it has shown up in other games (such as VideoGame/{{Borderlands}}) with alterations or improvements.