[[WMG:The historical figure]]
* GermansLoveDavidHasselhoff: Marie Antoinette's immense popularity in the USA puzzles French historians and more generally French people to no end. The American vision is seen as a naive RoseTintedNarrative as far as her flaws are concerned, with assorted {{Demonization}} of the French Revolution. It even brings suspicions of unconfessed aristocratic desires from the American (and more generally Western) elites.
* TearJerker: "Pardon me, monsieur; I did not do it on purpose." -- Her last words before being executed, after accidentally stepping on the foot of her executioner.
** Even more so, she was publicly accused at her trial of personally masturbating her son, the Dauphin -- ''no more than 8'' when he was taken from her by the Revolutionaries. As Carlyle tells it:
-->Scandalous Hébert has borne his testimony as to many things: as to one thing, concerning Marie-Antoinette and her little Son, -- wherewith Human Speech had better not further be soiled. She has answered Hébert; a Juryman begs to observe that she has not answered as to this. "I have not answered," she exclaims with noble emotion, "because Nature refuses to answer such a charge brought against a Mother, ''I appeal to all the Mothers that are here.''"
* VindicatedByHistory: Many historians agree that, for all her faults, she was not the lustful wastrel her enemies painted her. She did have some extravagances, but not only were many of them exaggerated or made up, many of her genuine ones were actually expected for someone of her station.
** A more balanced vision sees her as a Scapegoat for a historical event, but they also see her as someone who did not go far enough to win the public and cite the Flight to Varennes of which she had been a willing participant as more short-sighted than malicious.

[[WMG:The film]]
* AlternativeCharacterInterpretation: The film portrays Marie Antoinette as a lonely and unhappy young woman, who immerses herself in food, clothes, and material possessions in order to distract herself from her problems.
* AwesomeMusic: featuring Bow Wow Wow, Adam And The Ants, Music/TheCure and Music/SiouxsieAndTheBanshees.
* BestKnownForTheFanservice: Chances are that you remember the film for the famous scene, where Marie Antoinette is all naked on a couch aside from some stockings, holding a hand fan and covering her... [[UnusualEuphemism tracts of land.]] There are posters for only that scene, even!
** Hell, it's on the [[AwesomeMusic soundtrack]] cover.
* CultClassic
* CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming: Marie to her newborn daughter: "A boy would be the son of France, but you will always be mine", based on something she actually said when her oldest child was born.
** Also, watching Marie Antoinette and Louis become closer as the years pass, possibility signifying they learned to love each other. Also TruthInTelevision where the real Louis adored and respected Marie Antoinette so much that he refused to take a mistress, even though it was unheard of at the time and he was mercilessly teased for it.