* BrokenBase: Generally, Meshuggah's direction following ''Chaosphere''.
** The debate between whether the original or reissue versions of ''Nothing'' are better than the other.
** The ''bigger'' debate surrounding whether they influenced djent or not, [[RuleOfCautiousEditingJudgement leave it at that]].
* CreepyAwesome: Is their music bizarre and terrifying? Yes, but is it awesome? Also yes.
** The dissonant guitar riff just before the Dark Ambient/Drone section in the song, "Elastic," is practically hell in a guitar riff, but damn does it sound good.
* CrowningMomentOfFunny - [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pV0CpcXsQKE Alan Partridge meets Meshuggah]]
* CrowningMusicOfAwesome - Metal fans with a keen on technical stuff adore this band. "I", "New Millennium Cyanide Christ", "Bleed", etc....
** EpicRiff: ''Every single one''. The ones from "Demiurge", off the ''Koloss'' album, in particular, are easily memorable.
* FaceOfTheBand: Arguably either Fredrik or Tomas. Jens is also a good contender.
* FandomRivalry: With Music/{{Gojira}}, although most would say it's a FriendlyRivalry.
* FollowTheLeader[=/=]FountainOfExpies - Revered and worshiped by the likes of Music/{{Deftones}}, Music/{{Gojira}}, Music/LambOfGod, Music/{{Periphery}} and Music/{{Tool}}, and subsequently copied by legions of {{Djent}} bands.
* GrowingTheBeard: Many fans consider their first album to be little more than a dirtier version of Music/{{Metallica}} and see ''Destroy Erase Improve'' the album when they really came into their own.
* MemeticMutation: The [[http://www.holymetal.com/photogallery/img/foto/1660/IMG_0778b.jpg face Jens]] makes has been coined the, "Meshuggah Face."
** The [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A-y1N29vH2Y Meshuggah]] of [[Film/TheWolfOfWallStreet wall street.]]
* {{Mondegreen}}: '''[[PunctuatedForEmphasis I. LIKE. JUICE!!]]''' from "Rational Gaze"
** Also, "STEEEEEEEEERIIIING!! VEEEEEEEEEEERRING!! SAAAAAAAAVE THE GAAAAAME!! SAAAAAAAAVE THE GAME!", in the post-solo shrieked vocal section from "Future Breed Machine"
** There are [[MemeticMutation whole videos out there, dedicated to these in Meshuggah's music]].
** From "Dehumanization": "[[WesternAnimation/SpongebobSquarepants SQUIDWARD!]]"
** There's an incredibly long, and hilarious, one of [[http://youtu.be/17PFAQvXMqA?t=1m48s "New Millennium Cyanide Christ"]]
--> I love porno, look at me get hard, vacuum up, that shit, celery, tin Letters \\
I rearrange my pathetic tissue, my insides, I replace, SIAMESE PORN \\
I eradicate the pre-pubescent me, elevate me to ohio. You mad Thor? \\
the carrot curse I am, made into a word called, "fee-fala-feefa-yo-rah" \\
Sam will take off the shorts, God replace my throat with farts \\
AN OREO!! Beating offs like jabbing glass into my body \\
* NightmareFuel - They have their own page.
** The video for "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qc98u-eGzlc Bleed]]".
** The lyrics to a lot of their songs are also terrifying, particularly the lyrics to "In Death - Is Death" and "New Millennium Cyanide Christ."
* SeinfeldIsUnfunny: Metal blog Metal Sucks is already speculating that ''Koloss'', in the post-djent metal scene [[ThisIsGonnaSuck will suffer from this]]. It did suffer from some backlash but was generally praised by both fans and critics.
* SignatureSong: "New Millennium Cyanide Christ" and/or "Bleed".
* TheyChangedItNowItSucks: Some older fans didn't really like the post-''Chaosphere'' releases, as they felt that the band lost much of their musical aggression with their greater focus on slower, Music/{{Pantera}}[=-=]esque tracks. ''Nothing'' and ''Catch Thirtythree'', in particular, get hit by this sentiment the most.