!!For the movie:

* FridgeLogic: How exactly ''did'' America and the Soviet Union launch satellites armed with over a dozen nuclear warheads in complete secret from the rest of the world?
* HarsherInHindsight: The World Trade Center is hit by the meteor, and violently explodes.
** This is made even worse when you realize that the meteor enters from the same direction as the plane that hit the South Tower.
* SpecialEffectFailure: Where do we begin?
** When ''Challenger 2'' passes by with the sun in the background, the "sun" is clearly a stage light.
** Many of the disaster scenes are actually reused StockFootage from other films, including Mia Farrow's film ''Avalanche'' and just normal demolitions.
** As the asteroid hits New York, the stock footage is tinted red to hide the fact that the buildings look nothing like Lower Manhattan.
** Hong Kong harbour made of cardboard cutouts (and accompanying tidal wave that didn't quite make it), mudslides made of brown water, an avalanche clearly blue-screened over footage of a skier.