These are the YMMV remarks about the pop music band ''NERO''.

* EnsembleDarkhorse: The surprise success of ''Welcome Reality'' has made the band the most acclaimed {{Dubstep}} outfit since Music/{{Skream}}. It is probably helped by their unorthodox approach to the genre and their amazing compositional skill.
* MagnumOpus: ''Welcome Reality'' is considered to be this, not only to dubstep, but to ElectronicMusic in general. For specific songs, many fans would say "Innocence", the lead single from the album, or "Me and You", which ''[[ForzaMotorsport Forza Horizon]]'' fans agree upon to be the best song in the game's soundtrack.

These are the YMMV remarks about the Flemish comic strip ''NERO''.

* WereStillRelevantDammit: As the series went on some stories start to fall into this trope. An example is ''Nerorock'', a story Sleen drew in the 1980s in which Nero starts a successful rock band. It's very obvious that the then 65 year old Sleen had no clue why people like rock music. For instance, Nero's son Adhemar claims to be a ''rock music'' fan and then names several artists and bands he likes, clearly just transcribed by Sleen from a hit parade list, because many of them are from very different musical genres.