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* EarWorm: The song from Music/DanBull that plays at the end of the majority of his videos, where he links to some other videos (including the below mentioned Mystery Videos).
-->"Enter the domain of the Nerd Cubed
-->Videos droppin' from above [[ToiletHumor like bird poo]]..."
** The song "Jaunty Gumption" by Creator/KevinMacleod, which appears as [[MoodWhiplash interruption music]] during his videos for ''{{VideoGame/SUPERHOT}}'' and ''Airport Simulator 2014''.
* HePannedItNowHeSucks: A number of viewers weren't happy with his video on VideoGame/MetalGearRisingRevengeance. They felt that he was wrong about the game being a button-masher, and that he tried to treat the game as the next installment in the ''Solid'' series, rather than as a spinoff.
* HilariousInHindsight: On Dan's "People to watch! (and not in a hiding-in-the-bushes way...)" video on his second channel, he gives a shout out to WebVideo/{{CharlieIsSoCoolLike}} and he mentions Charlies outro by ''Steven Friday'' and Dan considers himself low-class because he doesn't even have an outro. Come sometime later, and who does his [[DanBull outro]]?
* MemeticMutation: Dan posts a link to a "mystery video" at the end of most of his videos. Fans will often comment on said mystery videos: "I was sent here by a man who *something that Dan did in the video*." Examples include: "I was sent here by a man who made a nuclear reactor in his bedroom while trying to find his glasses." from a "3 free game Friday" video in which Dan played ''I Can't Find My Glasses''.