!!The animated series

* JerkassWoobie: Maxwell Madison Jr. He's one of the bad guys, and pretty creepy as well, but it's still easy to feel sorry for him. When you consider that Rebecca raised him, you realize he has a valid FreudianExcuse if anyone does.
* SeasonalRot: In what is possibly one of the quickest onsets of this trope ever, the latter half of season 2 is noticeably more episodic and less well-written than the rest of the series. The series finale in particular feels rushed and incomplete. This was caused initially by ExecutiveMeddling trying to make the show more [[AnimationAgeGhetto accessible to kids]], then by the show's production staff learning that [[CutShort cancellation was imminent]] and scrambling to give the series a proper ending. Despite this, many still consider the series to have been too good to last overall. ...At least it ''got'' a proper ending. That's a lot more than can be said for many other series that [[CutShort faced similar circumstances]].

!!The game

* GoddamnedBats:
** The jetpack biots. God-flapjacks-dammit, they ''constantly'' and '''endlessly'' swarm you whenever you're in a map where biots are the local grunts. And they are, in 70% of the available maps!
** On a minor note, the mini drones. Unlike the example above, who flies in, fires either a single shot or a salvo, and then goes away, the mini drones will NOT let go of you until destroyed. To make things worse, their hitbox is as small as they are, which makes hitting them an exercise in frustration, and their color scheme blends in with a lot of the backgrounds available, so you'll probably won't notice one nearby you until they open fire. Luckily they're kind of a rare sight. They can also be defeated with Homing Missiles -- which can only be acquired by defeating the boss of Chapter 3, who uses ''three'' of those drones at all times to attack the player!
* SugarWiki/NoProblemWithLicensedGames: This series got an even more obscure (partly due to being released very close to the launch of the next console generation) videogame for the SNES and Sega Genesis. It's a Metroidvania shooter with plenty of weapons, with emphasis on the use of a GrapplingHookPistol. There's a lot of areas and subareas to explore, and a branching plot with MultipleEndings. A great but obscure game for both systems. Even if you don't know the series, you owe it to yourself to try it.