!Tropes that apply to both fics
* CrackPairing: Yeah, Ragna/Tsubaki isn't exactly a pairing you'd think of firsthand... However, this fic is very much responsible of making this one CrackPairing ''liked'', starting a wave of lesser fics featuring them. [[spoiler:Ironic, because in canon Tsubaki ''hates'' Ragna. Tsubaki is also already a Yandere to Jin.]]
** HilariousInHindsight: By the time of ''Central Fiction'', [[spoiler: their relationship is more akin to SitcomArchnemesis.]]
* OutOfFocus: Hakumen. Doesn't get much opportunity to show his strength, [[spoiler: and then gets unceremoniously KilledOffForReal.]]

!Tropes that apply to On Strange Wings
* CrossesTheLineTwice: Hazama, of course, especially during his trolling of Tsubaki

!Tropes that apply to At Fate's Hands
* TheScrappy: Carl's obsession with [[spoiler: getting his mitts on Ragna's Azure Grimoire, and the danger he puts Tsubaki in because of it, are genuinely infuriating; frankly Ragna should've killed him for that.]]
* TheWoobie: Ragna, while trying to come to terms with [[spoiler:Tsubaki's apparent death.]]